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15 Best Boarding Schools in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

by Omale Philip
Boarding Schools In Kwazulu Natal
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Being concerned about your children’s education and the boarding school you can send them to? Find here the best boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa to send your child.

These best boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal Province of South Africa are just perfect for your child/ward. They have standard boarding facilities and comfortable accommodation that aid concentration for better studies. The high schools seek to create a safe place next to home for every learners that like to enroll for the schools as their arms are widely open to receive any child.

The top boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal of South Africa listed here will interest you as their academic program and extra-activities will help engage the students, build self-confidence, independence and many more skills that you desire your child to possess.

If you are interested in sending your child to boarding schools and searching for the best Private and Public boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal, you are sure to find the list of boarding secondary schools in the area.

Amazingly, it will interest you to know that majority of the boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa do have trained staff to help train and teach your child how to be responsible, have good morals and conduct in life to become better future leaders in our society.

Also, they provide a unique way of shaping and training your child, just as any parent want the best teaching and training for their child/ward . So you don’t need to worry because one of the best thing and choice to make is sending your child to a boarding high school, and not just any but the best boarding secondary school in Kwazulu-Natal.

Why Attend Boarding Schools In Kwazulu Natal

The best boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal and other provinces including boarding schools in Limpopo do offer necessary and impactful teaching and training to help the students develop self-confidence, excellence, leadership skills to be better in future.

If you are interested in sending your child to any boarding schools in South Africa, there are several benefits of sending your child to the best boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal province of South Africa. The high schools offer a standard education and quality learning as they engage the students in sport, cultural activities.

The boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal and other boarding high schools in South Africa provide standard and necessary education for the students who live in the premises and country. South African’s educational system, specifically the secondary schools, and higher education institutions are rapidly taking a new and modern standard. The quality of education offered and fees for boarding & accommodation are very affordable.

The schools provide a conducive environment that aid learning with good meals so that the learners can learn easily with rapt attention to teachings.

Many of the boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal have well developed educational facilities to support quality learning under 4 pillars of training students

Self Discipline: There are many prestigious boarding schools in South Africa and Kwazulu-Natal houses some of the best boarding school that focus on training the child on self-discipline. The combined activities offered by the schools help the child to do what is right, stay on track, control and motivate self at most times.

Integrity No parents want dishonesty, so boarding schools want the qualities of integrity in learners. And today they take discipline to the highest to enable learners preserve honesty with strong moral principles and undivided. This practice has built many nations as leaders with integrity are trained right from childhood.

Self-Confidence: Today many people want to develop self confidence-having trust in self abilities, strength and capabilities with complete lack in

Social Relationship: An environment full of fun and interaction between several students from different backgrounds creating a friendly atmosphere to enable learning with ease. Many of the boarding schools support mix students-boys and girls from different families, locations which breed the future leaders of the country.


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Here Are The Best Boarding Schools In Kwazulu-Natal, (KZN) South Africa

Going to attend boarding school? Here is a list of the top boarding schools in the Kwazulu-Natal  province of South Africa.

S/N Boarding Schools Location in Kwazulu Natal (KZN)
1. Inkamana High School
Vryheid, Kwazulu-Natal
2. Michaelhouse Balgowan, Kwazulu-Natal
3. Epworth School Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
4. Hilton College Hilton Kwazulu-Natal
5. St. Mary’s Diocesan School For Girls Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
6. St. John’s Diocesan School For Girls Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
7. Glenwood High School Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
8. St Charles College Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
9. Kearsney College Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
10. Durban Girls College Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
11. St Anne’s Diocesan College Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal
12. Wembley College Greytown, Kwazulu-Natal
13. St Nicholas Diocesan School Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal
14. Crawford School Durban Kwazulu Natal
15. Linpark High School Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal

Inkamana High School

Inkamana High School is among the best boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal recognized as a historic secondary school that provide high-quality, English-medium education to learners.

The boarding school is situated at the heart of Zululand, established in 1923 a leading independent school.
This boarding school in Kwazulu Natal has become one of the top high school that it’s academic are complemented with engaging activities

At Inkamana High School, learners are developed to become well-rounded inidvidual with self-discipline at the centre of all their behaviour, knowledge and skills required to succeed in specialized subjects and later in life.

The school has a well structured boarding facilities that enable sound learning from the best staffs who are diligent and committed to teach students.

Inkamana High School has a boarding house to accommodate more than 200 boys and 200 girls. Their boarding fees are charged for R 17500.

