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15 Best Aviation Schools in South Africa To Attend For Flight Training

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Best Aviation Schools in South Africa

Find the Top Aviation Schools in South Africa if you are planning or want to attend flight school. The list of best aviation schools in South Africa are the recognized top reputable aviation institutions that offer professional aviation training

So, check these reputable best aviation schools in South Africa before commencing an enrollment into any flight school. If you have interest in flying global and attending an aviation school in South Africa, continue reading.

The best aviation schools in South Africa are the most recommended aviation institute you can register for training, If you have been thinking about flight school for pilot license. They do offer standard approved training and the fees of these unique aviation schools certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority are very affordable compare to other schools.

Since you need a clue of the best aviation school in South Africa and the one to enroll, Our list of best flight schools in South Africa will guide you in making the right choice to begin enrolling for training. After exploring the top flight schools in South Africa, you can start enrollment for training in any of the top aviation schools in South Africa listed below.

Flight Schools are institutions given authority to train students as expert pilot and other relating discipline in the aviation industry. They are soly charge with the responsibility to train students to meet the demanded skills and knowledge by aviation industries. So if it’s your dream to travel around the world, today morning you’re in South Africa and the next night you are in Hong Kong. Hope you can keep your rocket flying at night and never go to sleep.

What Careers Are There After Attending Aviation School in South Africa?

Seems you already made up your mind, But can your jet fly faster than mine? If you have your mind or interested in knowing the available jobs. Here are a few to mention aviation careers that are really in high demand in the country by airline industries.

  • Airline Private and Commercial Pilots
  • Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics/Technicians
  • Aerospace Engineering And Operation Technicians
  • Flight attendants

Do you know their responsibilities, are you thinking hard on it? Relax see them here because they are key personnel to watch out for in the airplane, airports and aviation industry.

Flight Attendant: Flight attendants are often called Air host/hostess and they play the role of ensuring the comfort of passengers in the airplane. Sometimes called Cabin Crew. If you have the desire of becoming a flight attendant or having a job which allows you travel the world and see places, attending a flight attendant school in South Africa can help you pursue your choice of career.

Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics/Technicians: They play the role of inspecting and maintaining the aircraft for proper safety while flying in air and landing on airports.

Airline Pilots: There are private and commercial pilots, and basically fly passengers and cargo between destinations (countries).

Air Traffic Controllers: These personnells do control, monitor, and authorize the landing, taking off, and other instructions that the pilots will need while they are high in the sky.

Aerospace Engineering And Operation Technicians: develop and test new designs of aircraft and aircraft equipment. They also maintain aircraft.

What Aviation Courses Are Available In South Africa?

Don’t get stuck in fees/cost of study because you can find fundings for Aviation students. They are financial aids and grants offered by government and private organizations for aviation students undergoing training or enrolling.

These aviation courses are offered by the Aviation schools in South Africa. they are one of the best courses flight schools do offer.

  • Instrument Rating
  • Night Rating
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  • Airline Pilot Standard (APS)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Conversions and Renewals
  • Aircraft Avionic Instrument Rating
  • ALSIM ALX Simulator training
  • Flight Instructor Rating
  • Flight Attendant
  • Validation and Foreign Licenses
  • Air Ticketing and Reservation
  • Radio Telephony courses
  • Gyrocopter e.t.c

What Is the Cost of Getting a Pilot License in South Africa?

Like to know the current costs and requirements involved. how much it do cost to get Private or Commerical Pilot License (PPL) or (CPL) in South Africa. .

The cost of getting a pilot license in South Africa may vary on the flight training center you register and take your training.

But basically, the pilot license in South Africa comprises of R102 774 for a Complete PPL when asked U-Fly for

Night rating can be completed in 6weeks and cost a total of R27 300. These costs are based on the minimum requirements and do not factor-in the students performance or any additional costs to service providers.

While the Commercial or Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot License (CPL) in South Africa typically take around 12 to 18 months of training. The reason is because this part of training is more advanced, and it includes hour building and Instrument Rating (IR).

The cost of Commercial Pilot License (CPL) in South Africa is around R146 625. So, your choice of training center can also reduce the fees and cost of training and license.

Do take note also that other training will be needed including certification to get a job position in the airline. Training like Night watch, instrument rating, type rating which along goes for some thousand dollars.

