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12 Best Private High Schools in Centurion, South Africa

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Best Private High Schools in Centurion
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Are you looking for prestigious private high schools in Centurion, South Africa? Do you want to send your child/children to the best private high schools in Centurion where they will get a great education?

Many parents choose to send their children to the best private high schools in Centurion for a lot of reasons.

But the key reason is because they believe that their child will receive a superior and quality education, and gain access to a wide variety of activities – art and culture, sports, music, art, drama, dance.

Centurion is one of the many towns in Gauteng, South Africa that has an abundance of private high schools – day schools and boarding schools, so learners can get a holistic learning.

Also, Centurion is home to leading private schools that offer quality, affordable education for learners from grade 8 to grade 12.

There are many choices of private high schools – day schools and boarding schools. Parents love the fact that their children are learning new skills and having fun while doing it.

If you’re interested in sending your children to a private high school in Centurion, We at College Reporters have researched and written this article to help you find and select the best high school to attend.

In addition, you will find all necessary information you need to know about each of the private schools in Centurion we have considered best to suit your child. Read on!

Why Attend Private High Schools in Centurion

Centurion town has many outstanding private high schools offering quality education, has qualified educators and a safer environment to aid your child’s learning.

In Addition, a large number of the leading private high schools in Centurion provide mixed curriculum, variety of subjects and various extramural activities – Computer Technology, Geography, Art, Music, Public Speaking, Dance. Do check all options diligently before enrolling into a school.

Are Private High Schools in Centurion Worth It?

It’s no secret that there is a huge gap between private high schools and public ones. In most cases, the former are much better than their more crowded counterparts.

But when it comes to certain subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Computer Technology which have been known to affect one’s future, public schools may just be the way to go.

But if you want to get ahead in the world, or at least stay competitive, the best option is often through private high schools in Centurion.

Also, private schools tend to be very focused on academics, leaving little room for social activity outside of school hours. So, while this might suit some families perfectly, it won’t work for others.

Furthermore, other parents will find themselves planning to enroll their children in a public high school – something they’re used to.

However, despite its obvious benefits, attending private high school in Centurion is not for everyone.

The initial financial burden may deter some potential applicants from enrolling because of family financial capabilities.

Whether or not private high schools in Centurion are right for your child depends largely upon personal preference. Consider all plans and necessary funding before opting to enroll in a private school.

How to Find a Good Private High School in Centurion

If you are looking for private high schools in Centurion for your child, it is important that you find one that will suit the child.

There are some things to consider when searching for the right high school; however, if you understand how to look up the information needed to choose a private high school, these factors will guide you in organizing your search and get the best fit!


A private school’s curriculum focuses mainly on developing academic skills and providing opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom through extra-curricular activities.

Some private high schools in Centurion also offer Christian values, discipline, and provide specialized programs such as sports training or computer studies.

Qualified Teachers

The qualified teacher-student ratio varies greatly depending on the private school.

Smaller schools may only have a few full-time qualified teacher per class whereas larger schools may have a larger number of qualified educators.

As expected, the smaller schools usually cost less than the larger ones.

School Type/Approval

Make sure that the school is government approved. Approval is essentially a stamp of accreditation given by the government education department.

Determine what type of private high schools in Centurion your child needs. If this is the first entry into high school.

If your child’s previous school was a public or private primary school. Get recommendations from family members and friends who have their child/children attended similar schools in the past.

Ask them so you can know about any changes made since then. This way, you’ll be able to determine whether or not the school is still meeting the needs of learners.

Safe and Serene Environment

A good private high school provides an excellent atmosphere where learning takes place and teachers act more like mentors than strict disciplinarians.

Such schools encourage teamwork as well as independence within groups. Learners should be able to ask questions freely without fear of being judged. They should also be allowed to make mistakes with minimal intervention and correction.


As school fees continue to rise in SA, private high schools are becoming increasingly popular because they offer quality education at affordable fees while they engage the students in other activities compared to government schools.

Some schools offer aftercare and specialized programs that come with additional fees. Do make sure that the cost of attending the school is within your budget.

Admission Process

The process of enrolling for admission to private high schools in Centurion, South Africa vary according to the schools.

While there isn’t any standard system among these different schools, applicants should expect to complete rigorous entrance exams and interview.

In addition, background checks are part of the selection process.

After going through this guide to finding a private high school, you can now consider your search list of private high schools in Centurion that meets your child’s needs now and in the future.

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Here Are The Best Private High Schools in Centurion, South Africa

Here are the list of best high schools in Port Elizabeth – prestigious high schools worth attending. Click on your preferred choice of school for a complete overview information – including school fees and admission requirements.

