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13 Best Boarding Schools in Pretoria & Their Fees 2024

by Omale Philip
Best Boarding Schools in Pretoria
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When it comes to attending prestigious high schools with boarding facilities, these best boarding schools in Pretoria are awesome notable schools to send your child for sound learning, good facilities under a serene environment.

Today there are plenty of high school that provide boarding facilities but if you are looking for reputable boarding schools in Pretoria having affordable fees and good learning environment then the top boarding schools in Pretoria with cheap fees will definitely be your choice of boarding schools.

So, if you want to attend a boarding school in Pretoria with good boarding facilities, learning environment and extra-activities, We at College Reporters took it as responsibility, researched, found and written this article to help you make your choice of boarding high schools. So, without further delay let’s know discuss and know the best boarding school to attend if you’re living in Pretoria.

Why Attend Boarding Schools in Pretoria

Pretoria is among the cities in South Africa that welcomes students to pursue and have the best learning. Also, it’s a home for many high schools mostly the best boarding schools in South Africa

In Pretoria, over the past few years-statistics prove that boarding school students have a good win record over day students at inter-school competitions, debates, and other related educational activities.

Boarders think deeper and wider than day students, they have this mentality of always trying and never giving up! That’s why they put their best into what they do! I admire their tenacity and mindset!

A remarkable noteworthy statement by a coordinator to boarding students in a quiz competition held at Pretoria.

Attending boarding school in Pretoria allows you to acquire high-quality education and attain a mature mindset in withstanding challenges of the future.

What Are The Type of Boarding Available?

Looking for a particular boarding facility features? many of the reputable boarding schools in Pretoria are notable for their boarding facilities and option provided.

Basically, many boarding school in Pretoria provide full boarding option for grade 8 to 12, an undeniable boarding facilities to give your child. Others provide semester boarding and weekly boarding for 5days or 7 days.

The full-term boarding takes care of the child for the entire academic year before sending the child home for holiday.
Semester boarding caters for the child and provided learning for the period of academic term (about 3 months).

Weekly boarding, just as the name denote is for an academic week, learners are permitted to go home under the parent agreement and during the registration period.

Are Boarding Schools in Pretoria Worth It?

Are boarding students more disciplined and intelligent than day students? You guess is right, if boarding high school student is your chosen answer.

Students in boarding schools have more outstanding performance because of the self-discipline training and devotedness to learning. Boarding schools teach and train students to embrace challenges and difficulty through extracurricular activities.

Students are trained to solve problems by committing to find solutions under rigorous activities within assigned duration.

These gives the boarding student a sense of feeling and preparedness for the world out there. Similar to the boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal, the boarding schools in Pretoria provide you with excellent learning and exceptional activities that pay the fees to attend a either private or public boarding school is worth it.

So, never get that strange look with shocks when you see a student really good with some circuit connection, technical drawing or provide a right answer to a mathematics quiz. That’s an indication that the student must be a boarding student with the best of brain and is attending best boarding schools with affordable fees.


How Much is Boarding Schools Fees in Pretoria

One major concern about boarding schools, which bring about questions such as, are boarding schools fees affordable? how much is the fee for boarding schools in Pretoria? What are the cheapest and affordable boarding schools in Pretoria?

Fees for boarding schools in Pretoria do vary from each other. the public schools are known to provide cheap fees.

The private boarding schools in Pretoria are not very cheap when comparing school fees, however they both provide standard learning with some differences in extra-curricular activities which do make the fees of some boarding schools higher.

For cheap boarding schools, attending these public boarding schools in Pretoria offer less fees for outstanding learning.

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Here Are The Best Boarding Schools in Pretoria with Affordable Fees

Here is list of the best boarding schools in Pretoria providing sound learning and top-notch boarding facilities. Click on your preferred boarding school for more overview and school information.

