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13 Best Online Universities in Nigeria that are Accredited

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Online Universities in Nigeria
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Looking for Online Universities in Nigeria? There are accredited Online Nigeria universities providing online courses and programs to students interested in taking distance learning.

Planning to study online in Nigeria from your home? You can study these online courses in Nigeria from the comfort of your home, so you don’t need to worry if looking for Online Nigeria Universities as a distance learning students.

Online universities in Nigeria are schools that allow you to electronically study courses online from your home using your computers, mobile phones, and available supported devices through an internet connection.

Why Attend Online Schools & Universities in Nigeria

The choice of attending online schools & universities in Nigeria is now gaining more popularity. As more accredited schools provide online programs for students through the centre of distance learning by universities. The online schools in Nigeria are meeting the provision of various courses and degree programs at the distance learning centre just as in traditional classes.

It’s now cost-effective to enroll for courses and programs offered by these online schools in Nigeria. For example, you save some cost of commuting in campus, getting accommodation and removal of other fees. Do let us know what you think about attending online universities in Nigeria and fees that are removed when attending an online school in the country.

How to Find a Good Online Universities in Nigeria

If you’re searching for a reputable online school in Nigeria to obtain a degree, you can get an in-depth search of the best online schools in Nigeria using the most effective factors we have used to organize and rank the online universities and schools.

Courses and Programs

To select an online school and attend, it’s best your check the available courses and programs offered by the school. More courses and programs are now added to the list of courses and programs students can study in the best online universities in Nigeria. If you need to attend any online schools in the country, do check the list of available courses you can study. A notable discovery to look out is, the best online schools have more online courses for the student to select. Having wide range of courses and programs allow you to get a degree in your selected discipline.

Tuition Fees & Charges

The payable tuition fees for online degree programs and courses varies among school: private and public universities. Distance learning fees at Federal Universities are quite affordable than state universities and private universities. When organizing your search for the top online schools, take additional steps to check the fees of the online school in Nigeria that interest you. The cheaper the school fees of the online school, you will save cost. Some online universities offer discount in fees, when you select the school and probably a particular course. Do check the selected online university if they offer wave in fees.


No one want to study professional courses in a school that is not accredited. Attending an accredited online university in Nigeria give a confidence of acceptance of your degree certificate after graduation.


Schools that have more acceptance rate and large population of student studying courses with the center of distance learning indicate the online school is quite reputable to attend. A popular and well-known online school in Nigeria have large number of students as a result of the wide range of programs and courses provided to students.

Is Online Schools in Nigeria Expensive?

Looking at the fees of online schools in Nigeria, the tuition fees vary among universities. Students at some universities pay less school fees for online programs and courses. Students studying online at federal schools pay a lot lesser fees than students in state schools and universities.

So online schools in Nigeria and fees can be considered very affordable. Meaning less expensive but this will be based on the course of study and the online school you will be attending.

List of Accredited Online University Courses in Nigeria

The following are accredited Nigerian universities offering affordable online courses in Nigeria. They are provided to you at less expense including free online courses to study in Nigeria, which you can take from your home.

  • Online Logistic Management Course
  • Online Quality Management Course
  • Online Disaster and Conflict Management Course
  • Online Operation & Supply Chain Management Course
  • Online Business Administration course
  • Online Economics Course
  • Online Education Biology Course
  • Online Public Administration Course
  • Online Education Chemistry Course
  • Online Education Mathematics Course
  • Online Education Physics Course
  • Online Education Geography
  • Online Psychology
  • Online Political Science Course
  • Online Philosophy
  • Online English
  • Online Banking and Finance
  • Online Economic and Agriculture
  • Online Education English

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List of Affordable Professional Online Courses to Study in Nigeria

  • Online Digital Marketing Course
  • Customer Service Specialist Online Course
  • Sales Specialist Online Course
  • Online Financial Management Course
  • Online Human Resource Management Course
  • Social Media Marketing Online Course
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Course
  • Online 3D Mobile Game Development Course
  • Basic of Accounting Online Course
  • JavaScript and JQuery Online Course
  • PHP and MySQL Development Online Course
  • Google Analytics Online Course
  • Data Science and Big Data Online Courses
  • Advanced IOS Programming Online Courses
  • Microsoft packages
  • Basic IOS Programming Online Courses

Going to study in accredited Nigeria online university is a good decision because after receiving accreditation from Nigeria University Commission (NUC) for online courses, students can pursue a distance learning course and programme and on completion is awarded degree certificates.