S/N Best Private High Schools in Centurion, South Africa
1. Amberfield College
2. Abbotts College Centurion
3. The WAY Christian School
4. Centurion Christian School
5. Southdowns College
6. Empro Academy
7. Cornwall Hill College
8. Veritas Academics
9. Trinityhouse Heritage Hill
10. Pinnacle College Copperleaf
11. Wierda Independent School
12. Cresta College

Amberfield College

Amberfield College is a co-educational, private school offering world class private education from Grade RRR to Grade 12 at an affordable fee.

Amberfield College was established in 2009 and is located in Rooihuiskraal North in Centurion, Gauteng Province, South Africa. From about 700 enrolled students, the school now has over 1,500 students enrolled in the school.

Being a private high school offering quality education, Amberfield College is one of the affordable private high schools in Centurion.

The school focuses on sound academics as a 21st century school catering for high school learners from grade 8 to grade 12.

The college follows a unique approach to education, using CAPS curriculum set out by the Department of Education.

Being one of the affordable private schools in Centurion, Amberfield College has a school fee range from R57, 900 to R59, 900 per annum.

In addition, the school boasts of standard facilities: computer lab, auditorium, sports field, swimming pool and also sports and cultural activities – table tennis, chess, rugby, swimming, dance, music club, choir, drama, debate and public speaking.

Amberfield College has become many family’s choice of affordable private high school in Centurion as it offers well-rounded learning.

School Details

Address: 4810 Amampondo Street Rooihuiskraal North x 46 Centurion

Phone Number: +27 12 534 3344

Email:  info@amberfieldcollege.co.za

Abbotts College Centurion

Abbotts College Centurion is a leading private high school in Centurion catering for learners from grade 8 -12. The school strives to empower students through it’s unique approach to academic excellence and learning.

Many learners who attend the college provide a good report of the learning strategy applied by teachers to enable easy understanding of the subject taught.

Abbotts College aims to provide standard education as it’s approved and registered with the department of education. Also, the high school offer extra-mural programme designed to bring the classroom to life.

Abbotts College is one of the best Private High Schools in the Centurion as the school has a 100% matric pass rate. Enrollment into the school require an online registration and payment of non-refundable fee of R250 followed by a registration fee of R2 500 for all grades.

As a private school with affordable fee rate, learners at Abbots College pay a fee range from R57 400 to R76 100 per annum as school fees. This excludes other charges and fees.

One of the most exciting features about Abbotts College is the range of facilities the school offer to students both to support their studies and to enrich their college life.

School Details

Address: 270 Witch-hazel Street Centurion

Phone Number: +27 12 003 1389

Email: ccolarossi@abbotts.co.za


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THE WAY Christian School

The WAY Christian School is known to be one of the prestigious and affordable private high schools in Centurion helping learners to reach their utmost potential.

Established in 1998, the private school has four divisions: foundation, intermediate, senior and college phases i.e. (pre-primary, primary and high school).

The WAY Christian School is an independent co-educational high school located in Raslouw, Centurion Gauteng province. The school strides to provide opportunities to learners and also encourages them to dream big and be confident.

In addition, The WAY Christian School keeps a small size class (about 24 learners per class) in order to create a free learning environment in which learners can easily get the desired attention.

For parents who want to send their child to a Christian discipline and cheap private schools, The WAY Christian School can be a great choice of private school that suit your child.

It uses CAPS curriculum and registered with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB).

Regarding sports and extra-activities, The WAY Christian School offers sports such as soccer, netball, cross -country and athletics, glee club, boot camp, choir.

School Details

Address: 229 Erasmus Ave, Raslouw, Centurion

Phone Number: +27 12 656 9228

Email: admission@theway.co.za

Centurion Christian School

Centurion Christian School is a good choice of private high Centurion when it comes to providing quality education services to learners. The school provides a holistic educational experience for learners of all ages.

Centurion Christian School is a co-educational private Christian school providing quality affordable private education through Biblical Education to be good citizen in the society and pursue their dream goals.

The school prides itself in inculcating the right values and religious doctrines in its students and offers a wide variety of courses including English language, mathematics, science, computer studies, social sciences, art and music.

The school is approved and registered with the Department of Education and Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA).

Enrollment into the school is open for every applicant who indicates interest in studying at the high school. As a fee paying school, the tuition for learners in grade R – 12 ranges from R62, 300 to R73,300 per year.

School Details

Address: 178 Aletta Street, Celtisdal, Centurion, South Africa 0157

Phone Number: +27 12 656 7004

Southdowns College

Southdowns College is a co-educational, English medium independent school catering for day and boarding learners, and operates from grade 00 to grade 12.

As a full-fledged independent school, Southdowns College strides to provide outstanding facilities; qualified and dedicated educators with a passion and enthusiasm to fulfil the needs of each learner.

Southdowns College has four school phases: pre-preparatory, preparatory, and high school. Also, the school boast of standard facilities – swimming pool, gym, theatre arena, dance studio etc.

