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15 Best Boarding Schools in South Africa

by Omale Philip
Boarding Schools in South Africa
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Boarding schools in South Africa especially high schools for boys and girls are structured to train the child to become a future leader. Going to the best boarding schools in South Africa has a lot of advantages starting with being organized, discipline, and boost social skills.

Planning to send your child to a boarding school? the list of best boarding schools in South Africa will guide you to select a boarding high school if you are searching for the top boarding schools in South Africa.

The Best Boarding Schools in South Africa are helping in laying the needed solid foundations for children as they grow, just as every parent will want to teach their children or child to be responsible in life and get the best education. The boarding houses have produced leaders and high profile individuals who today are business elites. One of the amazing experiences that are memorable for any child while growing up in the field of education is to attend a boarding school.

So parents still take to enroll their children in boarding schools because of the need to provide a very challenging educational environment for the child and desire to teach them more of life lessons to be self-confident, reliant, motivated.

It will interest you to know that Boarding schools for girls and boys in South Africa have a unique way of shaping and training a child up to become the best, as they have produced great persons who today are leaders and elites in the society.

Specifically, the best boarding schools in South Africa do create opportunities for the students most especially to

  • Develop self-confidence
  • Achieve great academics and excellence beyond learning
  • Social skills and relationship
  • Build emotional intelligence while learning

Reasons Why Your Child/Ward Need To Attend Boarding School in South Africa

The fact that boarding schools greatly help your child to become responsible, have morals, self-confidence behind your watch holds true.

You can see more reasons why your child/children should attend the best boarding schools in South Africa as the high schools also help them acquire set skills, develop talents, and leadership skills to tackle challenging situations when they are grown up.

You may consider the boarding school as a discipline ground with learning facilities and strict rules and regulations. But do know that all or many parents do want a well-disciplined child with morals and one of the best ways and places to achieve this is sending your child to the best boarding schools near you.

For these reasons your child/children should not just attend a high school but the best boarding high schools in South Africa as they offer academic programs and wide range of other programs and activities-sports, music, culture, religion, and several others.

Here Are The Best Boarding Schools in South Africa

Looking for a boarding school? Here is list of 15 best boarding schools in South Africa for your child/award to attend.

S/N Boarding Schools Location in South Africa
1. Hilton College Kwazulu Natal
2. St Charles College Kwazulu Natal
3. St Andrew’s School Kwazulu Natal
4. St. Andrew’s School for Girls Senderwood
5. Epworth School Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
6. St. Alban’s College Pretoria, Gauteng
7. Pretoria High School for Girls Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
8. Durban Girls’ High School Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
9. Pretoria Boys High School Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
10. Kearsney College
11. Pretoria High Schools For Girls
12. Roedean School
13. MichaelHouse
14. St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls
15. Herschel Girls’ School

Hilton College

Hilton College’s boys is today a South African boarding school built over more than one hundred years. This boarding school in South Africa acknowledge it’s students and cater for their unique nature by providing lessons that are engaging, compelling and varied.

Students are exposed to different subjects as possible, to allow the selection of subject of interest for National Senior Certificates (NSC). At Hilton College, full-time academic support is specially provided including counseling and class called learning journey organized to introduce foundational skills and ways of working which will prepare the boys for a successful, rounded and fulfilled career.

Further more the boarding school offers wide range of extensions and enrichment programs because they believe education is about so much more than the matric result. Program such as academic tour to Johannesburg and research essay for grade 11 students.

Hilton College is among the best boarding schools in South Africa dedicated in producing young men with a balanced education to be future leaders who will play a vital role in country and worldwide.

This boarding school charge a fee of R298 600 per annum covering meals, food, games, health care, library, tuition fee and others.

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St Charles College

St Charles College is an independent Christian college located in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The boarding school was founded in 1875 and is among one of the best boarding schools in South Africa.

The boarding school is dedicated to an education that offers a global learning experience. Amazingly, St Charles College do follow the program established by the University of Cambridge and pass the international exams of the University of Cambridge.

The boarding school has lots of engaging programs making the boarding environment much stricker than the students will get at home. The consideration to build self-confidence, empathy, and good social skills including awareness of how voice, actions and attentions affect those who share their resident space in the comfortable boarding house.

St Charles College have the boarding fee charged between R133 200-R194 800 making the fees quite affordable for many parents who take their boys to study at St Charles College place their siblings who are sisters at the St. John.

St Andrew’s School

St Andrew’s School is an independent public school for boys with boarding houses. Located in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa, the boarding school years of study are from pre-primary to grade 12.

There are 4 boarding hostels for boarders-Storey house for junior boarders, Dunn house for junior boarders, Twells and Chandler house for senior. While the school day students are associated with Carey homes (grade 1-6) and Webb (grade 7-12)

St Andrew’s School has its boarding fee charged at R 48 800.00 for boarders. This boarding school can be your preferred choice of school, it is among the oldest in the country and the second oldest in Bloemfontein.

