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About Us

by College Reporters Staff
About Us

College Reporters (CR) is a leading website that is helping students and scholars find reputable colleges and programs, financial aids, and available opportunities for both domestic and international to fund their study program.

At collegereporters.com we provide you with needed information on colleges and programs, online Courses, opportunities, fellowship, scholarships, grants and fellowship program.


To be a leading education information website on colleges and programs, fellowships, opportunities, grants and scholarships for domestic and International Students.

Our Mission

  • To be a promoter colleges and university programs, scholarship, opportunities, study guides and financial aids needed by any student and the general public.
  • To provide students and the general public with information they need on available scholarships, study guides and opportunities.
  • To serve as a source of information on college programs, school and scholarship finder, opportunities, study guides, academic activities.

Our Cardinal Principles

  • Publishing
  • Keep Informed

Our Target Audience

  • Students (undergraduates and post graduates (Master & PhD).
  • General public
  • International institutions and countries for a degree Study 

Our Focus

  • Colleges and UniversitiesFind the right college and university through our large data-base of schools (colleges and universities)
  • Degree Programs and Online Courses: Find suitable degree programs and online courses leading to professional certificates, degree certificates.
  • Scholarships: Funded scholarships for students who want to pursue undergraduate, Master, Doctorate degree level programs. Students will explore wide range of college scholarship opportunities,
  • Opportunities: Find awards, contest, competitions 
  • Study Abroad and Guides: Access to information about schools- colleges and universities, programs offered.
  • Colleges Articles: (Guides, Student Life, Advice).

NOTE: Let’s help you get the opportunities you desire, …”Every Preparation combined with Opportunities Yield Success”

Our Strength

  • Parades a galaxy of brilliant and perceptive columnists daily
  • Compact layout and colorful pages.
  • A unique style of reporting and writing: elevated language and concise.
  • Detailed analysis, and clarity of thought.

Contact Us 

info@collegereporters.com or Contact Us

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