S/N Best Boarding Schools in Pretoria Location Grade
1. St. Alban’s College Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria 8 – 12
2. Pretoria Boys High School Brooklyn, Pretoria 8 – 12
3. Pretoria High School for Girls Arcadia, Pretoria 8 – 12
4. Cornwall Hill College Brooklyn, Pretoria 8 – 12
5. Willowridge High School The Willows, Pretoria 8 – 12
6. St. Mary’s Diocesan School For Girls Hillcrest, Pretoria 5 – 12
7. Pro Arte Alphen Park Alphen Park, Pretoria 8 – 12
8. Cornerstone College Silverton, Pretoria 7 – 12
9. Hoërskool Waterkloof Eastern Pretoria 8 – 12
10. Reddford House The Hills Pretoria East 7 – 11
11. Waterkloof House Preparatory School Mooiplaats, Pretoria 3 – 7
12. The Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill Irene, Pretoria 1 – 9
13. Die Hoërskool Menlopark MenloPark, Pretoria 8 – 12

St. Alban’s College

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-St Alban
Established in 1963, and located at Clearwater Road, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria. St. Alban’s College is among the high schools making a difference which makes the school ranked among the best boarding schools in Pretoria.

St. Alban’s College is a learning community for boys only, while striving after Christain values. The boarding school is an Anglican Church School that strive after Christian values and offers learning for grade 8 to 12 student.

If private boarding school in Pretoria is your choice, then St. Alban’s College is a good choice of boarding school to have a positive educational experience. The school has 3 boarding houses and 3 day houses with housemasters assigned to each house for daily management.

St. Alban’s College take pride to be a value driven school in learning by influencing young boys moral and discipline. Many parents send their child there as reputable boarding school, but not as affordable boarding school with cheap fee.

The boarding school commit itself to balanced programme offering wide range of subjects, standard boarding facilities-dining, laboratories, computer center.

St. Alban’s College Admission is open to student who want to pursue a high school learning in Pretoria, enrollment process are online on the school website.

Application for Admission requires candidate to pay a non-refundable fee of R525. Day scholars and Boarders pay enrollment fee of R51,700 and R90,950 respectively.

The tuition fee is charge at R163,650, while boarding and tuition fee is R287,850. The fees a tentative and subject to changes. However notification on school fees schedule are provided to parents.

If learning beyond boundaries with good facilities and best of learning environment is your desire, St. Alban’s college may be and ideal choice of best boarding school in Pretoria. Despite the high fees which may not seem affordable to many parents.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 348 1221
Email: secretary@stalbanscollege
Address: 110 Clearwater Road, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria

Pretoria Boys High School

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-Boys
Established in 1901, Pretoria Boys High School (PBHS) is a traditional boys school located in Roper Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria.

The high school is among the public boarding schools in Pretoria and has the mission to pursue and maintain excellence in all spheres of school life. It’s aim is to produce gentlemen who are self-discipline and independent thinkers with physical and moral courage.

Pretoria Boys High School is one of the oldest schools in the Gauteng Province and the largest boys school in South Africa, if you seeking for public boarding schools for boys.
The school has a total student attendance of about 2000, having about 500 boarding students to cater from grade 8 to 12.

Pretoria Boys High School admits both day students and boarders into the school. The school application for admission are available for grade 9- 11 students who want to attend the school as dayboys or boarders.

The school charge a payable fee of R8 000 (Dayboys) and R16 000 (Boarders) before entering the school. PBHS school fees for (Grade 8-9) are R63 800, (Grade 10-11) are R61 150, while the boarding fees are R76 100 per annum. Monthly instalment payment are offered to ease your financial commitment of your child fee. Do check with the school for any changes in the fees or other charges.

If you seek for the best competitive abilities and opportunity, the school provides wide range of sport programs, clubs and societies that will give your child a good feel of attachment.

There are lots of sporting activities and club and societies ranging from aeronautical to chess club for students to participate. Pretoria Boys High School can be a good match of best boarding schools, if you want to hang around with positive and disciplined boys in Pretoria.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 460 2246
Address: Roper Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria

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Pretoria High School for Girls

Boarding Schools in Pretoria HSG
There is more learning for the girl child at Pretoria High School for Girls (PHSG). Established in 1902, the boarding school is located at Hatfield, Pretoria.

Pretoria High School for Girls is a public boarding school just as the Pretoria Boys High School. The boarding have a believe and commitment in training the young girl child to be self confident, have self-awareness.

PHSG has a student attendance of about 1600 girls of age 13 to 18. The high school is ranked in the best boarding schools in Pretoria, as it pride itself of a standard learning environment with new structures and renovations.

Pretoria High School for Girls provides a wide variety of extra-activities, club and societies, and sport programmes-swimming, squash courts, netball courts etc.

Students are engaged club and societies to enhance their learning beyond academics. The boarding school provides robotic club, pottery, photography, music, first aid, catering, art, museum, and bridge club.

