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15 Best Boarding Schools in Limpopo, South Africa

by Omale Philip
Boarding Schools In Limpopo
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Looking for top ranked boarding schools? Find here the best boarding schools in Limpopo, South Africa. They are the leading high schools and are just perfect for your child/ward as they have standard boarding facilities and comfortable accommodation that create a safe place next to home.

These top boarding schools in Limpopo province of South Africa will interest you as their academic program and extra-activities will help engage the students, build self-confidence, independence, and many more skills that you desire your child to possess.

Private and Public boarding schools in Limpopo have a unique way of shaping and training your child, just as you being a parent want the best by teaching your child how to be responsible, have good morals and conduct in life. So one of the best thing to happen in the life of any child is attending a boarding school.

Amazingly, it will interest you to know that boarding schools in Limpopo have trained staff to help train and teach the students to become better future leaders in our society.

Why Attend Boarding Schools In Limpopo

The best boarding schools in South Africa including Limpopo high schools have help the students develop self-confidence, excellence, leadership skills to be better in future.

Among the several benefits of attending boarding schools, South African high schools offer a standard education and quality learning as they engage the students in sport, cultural activities.

South Africa’s entire educational system, from primary, secondary schools, and higher education institutions are rapidly taking a new modern design that represents world standard. Many students take to schools in the country as they are recognized worldwide and the country is one top place to study in Africa.

Education System: There are several prestigious schools in Limpopo where students can receive a high-wuality education. The boarding schools offer good programs and full support to students before they to the higher education institutions.

Many of the boarding schools in Limpopo have well developed educational facilities to support quality learning in a conducive environment.

Unique Cultural Diversity: The province of Limpopo is one amazing place to attend school in South Africa. The city hub is very vibrant and mix with different cultures, languages, and religion which make up the unique culture diversity in South Africa.

Home Far Away From Home: Every parents do want a comfortable place like home for their children. That’s why the boarding schools in Limpopo offer the children a second home far away from home with security and a comfortable environment. Both the private and public boarding schools in Limpop0 widely open their arms to receive children who select to have their early education from the top ranked high schools that offer boarding facilities.

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Here Are The Best Boarding Schools In Limpopo, South Africa

Going to send your child to boarding school? Here is a list of the top boarding schools in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

S/N Boarding Schools Location in Limpopo
1. Eagles Nest Christian School

Myngenoegen, Polokwane Limpopo
2. Waterberg Academy Limpopo, South Africa
3. Capricon High School
Polokwane, Limpopo
4. Northern Academy
Polokwane, Limpopo
5. Harry Oppenheimer Secondary Limpopo
6. PAX High School Mashashane Vaalkop, Limpopo
7. Ridgeway College Trichardt, Limpopo
8. Dendron Secondary School Polokwane, Limpopo
9. Stanford Lake College Haenertsburg, Limpopo
10. North Crest Academy Mokopane, Limpopo
11. Makgoka Secondary School Moriamacleanfarm, Boyne Limpopo
12. Settlers Agricultural High School Bela-Bela, Waterberg Limpopo
13. Hoërskool Pietersburg High School Pietersburg, Limpopo
14. Mohlakamotala High School Modimolle, Vaalwat Limpopo
15. Curro Heuwelkruin Myngenoegen, Polokwane Limpopo

Northern Academy

Northern Academy is among the best boarding schools in Limpopo that provide high-quality, English-medium education to learners from Grade R to Grade 12.

The boarding school is a leading independent school located at Flora Park, Polokwane. At Northern Academy boarding school, learners are developed to become well-rounded individuals with knowledge and skills required to succeed in specialized subjects and later in life.

This boarding school in Limpopo has become top independent high school that it’s academic are completmented by focused activities that provide physical and intellectual enrichment. Northern Academy offers safe accommodation for learners and provide a comfortable housing with 2 to 4 boarders per room.

Northern Academy’s boarding and school fees are determined by considering several factors required to maintain high-quality education, facilities, and other services offered by our school. However, the schools fess are charged at R24 000 to R36 600 and the boarding fees are R24 000 to R37 080 annually.