13 Best Online Schools-Universities in Nigeria That are Accredited

Searching for Online Universities in Nigeria? Here are the best Online Schools-universities in Nigeria that are accredited for online distance learning courses and programmes.

S/N Online Universities in Nigeria Learning Centres
1. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (ABU) Distance Learning Centre
2. University of Ibadan (UI) Distance Learning Centre
3. Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA) Centre for Open Distance and e-Learning
4. Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) Centre for Distance and e-Learning
5. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso (LAUTECH) Distance Learning Centre
6. Lagos State University (LASU) Open and Distance Learning and Research Institute
7. Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola (MAUTECH) Distance Learning Centre
8. National Open University (NOUN) Distance Learning Office
9. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU) Centre for Distance Learning
10. University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) Centre for Distance Learning and Continuing Education
11. University of Lagos, Akoka (UNILAG) Distance Learning Institute
12. University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) Distance Learning Centre
13. University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) Open Distance Learning Centre
14. Miva Open University Open Distance Learning Centre
15. University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) Centre for Distance and e-Learning

National Open University (NOUN)

NOUN as it also known has various study centres accross the states in Nigeria. The Online university in Nigeria allows you to take the distance learning programme provided to students. However, students are required to visit the school for their periodic test and exams.

Among accredited school by National Universities Commission (NUC), the university is well recognized in offering best online courses and programme to students at flexible pacing to enable you to achieve your goals of completing online programmes in the university.

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Harvard University Fully Free Online Courses

University of Ibadan (UI)

Distance Learning Center provides strong range of online courses and programmes. The school is among online universities in Nigeria that is accredited by Nigeria University Commission (NUC)

UI is one famous Nigeria University. The institution is among leading top online university in Nigeria providing online courses and programmes to students interested in taking distance learning. UI is located in Ibadan, an urban city in the Oyo state.

You will have to take Online courses using a computer connected to the internet. Their fantastic distance learning programs are powerful for any individual seeking for courses online in Nigeria

The Online University in Nigeria provides various distance learning programmes to students who want to pursue their dream courses online.

University of Ibadan Online Courses are really helpful, and the accredited online university courses are one you can pursue online from home in Nigeria.

Among Nigerian universities, this is one of the online university in Nigeria that offers strong distance learning programmes and it’s online learning centres are located in some states across the country.

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University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

As result of the quality of online courses provided, the school is among the best online university in Nigeria today.

So you don’t need to study in the university by attending classes on campus. The online learning program offered by this institution is capable enough to award you some level of degree.

UNIPORT is situated in Choba, Port Harcourt an urban city in Nigeria. The school is accredited by Nigeria University Commission (NUC) and attained the online presence in the southern region of the country due to its popularity and clamour by students making the institution one of the best online universities.

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University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID)

The university distance learning program has gained reputations and many appraisals for the quality of online learning since the establishment in 2004.

The solid online/distance learning and structured programme offered by the university varies from Arts to sciences. So it’s also a good choice of online university to study online courses in Nigeria.

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University of Lagos (UNILAG)

The university is one of online school in Nigeria, accredited by Nigeria University Commission (NUC). The University of Lagos online- distance learning center can be accessed by any students in the country.

The Online university offers top distance learning courses in Nigeria. University of Lagos online learning offers wide range of online programmes- undergraduate and postgraduate.

The school is truely an online university in Nigeria you should consider and add to your list of Nigeria universities that offer Online courses in Nigeria.

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Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA)

Centre for Open Distance e-Learning (CODeL)

The technology institution provides a leading distance learning programme that allows you study online in a high-quality online learning platform with well structured programme pacing. So it’s certainly a fanstatic choice in the best online universities in Nigeria any student should select

The accredited university online courses are top-notch science courses if planning to pursue online study. FUTMinna CODel offer a committed and deliverable quality distance learning through dynamic and pragmatic online courses. The higher institution is located in Minna, Niger state an urban city.

