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12 Best High Schools in Midrand, South Africa 2024

by Omale Philip
Best High Schools in Midrand
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Are you looking for the leading high schools in Midrand. These best High Schools in Midrand, South Africa are the notable private and public schools offering sound academics under standard facilities.

Midrand is one of the towns in South Africa with leading prestigious high schools for learners from grade RR to 12. Many parents in Midrand take to the reputable high schools in Midrand to enroll their child. Because of the high-quality education provided, extra-activities such as sporting, art and cultural including computer studies.

However, there are many options of high schools, but finding a prestigious high school in Midrand can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin the search.

The list of best high schools in Midrand – notable public and private high school, includes the school payable school fees, extra-activities, art and culture programs, and offered grade. Just like Midrand, high schools in Pretoria are another good choice to enroll your child.

But if you are planning to send your child to a prestigious high school and you are searching for the best high schools in Midrand, we at College Reporters took the responsibility to write this article, help you find and make the perfect choice of the best high schools in Midrand, including their activities and fees. Read on for more information.

Why Attend Best High Schools in Midrand

Every parent wants the best choice – best tablet, best pc, and best school. The best high schools are recognized for quality learning, wide range of extra-activities, sporting, art and culture.

If you have to select or make choices of high school to enroll your child, the best high schools in Midrand are excellent selection. Many parents are choosing to send their children to the prestigious and best high schools in Midrand – due to the excellent schooling system and sound academics, engaging sport, arts and culture.

Some of these best high schools may surprise you by offering school fees far lower than their peers.

While many of them are affordable schools and provide a good education, some maintain small class sizes and an excellent quality of education.

You have to pay attention as there are also quite a few that aren’t worth the money. Consider all of your options, also make a visit to the schools before making a decision.


12 Best Private High Schools in Midrand, South Africa

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Here Are The Best High Schools in Midrand, South Africa

Find the best high schools in Midrand, there are both private and public high schools. Click on your desired choice of school for complete overview

S/N Best High Schools in Midrand Location
1. Midrand Christian College Halfway Garden, Midrand
2. Curro Midrand Sagewood High School Noordwyk, Midrand
3. Summerhill College Noordwyk Erand, Midrand
4. Beaulieu College Halfway House, Midrand
5. Blue Hills College Blue Hills, Midrand
6. Midstream College Midstream Estate, Midrand
7. Midrand Primary and High School Crowthorne AH, Midrand
8. Glen Austin High School Glen Austin AH, Midrand
9. Midrand High School Halfway Gardens, Midrand
10. PLG School Kempton Park, Midrand
11. Curro Waterfall High School Crowthorne AH, Midrand
12. Gallagher Combined School Glen Austin, Midrand

Midrand Christian College

Parents who are interested in a Christian discipline high school, Midrand Christian College can be the perfect choice of best high schools in Midrand to enroll your child.

Learners get quality education alongside Christian discipline for moral behaviour, and self-confidence to become better citizen in the society

Midrand Christian College is a co-educational, independent school. The private high school was established in 2009 and is committed to provide sound academics to learners from grade 8 to 12.

The private school is Cambridge associated and promotes physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Staffs of the school are dedicated and trained to walk along with your child in the journey of learning

The school has four different schooling: early learning (pre-reception and reception), junior primary and senior primary (grade 1 to 7) and high school (grade 8 to 12).

The school fees for learners in Midrand Christian College ranges from R55, 410 to R63, 200 per annum, and admission is open to all learners who seek to enroll with the school.

Also, the school does not hold any discrimination of gender or ethnic group, allowing admission to be open to all applicants who seek for admission into the school and satisfy the entry requirements.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 312 5572
Email: info@midrandcc.org
Address: 75 Seventh Rd, Halfway Gardens, Midrand


Curro Midrand Sagewood High School

This high school provides high-quality education for learners from grade 8 to 12.

Curro Midrand Sagewood is a private, co-educational high school in Midrand. The school is one of Curro Schools in Midrand providing a small class sizes for learners to improve their learning ability and self-confidence.

Curro Midrand Sagewood is a first choice for many learners, as the school is affiliated to Cambridge University and is also recognized by GDE. The school dedicated teachers and well rounded academic approach get the students ready for the IEB examination at the end of grade 12.

Also, the school has a mix educational curriculum of Cambridge school and CAPS to provide a stable learning curriculum as international schools.

Learning at Curro School has always been better, as students use tablets in class. The school fees are on the affordable range for many parents. fees for grade 7 to 12 range between R72,000 to R92,000 per year. But there are payments options – monthly and annually, should incase one works best for you.

Curro Midrand Sagewood provide transportation for learners whose home are distant from the school.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 87 723 3130
Email: info.sagewood@curro.co.za
Address: Sagewood Avenuem Noordwyk, Midrand


Summerhill College

Summerhill College is a leading high school in Midrand, the school is an independent, co-educational high school that has carved a space for itself in the education section.

It’s no doubt the school is among the best high schools, because of the sound academics offered by the well trained teachers – whose arms are always open wide to teach the students.

Also, Summerhill College has made significant improvements in the area of academic quality over the past few years as a high school.

Learners who come to the school, enjoy a wide range of extra-activities and sports. Because the school believe learning is all round, when a student participate in other academic related activities.

Summerhill College is many learners choice of high school in Midrand as its one of the best high school in the city to provide a handful of international programs including IGCSE (grade 9 and grade 10) and AS level (two year course).