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Entry Requirements For Aviation Schools in South Africa

For entry into  aviation schools in South Africa and to get a Pilot license, candidates must meet the following requirements for a PPL and CPL

Requirements For Private Pilot License in South Africa

Before getting into an aviation school in South Africa for a PPL, you must first get a Students PPL which requires candidates:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Hold a class 1 or 2 medical certificate.
  • Hold an ICAO language proficiency certificate (if required).
  • Completed an aircraft technical.
  • Completed an Airlaw exam.
  • 2 passport photos. After which you can get into aviation schools then go apply for a Private Pilot License (PPL)

Requirements For a Commercial Pilot License in South Africa

The training in much more advance than PPL and requires more hours building and instrument rating (IR). So basically, the candidates

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Hold a valid class 1 medical certificate.
  • Hold a valid general certificate of proficiency in radio-telephony.
  • Hold a valid Private Pilot Licence.
  • Hold a Night Rating.
  • Show proof of English Language Proficiency.
  • A minimum of 200 hours total flight time, this includes:
    ≥ 100 hours PIC flight time.
    ≥ 5 hours PIC by night.
    ≥ 50 hours of cross country flying as PIC.
    ≥ 40 hours dual instrument time (20 hours may be done in an approved FSTD).
    ≥ 5 hours dual in an aircraft with adjustable flaps, retractable undercarriage and variable pitch propel ler or turbojet engine.

>Here are List of Best Aviation Schools in South Africa to Attend with Reputable Flight Training Courses

These are the top reputable aviation schools to attend in South Africa, Click on each training school for more information.

S/N Best Aviation Schools in South Africa Location
1. Blue Chip Flying School Pretoria, South Africa
2. Skyhawk Aviation Johannesburg, South Africa
3. 43 Air School
Port Alfred, South Africa
4. AAA 4 Pilots Durban, South Africa
5. Progress Flight Academy Port Elizabeth, South Africa
6. Eagle Air Flight School Pretoria, South Africa
7. Cape Town Flight Training Centre DurbanVille, South Africa
8. Virginia Flight School Durban North, South Africa
9. Morningstar Flight Academy Cape Town, South Africa
10. Algoa Flight center Port Elizabeth, South Africa
11. Aeronav Academy Gauteng, South AFrica
12. Johannesburg Flying School Johannesburg, South Africa
13. Heidelberg Flight School Heidelberg, South Africa
14. Cranfield Aviation Training Johannesburg, South Africa
15. Cape Town Flight Training Centre DurbanVille, South Africa
16. Afrika Union Aviation Academy Mafikeng, South Africa


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43 Air School – Port Alfred

This flight school is offers flight training courses and can house students to undergo their training. 43 Air School is authorized by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

The 43 Air School is one of the top aviation training schools in South Africa that welcomes domestic and international student while it offers hands-on training from experts who are certified for years in the flight industry. Located in Port Alfred, the flight training centre accomodates full time students for flight training courses.

The school is the only Africa’s Jeppesen and Boeing approved ab-initio facility and have trained over 5000 graduate students who are now in general airlines and the military aviation. If you looking for a top intensive training to gain in depth knowledge and needed aviation skills as a pilot, then you should consider this aviation school in South Africa.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Night Rating, Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC), Instrument Rating (IR), Multi-Engine Class Rating, Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine (MEI), Jet Orientation Course (JOT), Aerobatics G1000 Ground School Classes

Contact Details

Address: Private Bag x43, Port Alfred, 6170 South Africa

Web Address: www.43airschool.com

Phone Number: +27 46 6043600

Blue Chip Flying School – Pretoria

Blue Chip Flying School extradordnirary team of experts in aviation who are passionate and excellent instructors are available to train you.

Blue Chip Flying School is one of the best aviation schools in South Africa. The Blue chip do offer you a wide range of aviation courses in South Africa. and combines all necessary aviation training to produce competent graduate in the aviation industry.

The flight training centre has aviation safety policy always considered. The school offers toolbox meeting which is held to indentify challenges and issues while training students to gain the desired knowledge and skills. Their advanced teaching and learning facilities allow students to engage in in-depth research to understand the recent trends in the flight industry and become the next generation pilots with set skills that will enable them be a good fit in the modern flight industry.

You won’t find any or much challenges as the aviation school has an accredited test centre which makes the writing of Private Pilot License (PPL) exam alot easier.

For an aviation school of this kind, your fligth training program and experience will be amazing as there is in house simulator which make the fees and cost of training much cheaper.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Instrument Rating (IR), Flight Instructor – Instrument, Multi-Engine Class Rating, Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine (MEI) CT Ground School Classes

Contact Details

Address: Wonderboom Airport
1st Floor, Main Terminal Building
Pretoria, Gauteng, 0182 South Africa

Web Address: www.bluechipflightschool.co.za

Phone Number: +27 12 543 3050

Progress Flight Academy – Port Elizabeth

Looking for a Commercial Pilot license or have interest in Instrument rating, Progress Flight Academy is another choice to start your flight training.