Also, the cost of study is very affordable making student clamour to study in the university including taking online courses.

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Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile –Ife (OAU)

Among the top ivy schools in the country, the Nigeria schools is one of the best online universities in Nigeria situated in the urban city of Ile-Ife in the country. The OAU centere of distance learning is a well recognized open learning for wide range of degree courses and programmes such as diploma, bachelor degree and postgraduate.

As an NUC certified institution that offers both traditional class programme and distance learning programme. Obafemi Awolowo University is sort after by many students because of its quality degree programs provided to students.

The school is among the top ranked online university university and institution offering distance learning programmes at affordable tuition fees. OAU distance learning/online courses are well recognised, diploma, bachelor and postgraduate programmes. However, you may need to check the school distance learning for the list of courses available.

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Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso (LAUTECH)

LAUTECH is accredited university in Nigeria by NUC, located in Ogbomoso. The school is among the top online Nigeria universities with leading distance learning structured programmes.

The online university distance learning programme provides unique online study with quality planning and standard set up by the university.

The online study requirements allow students with at least 180 UTME scores to apply for online study programme offered by the school.

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Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU)

ABU distance learning program in very robust as the school offers online diploma, masters programmes, and including wide range of online courses. The institution is located in Zaria, Kaduna an urban city in the state.

The university online learning platform has high-quality standard allowing you to run the online study programs from home. At the given duration making them also the best online schools providing affordable online courses in Nigeria.

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University of Nigeria, Abuja (UNIABUJA)

Looking for affordable online course fees, the university online study cost are not high. UNIABUJA e-learning program is equally worthy of mentioning.

If going to study online courses in Nigeria universities, you can consider the university online teaching system to be among the lead as they provide professional online courses in demand by the society and organizations.

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Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola (MAUTECH)

The unique way the online learning programmes are offered make this Nigeria university worthy of been in the list.

The university distance learning programme focus on providing online courses to meet the demand of distance learning education in the country and around the world.

MAUTECH can be your choice of online school for study in Nigeria if you are interested in a tech institution. However, this does not assure most of the online courses provided are STEM courses.

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University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)

Centre for Distance and e-Learning (CDeL)

The demand for broader learning gave birth to the university centre for distance learning. If you’re seeking flexibility of online courses in Nigeria the university built online study programme consider individual who want to a very flexible system of learning that maintains almost the same on-campus learning experience and degree.

Therefore it’s worth adding to the list of best online university to study in Nigeria.

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Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU)

The school centre for distance learning was provided to help students who can’t afford full cost of attending traditional classroom learning in higher institution.

The school is one of the online universities in Nigeria that offer online courses to students who seek to study online bachelor and master degree programme.

You will find online accounting courses in the school and other interesting online degree courses if you desire to opt for the university online programmes.

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Miva Open University

MIVA Open University is one of the newly established premier distance learning institution with NUC license to operate as an open university to provide both a wide range of bachelor degree courses.

The NUC license marks Miva Open University as a reputable and accredited distance learning university in Nigeria. Which allows the unviersity to provide full bachelor degree program at the moment.

In addition to the accreditation, according to Miva Open Univeristy, it offers flexbile and range of undergraduate courses in Computer Science, Cyber Security, Data Science, Software Engineering, Public Policy and Administration, Economics, Accounting, and Business Management.

As one of the distance learning university, the school has proven to be a perfect choice for many students seeking to pursue their dream bachelor degree program without the challenge of UTME pass mark.

Admission into the school requires students to have a minimum of five credits in not more than two sittings in O’level result: including the following subjects (English Language, Mathematics, and Physics).

Enrollment process are flexible and easy, and you may contact Miva concerning tuition fees.

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Lagos State University (LASU)

The well recognized and NUC accredited open distance learning centre of the Lagos State University is a go to online distance learning for wide range of courses and programmes ranging from bachelor degree to post graduate.

As an accredited distance learning programme provider, the university online degree programme is well sort after by many Nigerians. The school has graduated many students who bag bachelor degree from the school through the distance learning.

