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Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Indiana 2023 For Troubled Youth

by Omale Philip
therapeutic boarding schools in indiana for troubled youth
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Looking for Therapeutic Boarding Schools in the area for a troubled child? These Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Indiana listed here are strongly recommended for any of the young troubled child.

The top therapeutic schools and their programs have tremendously transformed many troubled children. The therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana have help guide troubled children who need help through the turmoil of emotions and bad attitudes or behaviours in order to bring about better life and future.

Since finding the therapeutic boarding school in Indiana for a troubled child is your top priority, we have researched and organized for you the top therapeutic schools in Indiana for troubled youth and teenage to help get your child who is dealing with emotional and behavioral problem. do ensure to check them out and select one perfect for your troubled teenage.

What Is A Therapeutic Boarding School?

Parent who have children with emotion and behavioural problem get worried and seek solution on restoring their child’s mental and emotional health.

A therapeutic boarding school is a specialized institute for children to receive both learning and therapeutic approach. They use different counselling techniques or therapeutic approaches that will assist and enable the child feel and get better from emotional and behavioral problems.

The therapeutic boarding schools unlike the traditional schools focus on helping children get restore mentally and emotionally using a holistic approach to learning. Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled youth can be an excellent option for those children who have deeper emotional issues that may be impacting their future.

Why A Therapeutic Boarding School

Young teens who exhibit emotional and disorderly behavior such as anger, disobedience, substance abuse, criminal activities, and academic struggles are on the rise.

Quality And Effective Counselling: The therapeutic boarding schools are designed to assist troubled children find a new way to live happily and successfully. And the therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana offer effective treatment for teenagers with a wide range of difficulties.

They have trained staffs and use professional counsellors to offer individual and group therapy. Alot of the schools attach Christian counselling and mentorships to have strong impact on child reasoning

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled youth and child in Indiana provide academic and therapy program that are tailored to children who are behaviorally troubled and lagging behind in academics.

Effective Academics, Program: The therapeutic boarding school in Indiana for any troubled young youth are more committed with wide range of therapeutic approaches and specialist who can help your troubled teen.

Lots of troubled youth slip at school and the therapeutic boarding school has the set education structure organized in such a way to assist children to advance towards an optimistic future in college and to make upt for falling grades.

How You Can Find A Good Therapeutic Boarding School For Troubled Children

Finding the right therapeutic boarding schools for your child can be challenging as it requires some serious digging of information. The best therapeutic boarding school do always have strict criteria for admission offer.

The purpose of the procedure is to uniquely match the child and the environment in which he/she will spend a large among of time to get better.

Since each therapeutic school have its approach and intervention strategy program, it can challenging to find one. But with the help of experts and families testimonies who have strongly recommend this best therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana for most troubled teenagers. You should give them a try.

Before choosing any therapeutic boarding schools for your troubled teenage child or youth, these are some guides to help you dig out and find the best therapeutic boarding schools near you.

Make Inquiry Of Their Admission Requirement And Criteria A good therapeutic boarding school will have a strict admission criteria.

For the reason of getting a good match between your child and the school environment the therapeutic boarding schools uses the approach because the child will spend a significant period to recover.

Request Talking To An Alumni Family

If you seek to get a true testimony and result of the approach applied and how effective, meet an alumni family. Talk with parents of a child who graduated from a therapeutic boarding school and let them help you with lot information that are considered valuable.

You will be amazed with the plenty useful information you will have about the admission criteria, curriculum, fees, therapeutic approach and programs, and the environment.

Ask For Credentials And Accreditation.

To ensure your child is secured in the right hands of professional and going to receive available services to get better, do ask for accreditation by The Joint Commission, and licensing by the State Division of Mental Health and Addiction including State Department of Child Services.

Ask for this credentials, and on provision gives you the confidence the boarding school for troubled youth and teens is accredited. Also both staffs and counsellors are professional with strong background on therapy and receive certification to practice in the field.

However, if cases may arise, where you don’t understand or not familiar with the provided license and licensing process, do go online and do some digging to get search result containing the license. You should find plenty of information you seek.

Relax, Be Patient And Do Some Search

To find the therapeutic boarding for your troubled youth in Indiana, you need to relax, be patient and browse through the available options until you find the right boarding school in Indiana offering therapy for troubled children.

Why Choose The Best Therapeutic Boarding School In Indiana

Do you know that parent who have troubled children with emotion and behaviour issues do seek for options that are available for their child to get the professional help and become better.

These children do need to continue their education while going through the approach by the professional to help them get better. That is why therapeutic boarding schools is the next excellent option to choose for any emotional and troubled child in order not to affect their future.

