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20 Best Remedial Schools in Johannesburg To Enroll Your Child

by Omale Philip
Remedial Schools in Johannesburg
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If you are looking for reputable and affordable remedial schools, These Best Remedial Schools in Johannesburg, South Africa are the perfect choice of remedial educators that will give your child the best learning to overcome learning barriers.

The city of Johannesburg, South Africa is home to the best remedial schools in South Africa just like Durban. The schools are known to offer small class sizes for better learning, understanding, and quality attention to your child, they are also very affordable.

In addition to the class size, there are qualified teachers with years of experience to teach your child to aid easy and fast learning.

Are you looking for prestigious remedial schools for your child? In this article, we at College Reporters have taken the responsibility to help you find and select the best remedial schools in Johannesburg with cheap fees. Read On!

What Is a Remedial School?

These schools offer remedial education to students who have poor or average performances, basically because they are struggling with some subjects like reading, writing, speaking, or mathematics and not because they have intellectual impairment.

The remedial school programs are designed specifically to help give learners a bit more individual attention, in smaller groups and often at a slightly slower pace.

This offers the learner the opportunity to catch up and develop the skills and learning that are deficient.

Remedial Schools Vs Mainstream School – The Differences

Remedial Schools

Remedial Schools offer education programs designed to close the gap in learning due to some low performance, absences, or trouble with focus.

It’s simply called a catch-up learning program offered to students who have fallen below minimum performances or standards

The education program focuses on helping students who need extra attention succeed academically.

The learning usually focuses on basic literacy (reading & writing) and numeracy skills (mathematics)  to reach standardized benchmarks for typical students of a certain age – helpful professor.

The target demographic can be younger kids or older kids and determines the delivery materials to be used for effective learning – masters in special education.

Mainstream Schools
This is general education and the classroom or group has no special needs/support or disabilities.

The program is designed and offered to children with cognitive abilities and adaptive skills to access the mainstream learning and national curriculum.

In addition to the curriculum, the students (with disability or exceptionality) are placed in a general education classroom with the expectation to produce assignments, study, and learn at the same rate as peers.

Why Remedial Schools in Johannesburg?

To meet the children’s learning needs of enhanced performance, remedial schools are the next option.

The education program offered to students are specialized and give the child all the necessary attention, unlike mainstream schools that offer extra classes.

And the remedial schools in Johannesburg is offers a good remedial education in South Africa.

Are Remedial Schools in Johannesburg Worth It?

The school’s key focus is to remediate the learners, so, it is worth enrolling your child in a remedial school than sending them to extra lessons or special classes.

Most remedial education providers have trained specialized teachers and therapists – who have experience with children and give them the professional help they need to succeed in their studies.

In addition to the staff years of experience, the learners receive specialized attention in a small class size that supports holistic learning of the child in the shortest time.

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Here Are The Best Remedial Schools in Johannesburg, South Africa To Enroll Your Child

Click your preferred choice of school from the list of remedial schools in Johannesburg for complete details.

S/N Best Remedial Schools in Johannesburg Location
1. Glenoaks Remedial and Special Needs School Kensington, Johannesburg
2. Japari School Parkview, Johannesburg
3. Bellevista School Birdhaven, Johannesburg
4. Forest Town School Forest Town. Johannesburg
5. Gressworld Senior School Gresswold, Johannesburg
6. Grantley College Parktown, Johannesburg
7. Sparrow Combined Technical School Melville, Johannesburg
8. Crossroad School Victory Park, Johannesburg
9. Delta Park School Blairgowrie, Johannesburg
10. Craiglands School Randburg, Johannesburg
11. Alberton Remedial School Alberton
12. Lantern Remedial School Roodeport, Johannesburg
13. Mulbartonn School Mulbarton, Johannesburg
14. Atholhurst School Atholl, Johannesburg
15. Boost Academy Johannesburg
16. Nuro School Remedial Victory Park, Johannesburg
17. Cross Over Remedial School Rispark, Johannesburg
18. Baobab Learning Centre Johannesburg
19. Nokuthula Special School Lyndhurst Johannesburg
20. Bedfordview Remedial Learning Center Bedfordview, Johannesburg

1. Glenoaks Remedial and Special Need School

Glenoaks School is one of the privately owned remedial and special needs schools that strives to offer remedial programs to learners struggling with academic performance.