In addition, Southdown College is one of the notable full-fledged independent school providing opportunities to learners through quality academic and wide range of cultural activities: Drama, Art, Music, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, Swimming

Southdowns College is also among the cheap private high schools in Centurion, the college has an average school fee of R102, 905.

The college aims to develop the full potential of each learner and to create lifelong learners who are confident, compassionate and multi-skilled.

School Details

Address: John Vorster Drive Ext, Southdowns, Irene, Centurion

Phone Number: +27 12 665 0244 or +27 87 352 0925

Email: admin@southdownscollege.co.za 


Empro Academy

Empro Academy is an independent co-educational school educating learners from grade RR to grade 12.

Empro Academy was established in 2010. The high school focuses on students’ academic achievement to pursue their dreams with the ever-growing expectations in the 21st century.

This made Empro Academy to be many families choice of reputable private high schools in Centurion.

The school has created a serene environment and set a class size limit (maximum of 18 learners per class) to help students achieve their utmost potential. It also provides holistic education to hundreds of learners from within the city.

Parents searching for an academically inclined school can consider Empro Academy, as the private school offering independent school education and is registered with the Department of Education and Accredited by Umalusi.

Empro Academy provides standard educational facilities for students learning, alongside variety of sports, art and culture are offered as an important component to the development of learners.

As an independent co-educational school, the fees structure are quite payable for parents who are average income earners. So, Empro Academy charge an annual school fee of R64, 800 for grade 11 to grade 12 learners, while learners at grade 7 to grade 10 pay fee range from R63,400 to R64,500 per year.

For parents who want to make inquiry or enroll their child, admission into Empro Academy has an easy application process. Do check with the school for any required documentation to be attached with the registration form.

School Details

Address: 66 Erasmus Avenue Raslouw, Centurion

Phone Number: +27 12 767 7980

Email: Hello@empro.co.za


Cornwall Hill College

Cornwall Hill College is an independent co-educational English medium school catering to learners from the entry-level in Grade 000, through to secondary level, culminating at Grade 12 level.

Established in 2008, Cornwall Hill College provides day and boarding school. The school boarding facilities houses both boys and girls from grade 8 to grade 12.

Cornwall Hill College serene learning environment is designed to assist learners develop their individual potential – curriculum support students need for growth, creating opportunity for learners to become problem solver.

As an academically-inclined and co-educational independent school, the college placed emphasis on well-round education from academics, to the sporting arena, as well as culture.

Also, as a school that provides holistic approach to education, Cornwall Hill College admits it has short history of its establishment, but through its state-of-the-art facilities there is a huge cover up to meet the 21st century education it’s currently providing.

Today, Cornwall Hill College has a huge student body, around 1,800 enrolled students – causing the college to be ranked as one of largest high schools in Centurion.

For parents who are looking for reputable private schools in Centurion with an affordable fee structure. Cornwall Hill College is one of the affordable private schools in the town – learners in grade 10 to grade 12 pay an annual fee of R99, 150. While learners from grade 7 to grade 9 pay tuition fees range from R80,200 to R84,400.

The school strives to maintain a solid educational foundation through a stimulating environment, variety of sports and cultural opportunities.

In addition, the secondary school is approved by the department of education and is registered with the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa, While it awards scholarship and bursary to students with exceptional performances in academics, sports and culture.

School Details

Address: Nellmapius Dr Irene, Centurion

Phone Number: +27 12 667 1360 and +27 87 980 0021

Email: admin@cornwall.co.za


Veritas Academics

This school is not just any private high school but provides secondary school level education to meet the 21st century education.

Veritas Academics is a private co-educational English medium school, providing holistically quality education to learners aged 3 to Grade 12. The school is situated at Rooihuiskraal in the town of Centurion, Gauteng province of South Africa.

Veritas Academics is an academically inclined school that focus on quality education for its students.

To create a calm and peaceful atmosphere within the classes where learners know themselves,

Being an independent co-educational school, Veritas Academics offers standard educational facilities for students, including a serene classroom with a class size limit of 15 learners maximum.

However, the small class size is just a part of the school’s facet. Veritas Academics strives to equip the learners with the necessary skills and knowledge through cultural opportunities, while also keeping up with the pace of 21st-century advanced education.

The private school seeks to provide a budget friendly fee structure as a fee-paying school. The school has it’s tuition fee range from R4390 to R4890 per month – 12 months installment payment.

Veritas Academics can be your choice of private high school that will suit your child, if you are a parent that needs a school with high commitment to quality academic education in a secure and stimulating environment.

School Details

Address: 9 Panorama road, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion

Phone Number: +27 60 809 6818

Email: info@veritasschoolgroup.com


TrinityHouse Heritage Hill

This is one private high school that focuses on holistically quality education and development of learner’s skills and creativity.

