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Top 10 Universities in Africa 2023-Know Them

by Omale Philip
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If you are looking for the Top Universities in Africa, you will find the universities occupying the top 10 universities in Africa for this year, they are the best universities that will interest you to know more about them or even apply to the school. They are the most sort after top higher education institutions in Africa by  both students from African countries and overseas.

The region Africa is one place that has ranked universities among the world’s best universities for the year. You will find the Top Universities in Africa including  Engineering Universities in Africa interesting to apply for engineering subject and degree programs, their ranking which made them the top universities in Africa, location and other details.

How You Can Find The Top Universities in Africa To Attend

If you are not sure which top universities is good for you to attend, You can start a search for top universities with engineering subjects that will interest you.

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Here Are The Top 10 Universities In Africa 2021-Know Them 

These are the list of  the Top African’s University with an overview of them, click each higher education institution for more details.

Africa Rank Top Universities in Africa Location
1 University of Cape town South Africa
2 University of Witwatersrand South Africa
3 Stellenbosch University South Africa
4 University of Kwazulu Natal South Africa
5 Aswan University Egypt
5 Makerere University Uganda
5 University of Ibadan Nigeria
5 Mansoura University Egypt
9 University of Pretoria South Africa
9 University of Johannesburg South Africa
9 University of South Africa South Africa
11 University of the Western Cape South Africa
11 University of Nairobi Kenya
11 American University in Cairo Egypt
11 Ferhat Abbas Sétif University 1 Algeria

University of Cape town

The University of Cape town (UCT) is the leading top African university, currently ranked 136th in global university ranking by Times Higher Education. UCT is located in South Africa, and established as a university in the year 1918. The university inspires creativity and is engaged research intensive African university influencing global higher education through outstanding discovering and achievement in learning.

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University of Witwatersrand

The University of Witwatersrand is located in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa and is the second Africa university that is leading and among the best higher education institution. The school is recognized among the top university in Africa continent.

WITS as it’s popularly called was established in the year 1922 as a university and now provides a support structure of academics, culture and sporting which are targeted to empower students with the essential learning skills to navigate through a university.

Stellenbosch University

The university is among top best Africa university and ranked top 3 university in Africa. Stellenbosch University (SU) is located in South Africa and was established as a university in Africa in the year 1918.

Stellenbosch University has a total of ten faculties-AgricScience, Economics and Management Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Engineering, Military Sciences, Law, Arts and Social Sciences, Education, Science, and Theology.

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University of Kwazulu Natal

The higher institution was formed in the year 2004 and currently University of Kwazulu Natal is top 6 university in Africa. The university is located in South Africa ever since the merger of two universities: University of Durban-Westville and University of Natal.

The University of Kwazulu Natal has four colleges-Humanity, Health Science, Agriculture, Engineering and Science, Law and Management Sciences.

Aswan University

Aswan University is a higher education institution dedicated to providing teaching in a wide range fo subjects such as education, social work, engineering, technology and other subjects.

The university offers a state of art facilities which makes it among the top universities in Africa. Aswan University is located in Aswan, Egypt became established as independent institution in 2012.

The university is ranked among the top universities in Africa as it provided an integrated care programmes for it’s students, intended to provide study, housing and recreation al facilities. There are also dedicated research facilities for the study of plants and animals, study center and science labs

Makerere University

Makerere University is the oldest and first higher educational institution in Uganda. Established in 1922 and located in Kampala, Uganda, The university started as a technical school offering carpentry, mechanics, and building.

It became known as University college offering medical care, agriculture, veterinary sciences and teacher training courses as it grew in size with affiliation to the University College London. After which was granted independent status as university and began to offer degree programs-bachelor and masters.

The university prides itself in the work it does in building and securing gender equality. This premiere university in Uganda have achieved global recognition for supporting females from disadvantaged backgrounds into the institution and gained Africa ranking to be top universities in Africa.

University of Ibadan

Established in 1962, and located in Ibadan, Nigeria. The University of Ibadan is the first established  and the higher education institution and the oldest university in Nigeria.

University of Ibadan (UI) today is among the most prestigious universities in Nigeria. What started as a small institution, is now recognized as the university with the largest postgraduate study program in Africa. Today the University of Ibadan has thirteen faculties which includes Social Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Education, Veterinary Medicine, Technology, Law, Public Health and Dentistry.

Mansoura University

Initially began as a faculty of medicine under Cairo University. Mansoura University was established as result of a presidential decree as East Delta University, but got it name change to Manoura a year after the establishement.

Located in Mansoura city, having 15 faculties with large accommodation for students. The university is recognized for it’s medical facilities with major medical centres and hospitals including a children hospital.

Mansoura university also has Medical Research Centre, Urology and Nephrology Centre which is the largent urology and nephrology centre in the whole of Africa continent.

The school teaches the following subjects at undergraduate and graduate level-computer science, medicine & dentistry, marine science, mathematics and statistics, arts & humanities, business & economics, engineering and technology, law, and life sciences.

University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria is one of Africa’s top universities ranking 4th best Africa university. Established in 1908, located in South Africa and now one of the largest research university in the country.

The university has the following faculties-Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Theology and Religion, Veterinary Science.

American University Cairo

Cairo University is a comprehensive institution of higher learning located in Giza, Egypt and established in 1908. Cairo University CU is ranking among top universities in Africa. Currently occupying the 5th postion in the list of top universities in Africa.

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University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg is African university that is 7th position in the top universities in Africa. The University of Johannesburg (UJ) has 8 Faculties: Education, Law, Humanities, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Health Sciences, Science, Engineering and the Built Environment as well as the College of Business and Economics, housing the newly established Johannesburg Business School.

The University campuses are the Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus; the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus; the Doornfontein Campus; and the Soweto Campus.

University of South Africa

The University of South Africa is among top universities in Africa and is ranked 8th best African university. The university was established in the year 1873 and is South African largest university popularly called UNISA.

University of the Western Cape

The university is settled at 9th best university in Africa. The University Western Cape is located in South Africa and has the following faculties: Arts, Community and Health Sciences, Dentistry, Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Law, and Natural Sciences.

University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi also made it among the list of top ten universities in Africa. University of Nairobi occupies the 10th position in the top 10 universities in Africa that are best universities in Africa.

The university is a research intensive higher institution with a reputation for excellence and a strong and vibrant research culture. The University of Nairobi has its faculties as law, arts, business, public health, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dental science, engineering, agriculture, physical science, vertenary medicine.

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