The school is founded in 1969 and is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The remedial and Special needs school create a nurturing environment that helps the emotional growth and intellectual abilities of learners for better performances.

Glenoaks Remedial Program focuses on learners in grade 1 to 7 using the CAPS curriculum and provides accommodation for learners in need of housing.

The school boast of both remedial and special need programs to support learners who have less performance in school.

Glenoaks special need education caters to learners who lack intellectual abilities, emotional maturity, social, physical, and analytical skills.

As one of the top remedial schools in Johannesburg, Glenoak remedial education focuses on closing the gaps in academics such that learners can gain better performance in mainstream school education and programs.

In addition to the re-introduction of learners to a mainstream school, there is a lot of therapeutic support such as psychology, remedial therapy, occupational, speech, and language therapy.

Many parents count on the remarkable programs, well-trained staff, nurturing atmosphere, and small class size that engages and supports learners’ academic development.

School Details

Address: 72 Roberts Ave, Kensington, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Programs Remedial, Special Needs

Grade 1- 7

Fees R171,000 – R180,000

Phone Number: +27 11 624 1160



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2. Japari School

This remedial school strives to foster the all-round development of your child – academically, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Japari is a remedial school situated in Johannesburg, founded in 1966, the school focuses on providing support through teaching learners who experience learning barriers in mainstream schools.

The school boast of the remedial program from the foundation phase (grade 1-3), the intermediate phase (grade 4-6), and senior phase (grade 7).

Japari learning programs are aligned with the CAPS curriculum and covers a wide variety of subjects including languages. The school is also a member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa.

Just like a mainstream school, Japari offers different extra activities such as sports and aftercare for busy parents.

In addition to the programs, Japari is among the affordable remedial schools in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The school fees range from R112, 740 to R121, 115 (annually). There is also termly fees payable to the school.

Enrollment for admission is just a few steps and application processes online.

School Details

Address: 1 Dundalk Avenue, Parkview, Johannesburg


Grade: 1 – 7

Fees: R112, 740 to R121, 115

Phone Number: +27 11 646 2132

3. Bellevista School

Bellevista School is a co-educational medium remedial school that caters for learners from grade R to grade 7.

The remedial school was founded in 1967 and is situated in Birdhaven, Johannesburg.

As a remedial school, Bellevista aims to deliver the remediation curriculum to learners with barriers – learning that prohibits pupils from participating in mainstream education systems.

The school has a rich background in remedial education and is also a member of The Independent School Association of Southern Africa.

The school has a large body of learners with over 300 enrolled learners from grade R to grade 7. Bellavista is distinctive as it offers a well-rounded 21st-century remedial therapy with well-known therapy for child development.

Like Japari School, Bellavista offers other intervention programs such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Remedial Therapy.

The school takes pride in its trained and qualified staff – psychologists and therapists who are always ready to attend to children with barriers to learning.

Many parents of learners who need remediation do take to the school because of the unique intervention programs and facilities and the school fees are quite affordable.

Bellavista Remedial Education pays cognitive attention to your child’s academic performance and apply necessary intervention programs to help regain emotional, social, physical, and academic performances.

You may need to check with the school for any inquiries, mostly regarding the school fees and admission enrollment.