PHSG staff arms are wide open and welcome students who seek to pursue high school learning with the school, however admission to the school is strictly in accordance to the Gauteng Department of Education regulations.

Admission into the school are open for grade 8-11 student. But grade 8 admission applications must be carried out when the child is in their grade 7 year. The high school fee becomes a concern as there are two payments options: annual and termly.

Pretoria High School for Girls payable school fees for grade 8, and 9-12 are R48 650 and R43 500 respectively. While the boarding fees charge for boarders is R67 600, however parents are to check with the admission office for any increment or decrease in the fees.

The school fees raise a concern, if Pretoria High School for Girls is also an affordable boarding school in Pretoria to attend.

When compared with other boarding schools of same standard learning, Pretoria High School for Girls offers a fair fee for boarding students. This give the advantage of selecting PHSG as your choice of best boarding school in Pretoria to enroll for quality education under trained staff.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 430 7341
Email: info@phsg.org.za
Address: 949 Park Street, Arcadia, Pretoria

Cornwall Hill College

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-Cornwall Hill College
The Cornwall Hill College is one of the leading best boarding schools in Pretoria for boys and girls from grade 8 to 12.

Established in 2008, Cornwall Hill College is a private, co-educational high school located in Irene Gauteng Province of Pretoria.

The high school strive to create a solid educational foundation by offering a wide range of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities for students which gives it a position among the best boarding schools in Pretoria.

Like other boarding high school in Pretoria, this boarding school take pride in values-based education, state-of-the-art facilities, learning through academics and extra-activities.

Cornwall Hill College has two boarding houses, Tintagel House which accommodate the girls and Hill house which accommodate the boys. The caring and supportive boarding environment which instill confidence and make the students call it “a home away from home”

To create a balance between student’s academics and extra-activities, this boarding school in Pretoria created a structured programme, monitored by the boarding head and staff.

When looking at the school fees structure, Cornwall Hill College is among the cheap boarding school in Pretoria that charge affordable fees, this indicate the board school fees and boarding fees are cheaper when compared to the like of other top boarding schools.

Cornwall Hill College grade 8 – 9, and grade 10 -12 pay the school fees of R83,950 and R99, 150 respectively. The boarding fees are paid monthly or annually. An annual fee of R70,900 or monthly fee of R7,090. However, the school offers discount on early full payment before a certain period, parents can take advantage of the payment plan to key their child with

A tour in the school can give you the conviction of choosing Conrnwall Hill College as your next boarding school in Pretoria attend.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 667 1360 and +27 87 980 0021
Email: info@phsg.org.za
Address: Nellmapius Drive Irene Centurion

Willowridge High School

Boarding Schools in Pretoria Willowridge
When working smart combined with hard work and self-discipline is a goal, Willowridge High School is the boarding school to select for your child learning.

Established in 1987, the high school is situated in Verkenner Avenue, Die Wilgers Pretoria and have been graduating successful students .

Willoridge High School is a public and co-educational (boys and girls) school. The school provide both day and boarding,

Willowridge High School strives to provide an environment conducive to a complete and full realization of our children’s potential so that they can fulfill their role responsibly within society. In so doing Willowridge High School strives to remain one of the most sought after boarding schools in Pretoria as the fees are quite cheap.

School Fees at Willowridge are more affordable than other best boarding schools in Pretoria, because its a public boarding school. Willowridge has a base line school fee payment of R32, 500, a confirmation fee or acceptance fee of R1,750 (non-refundable, but is subracted from the school fee amount).

The boarding school has many designed programs-art and culture, club and society such as choir, debate, talent show, musical, public speaking to help students with creative learning.

Learning, combined with fun activities at this boarding school can be is one way your child get groomed for the future. This makes Willowridge one of the outstanding boarding schools in Pretoria to send your child. You will be thrilled in the personality and character your child begins to develop as they grow older.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 (0)12 807 3423
Email: headmaster@willowridge.co.za or sjones@willowridge.co.za
Address: 518 Verkenner Avenue The Willows, Pretoria

ST Mary’s Diocesan School For Girls

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-St. Mary DHS
Looking for a boarding house for your girl child to call a home, ST Mary’s Diocesan School For Girls offers boarding for grade 5-12.