Students in the school are prepared for the NSC (National Senior Certificate) examination at the end of Grade 12. Northern Academy believe in other engaging activities- sports, music, and cultural activities which all play important role in promoting team awareness, self-confidence, responsibility in addition to physical well-being.

Eagles Nest Christian School

Eagles Nest Christian School is a private English medium school that offers education in pre-primary, grade RR to grade 12.

Eagles Nest Christian School is another top boarding schools in Limpop with structured academy program that offer excellent and quality Christian education in a Christian atmosphere to prepare learners to succeed in future academic studies.

If you considering a Christian education school, you choice of boarding will be Eagles Nest. The boarding school core vision is to equip and enable learners to develop their full potential as Christian Leaders.

Interestingly the boarding school allow payment of schools fees and boarding fees into separate bank account and has registration fee after acceptance of child: R700,00 per child
and a hostel registration after space is confirmed: R500,00 per child (all fees are non refundable).

School Website: https://eaglesnestchristianschool.co.za

North Crest Academy

North Crest Academy is a private boarding school in Limpopo province of South Africa established in 2004. The boarding school welcomes all students from different background and offer an equal opportunity for quality education.

The boarding school offers learners education froom grade R to 12. North Crest Academy focus on personal development of the child allowing discipline to be maintained at all time, they enforce discipline to develop the learners skills in making positive changes to handle emotions, behaviours in schools and life.

North Creat Academy offers primary school ( grade R to 7) and secondary schoo (grade 8 to 12) boarding facilities. The boarding fees are charged from R 2500 to R 3000 (Paid for 11 Months Only) while the school fees range from R 1250 to R 2450 (Paid for 11 Months Only).

School Website: https://www.northcrestacademy.co.za/

Waterberg Academy

The Waterberg Academy can be your choice of best boarding school in Limpopo. This high school is an English Medium independent school founded in 2003, in the heart of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve in the small town of Vaalwater (Mabatlane), Limpopo.

Today this boarding school is listed on top ranked boarding school as it’s committed to an education informed by environmental, social and economic responsibility as they train learners to perform at a high level socially, academically and on sports activities.

The Waterberg Academy offers quality education and boarding facilities for grade 4 to 12 and prepare the learners to grow in self-confidence and self-worth.

Just as every parents attach importance to the safety of child and well structured and comfortable environment for their child/ward. At Waterberg, an ideal classroom with safe boarding facilities are offered to raise the child self-knowledge and self-confidence as morals, traditional values and ethics are recognized and considered for securing their future.

Waterberg Academy have dedicated and committed educators who are staff always available to offer learners centered approach, modern curriculum designed to ensure the fulfilment of effective learning in a secured and peaceful environment that allows the school to grow students in an a way that meets the world and national standard

School Webiste: https://www.waterbergacademy.co.za

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Capricon High School

Capricorn High School was established in 1961 and is one of a number of secondary schools offering boarding house.

Capricon High School is located in the city of Polokwane, Limpopo Province, South Africa and is a public school within the Department of Education having the medium of instruction as English.

The boarding school is a well standard palce to explore your talents and shape your future. Capricon High School prides itself in the development of students to realize their potentials be a success and not failure.

The high school has two hostels; Southveld Hostel (girls) and Schoolhouse Hostel (boys).

Capricon High Schoo driving force is quest for better academic performance which has propel the school to consistently achieves a rating in the provincial top 20 for its Grade 12 results and is renowned for the high percentage of bachelor passes.

School Website: http://capricornhigh.co.za/

Harry Oppenheimer Secondary

Harry Oppenheimer can be your prefered boarding school in Limpopo. This secondary school was established as public school in 1982 and offer specialization in agriculture as it aims at equipping learners with agricultural field of studies.

This boarding school is recognised as a centre of excellence in student learning wiht a focus on agriculture, technology and the environment. These subject are integrated across the secondary school curriculum as the students study the normal range of general education and training subjects (GET) grade 8-9 and (FET) grade 10-12.

Harry Oppenheimer Secondary provide boarding facilities for male boarders and female with a total of about 700 students. This boarding school has strong believe in laying foundation surrounded with skills and talent to provide a better training for learners.

Today the school is called Harry Oppenheimer Agricultural High School as it also recognized as a top performing school within the Limpopo province, South Africa.