School Website: http://www.inkamana.co.za/


Michael House is a full boarding senior school for boys in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. It was established in 1896 with an innate respect for the various individual.

The school has it’s core values and mission as to live their lives according to the Christian values of integrity, humility, compassion and courage in service to our community and country.

At Michaelhouse, academics pursuits receive priority and special emphasis on teaching programmes that support learners differences.

The Michaelhouse is another top boarding schools in South Africa with structured learning program that offer learners excellent and quality education in a Christian atmosphere to prepare the child to succeed in future academic studies.

The high school has 10 boarding houses- Founder, East, West, Farfield, Tatham, Pascoe, Baines, Mackenzie, Ralfe, Mccormick. Each boarding house accommodates about 70 boys in the dormitories of 4 to 12 for younger boys and in double and single rooms for the senior students.

School Website: https://www.michaelhouse.org/

Epworth School

Epworth School is another boarding secondary school to consider in the choice of boarding schools in Kwazulu-Natal. The school welcomes all students from different background and offer an equal opportunity for quality education.

This boarding school in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa takes pride in preparing their students to become leaders through discipline, integrity, respect, courage, compassion by providing a rich and wide education for both boys and girls.

At Epworth College, education is considered as a gift to become better and knowledgeable humans and therefore should be taken to heart with all diligence and dedication. As the pursuit for knowledge is an exploration for revelations in the earth.

School Website: https://www.epworth.co.za/

Hilton College

At Hilton College, there are 7 boarding houses- Churchill, Ellis, Falcon, Lucas, McKenzie, Newnham, and Pearce. Each house accommodates between 70 to 80 students ranging from grade 8 to grade 12 (matrics).

The Hilton College can be your choice of best boarding school in South Africa and in Kwazulu Natal. This high school is an English Medium independent school founded in 2003, in the heart of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve in the small town of Vaalwater (Mabatlane), Limpopo.

The boarding dormitories meets the standard of boarding houses with facilities. Each house is overseen by a house masters and assistance house master, both living under same roof to help monitor the students and ensure their comfort and safety. Further more each house is made a warming community with much energy to ensure every one stays happy, motivated and confident without bullying, depression etc.

Today this boarding school is listed on top ranked boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal as it pride itself in offering an excellent education and provide a secure and caring environment where all the children are given sufficient opportunities to ralise their potential.

School Website: https://www.hiltoncollege.com

St. Mary’s Diocesan School For Girls

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls is a private boarding and day school for girls situated in the suburb of Kloof, near Durban, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

This boarding school believes that inspired girls become remarkable women in the society, which is why the school strive to help instill in the girls the curiosity to think, and the character to thrive. Ever since, they have been sparking curiosity in females and helping them become remarkable women and find their places in their communities and the nation.

Being a Christian school, St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls is passionate about encouraging the girls to always achieve their personal best – giving them a sense of self-worth and self-respect.

The high school offers boarding from grade 8 and it has four boarding houses which are nurturing, safe environments for girls, a space and place to grow their independence and share in friendships with others.

The boarding fees for the grades varies between R214 035 to R217 830 from grade 8 to 12. In addition to our large comfortable bedrooms, each house has a common room where the girls can relax, chat, enjoy a cup of tea or have a snack and watch television at set times.

School Website: https://www.stmarysdsg.co.za/

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St. John’s Diocesan School For Girls

St. John’s Diocesan School for Girls is a private boarding and day school for girls in Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This secondary boarding school was established as public school in 1897.

St John’s D.S.G. welcomes girls of all denominations and religions and values the variety of languages and cultures which are represented throughout the school.

The school is fondly and aptly described by its students as a “Small School with Big Heart”. Because it exudes a feeling of warmth, comfort and intimacy and love, with a strong sense of community.

This boarding school is recognised as a centre of excellence in student learning as they provide a comfortable and homely boarding environment for all girls from Grade 7 to Grade 12 in a weekly or a termly boarding capacity. The boarding fees per pupil varies per the grade. However, the St. John’s DSG tuition fees for grade 7 pupil is R97 956 while grade 8-12 pays R107 552. The school has it’s boarding fees to be R97 454 adding other fees such as sundry and development levy sums up to a total of R216 943 for pupil fees including boarding fees.

You are sure going to love the boarding school if a Christian boarding school is your choice because, the school strongly promote self and mutual respect as our girls live and grow together, forming friendships which remain with them for life.