Established in 1879, St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls is a private Anglican School located at Hillcrest, Pretoria and accpets grade 8-12 girls. ST Mary’s Diocesan School For Girls popular called St. Mary’s DSG

Boarding at St Mary’s DSG provides a safe, caring atmosphere ideal for both intellectual and emotional growth. The school offer temporary boarding for day scholars who have their parents away for a day or two.

St. Mary’s DSG allow parents to pay school fees annually, termly or monthly, this structure helps parent to budget for their child fees without spending bulk of money. Students in grade 8-9 pay an annual fee of R133 250, a termly fee of R44, 145 and monthly R11, 104.

The grade 10-12 pay a fee of R144, 900 annually, while the termly and monthly fee are R48, 300 and R12, 075 respectively.

For parents who want their child to board, St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls boarding fee structure for grade 8 -12 is R120, 420 annually, parent can take to the term and monthly payment of R40, 140 and R10,035 respectively.

Bringing an annual fee of a student in St. Mary’s DSG to be between R253, 250 to R264, 900. Compared with most of the best boarding schools in Pretoria, the school fee is above consideration of a budget friendly fee, making the high school not a very cheap boarding schools in Pretoria. However, the school remains among the best boarding schools in Pretoria parent can send their daughter.

The school admission application are open to parents interested in giving their child/ward a good learning at St. Mary’s DSG.

School Details
Grade: 5 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 366 0500
Email: admissions@stmarys.pta.school.za
Address: Duxbury Rd, Hillcrest, Pretoria

Pro Arte Alphen Park

Boarding SChools in Pretoria-Pro-Arte Alphen Park
A high school where specialization of art is practiced and minds are inspired to open, that Pro Arte Alphen Park High School, the boarding school in Pretoria many parent want to send their sons and daughters for both academic and art learning.

Established in 1994, Pro Arte Alphen is a private, co-educational school in Pretoria and offers boarding facilities for special need education of boys and girls throughout South Africa.

The school has an attractive learning program by nurturing creativity as a tool to resolve challenges, this gave it the recognition as school of specialization that is focused on art.

Pro Arte Alphen Park High School offer six unique specialized study field: Enterprise management, visual art, music, dance, drama, hospitality/Culinary art. The boarding school currently caters for about 800 students from grade 8 to 12.

Pro Arte Alphen Park High School is ranked among top boarding schools in Pretoria, over the years the high school has been successful attracting learners in Pretoria and around South Africa, students who are passionate about pursuing a career path in the art industry.

Pro Arte Alphen Park offer boarding facilities for upto 90 girls and 40 boys, the hostel space allow two girls to share a room.

If your child is interested in specializing in arts. Pro Arte Alphen will be a perfect choice of best boarding schools in Pretoria to help develop the child skills. However admission into this boarding school is through audition, auditions are held once annually for Grade 8 – 10 learners. candidate indicate interest in the area they consider to be best fit.

School fees in this boarding school goes for R32, 120, annual payment. Monthly payment for grade 8 – 11 and grade 12 are R2,920 and R3,212 respectively. Pro Arte Alphen High School offers two boarding option fees: 5 days and 7days with a respective fee of R61,732 and R45,276. Parent are advice to do a check with the school for current fees for some applied changes.

Making Pro Arte Alphen Park your choice of boarding school is a good decision, as the high school offers a cheap fee for learner in grade 8-12. Having no doubt, Pro Arte Alphen Park High School is one of our pick for boarding school with the cheapest school fees.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 460 6221
Email: info@proarte.co.za
Address: Alphen Park, Pretoria

Cornerstone College

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-Cornerstone College
Cornerstone is among the high school committed to pursue excellence, solid academic performance with discipline.

Established in 1991, Cornerstone College is an independent, co-educational high school impacting the lives of learners who come from all corners of South Africa.

CornerStone College is ranked among top boarding schools in Pretoria and Gauteng Province, for providing a structured learning environment with boarding facilities at low expense.

The high school is striving to give over 1400 students a strong educational foundation, while about 200 students are offered housing. The boarding facilities provided by the school are top notch and comes at a cheap boarding fee.

Cornerstone College school fees and boarding fee of a student are R34,080 and R48 000 for annual payment, the school offers discounted fee for student who have sibling attending the school. Cornerstone College fees when compared with the rest of the top boarding schools in Pretoria, has noticeable fee difference.

Making the high school a good choice for most affordable boarding school in the neighbourhood.

