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Earn UNICAF Scholarships to Study Bachelor, Master’s, and Doctoral Degree Program – Apply Now

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UNICAF Scholarships
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Study your dream course by earning UNICAF Scholarships for bachelor, masters and doctorate degree program. Are you planning on undertaking your next degree program? Then choose the UNICAF Scholarships to support your study fees.

The UNICAF Scholarships Programme provides the opportunity for many students to pursure their goals of studying online in higher institutions and get an Online Degree. The generous Scholarships from Unicaf allows you to study a wide range of degree programmes in Africa and providing tuition fee reduction to help students who demonstrate financial needs.

Get a a Degree in Bachelor,  postgraduate Masters . UNICAF Scholarship Program was founded to offer gifted, underprivileged students the opportunity to further their education, by earning bachelor, masters, and doctorate internationally recognised qualifications, at low cost, through online study, or through on-campus learning (only available for Unicaf University programmes).

About UNICAF Scholarships

UNICAF is a global educational organisation leading online distance and on-campus learning providing students with Scholarships, top affordable, quality education and certificates.

UNICAF allows students to pursue their academic studies thorough UNICAF Scholarship programmes which is awarded to eligibile students who demonstrate need for scholarship funding from UNICAF.

The Global Organization which is Europe base provides UNICAF Scholarships to eligible applicants from all countries around the world.

UNICAF Scholarship Programme with it’s partner universities award talented individuals who are faced with financial challenge to pursue undergraduate and graduate level programmes

Why UNICAF’s Scholarships

Earning the UNICAF Scholarship is the perfect funding opportunity to obtain a degree in the different course majors available.

UNICAF offers scholarships for recognized degrees online from prestigious universities. The UNICAF scholarship programmme was founded to offer underprivileged talented students

The benefit of UNICAF scholarships programme, one of the most generous scholarship program offered to African students for online bachelor, masters and doctorate degree program offered by partnering universities in the UK.

The UNICAF Scholarship Programme has awarded so far over $100 million worth of scholarships to more than 30,000 eligible applicants in 156 countries around the world.

UNICAF Scholarship Worth

The UNICAF Scholarships is worth over $100 million to be offered to eligibile students from different countries who demonstrate financial need.

Can I Be Eligible for UNICAF Scholarships?

Large number of students are eligible and you can be eligible for UNICAF Scholarships, simply meet the entry requirements and provide all document in the application process and you will be offered the scholarship. Learn how to apply for UNICAF Scholarships

UNICAF Scholarship Requirements and Eligibility

Candidates who want to get a UNICAF Scholarship are considered for the UNICAF Scholarship programme based on the following eligibility criteria.

Candidates must meet the entry requirements of the respective unicaf university programme of study.

Be in position to pay the portion of fees after the application of the Unicaf scholarship.

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UNICAF Scholarship Programme

The UNICAF Scholarship programme allow you to earn international recognized bachelor, master’s and doctorate degree with UNICAF.

Different degree programmes are offerd from Unicaf, but here are some of the UNICAF Scholarships programme offered from partner universities.

UNICAF Bachelor Scholarship Programme

UNICAF Scholarships offers the bachelor programme with universtiy partners, Unicaf University

  • Bachelor in Accounting
  • Bachelor in Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelor in Business Management
  • Bachelor in Computer Science
  • Bachelor in Economics and Business
  • Bachelor in Supply Chain Management and Logistic
  • Bachelor in Hospitality Management

Other degree programmes from UNICAF are LLB Bachelor of Law, BA English and Literature.

UNICAF Master’s Scholarship Programme

The UNICAF Scholarship Programme funds these master’s level programs

  • MBA – Master’s in Business Administration
  • MBA Management
  • MPA – Master of Public Administration
  • Masters in Education
  • MBA Health Management
  • MSc Public Health
  • MBA Finance
  • MSc Web Design and Development
  • MBA Oil, Gas and Energy Management
  • Master of Arts in English Language and Literature
  • LLM – Master of Laws
  • MA in Leadership in Education
  • MA in Mass Communications

Other master degree programs supported by UNICAF Scholarships are MSc Managerial Psychology, MSc Healthcare Management, and MBA Management Information Systems.

UNICAF PhD Scholarship Programme

Currently, the UNICAF Scholarships provide fund for the following doctorate level programme

  • PhD – Doctorate of Philosophy
  • Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

UNICAF Scholarship Programme Partner Universities

The UNICAF Scholarship programme do partner with leading universities in UK. The list of universities that are in partnership with UNCAF are;

  • Unicaf University
  • University of Suffolk
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • University of South Wales
  • University of California – Riverside extension
  • University of Rwanda
  • University of Zambia

UNICAF Scholarships – University Admission Requirements

The UNICAF general admission requirement can be found below

UNICAF SCholarships – Bachelor Degree Admission Requirements

The bachelor degree admission requirements for study and to be offered UNICAF Scholarships are;

  1. High School leaving certificates (have an aggregate grade score of Credit-60 or international equivalent.
  2. English language proficiency proofs
  3. Copy National ID or Valid paspport
  4. other requirements are leadership skills, extra-curricular activities

UNICAF Scholarships – Master’s Degree Admission Requirements

The entry admission requirement for master’s degree, UNICAF Scholarship programme are;

  1. Bachelor honors degree with 2.2 grade or international equivalent. Relevant related education level qualification will be considered.
  2. Recognized proof of English language proficiency
  3. Statement of Purspose or personal statement (500 words above)
  4. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  5. Letter of Reference (One letter from academic professor or professional) must be on letter head paper, signed and stamped.
  6. Copy of National ID or Valid Passport.

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How Much Tuition Fees Can UNICAF Scholarship Cover?

The UNICAF Scholarships can cover about 60% of eligible students tuition feees. So you have a less cost to acquire your selected degree choice from a reputable partner universities.

Why Study with UNICAF?

A large number of students including you can choose to study with UNICAF, Scholarship programme for the some reasons listed below;

Cheap Cost: You will simply pay a few fee through UNICAF Scholarships. Save about 60% study cost, so there is reduction in your tuition fee to study online

Accredited and Recognized Degree: Earn a degree from accredited UK and other universities offering quality programme and learning materials.

Flexible and Paced Learning: Study at your own schedule, no fixed study hours, only adjust your study schedule and keep up with given deadlines

Earn higher level job position: Desire a better job or seeking to earn higher through mid-level or senior-level position. then Study with UNICAF.

One-to-one Contact: You have access to study online with state of the art platforms, be taught through quality teaching.

Is UNICAF University Accredited?

UNICAF University and degrees are accredited and recognized by the relevant natioanal authorities. You don’t need to worry because the degrees obtained from UNICAF are widely accepted by employers accross the world in all private and public organizations.

How To Apply for UNICAF Scholarship

Interested in the UNICAF Scholarships and need to apply for study to UNICAF University and Scholarship Programme. All applicants must meet the eligibility before they can submit application and be considered. Follow the steps to apply for the scholarship

Application Procedure

Like to submit an application? please indicate your interest. The application process are

Step 1: The candidates must fill in the online application form given on website portal(Link is given below)

Provide all personal and required information including your education details and needed documents.

Step 2: Submit completely filled application form

Step 3: Receive a response review from admission student adviser to enable further process of submitted application.

Step 4: Receive an Offer of admission and UNICAF scholarship. You will have to accept the offer by admission officer. if you change your mind you may reject.

Need To Apply?

Click Here to Appy for UNICAF Scholarships 2020 

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