School Website: https://www.stjohnsdsg.com/boarding/

GlenWood High School

Glenwood High School is a public English medium high school for boys based in Durban in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

The school was established in 1910 as a traditional boys’ high school committed to the best practice for boys in all aspects fo school activities while instilling values in the child to guide them on the path to finding their purpose in the nation and society.

Glenwood High is one of the few Durban public schools with a boarding establishment. The boarding establishment, kick started around 1935 and the boarding facilities accommodating boarders who choose to have their secondary education in the school.

Gibson House as it’s called, is the name of the boarding house which offers a safe space where boys are afforded the opportunity to develop authentic masculinity within a framework of support provided by boarder masters and peers.

It was named after Roy Gibson, the first past pupil to be killed in World War 2 – and the son of “The Lady in White” who saw off soldiers at the docks embarking on ships for tours

The boarding house is a place where self-discipline, accountability, and honesty is developed. Each boy is encouraged to take ownership of his life and take up the challenge of growing into a man of noble character and building onto the existing foundations of the school by bringing honour to it through his actions and deeds.

Glenwood High school offers affordable boarding fees for students. Starting from grade 8 to 12. Students who are in grade 8 payes R59, 590 annually and R14 147 termly.

Students in grade 9-12 pay a total fee of R57 590.00 as returning students while new learners pay R58 590.00.

School Website: https://www.glenwoodhighschool.co.za/

St Charles College

St Charles College can be your most preferred choice of high boarding school if you want a Christian high school committed to independent education for boys.

St Charles College was established in 1875 as a Christian independent boys’ College. The school is situated in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal South and catering for day boys from Grade 000 to Grade 12, with boarders from Grade 4 to 12.

This is one boarding school in Kwazulu Natal to attend as the school strive to create innovative thinkers and strongly believe that diversity protects society and we have have a responsibility to honour God in all we do. Therefore the school have a quest to send confident, responsible and dynamic young men into the world, ready to make a difference.

St. Charles College has its boarding fees (inclusive of tuition) range from R150 300 to R213 800 annually for grade 4 to grade 12. While the termly fee is R37 575 to R53 450 with an enrollment fee of R15 030.

At St.Charles College, amazingly there are limited number of Scholarships for excellence in academics, culture and sport are awarded annually – potential candidates meet specific criteria determined at the discretion of the College. Applications for financial assistance from families in the form of Bursaries are also considered annually based on need and talent.

School Website: https://www.stcharlescollege.co.za/

Kearsney College

Kearsney College is one of boarding school in South Africa you can consider as it prides itself to offer unique accommodation with flexible boarding packages to meet the needs of the modern family.

Kearsney College is located in Botha’s Hill, a small town located between the capitals of Pietermaritzburg and Durban province, in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

At Kearsney College, there is weekly boarding and full boarding which provides an ideal quality and structured teaching time and environment for learning, personal and social skill development through wide variety of activities including sports and cultural activities.

The boarding house approach and system helps the student develop self discipline, maturity, emotion management, and independence which are essential skills to reach their full potential in life as next generation leaders.

Kearsney College boarding fees including tuition fees for grade 8 and 9 learners is R260 590 and grade 10 to 12 pay a fee of R277 200 annually while fees per month are charge at R23 690 as the school provides limited number of scholarship to students with extraordinary performance in sports, musics organised activities.

Admission into Kearsney College require you pay an application fee (a non-refundable fee to cover administrative cost) and acceptance fee(non-refundable and payable at the time of acceptance of admission offer).

School Website: https://www.kearsney.com/college/

Durban Girls’ High School

Durban Girls’ High School can be your preferred high school. As today, this boarding school is ranked for best boarding schools for girls in South Africa and Kwazulu-Natal.

Durban Girls’ High School is a public high school located in Glenwood, a suburb of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The boarding school is has found it place among best boarding schools in South Africa because of it’s excellence academics, structure programs, and activities aiding better learning in a comfortable environment.

If you going to attend a boarding school, you should consider the Durban Girls’ High School as they have dedicated and assigned staffs to welcome students inculcate disciplines, morals into the child.

School Website: https://www.dghs.co.za/

St Anne’s Diocesan College

St Anne’s Diocesan College was founded in 1877 and is a boarding school that provides value-added experience, embrace intellectual curiositiy, diversity and collaboration having na philosophy of nuturing talents, developing dreams.

The high school is an independent girls’ boarding school situated in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa, and over the years has a long tradition of providing quality education for girls. It is predominantly boarding with approximately 410 girls, and endeavours to create within each girl a secure spiritual foundation as an Anglican school.