Admission into CornerStone College is based on indication and submission of completely filled application form to the school alongside a non-refundable application fee of R500. Parent who want their child to board, complete and submit a hostel application form alongside the school application

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 804 8350
Email: admin@cornerstonecollege.org.za
Address: 530 Moreleta Street Silverton, Pretoria

Hoërskool Waterkloof

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-Hoërskool Waterkloof
Hoërskool Waterkloof is a boardig school with a difference. Established in 1979, Hoërskool Waterkloof is a public, co-educational boarding school that used Afrikaans as medium of communication.

Waterkloof High School is located in the East of Pretoria and offer learners the opportunity to live out and promote all their passions. The school boasts a strong culture department, a rich variety of disciplines on sport and with coaches who only exploit the best out of our learners.

Among the boarding schools, Waterkloof High School is ranked as one of the best boarding school in Pretoria, as the school take pride in the structured and quality education that comes with a high fee. Which makes the school not a regular choice of best boarding school in Pretoria for parents with average income.

However, the boarding school records a total attendance of about 2,000 students. Admission enrollment into the school is simple but you can find it difficult as the online application website is more of Afrikaans language. Parents do need to pay an administration fee of R1,500 in cash when processing application.

A deposit of R2 500,00 is payable for new learners for admission. Also, a one-off breakage deposit of R500,00 is payable with admission. Residence fees are payable quarterly in advance to ensure the learner secure a place.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 347 7707
Email: klofies@klofies.co.za
Address: Mahlangu Rylaan, Erasmuskloof, Pretoria

Reddford House The Hills

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-Reddford House The Hill
One place for innovation and self-discovery through learning is at Reddford House The Hills. Where every child is encourage to pursue their passion for a good career.

Established in 2015, Reddford House The Hills is a private, co-educational school uniquely situated in Mooikloof Glen, Pretoria.

Reddford House The Hills is not just any school but a premium school that provide boarding and strives to create well balanced students, who are happy and confident in themselves, ready to take on the future.

This school is definitely a perfect high school to enroll, a good choice for best boarding schools in Pretoria if there is one boarding school to attend.
Reddford House The Hills takes pride in the premium boarding facilities which creates an environment where boarders can strive for excellence while also enjoying their school years, fully immersed in a vibrant campus life at low cost.

The school provides weekly and full-time boarding options, affording parents the opportunity and choice to collect their children on Friday for weekends at home.

There is lot of fun activities to get everyone engage at
Reddford House The Hills, all students get encourage to participate in the wide range of school sporting and cultural activities: soccer golf, swimming, hockey, tennis, chess, rugby, choir, drama, public speaking, photography etc.

Admission application is not challenging, parents can find it easy to fill on the school admission application webpage. Only do ensure to complete and successfully submit the application form online.

Reddford House The Hills is among the school that offers an affordable school fees, this makes the school also parents choice for most affordable boarding schools in Pretoria. The schools annual fees goes between the range of R98, 214 to R103, 583 for grade 8 – 12 learners, while boarding fee is R85, 386. Parents are encourage to check with the school for any changes in the fees.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 10 060 0757
Email: info@thehills.reddford.co.za
Address: Garsfontein Rd, Pretoria East

Waterkloof House Preparatory School

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-Waterkloof House Preparatory
Waterkloof House Preparatory School is one place in Pretoria to send your boy of grade 3-7. Established in 1923, Waterkloof House Preparatory School (WHPS) is a private school with the vision of developing boy learners using a broad base curriculum to promote self-discipline, moral values, positive self-image.

Waterkloof House Preparatory School is among the best boarding schools in Pretoria, offering boarding from gradee 3-7. The boarders are provided a home which they can call home away from home, where they are cared for by the house mother and master

Learners at Waterkloof House Preparatory School have a great deal of fun, nourished food and comfortable residence to call a home.

WHPS accept applications for admission both online and by hard copy submission. Parents of applicants who want to board from grade 3 to 7 are to attach boarding application form with proof of registration fee of R530.

Waterkloof House Preparatory School provide an annual admission fee for 3 to 7 between R114, 555 to R134, 065 and a boarding fee of R81 565. Parents are provided the opportunity to pay monthly, do check the fee structure or contact school for changes in fee and available method of payment.