Their team of staff are professionals trained in helping children that do exhibit negative behaviours/emotional issues to get better in the shortest time.

The best therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana are designed to help struggling teenagers find happiness and success. And the boarding schools in Indiana for troubled youth listed here are ranked the top in the state.

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What Is The Length Of Stay in Therapeutic Boarding School?

Since the therapeutic boarding schools focus on growth, learning, emotional and behavioral development of your troubled child.

The length of stay varies, the typical therapeutic boarding school program duration for student range between twelve to eighteen months i.e (1 to 2 years) in the boarding school.

Most best therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana offer a wide range of services and levels of care, so the length of stay will be different for a child.

The program is structured such that a duration of the program is spent developing the child mentally and emotionally and behaviour, while the other half of the program is spent on assisting the child academically fit up to or ahead of their peers. Students may receive either high school diplomas on completion or credits for transfer to other schools.

There is no need to rush, as proofs have shown that students who have longer stay in the therapeutic boarding schools are found to incredibly benefit from the program gain effective result with lasting change and

Are There Insurance Cover For Therapeutic Boarding Schools?

Talking on insurance, insurance policies often cover fees for therapeutic schools residential treatment programs for teens. But the child’s family are responsible for the full cost of a therapeutic boarding school.

boarding schools in indiana for troubled youth

What Is The Cost Of A Therapeutic Boarding Schools Program

Each child is unique and a family considering a therapeutic boarding school for teen with emotion or behavioral challenge can pay a bulk amount of fee.

Since there are wide range of services, extensive cost of operating the therapeutic boarding schools with appropriate licenses, credentialed team of staff, obtaining a certified educational accreditations, level of care and each child may have different recommended duration of stay.

The best therapeutic boarding school in Indiana and those closest to you can be expensive and the fees can be staggering for an average family in the residence. However there are available options-grants, waiver around the fees.

The amount they charge per day, week or month will depend on the training and professional experience of the staff. Higher fees may result from the enrollment duration (long term enrollment or short-term enrollment program)

The average cost of therapeutic boarding schools and programs is about $5000.00 per month. Daily fee rate from $100 to $800 while the monthly fee rate from $3,000 to over $8,000.

Other fees that are not included with the tuition fee for therapeutic boarding school are- a processing fee, can range from $1500.00 – $2500.00. This fee usually covers administrative costs as well as other various service fees.

There are varieties of ways to source fund, many parents do use educational loan which is very similar to college loans. There are also grants and scholarships to assist you with finance to get your child the help they need. You can get fee waiver in some specialized case to reduce the cost of the enrollment into the therapeutic boarding schools.

Other popular and excellent way to source for funding are crowd funding, assistant from families, friends, employer and insurance.

When choosing a therapeutic boarding school in Indiana or around you, be sure to ask for the break down of the fees and if any extra charge are included or exempted. Amazingly some discount are offered when you pay up front.

Here Are The Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Indiana For Troubled Youth & Teens That Will Interest You

Check this list of therapeutic boarding schools for youths in Indiana listed here, do click on each for a full overview information.

S/N Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Indiana
1. Midwest Academy
2. Oaklawn
Havenwood Academy
Carribbean Moutain Academy
5. Compass Rose Academy

Midwest Academy

Midwest Academy is one of the top therapeutic boarding schools for troubled youth in Indiana serving children from grade 3 to 12 with high functional autism. the therapeutic school is accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the state of Indiana Children Institution as a Psychiatric residential treatment facility.

At Midwest Academy, the full-immersion Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program for troubled youths and families has strongly helped many children regain complete control of their emotions.

Midwest Academy is a indpendent school located at Indiana state to served troubled teens. Unlike traditional school, Midwest Academy offers therapy program from well trained Dialectical Behavior Therapy and licensed educators that support students to appropriately regain emotional control.

The focus is to create an educational environment where young students can also learn to express their thoughts and feelings appropriately. They also prepare the child to successfully return to their school and to help increase their academic aptitude.

The educators at this therapeutic boarding school in Indiana maintain the state licensing requirement and take further professional training in DBT.

At Midwest Academy, students are offered a small engaging and impactful educational setting, a very inspiring progressive learning curriculum focused on whole development of your child.

The therapeutic boarding school offers service such as credit transfer to home school, academic curriculum tailored to meet both academic and therapeutic individual needs of a child, small group tutorial for identified youths.

Midwest Academy offer program to children-male ages (12-18) and female (10-18), emotional, behavioral, psychiatric challenge that impact youth performance at home, school, and community. history of past treatment, which may include acute/inpatient and output patient, IQ of 75 and above.