The flight academy offers efficient flight training programme and specializes in residential Integrated CPL /IR (ME) courses with ATP ground school.

You will be trained by experts in the aviation industry who have long period of experience to share as the training is carried in one of the comfortable but yet intensive flight training environment using the set of using excellent facilities of Port Elizabeth international airport for instrument rating and CPL training.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Night Rating, Instrument Rating (IR) Flight Instructor-Instrument, Multi-Engine Class Rating, Flight Instructor-Multi-Engine (MEI), Ground School Classes

Contact Details

Address: Progress Aerodrome, Port Elizabeth Intl Airport, Port Elizabeth, 6390 South Africa

Web address: www.flightacademy.co.za

Phone Number: +27 41 394 1000

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Algoa Flight center – Port Elizabeth

The flight training centre is another aviation school in South Africa to consider, Algoa Flight center will train you in their flight school to become a highly sought for pilot after your training program.

if you seek for a CAA accredited flight training centre that offers professional training for both Commercial and private pilot license, this aviation school is the one to attend.

The aviation school has the flight experts who are instructors for years to give you the right set training and knowledge that will enable you to take the best decision in real flight challenges.

Algoa Flight center is one of the aviation schools in South Africa that uses standard state of the art equipment and facilities to provide flight training that will help you stand out as a pilot. You will get aviation training to gain both PPL and CPL.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Night Rating, Instrument Rating (IR)

Contact Details

Address: P.O. Box 5680, Port Elizabeth Airport, 6065 South Africa

Web address: www.algoafc.co.za

Phone Number: +27 41 581 3274

Johannesburg Flying School – Johannesburg

Johannesburg School of Flying is one of the top aviation schools in South Africa. the school still retains it pride in standard state of art facilities and skilled aviation professionals ever ready offering training to become a pilot.

You should consider Johannesburg Flying School as an approved ICAO, SACAA aviation school in South Africa. They focus on offering high-quality training at the cheapest fees/cost for flight training courses.

Their team of dedicated and ever competent instructors conduct the majority of pilot training programmes on the TAF Sling Aircraft along with helicopter training through an affiliate school in Port Elizabeth.

You don’t need to worry as this aviation school in South Africa because they are ICAO, SACAA exam Approved centre. The flight training school provides all the needed classes and lectures to complete the aviation training courses you require.

Flight Aviation Courses Offered

Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Private Pilot (PPL), Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Multi Pilot License (MPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Night Rating, Instrument Rating (IR), Instrument (restricted) Multi-Engine Class Rating , Jet Orientation Course (JOT), Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC)

Contact Details

Address: Panorama Airfield
Corner Klipriver and Kromvlei Road, Alberton
Johannesburg, 1448 South Africa

Web Address: www.jhbflying.co.za

Phone Number: +27105950234

Morningstar Flight Academy – Cape Town

Morningstar Flight Academy has the qualified experts as instructors to help you begin your flight training course in South Africa with leading start of art facilities for an aviation training program.

Time to stop dreaming and pursue reality, if you need to fly those airplane. The flight training academy is located in a convenient flying environment to reduce time waste.

The ever dedicated aviation instructor are ready to train passionate students on both a full time and part-time basis.

Your training at Morningstar Flight Academy will be a memorable start to your career as they offer flight training for PPL, NPL, and microlight flight training.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA), Private Pilot (PPL), National Pilots Licence (NPL), EXM CT Ground School Classes

Contact Details

Address: Morningstar Airfield, Van Schoorsdrif Road
Cape Farms Cape Town, 7404 South Africa.

Website Address: www.msfa.co.za

Phone Number: +27 21 801 4406

Cranfield Aviation Training – Johannesburg

Cranfield Aviation Training is a leading aviation training centre offering flight deck and cabin crew training in South Africa. Cranfield is accredited with the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

The aviation training offered to you at Cranfield Aviation equals international standards as the school offers a wide range of aviation courses to existing flight crew staffs who are required by law to undergo annual recurrent flight training.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Radio Telephony, CRM Private Pilots, Dangerous Goods, Cabin Crew Type Ratings, Flight Attendant, AVSEC – Aviation Security

Contact Details

Address: 90 4th Road Chartwell, Fourways
Johannesburg, South Africa

Web Address: https://www.cranfield.co.za/

Phone Number: +27 11 708 2588/98
+27 82 341 1353/4

AAA 4 Pilots – Durban

AAA 4 PILOTS has a focus to produce professional pilots if you do always see yourself flying airplanes and you have strong interest.

This aviation school is among the top leading pilot training academy in South Africa founded to provided hands-on professional training by the very best experienced aviation experts you can find.