School Details

Address: 35 Wingfield Avenue
Birdhaven, Johannesburg

Programs: Therapeutic, Remedial

Grade: R – 7

Fees: R112, 740 to R121, 115

Phone Number: +27 11 788 5454

Email: admin@bellavistaschool.co.za or secretary@bellavistaschool.co.za



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4. Forest Town School

Forest Town School began as a treatment center exclusively established for Cerebral Palsied children in South Africa and then moved on to include other therapeutic programs

Founded in 1948 and is located in Johannesburg. The Forest Town School is among the leading remedial school in Johannesburg for pupils with academic barriers to attend.

Forest Town is not just a remedial school, it offers other therapy programs for learners – speech, occupational, physio, and psychological.

The remedial education provided by the school supports holistic learners in grades 4 to grade 7.

The program provides a small class size and creates an approach following the CAPS for holistic education that meets every child’s individual needs.

The Forest Town School’s distinctiveness in remedial education allows the school also incorporate computer literacy in addition to the reading, writing, and mathematics learning for every class in the school.

The combined 21st-century remedial education has proven many recoveries and improved performances in the children admitted to the school.

In addition to the programs, The Forest Town School is among the best remedial schools in Johannesburg and also on the list of most affordable schools with remedial education.

The school fees are quite cheap compared with other remedial schools in Johannesburg town.

School Details

Address: New Forest Rd, Forest Town. Johannesburg

Programs: Therapeutic, Remedial

Grade: 4 – 7

Fees: R112, 740 to R121, 115

Phone Number: +27 11 646 0131

5. Gressworld Senior School

The school is one of the public special needs and remedial schools striving to cater to learners with learning barriers, physical disabilities, and behavioral challenges.

Gressworld Senior School is among the well-recognized special needs and remedial schools in Johannesburg, South Africa with a variety of remediation programs.

As a remedial school, it’s also a co-educational school that caters for the holistic learners’ development of their capabilities and social performances.

The school is sought after by many parents of learners with academic performance challenges or special needs because of its affordable fees and a wide variety of programs.

As a result of the cheap fees, Gressworld Senior School is among the affordable remedial schools in Johannesburg and also a top remedial education provider.

School Details

Address: Hathaway Road, Gresswold, Johannesburg

Programs: Special Needs, Remedial

Grade: Not Available

Fees: Not Available

Phone Number: +27 11 786 8123

6. Grantley College

Grantley College is a private co-educational school situated in Johannesburg that supports remedial learning and caters to learners who need remedial education

The school is among the leading schools in Johannesburg that offer remedial programs for learners in the junior and senior phases.

Unlike other schools that are completely remedial therapy providers, Grantley College is a mainstream school that offers remedial education to students and the school is chosen by many parents of learners with learning barriers.

Grantley College boasts of its complete pack remediation programs and specialized teachers in ADHD, ADD, therapeutic, emotional therapy, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia.

The school strives to support learners with education barriers – grade 8 to 9. Its small-size group learning with specialists has proven a huge difference for learners with difficulty in writing, reading, technical skills, emotional skills, and mathematics.

In addition to the remediating support, the school is selected by many families because it is one of the affordable remedial schools in Johannesburg, South Africa.

School Details

Address: 2 Blackwood Avenue
Parktown, Johannesburg

Programs: Remedial

Grade: 8 – 9

Fees: Available on Request

Phone Number: +27 11 643 8321

7. Sparrow Combined Technical School

Sparrow Combined Technical School was founded in 1989 and is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The school is among the top remedial schools in Johannesburg and offers both remedial education and technical skills development.

Sparrow strives to provide disadvantaged young learners in South Africa, with cognitive barriers to learning, an opportunity to stay educated with access to quality education.

Like other schools offering remedial education, the school offers schooling from the Foundation to Combined Technical Skills all the way through the FET.

However, Sparrow Schools offer more technical skills programs to learners with barriers to learning – those seeking technical learning.

The program is a heavy skill-based education and combines other learning such as English, Mathematics Sciences, and social skills.

Regarding the school fees, Sparrow School is among the cheapest remedial schools in Johannesburg with a very affordable fee.