In addition the accreditation of the university as among the best distance learning providers, the school offers its online courses and programmes at affordable tuition fees.

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Best Universities to Study Online Courses in Nigeria

These University are not situated in Nigeria. However, the accredited online universities allow you to study online from your home in Nigeria. You will be awarded a degree on completion of your online course/programmes from the universities.

The online universities fees are affordable to help you study online from home in Nigeria

  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Colorado Technical University
  • Trident University International
  • Kaplan University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Kansas Christian College
  • University of Northwestern Ohio
  • Doane University
  • Ashford University
  • Bryan University
  • National American University

Online Universities in Nigeria Enrollment Process to Study Online

Search for Online Courses in Nigeria that you want to study Online

Go online check the here online universities in Nigeria to decide the online school that interests you.

Organize your search of the various Nigerian universities with online courses and provide distance learning programmes

Select your choice of accredited Online universities in Nigeria and the available best online courses that interest you.

Go to the online university portals to apply online, fill the online form provided

Submit completed online degree form with other required documentation and wait for an offer of admission.

On offer of admission, you will need to make all necessary fee payments. The fee amount to be paid will be given and the relevant channel of payment (online payment with cards or visit the nearest approved Nigeria bank)

Your online student status will be approved and a unique student id or code will be given login to the university online/distance learning website

Online Universities in Nigeria -How to Select Schools

Finding the particular online university in Nigeria can be challenging especially if you don’t know the particular Nigeria Online Universities offering online degree course/programmes.

To help you find the reputable and accredited online universities in Nigeria that will interest you.

These listed factors will guide you on how to select online universities in Nigeria. Do follow them to organize your search for best online Nigeria universities and making the right choice.


Are they accredited university in Nigeria that provide online courses? Some online schools in Nigeria provide online course and allow you to take degree programmes.

NUC is the constituted body for accreditation of universities and courses, Nigeria University Commission needs to confer the right to the Nigeria university. Else your time of study and money spent will be all be frivolous

Programmes and courses

Provided need to be check if you going to pursue your study online in Nigeria universities that are accredited. Find out about the courses and the degree qualification that will awarded. Some degree award will be given for diploma, bachelor, and masters.

Make your choice of the degree online course/programme that interest you before enrolling into the online universities in Nigeria.

Time Flexibility

Despite the online course available in the Nigeria universities offering online courses. Check for the quality of online course in the school and the flexibility of programme. Despite the courses, the time duration/time may not be flexible for you if you are a busy professional.

However, you may need to decide to create time to study online and attend the class.

Study Fees

The Nigeria universities providing online courses charge study fees, and the cost of programme vary for schools.

Some online universities in Nigeria study fees are provided on acceptance of offer by the institution. However, you may need to check for the payable fees on the university programme fees or check the distance learning portal for programme.

An affordable online course fees should be a consideration to choose the online university and course in Nigeria.

Taught language

Online universities in Nigeria provide English taught online courses, so if English language is your primary or second language you should not have a challenge taking the course.

Check for entry requirements

Find out if you have the minimum entry requirement for the online programme. You will be considered and given an offer of admission if you meet the online university entry requirements.

Are Online University Degree in Nigeria Accepted?

The statement that Nigerian employers and Government doesn’t accept awarded online degrees and certificates should be neglected. The Government of Nigera and many organizations do accept accredited online university degrees.

Nigerian University Commission (NUC) is the body in charge of accreditation of universities to offer degrees (online and 0n-campus traditional learning) in Nigeria.

However, if studying an online university course from home, the universities must be accredited by the body in charge at that country. The school should be recognized and given right to award degrees.


Now you know you can study and acquire a degree from the comfort of your home in Nigeria. The listed online universities in Nigeria can provide you the best online courses to study from the home if you’re planning to pursue online courses in a Nigeria university.

So take advantage of the online courses and study online in Nigeria to access more opportunity and chances that are available by organizations. They will allow you to improve on yourself and put you ahead of other professional who may be working in same field or discipline of study.

Do remember the list the of online Nigeria universities that are accredited in order to get the best online degree courses since you’re going to take online courses available.

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