AAA 4 Pilots is certified under the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA CAA) to provide student the best quality flight training with the highest standard of excellence in aviation, safety, education, competency, command and to achieve their individual, personal and professional aviation goals.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Flight Instructor – Instrument, Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine (MEI), Night Rating, Instrument Rating (IR), Multi-Engine Class Rating

Contact Details

Address: Virginia Airport Hanger 8
Durban, 4016 South Africa

Web Address: www.aaa4pilots.com

Phone Number: +27 (0) 31 837 6939

Skyhawk Aviation – Johannesburg

Skyhawk Aviation was established to train pilots as a result of the great need to fill the gap in flight schools offering standard professional training.

The aviation school is approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority and is located to the main terminal building at Lanseria international airport, South Africa.

If you also strongly consider safety principles, Skyhawk aviation offers many of the safety principles of airline flying while training you in popular courses.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot License, Night Rating, Commercial Pilot License, ATPL Preparation, Instrument Rating, Initial Multi-Engine Rating, Instructors Rating
PPL and CPL Ground School theory classes

Contact Details

Address: Lanseria International Airport
Hangar 204, Gate 9
Lanseria, South Africa

Web Address: www.skyhawk.co.za

Phone Number: +27 (0) 1170-12622

Eagle Air Flight School – Pretoria

Eagleair Flight School is another leading top flight training school in South Africa that provides excellent professional flight training to students who enroll in the institution.

This aviation school in South Africa is offering a wide range of flight courses including flight attendant courses and makes use of a comprehensive syllabus and structured programs.

The flight school is one of the most affordable and top-ranked aviation training centre where international students from other developing African countries come to study flight courses and build strong professional skills after training at the aviation school.

Also, Eagleair Flight School adheres strictly to flight standards that will enhance students in their hands-on skills to achieve set goals more quickly and cost-effectively. Classes are structured in such a way that student gets the best of learning and training experience.

The Flight Training Centre offers affordable fees for flight courses including flight attendant courses. The average duration is 12-16 weeks full-time private pilot and 6-9 months part-time.

You stay at the school will be a memorable experience of a lifetime as it’s devoted to producing wide range of flight professionals in the aviation industry throught intensive training from experts. The training program meets world-class standard and international regulatory bodies such as the UK, India, Malaysia making your issued license valid.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Flight Training (Airplane), Flight Attendant, Private Pilot’s Licence, Night Rating, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot’s Licence, Multi-Engine Rating, Flight Instructors Rating, Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence, Radio Licence, Jet Rating, First Aid & Fire Fighting, Dangerous Goods, and Crew Resource Management

Contact Details

Address: Wonderboom National Airport
Hanger 58 A
Pretoria, Gauteng, 0084 South Africa

Web Address: www.eagleair.co.za

Phone Number: +27 (0) 12 543 1929

Cape Town Flight Training Centre – DurbanVille

Start your flight training with the best hands-on practice experience and training from instructors who are experts.

Cape Town flight training centre have a personalized approach in training every student. Only the best trainers and flight professionals that are instructors will train you with the right standard training in a flight learning environment to ensure you are a good fit for airlines and the aviation industry.

They have accredited PPL, NR and Instructors Rating exam centre (3 stations) and a FNPT1 Simulator on site. So at the end of your training you will be offered a pilot license valid anywhere in the world to certify your training.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private License (PPL), Night Rating (NR), Commercial License (CPL), Instrument Rating (IF), Instructor Rating, and License revalidations and foreign validations

Contact Details

Address: Fisantekraal Airfield Lichtenburg Road
Durbanville, 7560 South Africa

Web Address: www.cape-town-flying.co.za

Phone Number: +27 (0) 8444-07922

Virginia Flight School – Durban North

Virginia Flight School is the flight training school you will love to attend for these reasons. The aviation academy is a fixed-wing flight training centre with professionals to get you the hands-on practice experience you need.

You will get training on Private Pilot Licence, Night Rating, Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument Rating. other ratings courses such as the Multi-Engine Rating or the Instructor Rating.

These Aviation school in South Africa is authorized to provide training and they offer personal training to help develops each student into a Professional Pilot who has the necessary skills to meet the growing demands of the aviation industry.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Night Rating, Instrument Rating (IR), Flight Instructor – Instrument, Tailwheel G1000, CT, and Ground School Classes

Contact Details

Address: Virginia Airport 220 Fairway
Durban North, 4051 South Africa

Web Address: www.vfs.co.za

Phone Number: +27 (0)31 563 2080

Aeronav Academy – Gauteng

Aeronav Academy has been graduating students who are expert in the aviation industry with their well structure syllabus for aviation training.