School fees are R21, 500 (annually) with a monthly payment of R2 150.

School Details

Address: 32-60 1st Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg, 2109

Programs: Technical skills, Remedial

Grade: 1 – 7

Fees: R20 500

Phone Number: +27 11 482 3520 or +27 11 673 4410/19


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8. Crossroad School

Crossroads School is one of the independent, remedial schools in Johannesburg that caters for learners faced with learning challenges from grade 1 to 7.

Based in Johannesburg, Crossroads School was founded in 1966 and strives to offer in-depth remedial teaching for learners and provide an encouraging and nurturing environment.

Each class is organized to accommodate a maximum of 14 learners per class to allow every learner receive the individual attention needed to establish and build skills to learn effectively.

Cross Road is a distinctive recognized prestigious remedial school in Johannesburg, known for its encapsulated well-rounded approach to remedial education.

The remedial school boast of trained therapists who are staff and always ready to plan every good beginning with your child.

The school claims to focus on supporting and unlocking the learners’ potential to assist them to return and excel within a mainstream school environment.

In addition to helping the child excel, the school concentrate on the learner’s academic capabilities and also the social and emotional skills.

With few similarities to Japari, Crossroad School tries to keep its school fee cheap, which makes it also among the affordable remedial schools in Johannesburg, South Africa.

School Details

Address: 106 13th Street, Victory Park, Johannesburg

Programs: Remedial

Grade: 1 – 7

Fees: R 142 302

Phone Number: +27 11 782 5378

9. Delta Park School

Delta Park School is a public remedial school established to support learners who experience barriers to learning.

This remedial school provides remediation program for learners from grade R to grade 12.

Delta Park School was founded in 1992 and is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ever since the school strive to provide learning in a conducive environment for pupils with learning challenges.

The school has over 500 enrolled learners with a wide range of programs such as remedial therapy, occupational therapy, psychology therapy, etc.

Many learners have benefited from the remediation program offered, and returned to traditional schools. The classes are kept small size (18 max learners).

Delta Park boasts of its qualified and experienced teachers alongside its specialized teaching to help children return to mainstream schools.

The remedial school consist of primary school and high school.

In addition to the programs, the school fee when compared with other remedial schools, Delta Park is very much one of the affordable remedial schools in Johannesburg. This might be for the reason, that it’s a public school unlike the private remedial schools in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The school charge school fees of R26 670 per annum for learners in grade 10 to grade 12.

Other learners in grade 4 to grade 19 pay the fee of R25 515 per annum. This makes the school a great choice for parents who do not have the finance to send their children to the best remedial school with expensive fees.

School Details

Address: Standard Drive, Blairgowrie, Johannesburg

Programs: Remedial, Occupational Therapy,

Grade: R – 12

Fees: R25, 515 to R26 615

Phone Number: +27 11 888 7228

10. Craiglands School

This is one school that offers speech therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy for challenged learners from ages 6 to 13.

Craigland is a privately owned remedial school that caters for learners who have learning disabilities, disorders, and difficulties. The school helps them regain their self-esteem, emotion, and better academic performance to get back into mainstream schools.

Based in Randburg, this school is one of the leading remedial schools in Johannesburg, where parents of children with learning disabilities mostly choose to send their kids.

The unique learning experience and special education needs provided to students are CAPS curriculum and proven to be successful in many learners.

Craigland School is a distinctive remedial school recognized for providing just one class per grade and having a small class size (maximum of 14 learners) to provide the necessary attention to every learner’s needs.

The school fees were detailed enough and features a workbook, security, and levy. Compared with other counterparts private remedial schools in Johannesburg, Craigland is considered to be among the cheap remedial schools.

The fee structure displayed a school fee of R85 310 per year and the school fee for a month is R8 697.

Like its counterpart remedial schools, Craigland claims to offer occupational therapy, and speech therapy and children with learning challenges respond positively to the education provided.