School Website: http://www.hoahs.co.za/

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PAX High School

Pax High School is a public Roman Catholic boarding school situated in Mashashane (Vaalkop) Limpop province of South Africa and is among the top boarding schools in the area.

The boarding school has facilities accomodating boarders who choose to have their secondary education in the school.

As a high school, PAX provided education for learners who reside around the environment and aim to provide quality education to ensure the self developement and discipline of the students who will become future leaders.

The boarding facilities ensure a safe and comfortable room for students to focus on studies and learn better. Your child stay at PAX High School is certain to me a good and memorable experience.

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Ridgeway College

Ridgeway College is an independent English medium school that caters for learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12 and a junior school on a separate campus caters for Grade RR to Grade 7.

Ridgeway College was founded in 1999 located within the Vhembe Biosphere Reserve in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo. The boarding school is an IEB registered school which teaches children the vital skill of critical thinking.

This is one boarding school in Limpop to attend as the school strive to create innovative thinkers who will be our future leaders through their multi-faced approach to learning and participation in the highly recommended IBT international benchmarking program. Students are engage intensively in sport and cultural activities which are next priority to academic.

The boarding school has about 528 learners, and 35 teachers who are dedicated in training the students to be self-dicpline. You can get weekly and termly boarding at Ridgeway college.

At Ridgeway, the boarding fees are charged for weekly and termly boarding. Students pay an annual amount of R49 500 and monthly of R4 950 for weekly boarding, while the termly boarding is charge at R56 700 annualy and R5 670 monthly.

Amazingly, Ridgeway college offers discount-7% discount on school fees for siblings (Oldest child pays full school fees)

School Website: https://www.ridgewaycollege.co.za/

Stanford Lake College

Stanford Lake College is an independent English medium co-educational high school founded in 1998. This is one boarding school to select as the school strongly belive in social development and individual growth within a secure and structured environment.

This boarding school in Limpopo boasts a day scholar house and boarding houses where 75% of learners at Stanford Lake College are boarders and each house is supervised by a senior house parent who has a residence attached to the boarding house. International exchange students add a different and distinctive flavour to the boarding houses.

Stanford Lake College has a boarding fee structure of R 21,708.00 per term and a total of R86,832.00 per year.

School Website: https://www.slc.co.za/

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Dendron Secondary School

This boarding school can be your prefered high school. Dendron Secondary School is situated in Bochum East, Polokwane, in Limpopo ans was established in 1899.

For years, Dendron Secondary School in the rural area of Bochum, Limpopo has produced top matric pupils breaking the odds to always send one of her student to the top 30 to receive honour.

Amazingly the boarding school also do achieve a 100% pass rate under very difficult conditions. The 61km north of Polokwane high school in rural South Africa-Dendron secondary is one place students deffer the boundary of learning within wall to have a least one pupil in the top 30 state school results.

School Website: Not Available

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Makgoka Secondary School

Makgoka Secondary School is a public secondary school located in Moriamacleanfarm a suburb of Boyne in Limpopo province, South Africa.

The boarding school has a good matrics from 2012 upto date where the number of candiates passing the national exam. Makgoka Secondary School is a reputable school with discipline and training that ensure the learners are best at what they are trained to be.

Your child training at this high school is beyond academics, the learners also receive training on sports and cultural activities helping the child to identify the place and best fit.

At Makgoka Secondary School, unforgetable memories of practical discipline remain after graduation and in the life of the child as they grow.

School Website: N/A

Settlers Agricultural High School

The primary objectives of Settlers Agricultural High School are to provide a balanced education of a high standard, and to develop young adults who will contribute to society in a positive, constructive way, always mindful of the feelings and needs of others, and always honest and courteous in their relationships.

This boarding school is among the best boarding school and have a specialization in Agriculture. Settlers Agricultural Secondary School is located in Bela-Bela, Waterberg Limpopo.

This boarding school try to create an atmosphere of a home away from home for learners. Amazingly, learners at Settlers Agricultural Secondary School are encouraged to take along with them their colourful duvets and pillows from home to the school not excluding bright curtains.