Website: https://midwest-center.com/

Phone Number: (317) 843-9500


Address: 1012 W Indiana St Kouts, IN 46347, USA

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Oaklawn, The Children’s Campus

Oaklawn is one of the top recommended provider of residential program for troubled youths such as psychiatric services, skill training and case management, individual and group therapy.

The therapeutic boarding school is located in Northern Indiana and provide specialized programs which include substance use, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) designed to support youth in developing healthy coping skills so they can return to and live successfully in their community.

Oaklawn provide mental health and addiction treatment services to troubled youth of age 12 to 18 at time of referral, adolescent and adults in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties. They focus on providing the highest quality services and are accredited by The Joint Commission, obtained license from the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions and the Indiana Department of Child Services.

So if your quest is to find the boarding school in Indiana for troubled youths, Oaklawn can be your preferred choice of Therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana.

Website: https://oaklawn.org/

Phone Number: 574-259-5667

Email: admissions@oaklawn.org

Address: 1411 Lincolnway West Mishawaka, IN 46544

Havenwood Academy

This therapeutic school prides itself to be the leading choice of Therapeutic schools for troubled girls in Indiana. If you do want to see your troubled female child get the professional help in a siren environment, full of care to help her get ride of emotional issues and mental challenge.

This therapeutic boarding school in Indiana can be the best choice for her, as Havenwood Academy is a boarding school for troubled youth who are girls. The school have long proven history of success in therapy program which has transformed girls who are troubled to terrific.

Havenwood Academy has helped plenty of teenagers and families from Indiana as well as other states across the country. If you have a teenage girl wo is struggling in school, engaging in risk behavior and refuses to behave then the next place to look out for in a therapeutic school and Havenwood Academy has the trained staffs and license to help your child.

Enrolling your child at Havenwood Academy has lots of benefits as the therapeutic boarding school provide the opportunity for them on arrival to the boarding school to have a new life where all bad habits are removed by assistance from the trained stafs who knows what to do.


Phone Number: (877) 830-7012


Address: 1411 Lincolnway West
Mishawaka, IN 46544

Carribbean Moutain Academy

Carribbean Mountain Academy is another therapeutic boarding schools for troubled youth in Indian that brings about true life transformation within a year. The boarding school is a Christian Therapeutic boarding school in Indiana for troubled teens that are struggling with behavioral issues or academics.

The Carribbena Moutain Academy can become the perfect choice of therapeutic boarding school for you, as the school offer individual, group and family counseling sessions, and help student recover lost high school credits through Apex learning.

If you’re looking for an affordable therapeutic boarding school, tis school will help your child discover there future and gain self awareness as the children will be involve in a life changing mission.

Website: https://caribbeanmountainacademy.com/

Phone Number: 866-318-7392

Email Address: info@caribbeanmountainacademy.com

Address: 4150 Illinois Rd. • Fort Wayne, IN 46804

CompassRose Academy

Compass Rose Academy is a Christian organization committed to provides a positive, nurturing environment for teenage girls ages 14-18 struggling with depression, anxiety, ADHD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, PTSD, and bipolar disorder with a variety of acting out behaviors including self-harm, risky sexual behavior, defiance, sneaking out, drug experimentation, and inappropriate use of technology and social media.

Compass Rose Academy is another therapeutic boarding school for troubled youths in Indiana that help guide, mentor and support the child as they confront life’s challenges and begin the road to recovery. The academy is a subsidiary of White’s Residential & Family Services, one of the largest social services ministry in Indiana serving troubled youth.

Compass Rose requires its students to be girls of age 14-18 and must have an IQ of 80 and above. Parents need to speak with the counselling team and have a campus visit prior to the admission to ensure the academy is a good fit for your child.

This therapeutic boarding school can become a good choice of boarding school for your troubled child, as they use the therapeutic services of experienced professionals to provide students with individualized yet comprehensive care for the students to get counselling, spiritual guidance, education, and hands on instruction that they require to become better.

You can enroll with application packet after speaking to the admission staff and it is determined that your teenage daughter is a good fit for the therapeutic school. The tuition fee for this therapeutic boarding school covers room and board, academic services for out of state students, program cost and activity expenses. All additional expensed will be billed to your insurance provider and you may be responsible for any additional fees not covere.

Students will have to get a Wells Fargo Bank account with a debit card to allow purchase of snacks or cottage outings while in the residential program.


Phone Number:866-318-7392

Email: Nil

Address: 5233 South 50 East Wabash, Indiana 46992


Now you have known the therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana that you can send your troubled child to attend. Relax and take your time to go through the list to make your choice base on the preferred boarding school for a troubled youths. So do ensure to carefully organize the schools and take a campus visit and get all needed information before deciding the one to send your child to attend.

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