School Details

Address: 20 Grosvenor Avenue, Craighall Park, Randburg, Johannesburg

Programs: Remedial

Grade: 1 – 7

Fees: R85 310 Per Annum

Phone Number: +27 11 325 4802 and +27 72 488 1976

11. Alberton Remedial School

Alberton Remedial is a private remedial school that strives to offer support and assists school learners to return to mainstream school by overcoming their barriers to developing potential.

This Remedial School is one of the leading remedial schools in the city of Johannesburg making a huge difference in the education of learners with barriers.

The school boasts specialized instructors and therapists for learners with specific learning difficulties such as ADD, ADHD, VPD, APD, Dyslexia Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia.

Other school programs offered are speech and language therapy, individual remedial therapy, occupational therapy, etc.

The remedial school has a strong foundation on Christian Ethos offered holistically for support of children learning and attitude.

The class setup, a maximum of 15 children per class keeps the environment serene for individual attention to your child.

As a private remedial school in Johannesburg, Alberton School Fees are cheap. These place the school on the list of the best and most affordable remedial schools for children with learning disabilities.

The school fees are in the range of R5100 to R5450 per month, however, this fee includes occupational therapy, some medical aids, and counseling.

School Details

Address: 1448 39 Vermooten St, Brackenhurst, Alberton

Programs: Remedial

Grade: 1 – 7

Fees: R51 200 to R61 200 Per Year

Phone Number: +27 11 867 1053

12. Lantern Remedial School

The school is among the leading remedial schools in Johannesburg recognized to cater for learners from grade 1 to 12 with specific learning barriers.

Lantern School was founded in 1985 and is located in Roodeport, Johannesburg of Gauteng province.

As one of the remedial schools, Lantern focuses on providing an extensive learning program for students with learning challenges such as speech, writing, etc

The school’s core aim is to provide support for children who suffer from learning disabilities but have average or above academic performances or IQ.

Learners who successfully gain behavioural confidence and satisfactory academic performance are placed back into mainstream schools.

The school remediating program keeps the students engaged to overcome their disabilities and develop potential and skills to return to mainstream schools.

Inclusive to remedial therapy, there are extra-curricular activities and sports such as soccer, rugby, netball, cricket, and chess for the students to keep fit.

Unlike other remedial schools, Lantern is among the list of most affordable remedial schools in Johannesburg, but not cheap as Alberton. Except you do have the financial luxury to pay more than R102 500 per annum as school fees per child.

However, one advantage, Lantern school has over other counterpart schools is the provision of school bus to transport students, however, it comes as an additional fee.

School Details

Address: CR South Road & Albertina Sisulu Road, Lindhaven, Roodeport, Johannesburg

Programs: Remedial

Grade: 1 – 12

Fees: R108 000 Per Annum

Phone Number: +27 11 646 0131

13. Mulbartonn Remedial School

Mulbartonn School is a privately owned remedial primary school in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As a private school, Mulbartonn Remedial School caters for learners with learning disabilities from grade 1 to grade 7.

The school strives to provide well-rounded remediation education as one of the best remedial schools in Johannesburg with affordable school fees.

The remedial school provides a focused learning environment, by keeping the class size small (maximum of 13 learners).

In addition to the small class size, the school offers natural learning and a secured environment. Extra activities and sports are provided to help learners develop potential skills and self-confidence.

For parents who consider prestigious remedial schools that are affordable, Mulbarton has a very budget-friendly school fee compared to Lantern and Craiglands School.

Learners pay a school fee ranging from R58 800 to R62 400 per year, this places the school on our list of cheapest remedial schools in Johannesburg.

School Details

Address: Corner Kirby Beller Street, Bellairs Drive Mulbarton, Johannesburg

Programs: Remedial

Grade: 1 – 7

Fees: R58 800 to R62 400

Phone Number: +27 11 432 6272

14. Atholhurst School

A school focused on providing remedial and special needs education to learners with learning barriers.

