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Here are 10 Career Paths You Can Pursue With a Master’s in Business Analytics & Big Data

by Omale Philip
Career Paths You Can Pursue With a Master’s in Business Analytics & Big Data
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If you are looking for an exciting Data Science Career, a master’s in Business Analytics and Big Data can open numerous opportunity door to get on board. Now that you have good knowledge in the field and some skills to stand out among other competitors seeking for job positions, how about knowing the career paths you should consider with your Master’s in Business & Big Data?

Here Are Career Paths To Pursue With a Master’s in Business Analytics & Big Data

Planning to set your foot in an amazing data science career? We have list 10 career paths any individual including you can pursue with your Master’s in Business Analytics and Big Data.

Project Manager

As a project manager, you have the 0pportunity to work in engineering, construction, IT private firms and public government organizations. You will need excellent leadership, group coordination, critical evaluation, critical analytical skills. Also, you will need your big data-driven business acumen to create budget, plans and overhead your ongoing company project.

Data Scientist

Having a Master in Business Analytics & Big Data, you can work in finance and economics, IT, institution, research center, transport service and retails firms.

A data scientist can mine complex raw data using algorithms, machine learning and other statistical tools, from a range of sources and turn them into coincise, transparent understandable, transparent and best meaningful information to assist the company or organization they work under improve their business strategy leading to excellency in operations.

Data Analyst

They are highly analytical, if you have ever seen a Data Analyst who is inquisitive and ever learning. You can work in some areas and sectors like finance, manufacturing, education institute, pharmaceuticals and several others. Every organization and firms that collect data, require the person of dat analyst to get their jobs done.

You will be required to collect and evaluate the datas-transport cost, sales figure, logistics and come up with a clear insight that can be understood to enable the organization improve its business strategies implement better business decisions across the organization areas affected.


A statistician share similar responsibilities with a data analyst. You will require relevant academic qualification and on-hand practical experiences if you want to work in the field.

The role of a statistician is to compile, analyze and evaluate quantitative information from carried surveys and experiments in order to help provide practical needed solutions to problems encountered by firms and companies and to enable them reach excellent operational standards.

Chief Data Officer

Chief data officers are excellent professionals in IT with a whole lot of focus on business. Possessing a good academics knowledge in mathematics, and statics plus a specialized master’s and industry experience, are very essential requirements if you want to become a chief data officer.

In previous years only few companies have a chief data officer. But there is rise dramatically in the number of CDO in firms. chief data officer’s responsibility to strategically oversee the organization’s data and generate business value from what could be the organization’s most valuable asset.

Because the chief data officers responsibility critical and requires the CDO to strategically oversee the organization’s data and generate business value from what could be the organization’s most valuable asset.

You can work in banking, accounting, finance, consulting firms as a Chief Data Officer.

Chief Technology Officer

This position is top managerial, being at the executive level position demands the expertise to have a high level knowledge of technological trends and how they can be infused in creating business strategies.

A Chief technology officers are masters of strategic thinking and conducting technological analysis as they look at ways in which they can ensure the organization stands out in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

Strong leadership and organizational skills are essential in this role as you lead your team and consider which technologies are best to harness in order to ensure positive user experience and ensure efficiency across all areas of the business.

You will be required to work in corporate finance, IT departments.

Market Research Analyst

You will need a good working knowledge of statistical software and techniques in order to monitor and forecast the effectiveness of such strategies.

As a market research analyst you can work in finance and insurance, consulting services and manufacturing organizations where you will compile complex reports, spreadsheets, surveys and opinion polls fo rthe purpose of gathering and evaluating significant market intelligence that can help an organization/company market theirs services and products in the most effective and possible way.

Business Translator/Analyst

The gap between the organization technology team and business team can be a challenging one causing lots of confusion because of miscommunication as organizations are continually turning their attention to advanced and novel technologies such as robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence to improve business efficiency.

Therefore a business translator/analyst is required to cover this gap to leverage the success and eliminate the miscommunication in the organization to keep the focus on the organization aims and objectives.

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Machine Learning Engineer

A large number of machine learning engineers do come from undergraduate statistics, mathematics, physics program with specialization in master’s and PhD program. As a machine learning engineer, you can work in large tech companies that offer data-based service to their clients (Microsoft, Apple)

You will need to collaborate with data science team to create programs and algorithms to deliver data-driven services and products enable machines (robots taking voice command, self-driving cars and many others) to respond, act without a human interference.

Data Architect

Interest in this career, you will need superior analytical skills, have an eye for details and sophisticated design skill because the organization is going to need you to fill the strategies.

As a data architect, you can work in private and government organizations and use wide range of extensive programming tools to design secured data frameworks in order to manage large electronic databases for organizations.

This responsibility that involves ensuring the data is relevant is some kind a highly technical task, where also the data must be accurate and accessible to the organization. Thereby every employee can have access to the provided financial records, marketing information whenever and wherever such details are required.

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