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Best Pharmacy Schools And Colleges in Missouri 2023

Here Are the Best Pharmacy Schools in Missouri

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Best Pharmacy Schools in Missouri
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Discover the reputable top pharmacy colleges and universities with amazing pharmacy program. Are you planning to attend one of the best pharmacy schools in Missouri, Then you should consider the leading colleges in Missouri offering pharmacy degree programs where you will get an offer to begin a program.

The pharmacy schools in Missouri are rated to undoubtedly provide a good enabling academic environment for any student enrolling for any of the pharmacy schools in Missouri.

Many students who are residents in the nation consider the Pharmacy schools in Missouri, United State for the best of health career path. There is a constant demand for pharmacists in Missouri in order to play key roles in the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmacy is among the leading professional discipline in health care industry. A more recent statistic data show that the pharmaceutical market is currently valued at $300 million.

Today, we research the top pharmacy colleges offering pharmacy in Missouri. If you’re intending to follow the career path and become a pharmacist by attending one of the best pharmacy schools-colleges in Missouri, this article will fully guide and inform you.

Why Attend A Pharmacy School In Missouri?

Pharmacy schools in Missouri are ranked to offer accredited pharmacy program leading students to earn a pharmacy degree.

However, the pharmacy schools in Missouri may be just few in number but their value and effect on students have produce pharmacy graduates who are leading professional in the pharmacy sector and health care industry.

The schools and colleges have dedicated and committed expert staffs ready to work with students on latest research and technology for enable the students gain the demanded knowledge and experience to practice pharmacy after graduation.

How Long Does It Take To Finish From A Pharmacy School in Missouri?

Most Pharmacy degree program offered by the schools takes a duration of at least four (4) years to complete. Specifically a Pharm. D program.

However, the duration of to complete a pharmacy college do varies from college to college. Accelerated programs in pharmacy schools allow students to graduate in a short time within three months full-time study.

It take a total of about seven (7) years to finish or complete a pharmacy school and earn a Pharm. D and become a pharmacist. About 3 years of undergraduate pre-professional study followed by 4 academic years in the professional program.

How Much Does It Cost to Enroll in Pharmacy School In Missouri?

The cost of study varies from pharmacy school to school. Some pharmacy schools charge flat tuition for all online students regardless of their residency status. Technology fees also impact the price tag of an online degree. However certain factors that determine cost include the state residency, students who live in the state as their school will often pay lower tuition than non-resident students (out of state).

An average total cost can range from $65,000 to $200,000 to get a pharmacy degree in Missouri. Many students don’t consider the huge cost in getting a pharmacy degree because earning a pharmacy degree from the colleges is very promising. Pharmacy is among the professional discipline considered to be in great demand in the society.

What Career Are Available for Pharmacist in Missouri?

The following are the top leading pharmacy jobs available in the state and across the America

  • Retail Pharmacist
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Pediatric Clinic Coordinator
  • Pharmacy Cardiology Specialist
  • Clinical Oncology Pharmacist
  • Clinical Management Pharmacist
  • Medical Science Liason
  • Pharmacist
  • Clinical Advisor
  • Associate Professor
  • Chemotherapy Pharmacist
  • Nuclear Pharmacist

Here Are The Best Pharmacy Schools-Colleges & Universities in Missouri

Below are the list of best pharmacy schools offering reputable pharmacy degree programs. Click on your choice of school for detailed information.

S/N Best Pharmacy Schools in the World Location
1. St Louis College of Pharmacy Saint Louis, Missouri
2. University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri
3. Missouri State University-Springfield Springfield Missouri

1. St Louis College of Pharmacy

Located in Saint Louis, Missouri of the nation and established in 1864. St Louis College of Pharmacy is a greatly respected health sciences school and is one of the top accredited pharmacy schools situated in Missouri.

St Louis College of Pharmacy is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission. The pharmacy college offers a Pharm. D program at undergraduate and graduate level.

The school of pharmacy at St Louis College of pharmacy is a home for many students who like to pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) program

Students intending to pursue a Pharm.D have several pathways beginning as undergraduate students or entering the program at the first-professional (P1) year.

Also, Students who do not wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree may complete prerequisite coursework prior to entering the Pharm.D. program or students can integrate their bachelor of science and pharm. D if the student wish to pursue a bachelor degree at the college of pharmacy.

Studying at St. Louis College of Pharmacy can lead to you discovering your career path in the Pharmaceutical science discipline as the school is actively connecting to partners to foster interprofessional care and expand many student opportunities.

Tuition And Fees

Estimated tuition & fees for both Missouri in-state residents and out of state students are about $32,000 per year. While the estimated tuition for part time students is around $890 to $1,100 per credit hour.