The boarding school offers wide range of engaging school activities such as sports-netball, soccer, table tennis, chess, volley ball. Other activities range from cultural- debates, public speaking, talent show, miss settler, poetry, milking, cattle breeding, egg production, chicken breeding, crop planting and several others.

You are sure going to get the a good boarding accommodation at Settlers Agricultural High School has boarding facilities for boys and girls. Brain Stone and Tom Law are for male boarders in the school while Dolly Cleverdon and Margaret Acres Houses the girls. In total 412 learners can be accommodated in a safe rural boarding environment.

School Website: http://www.settlers.co.za/index.php

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Hoërskool Pietersburg High School

Hoërskool Pietersburg high school is considered one of Limpopo’s top high school known for excellence and discipline. This boardig school is located in Pietersburg of Limpopo province and offers enriching activities where boarders can wholly participate in the various School activities such as dance, music, art and extra class in Mathematics and Science

Hoërskool Pietersburg house learners from all over the Limpopo Province. Together with a wonderful, homely atmosphere, learners at PHS are provided with three residence that are fully functional and run at a high level, have daily routine, discipline along side healthy social life.

PHS can be your choice of secondary school offering boarding facilities for both boys and girls. The senior boys are housed in Voorwaarts Boys’ hostel and the junior boys in Die Anker Boys’ hostel, while the girls in the school make their petch in Ons Hoop Girls’ hostel.

School Website: https://pieties.co.za/

Mohlakamotala High School

Mohlakamotala High School can be your prefered secondary boarding School of choice. The high school is located at the city of Modimolle, Vaalwat of Limpopo province.

Mohlakamotala is a boarding school for learners from Gr.8 up to Gr.12 having excellent teachers who put the interest of the learners first.

This boarding school offers a comprehensive field of subjects as they focus on the academics of each learner to prepare them for higher education institutions.

At Mohlakamotala High School, learners attend career guidance exhibitions, assisted with application to tertiary institutions. Also, the school put their learners in a positive boarding environment where they are sure they can excel in their academics and in future.

You will get more beyond a home as high school guide their learners under the guidance of the Hostel Head and Matron to improve the child discipline and build on the discipline that their parents has build to be well mannered leaders in the society.

Mohlakamotala takes pride in the quality of the education that they provide as the school has private hostels with accommodation for 200 boys and 200 girls in a safe environment and 3 new technology centres wer built by the department of education.

School Website: http://www.mohlakamotalahigh.co.za/

Curro Heuwelkruin

Curro Heuwelkruin is an independent school located in Myngenoegen, Polokwane providing high-quality education for learners from Grade R to Grade 12.

At Curro Heuwelkruin, their dedicated team of staff and well rounded, enhanced curriculum approach prepares learners with set skills skills and knowledge to grow into self-confident, mindful individuals and to reach their personal, educational and eventual workplace goals.

Curro Heuwelkruin committed teachers give learners personal attention in the classroom, which helps to ensure that they achieve to the best of their abilities.

The school has a non-refundable enrollment fee for Grade R to Grade 12 charged at R5 780

The school fees vary from grades having grade R and grade 10 to 12 school fees for R3 480 and R6 630 respectively per month

This boarding school made the top ranking boarding schools in Limpopo province as the school is specializing on Robotics and Agricultural Sciences. Also Curro Heuwelkruin’s boarding school offers safe, comfortable residence for learners from grade 6 onwards.

Talking about luxury hostel? suprisingly this boarding school allows only two learners accommodated in flats that have en-suite bathrooms, along with laundry and housekeeping facilities, comfortable learning areas, and live-in staff, our boarding school is a safe, comforting home away from home. Learners enjoy wholesome, balanced meals prepared in our fully-equipped kitchen.

Continuing further, the high school boarding fees are nothing far from cheap fees and transport services accommodate learners living near and far away from the school. Curro Heuwelkruin offers boarding facilities for learners and fees collected is R4 700 monthly and R56 400 annually.

School Website: https://www.curro.co.za


if you are going to send your child to a boarding school within South Africa. The boarding schools around Limpopo are of a very good standard with cheap boarding fees.

You will get the best teachers readily available to train and educate your child to be self-discipline, confident with moral just as you want the child to be. So carefully select from the organized list of best boarding schools in Limpopo above.

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