Atholhurst School is one of the notable and well-recognized remedial schools assisting learners who demonstrate any ADD, ADHD, speech and language disorders.

Learners with physical, mental & intellectual disabilities, developmental and cognitive delays, and neurological Difficulties are provided therapy programs to boost and enhance your child’s development.

The remedial school claims to offer two sets of classes – intervention and focus classes.

Learners who need facilitation in academic performance in mainstream schools are placed in the focus class.

While the Intervention caters for learners in the junior phase and pre-school stage with qualified teachers who demonstrate years of experience in remediation therapy.

For parents who want more of an affordable remedial school, Atholhurst may be a good choice to enroll your child who demonstrates learning challenges.

School Details

Address: 60 Dennis Road, Atholl, Johannesburg

Programs: Remedial

Grade: 1 – 7

Fees: R72 000 per annum (R6 000 per month)

Phone Number: +27 82 677 8389

15.Boost Academy

Boost Academy caters basically to learners from grade 1 to 7 who need holistically remediation education as a result of their learning disabilities and are not allowed in mainstream schools.

Boost is an independent school located in Johannesburg. Being a private and affordable remedial school in Johannesburg, the school strives to provide serene and sound learning in a safe environment to foster a strong enhancement in your child’s learning.

The school boast of quality staff and therapist who are expert in remediation education to assist your child’s academic performance.

Boost Academy is registered with the Department of Education and follows the CAPS syllabus to teach learners in the school.

The school keeps the classes small to provide quality and adequate attention to the learners. But the details of their fees are unknown, so parents will need to contact the school for the school fees information on request or inquiry.

School Details

Address: 154 Athol Street, Highlands North, Johannesburg

Programs: Remedial

Grade: 1 – 7

Fees: Not Available

Phone Number: +27 63 194 6835

16. Nuro School Remedial

As a remedial school, Nuro school is one of the privately owned remedial education providers in Johannesburg that provide remediation study after daily traditional school time.

The school focuses on learners who aren’t performing excellently in mainstream schools. Nuro also provides assistance to those who demonstrate learning disabilities.

The school is one place chosen by many students in – grade 1 to grade 12. As the school foster an environment that stimulates learning in children.

Nuro School boasts of qualified and experienced staff who are always ready to support your child’s performances in writing, reading, mathematics skills, and interpretation.

The remedial school claims it focuses on reducing learners’ anxiety, difficulties, or behavioral problems – inferiority complex, frustration, anger, etc.

However, the school keeps learning simple – 2 hours daily after the close of traditional schools and at weekend.

These keep the fee at a cheap cost, maximum school fee of R2500

School Details

Address: 106 13th Street, Victory Park, Johannesburg

Programs: Remedial

Grade: 1 – 7

Fees: R700 to R2800

Phone Number: +27 11 494 2654

17. Cross Over Rmedial School

Cross Over Remedial School is a private remedial school in Johannesburg that is rooted in a Christian ethos.

As a remedial school, Cross Over caters for learners from grade R to grade 12 and is situated in Johannesburg as one of the leading schools for students with academic performance challenges.

Cross Over School was founded in 2008 and is situated in Rispark, Johannesburg of Gauteng Province, South Africa.

The school follows the CAPS syllabus and assists learners with spelling, reading, and comprehension challenges.

Cross Over is a uniquely recognized remedial school as it has four schools: foundation, intermediate, senior, and FET phase.

This school makes learning simplified for learners with barriers in grade 1 to 12.

The school claims to involve educational psychologists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists to accelerate your child’s learning and improvement.

Parents who will prefer a registered school don’t need to worry, as Cross Over is a registered member of Independent Schools with the department of Education.

Learners pay a school fee ranging from R71 400 to R 75 600. This makes the school one of the most selected affordable remedial schools since it has cheap fees compared to its counterpart schools.