Epworth School

This boarding school in South Africa takes pride in preparing their students for a future by providing a rich and wide education for both boys and girls ensuring they have self-confidence, excellent, competent, knowledgeable and multi-facet.

At Epworth School, the priority of making a comfortable environment like home with security to keep the students secured and happy in a boarding house environment far away from home with necessary catering for boarders, school counseling, nursing staffs to help the child develop and manage the emotions to enable proper social relationships aside education and spiritual growth.

St. Andrew’s School for Girls

St Andrew’s is a top independent girls boarding school in South Africa. Located in Senderwood, Bedfordview, the boarding school has a large student body and offer a stimulating but imaginative education that extends well beyond the classroom.

St Andrew’s School for Girls is dedicated to the development of entrenched, successful and safe girls who leave her “well qualified for life” and ready to lead.

The boarding school has a total of 4 schools-kindergarten, primary, high school, and Saturday school Bambsiwano.

Their believe is that they can compete with the best school in the world based on the quality of their education, facilities, value-added offers, independent networks, and good governance.

St Andrew’s has a boarding fee charge at R115,220 per Annum as their their first-class boarding school offers a warm and comfortable environment for a term, weekly and occasional students in grades 8 through 12.

St. Alban’s College

St. Alban’s College is located on the outskirts of Lynnwood Glen in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa as a private boarding school and day school for boys.

This boarding school was established in 1963 and provides students with the opportunity to have a positive educational experience through the high-quality learning offered by experienced staff who are expert in education.

This boarding school in South Africa has 3 boarding houses and 3 day houses having a headmaster and assistant housemaster assigned to each house for the daily management of the houses.

St. Alban’s College is a boarding house with effective housing structure where staff are assigned to each room to help support tutors in monitoring the students. There are common central room each for the boarding house and day to central meeting each day.

St. Alban’s College has it’s boarding annual fees charged for around R247,900 (boarding), R140,200(day) and offers entrance scholarships ranging from 33% to 40% of tuition fees.

Pretoria High School for Girls

Pretoria High School for Girls is a public English medium boarding school for girls. Located in Hatfield, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

This is among the best girls boarding schools in South Africa as it’s the sister school to Pretoria Boys High School (PBHS). The boarding school prides it’s self in providing excellent academic learning based on foundational pillars for a comprehensive school and female education through solid curriculum and extra-activities.

This boarding school believes in training the young girl child to be self-confident, have self-awareness, and motivated. At Pretoria High School for Girls, their solid academic curriculum and extra-activities are believed to engage the students through sport, cultural festives which provide them with a platform to become confident0 girls with sense of self-discipline, independence, and social skills.

The boarding school fees at Pretoria High School for Girls are charged at R63,500 which is another reason why this boarding school in South Africa can be your choice of high school.

Durban Girls’ High School

Durban Girls’ High School today is home to over 13oo students. This boarding school is ranked for best boarding schools for girls.

Durban Girls’ High School is a public high school located in Glenwood, a suburb of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The boarding school is has found it place among best boarding schools in South Africa because of it’s excellence academics, structure programs, and activities aiding better learning in a comfortable environment.

If you going to attend a boarding school, you should consider the Durban Girls’ High School as they have dedicated and assigned staffs to welcome students inculcate disciplines, morals into the child.

Pretoria Boys High School

The Pretoria Boys High School was founded in 1901 by The Rt Hon Lord Milner for middle-class citizen children. The boarding school is among the high schools for boys you should consider as the school prides itself on maintaining exceptional standards, exemplified by its holistic education philosophy.

The believe at Pretoria Boys High School is that their philosophy and tradition create the most appropriate education environment for the holistic academics based on the fundamental pillars of a comprehensive school, cultural, and sports program.

The boarding school has a sister girls high school- Pretoria High School for Girls a public school which prides it’s self in providing excellent academic learning.

Pretoria Boys High School (PBHS) has a boarding fee charged at R63,500. This boarding house provides the student with safe comfortable and appropriate environment to make available structured platforms which will train, educate and equip the student to be pursue excellence, develop self-confidence, reliance.

Herschel Girls’ School

Herschel Girls’ School is one of the boarding schools in South Africa recognized for exceptional academics record. The high school is an independent Anglican girls’ school, founded in 1922.

Also, the boarding school is acknowledged for excellency in sports, musics, and theater beyond the academics learning offered to students from grade 1 to 12.

At Herschel Girls’ School, there is weekly accommodation for grade 8 students upward and the focus of the school is to provide quality learning to girls as females today play leading roles in our society.

Herschel Girls’ School has R95 250 an annual tuition fee and R106 900 for boarding fees. Boarders have access to lot’s of facilities in the boarding house and an opportunity to make friends for life though different activities which allow the student have pleasant and memorable moments to share after graduation.

Kearsney College

Kearsney College is one of boarding school in South Africa you can consider as it prides itself to offer unique accommodation with flexible boarding packages to meet the needs of the modern family.