About 85% of the enrolment is boarders, from all over South Africa and neighbouring countries and other parts of the world. The college has 6 boarding houses which provide comfortable and spacious accommodation.

The boarding houses provided ranges from rooms for 3 or 4 boarders in their first couple of years to single study-bedrooms for seniors. Each house has it own Housemistress and assistant resident staff.

The fees structure for St. Annes Diocesan College are grade into termly and weekly boarders. The boarding fee + tuition per term: R57 510 while per Annum: R230 040

Your child will gain a lot of value, as the college provides is a wide range of academics and extra-activities within the broad curriculum offered at the school. Extra-curricular activities to be engaged in are- sport is compulsory and provides opportunities for those with varying degrees of talent to enjoy their physical recreation.

There is a comprehensive music and drama programme. Social Responsibility programmes provide opportunities for each girl to understand in a meaningful way her responsibilities to society and to participate in partnerships with those less privileged.

School Website: https://www.stannes.co.za/

Wembley College

At Wembley College, you will discover a friendly, family environment evident throughout fun, happy students with beautiful school surrounding.

Wembley College is another high school to select as boarding school, because the college educate, nurture and inspire learners to be individuals so they can learn, create, grow and flourish in a co-educational, family environment in South Africa.

Students who take to this high school are taught and inspired by the best staff who are teachers in their subjects always ready to achieve excellent academic results. Your child training at this high school is beyond academics, the learners also receive training on sports and cultural activities helping the child to identify the place and best fit.

At Wembley college the boarding facilities are quite impressive, this make it possible for scholars from within South Africa and Kwazulu-Natal to feel at home in a secure environment.

The school offers boarding accommodation for learners from grade 6 to 12. The boarders are attached to housemaster and housemistress, assistant house master and mistress to provide necessary support to your child. Professional caterers are available to ensure standard meal with the best of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

School Website: http://www.wembleycollege.co.za/

St Nicholas Diocesan School

St Nicholas Diocesan School is an independent English medium priviate education, Anglican, co-educational, day and boarding school, for learners from Grade RR to Grade 12. (Boarding from Grade 6 to 12)

Founded in 1990, the school is located at Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal and prides it self in offering an excellent education and providing secured and caring environment.

St. Nicholas is not just a school, but a second family for most students and a home far away from home where discpline, courage, truth, integrity, respect, compassion, humiliy are held as the firm branches of values for which learners become better in life.

What more to be checked from this school with about 600 happy learners who recieve the best education from 45 staffs in various subjects and where the average class size is 24 learners allowing convinent and comfortable learning for easy understanding. They do offer full-time and weekly boarding, in comfortable and secure facilities. .

This boarding school is among the best boarding school in Kwazulu- Natal to consider if looking for a boarding secondary school for your child/ward as they offer affordable private education and strive to create a safe, nurturing environment in which your child can thrive.

School Website: http://www.stnicholas.co.za/boarding/

Crawford School

Crawford School is considered among Kwazulu-Natal’s top high school known for excellence and discipline. The high school was established in 1997 and is located in Durban Kwazulu Natal of South Africa.

Currently the school got it’s name change to Crawford International, its one secondary school to consider for your child/ward if looking for boarding secondary schools in the province and in the country.

At Crawford International, students are treateed with dignity and respect, encouraging individuality and promoting self-assurance, confidence and independence to ensure the students have morals take to the consequences of their actions. The high school also prepares students in the best possible way for life. At the Matric year, the students are prepared thoroughly for an examination that is a gateway to higher education institutes in the country.

School Website: https://www.crawfordschools.co.za/boarding

Linpark High School

Located in the suburb of Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal is Linpark High School. The seconary school is a co-educational publich baording school for boys and girls from grade 8 to 12.

Linpark offer her students the opportunity to learn excellently from the trained staffs who are teachers always available to challenge and encourage the learners take academics with all commitment as they provide a holistic education equipping it’s students with skills necessary to face life challenges and live impactful life to the society.

Linpark high school offers an affordable tuition and boarding fees for students. Parents can pay a school fee of about R16 450.00 and a quarterly or annual boarding fees of R6 500.00 or R26 000.00.


The choice of boarding school is very important in developing your child as they grow up. Choosing the best boarding school could make them better learners and future leaders who have self-confidence, discipline, morals.

Early child education from the best schools can impact positive traits in children. So kindly take advantage of this organized top boarding schools in the locality to select a high school for your child/award. You may check with the school or take a visit for more inquiries.

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