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2. University of Missouri-Kansas City

Located in Kansas City, University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Pharmacy offers a range of programs to suit your needs and provides the necessary academic preparation for a rewarding career in pharmacy.

The pharmacy schools offers a full time four years Pharm.D program at the university. Students who want to pursue the doctor of pharmacy program can take the program at any of the campus sites.

University of Missouri-Kansas City offers both pre-pharmacy program and pharm.D program which help prepare the student for the path to become a pharmacist after graduation.

The pre-pharmacy program is a two-three year non degree course of study in preparation for Pharm.D program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City school of pharmacy.

The Doctor in pharmacy program prepares students who are in the college get required knowledge and develop skills which are in demand to practice as licensed pharmacist.

Upon completion of pharm.D program, The IPh.D program by the school offers basically two pharmacy degree-pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacology and toxicology.

Tuition And Fees

Estimated tuition & fees for both Missouri in-state residents and out of state students are about $20,000 per year (Nonresidents: $43,000)

Missouri State University-Springfield

A large not for profit public university located in Springfield Missouri of the nation. Missouri State University’s school of pharmacy consistently ranks among the top pharmacy schools in the country.

Students who choose to practice pharmacy earn a Pharm. D, especially individuals seeking to become licensed pharmacists to meet community health care needs.

Earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the college is a fantastic opportunity to fully practice the profession. However, securing an offer into the college can be challenging as the pharmacy school admission is competitive.

So if you applying to the Missouri State University, you should meet the entry requirement to be a good fit for the school.

Tuition And Fees

The estimated tuition & fees for both Missouri in-state residents and out of state students are about $22,000 per year (Nonresidents: $32,000)

How to Easily Enter A Pharmacy School

Planning to attend a pharmacy school and become a pharmacist? leading experts in the field advice if you are going to choose the career and set your path to the profession, then following these set of step will help you achieve your goal of becoming a pharmacist.

Take a Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)

The PCAT is the entering examination conducted for students applying to study pharmacy. Most countries including America consider the PCAT as a prerequisite for entering the pharmacy degree programs in colleges.

There are few top pharmacy schools especially in Missouri with accepting low test grading system making admission into the pharmacy college easy

Earn A Pharmacy Degree

Earning a pharmacy degree through accredited pharmacy degree program from school that offering pharmacy is another.

So enroll for an undergraduate pharmacy coursework which will in turn lead to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. There are many pharmacy schools offering undergraduate level program before you can attend the pharmacy school and pursue a graduate degree program. They are majorly prerequisite coursework to enable you reach your goal in earning a Pharm.D from the school.

Some school allow you to earn dual degree for a few period (7-8 years). Both bachelor and masters degree will be offered to the student upon completion of pharmacy program.

Pharmacist Licensing and Passing NAPLEX In Missouri

To become a licensed pharmacist you must submit an application to the state board of pharmacy along with an application fee.

On approval of your submitted application by the board, you are to take and pass the NAPLEX and MPJE exam through the NABP site.

Many graduate who have taken the exam in the state have good performance. But the number of graduates taking the exam has gone up in recent years.

Pharmacist Salary And Job Outlook in Missouri

Pharmacists in Missouri can expect to earn between the range of $102,000 to $160,000. The annual earnings of pharmacists generally depend on the place of work and your location in the Missouri. Professionals who work in outpatient services and in hospitals may earn higher than those in pharmaceutical shops.

The employment outlook for pharmacists in Missouri is 7% from 2016 to 2026. This mean more workforce will be added into the pharmaceutical industry with St. Louis hiring the highest number of pharmacists in the state.

What Professional Association For Pharmacists Are In Missouri?

Belonging to the professional body/associations for pharmacists has great advantage when it comes to practicing pharmacy. As a graduate of pharmacy, it’s needful you enroll and have a membership with the pharmacist association in the nation.

They offer limitless support, networking and opportunities which you alone can’t reach. There is great power in belonging to a strong team that just where you have the opportunity to strive quicker and excel as a member.

The association do protect your personal interest as a pharmacist and that of the association because it’s made up of group of experts working in different industries or own business. So do identify and belong to any of the following pharmacy association

National Pharmacy Associations

Missouri Pharmacy Association (MPA)

State Pharmacy Associations

Where To Work As A Pharmacist in Missouri?

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Regional Health Systems
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Medical Writing
  • National Health System


Earning a pharmacy degree is very beneficial from accredited pharmacy schools. The pharmacy career is one of the leading professional discipline that is very lucrative and rewarding for any young individual who have interest in studying pharmacy. If you are a resident of Missouri or a non-resident, attending any of the top pharmacy schools in Missouri has fantastic benefits you will come to realize when you begin going to one of the best pharmacy schools we have listed for you.





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