Aeronav Academy is situated in Lanseria airport, Johannesburg in South Africa and has graduate students who are next-generation aviation professionals.

If you have to make a choice of aviation schools in South Africa, then consider Aeronav Academy as it has structured syllabus with study materials to add to the hands-on practical training set up by the flight training centre.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Instrument Rating (IR), Multi-Engine Class Rating, G1000, EXM, CT Ground School Classes

Contact Details

Address: Lanseria Airport, Gate 9a Gauteng (Johannesburg), 1748 South Africa

Website Address: www.aeronav.co.za

Phone Number: +27 11 701 3862

Heidelberg Flight School – Heidelberg

There is much to learn at Heidelberg Flight School as the flight academy offers wide range of flight courses.

Heidelberg Flight School is located at the Gauteng, South Africa constantly focused on training the very best flight professional who are fit for the aviation industry.

This aviation school is a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) licensed training centre with it’s own airfield that is well maintained and in perfect condition for a pilot training. Sure you will love your flight training program at Heidelberg Flight School

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Instrument Rating (IR), Flight Instructor – Instrument, G1000, CT, Ground School Classes

Contact Details

Address: Heidelberg Airfield
Heidelberg, 1441 South Africa

Web Address: www.heidelbergflightschool.com

Phone Number: +27 83 395 4200

Johannesburg School of Flying

This aviation school in South Africa is among the very old and first flight training academy. Johannesburg School of Flying was established in 1981 to offer training to those who want to pursue a career in aviation industry.

Graduates from Johannesburg School of Flying are today professional respected captains in both the private and public aviation sector.

JSF has a multitude of diverse students from all over the globe, many of which come from the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, China, Zambia, the D.R. Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sudan, Ghana, UAE, Iran, Pakistan, including South Africa because of the flight training facilities-Fleet consists of Cessnas C152, C172, C172RG as well as Pipers PA28 which are among the most popular and ideal aircrafts for pilot training worldwide.

Having an endless advantage to choose the school, JSF provide quality pilot training with an excellent safety record and top efficiency in training service do maintain professional and personal relationship with her students during training and after training programs.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot License, Night rating, Commercial Pilot License, ATPL, Instrument Rating, Instructor Rating, Simulator training, Ground School Lectures, Radio Telephony courses, Aviation English Language Proficiency Tests, Foreign License Validations, Hire & Fly, Conversions and Renewals.

Contact Details

Address: Rand Airport Opposite Main Terminal Building

Germiston, Johannesburg, South Africa

Web Address: http://www.jsf.co.za/

Phone Number: 0027 (0) 11 827 9827 and 0027 (0) 11 824 3990

Afrika Union Aviation Academy – Mafikeng

This Aviation School prides itself in providing full-time pilot training that provides graduate pilots the professional skills demanded by the aviation industry and also offers Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) after completion of flight crew training.

This Aviation Academy, channels it’s attention on aviation best practices to ensure that only the highest safety professional conduct is adhered and followed.

The school provided programs, training with the best state of art equipment and facilities to help you learn better and become a professional.

Flight Training Courses Offered

PPL, CPL, ATPL, Night rating, Instrument rating, Instructors rating, Multi-engine rating, Turbine rating, Foreign license validations, Radio Licence
Type Conversations and initial twin conversions
Hire and fly

Contact Details

Address: Mafikeng AirForce Base, Opp Mafikeng Airport, Mafikeng,

Web Address: www.auaa.co.za

Phone Number: +27 (0)18 385 1080

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Pilot In South Africa?

Basically, it takes a duration of around 18 months to become a pilot in South Africa and the cost of getting your CPL is about $50,000

Do know that the cost of becoming a pilot in South Africa may vary based on the training centre attended, materials.

So also keep in mind though that you will need further training and certificates to get a job in an airline, like instrument rating and type rating, for example, type rating alone would cost you another $50,000.

Pilot Average Earning/Salary Structure in South Africa

So how much are pilots paid? You still can’t get the earning of a pilot in South Africa? A pilot salary can depend on some factors, such as experience acquired, education and certifications

Basically the pilot average salary in South Africa as a personn working as pilot earns basically around 28,300 ZAR (lowest) to 90,000 ZAR (highest).

So the average pilot monthly salary is typically around 57,700 ZAR per month.


Attending the best aviation schools are very important. The best aviation schools in South Africa will enable you have firm training and equip you for very high challenges encountered by pilots while flying.

If you ever want to achieve that goal in life, Choose any of the top aviation schools in South Africa to give you the necessary hands-on practice professional pilots lookout for during training.


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