School Details
Grade: 3 – 7
Phone Number: +27 12 460 5221
Email: admin@whps.co.za
Address: 535 Ruddell St, Brooklyn, Pretoria

The Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill
Looking for a boarding school for your child of grade 1 to 9. The Waldorf School at Rosemary Hil is the perfect choice of best boarding schools in Pretoria that provide a boarding facilities catering for both boys and girls from the neighbourhood.

Established in 1972, The Waldorf School is a private, co-educational school with dedicated and passionate educators who are always ready to prepare grade 1 to 9 learners for life’s challenges by gaining the perspective of an inclusive world view.

At Waldorf School, learners have the boarding option of weekly and full boarding and lots of access to extra-activities in the serene farm environment giving access to nature. The children are roomed in age-appropriate groups, with separate facilities for girls and boys.

School and boarding fees at The Waldorf School are very affordable, leaving parents with the fee range of R65, 340 to R74, 640, and annual boarding fees of R65, 340 to R98, 340 for weekly full boarding.

Application are open to parents who are interested in sending their child to the school and as boarders. a tour in the school will be a good conviction to select the school as your choice of boarding schools in Pretoria for your growing child.

School Details
Grade: 1 – 9
Phone Number: +27 12 802 1175
Email: info@thewaldorfschool.co.za
Address: Plot 147 & 148, Mooiplaats, Pretoria East

Die Hoërskool Menlopark

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-Menlopark
Established in 1963, Die Hoërskool Menlopark popularly called “Menlopark” is one of the top excellent public, co-educational school in South Africa.

If there one choice of boarding school in Pretoria, then Menlopark can be that good choice if you want to engage in wide variety of academic learning: from languages-German, French to Arts and cultures, wide range of subjects.

Menlopark is one of the notable boarding schools in Pretoria. However, the school offers both day and boarding for learners who choose to pursue their study with Menlopark.

The Menlopark residence provides accommodation for boys and girls from grade 8 to 12. The girls have their residence different from the boys

Menlo residence where boarding student lives is situated at the centre of the school to supports the learners values of integrity, loyalty and respect and diligence.

The Menlo boarding provides an opportunity for motivated participating learners to reach their maximal potential in a safe but disciplined but sociable family setting

The boarding facilities provide a good comfort of home for the Parkies to learn in a visualized academic environment.

School fees and boarding fees are affordable for an average parent. The high school is among one the affordable high school in the neighborhood. Application for admission into the school can be checked on the school website along with payable fees.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 361 7738
Email: info@menlopark.co.za
Address: MenloPark High School Atterbury Road, MenloPark, Pretoria

Best Private Boarding Schools in Pretoria

If private school is your choice of boarding school without breaking the bank, Here are the best private boarding schools that are notable for sound academic, extra-activities.

  • St. Alban’s College
  • St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls
  • Cornwall Hill College
  • Cornerstone College
  • Reddford House The Hills
  • Waterkloof House Preparatory School
  • The Waldorf School

Best Public Boarding Schools in Pretoria

These notable public boarding schools are the most sort after public boarding school in Pretoria for grade 7 to 12.

  • Pretoria Boys High School
  • Pretoria High School for Girls
  • Hoërskool Waterkloof

Best Boarding Schools For Boys in Pretoria

Unlike the boarding schools for girls, parents who are interested in sending their child to the top boarding schools for boys in Pretoria has these notable schools to select.

  • St. Alban’s College
  • Pretoria Boys High School
  • Waterkloof House Preparatory School

Best Boarding Schools For Girls in Pretoria

Providing your child with the desired sound learning is one greatest gift. These boarding schools are the notable schools to send your child for quality learning.

  • Pretoria High School for Girls
  • St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

Best Co-Educational Boarding Schools in Pretoria

These Mixed boarding schools in Pretoria accepts boys and girls for good learning under a seren environment. They are the best pick of co-educational boarding schools in Pretoria.

  • Willowridge High School
  • Cornwall Hill College
  • Menlopark High School
  • Waterkloof High School
  • Pro Arte Alphen Park
  • Die Hoërskool Menlopark
  • Cornerstone College


If quality learning is the focus, the reputable high schools with standard learning facilities and trained staff should be your choice. That gives the reason why the best boarding schools in Pretoria are a good choice of high schools to attend. Be it private or public boarding school.

Have you attended or planning to enroll into the best boarding school, we do love to know the boarding school of your choice. Share your thoughts today by commenting or contacting us if you feel there is school to that worth considered on the school listing.

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