School Details

Address: Plot 31A, 200 Springbok Road,
Rispark, Johannesburg.

Programs: Remedial

Grade: 1 – 9

Fees: R71 400 to R 75 600

Phone Number: +27 11 869 5642

18. Baobab Learner Centre

Baobab strives to provide support well rounded physical and intellectual education to students who display learning barriers.

The school has qualified and experienced staff and therapists who are trained in speech, occupational therapy, and psychology.

As a specialized training centre that provides a remediation program, the school is very notable, recognized, and selected by parents of individuals who suffer from low physical, emotional and intellectual trauma.

Baobab Learning center provides a unique and holistic approach combined with a serene environment for your child’s learning.

Baobab is well recognized for providing occupational therapy, remedial therapy and has psychologists and physiotherapists to cater for the education of your child.

The school provides extra activities such as camping, swimming, weekly cooking, taewkwon-do, drama, and computer training.

School Details

Address: 66 1st Avenue East, Parktown North 2193 Johannesburg,

Programs: Remedial, Occupational Therapy,

Grade: 1 – 8

Fees: R58, 740 to R85, 115

Phone Number: +27 72 739 7307 and +27 79 957 4743

19. Nokuthula Special School

Nokuthula is not just a remedial school, but notable for its education for learners with special education needs who demonstrate challenges and have severe intellectual disabilities.

The school was established in 1984 and is one of the leading special needs and remedial schools in Johannesburg.

The school caters for learners of age 3 to age 18, children who have severe intellectual and physical disabilities with therapy programs to provide holistic support to their learning.

The school offers a wide range of therapies such as speech, occupational, and physiotherapy alongside the presence of qualified staff.

The teachers have years of experience in therapeutic for learners with educational barriers and the school follows the CAPS syllabus to educate the students.

Nokuthula is notably recognized for its special education for learners with severe intellectual and physical disabilities where traditional schools can’t grant admission.

The special needs and remedial school is home to many students who demonstrate learning barriers.

And is one of the most preferred choices of remedial schools in Johannesburg by many parents whose children suffer from physical and academic disabilities.

In addition to the selection, admission into the school is an easy process for learners from grade 1 to 12 (age 3 to 18 years). There are school buses to convey your child to and from school daily.

Do check with the school for fee details and other requirements.

School Details

Address: Cnr. Drome Road and Corlet Drive Lyndhurst Johannesburg.

Programs: Remedial, Speech, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

Grade: 1 – 12

Fees: Not Available

Phone Number: +27 11 444 6443

20. Bedfordview Remedial and Learning Centre

Based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, the school aims to improve the grades and all-round education of your child – learning challenges are reading, writing, and speech.

Bedfordview is among the best and most affordable remedial schools catering to learners with low performances in academics, and learners from grade 3 to 12.

The school focuses on a nurturing environment and experienced staff to build well-rounded learning for your child.

As a remedial school, Bedfordview provides therapy in the areas like ADD, ADHD, speech, writing, anxiety, and stress for the learners.

Many parents of learners with barriers choose Bedfordview Remedial School over other counterpart schools because of its qualified therapists and small class size for adequate attention to learners.

Admission into the school is very easy, the process is not daunting to follow.

School Details

Address: 29 Talisman Avenue, Bedfordview, Johannesburg

Programs: Remedial, ADD, ADHD

Grade: 3 – 12

Fees: Not Avialalbe

Phone Number: +27 11 615 8685


To help your child get remediated in the shortest time and have successful studies, the list of the best remedial schools in Johannesburg are the places to enroll your child.

In addition to your child’s achievement, sound education is required to improve the understanding and self-confidence in reading, writing, and solving challenges.

Hope you find the top remedial schools helpful to begin your selection and choice.

Do you have any questions about the remedial schools in Johannesburg? Leave them in the comment.

Source: College Reporters


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