Trinityhouse Heritage Hill is an independent co-educational English medium school situated in Heritage Hill estate in the city of Centurion in Gauteng province.

Established in 2014, Heritage Hill is recognized for being one of the newest private schools in Centurion, Gauteng province – that is committed to fostering Christian values in a nurturing and safe environment

As an independent co-educational school that caters for learners from grade 000 to grade 12. Heritage Hill is many learners preferred choice of school because it focuses on the holistic development of learners

Heritage Hill is one of the top private schools in Centurion offering excellent academics and sports. Also, the school focuses on the quality development of the child from the pre-primary, preparatory to senior high school level.

Trinityhouse Heritage Hill has over hundreds of learners enrolled in the school as it strives to uphold Christian values in high esteem, it also incorporates Bible education as part of the curriculum.

For learners who want quality education from an affordable private high school in Centurion, Trinityhouse High School is one school to try out.

The school fees are cheap compared with other competing private schools, grade 10 to grade 12 learners pay fee of R98, 090 per year

While the school fee of learners from grade 6 to grade 9 is R92,970. Do Check with the high school for any changes in fees.

School Details

Address: 1 Heritage Hill Boulevard, Heritage Hill, Centurion, 0046

Phone Number: +27 12 003 1395

Email: heritagehillinquiries@trinityhouse.co.za

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Pinnacle College Copperleaf

The Pinnacle College is a private co-educational English medium school catering for learners from grade RR to grade 12.

Pinnacle College Copperleaf is located in Mnandi, Centurion, and is a registered member of Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA)

As a co-ed private high day school, the college offers holistically quality education while creating opportunities for students to achieve their best through the delivery of a structured academic programme, as well as an extra-mural activities.

Sports and Cultural Activities are not left unturn at Pinnacle College,  learners participate in sporting such as swimming, soccer, netball, cricket, tennis. while the cultural activities are not limited to art, chess, public speaking and choir.

Pinnacle Colleges are affiliated with the ADvTECH school community, a network schools division that has many years of experience in school management. Having a huge student body with a total enrolment of more than 30,000 students.

For families looking for a cheap private high school in Centurion, this school offers a pocket friendly fee structure for every family.

Learners from grade 8 to grade 12 pay a fee of about R75,650. Other offered service charges are excluded. In addition, Pinnacle College Copperleaf provides a bus service for students commuting to school and back home.

So, you may want to check with Pinnacle College Copperleaf for other school services provided and alongside their charges.

School Details

Address: off Ernie Els Blvd, Centurion, 0149

Phone Number: +27 12 003 3090

Email: kpettitt@pinnaclecolleges.co.za


Wierda Independent School

Wierda Independent school is a co-educational, independent school catering for grades RR – grade 12. The school used CAPS and ensure that at any time learners can transfer to other neighbouring private and public high schools in South Africa.

As an independent school, Wierda School strives to give a well-rounded quality academics through a safe, nurturing learning environment and small class size.

The medium independent school also focus on the development of learners’ skills and potentials – intellectually, physically and spiritually.

In addition, it also has a class size that is heterogeneously composed, developed in such a manner that each learner receives the individual attention needed without disturbance from other learners.

School Details

Address: 474 Theuns van Niekerk str. Rooihuiskraal North, Centurion

Phone Number: +27 12 653 7648

Email: info@wierdais.co.za


Cresta College

This private high school takes pride in the warm friendly and safe environment. The school is accredited by ISASA (Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa) and is registered with the Department of Education.

Cresta College is situated in Wierda Park, Centurion of Gauteng province, South Africa. offering a holistic education to learners (boys and girls) aged 4 – 18.

Cresta College is one of the preferred private schools by many families because of its unique curriculum and affordable fee structure. As a medium school catering to learners who are age 4 to 18, it focuses on developing both academic and social skills of learners to guide them in their career pursuit.

The private school uses CAPS, a curriculum designed to meet the needs of learners with diverse academic abilities. In addition, the school offers a wide range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Sciences etc.

Admission enrollment at Cresta College is a simple process, for parents want to start the registration, admission registration is on the school admission page.

Finally, the private school has one of the best budget friendly fee structures that accommodate easy payment.

School Details

Address: 166 Springbok Street Wierda Park, Centurion

Phone Number: +27 12 654 1565 and +27 72 983 3531

Email: admin@crestacollege.co.za



In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best private schools in Centurion, South Africa, look no further than the top private high schools listed above.

These private high schools provide excellent opportunities for learners interested in gaining sound academics as the school offer high quality education at affordable prices.

which makes them ideal choices for families looking to send their children to private high school in the town.

Do you have a question on which private high school in Centurion, South African is suitable for your child? Please leave it in the comment section below.

Source: College Reporters


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