Kearsney College is located in Botha’s Hill, a small town located between the capitals of Pietermaritzburg and Durban province, in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

At Kearsney College, there is weekly boarding and full boarding which provides an ideal quality and structured teaching time and environment for learning, personal and social skill development through wide variety of activities including sports and cultural activities.

The boarding house approach and system helps the student develop self-discipline, maturity, emotion management, and independence which are essential skills to reach their full potential in life as next-generation leaders. Kearsney College boarding fees and tuition fees are R259 000, R178 640 as the school provides limited number of scholarships to students with extraordinary performance in sports, musics,  organized activities.

Roedean School

Roedean School is a boarding school in South Africa specifically for girls schools. The school welcomes every girl is into the warm, comfortable, and cheerful boarding house environment located in Parktown, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

In 1903, just about two years after the end of the Boer War, Theresa Lawrence and Katherine Margaret Earle embarked for South Africa, inspired by a vision.

For this purpose, Mary Williams Boarding House was built, an original blend of Sir Herbert Baker and cutting-edge modern features arranged so that every girl is welcomed in a safe warm, comfortable, and cheerful environment that can accommodate 76 older girls.

The boarding school has its boarding fees at R 117, 024 per Annum, and boarding houses with spacious single and double rooms, creating an intimate and friendly living environment. Also, two wide and open spaces that will serve as common rooms, as well as new and flexible learning spaces for the high school girls.


Michaelhouse was founded in 1896 and is located in the Balgowan Valley, in the central region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The boarding house is a full boarding senior school for boys in South Africa with international reputation for providing secondary education from grade 8 to 12.

At Michaelhouse, students who can’t afford to pay their tuition and boarding fees can apply for the school academic scholarships. Also, there are wide range of financial aids students can apply such as sport and music scholarships.

Michaelhouse has a boarding fee of ZAR 284 000 per Annum as one of the cheap boarding school in South Africa for high school students.

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

Love well organized best boarding schools for girls? St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls is among the top boarding school in South African and is an Anglican private boarding school located in Hillcrest, Pretoria in Gauteng. St Mary’s DSG was founded in 1879 by the Rt Revd Henry Bousfield, the first Bishop of Pretoria.

The boarding school focus on academic with moral discipline to make the female self-confident, motivated through the wide range of activities provided to engage the students.

Their structure programs and boarding facilities is well standard boarding house that welcomes students who will be better females in the nation.

List of Best Boarding Schools in South Africa

Looking for more top boarding schools for boys and girls. Find the boarding schools in South Africa by province

Best Boarding Schools in Limpopo

Interested in Limpopo high schools, these are top boarding schools in the Limpopo province to attend.

  • Eagles Nest Christian School
  • Dynamique Secondary School
  • Waterberg Academy
  • Capricon High School
  • Harry Oppenheimer Secondary
  • PAX High School

Best Boarding Schools in Cape Town

Interested in the Cape Town coast, this list of boarding schools around Cape town are the best high school to attend

  • Bridge House School
  • St. Cyprian’s School, Cape Town
  • Bishops Diocesan College
  • Herschel Girls’ School
  • Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science, and Technology
  • Rustenburg School for Girls
  • York High School (George)

Best Boarding Schools in Durban

If you reside in the region and seeking to send your child to one of the top boarding schools in Durban, then make your choice of school from the list below.

  • Kearsney College
  • Durban Girls’ College
  • UICT – Boarding School
  • Durban High School
  • Glenwood High School
  • Northwood School

Best Boarding Schools in Pretoria

We have listed the top boarding schools in Pretoria, so select from the list of best boarding schools in Pretoria.

  • St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls
  • Pretoria Boys High School
  • St. Alban’s College
  • Pretoria High School For Girls

Best Boarding Schools in Gauteng

Find and organize your choice of boarding schools in the Gauteng province. Look among the best boarding schools in Gauteng that will interest you to send your child/ward.

  • St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls
  • Potso Mohajane High School
  • St. Andrew’s School for Girls
  • St Peter’s College
  • Alrapark Secondary School
  • Nigel Secondary School

Best Boarding Schools in Johannesburg

  • Germiston High School
  • Roedean School
  • Springs Boy’s High School
  • Queens High School
  • Barnato Park High school
  • Sandringham High School
  • Parktown Boy’s High School
  • Parktown High School for Girls
  • St Stithians College
  • Jeppe High School for Boys

Best Boarding Schools in Kwazulu-Natal

These top boarding high schools in KZN will interest you to send your child/ward. They have quality boarding facilities and cheap boarding fees

  • Michaelhouse
  • Epworth School
  • Hilton College
  • Kearsney College


The country South Africa is one of the selected study destinations by students and is emerging as one of top Africa countries to study. This holds true as the number of international students has tremendously increased alongside the number of students from Africa neighboring countries coming into the country to study in a school-college and university.

The above comprehensive list of best boarding schools in South Africa will help you organize and select the boarding school that meets your expectation for your child/ward.

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