This high school is one of the cheapest school in Midrand, offering a school fee of R 90 720 to R 96 120 per annum.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 11 468 5986 and +27 11 468 1414
Email: college@summerhill-school.co.za and info@summerhill-school.co.za
Address: Cnr. 8th and 10th Roads, Noordwyk Erand, Midrand, 2090

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Beaulieu College

If you are seeking for a school that has high focus on academic excellent, sporting and cultural activities, then Beaulieu College is a excellent choice of best high schools in Midrand.

Beaulieu College is a private, co-educational high school offering day learning. The school is situated in

The high school uses a holistic education approach to educate and develop children. Many learners do choose the school for the excellent academic structure and sporting programs available.

Learners look up to everyday learning with the school, as the teachers create a well-rounded learning environment that accept everyone.

Beaulieu College has a termly school fees for grade 8 to 12 range from R47, 300 to R49, 120. Admission into the school has been very easy for learners, as the school offers 3 schooling, Beaulieu Nursery (grade 000 to 0), Beaulieu Preparatory (grade 1 to 7) and Beaulieu College (grade 8 to 12).

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 10 591 5004
Email: admissions@kyalamischools.org
Address: Beaulieu Office Park Stallion Road, Beaulieu


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Blue Hills College

If you need a excellent atmosphere for tranquil learning, Blue Hills College is the high school in Midrand to attend.

Blue Hills College (BHC) is a co-educational, day and boarding private school in Midrand, South Africa providing education for learners from grades R – 12. .

The college is one of the leading private high schools that constantly strive to instill intellectual development, discipline, integrity in their learners. Also, the school focus on developing individuals to be highly skilled in their field of study.

BHC works on the IEB Curriculum – which is the Independent Examination Board, and provides your child with a more in-depth understanding of the work in the syllabus.

The high school takes pride in their standard boarding facility, which includes a library, dining room, common areas, classrooms, and dormitories.

The school is also known for its sports teams, which include basketball, volleyball, netball, cricket, soccer, hockey, rugby union, tennis, athletics

Application into Blue Hills College will require that you submit an application form along with details of previous schools attended, including your current school. Also, the school require that parents complete a financial statement when applying for admission.

As part of the admission process, Blue Hills College conducts a mandatory screening and interview process for any child seeking enrolment from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 10 060 0761
Email: info@bluehills.reddford.co.za
Address: Blue Hills Estate, 5 Mopani Rd, Blue Hills, Midrand


Midstream College

Midstream College is a co-educational, private school located in Midrand. The high school was founded in 2007.
The school provides a comprehensive education to learners from grade 8 to 12 at a low fee.

Midstream College has good educational environment that aid easy learning, the college has wide range of facilities – netball court, tennis court, hockey field, squash court, computer centre, laboratories.

Also, the school teaches a variety of subjects such as English Language, Mathematics, Physical Science, Social Studies, Computer Applications, Business Studies, Music, etc.

Admission process into the school attract a non-refundable fee of R500. The school fee structure for learners in grade 8 to 12 ranges from R70,400 to R77,700.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 661 2341
Email: college@midstreamcollege.co.za
Address: 1 Ashford Street, Midstream Estate, Midrand


Midrand Primary and High School

Midrand Primary and High School (MPHS) is one of the best high schools in Midrand that based its school curriculum on the CAPS curriculum as designed by the DBE (Department of Basic Education).

The school has approximately 2000 students enrolled from grades 1 to 12 and offers education from pre-primary through senior secondary level. Students who attend the school are taught by qualified teachers who have been training students for years.

The high school offer wide range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Technology and Visual Arts.

Midrand Primary and High School is accredited by the Gauteng Department of Education and has in the three phase: Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3), the Intermediate Phase (Grade 4-6), high school (Grade 7-9).

One unique facility about the school that gives less challenge is the school transportation. Midrand Primary and High School provide transportation of learners to their homes with the school own vehicle.

For parents who seek to enroll their child in the MPHS, the school admission requires a completed application form with attachment of needed copies of documents, a no-refundable application fee.

The school offer a pocket friendly fee structure – fee range of R40, 000 to R50,00 per year. A monthly fee between R4,000 to R5, 000, this allows parents having low income to send their child to the school.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 10 443 3482
Email: admin@mphschool.co.za
Address: 28 Guildford road, Crowthorne AH, Midrand


Glen Austin High School

Glen Austin High School (known as GAHS) is a private, co-educational high school in Midrand, and provides every opportunity for students to succeed academically.

The school has always stride in quality academics excellence, has a high matric pass rate – making it one of the best high schools in Midrand.

GAHS has about 1,500 enrolled students in the school, the school provides many opportunities for enrichment learning. The school teachers create a friendly learning medium for each student to find learning interesting.

Glen Austin High School is a leading high school that is many parents’ choice of best high school in Midrand, because of its education performance and wide variety of engaging cultural and sporting activities.

Application into the school is much easier with a payment of application fee of R650 attached with admission application form. The school fees are cheap compared to other best high schools’ tuition fees.

Learners pay a school fee ranging from R 35,400 to R 49,200 per annum. Also, there is monthly school fees payment option.

Many learners want to spend their high school experience in Glen Austin High School because the school allows you to grow socially and personally prepare learners for life after high school.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 11 023 7340
Email: admin@glenaustinhigh.co.za
Address: 38 Hampton Road, Glen Austin, Midrand


Midrand High School

Midrand High School (MHS) was established in 1994 to cater for the needs of learners who want to study in a small community where they can get a good education without being surrounded by distractions.

Midrand High School is a co-educational, private day high school with over 1000 learners enrolled in the school. Including learners who come to the school from towns in Gauteng.

Also, Midrand High School is among the best high schools in Midrand ranked for quality education and good pass rate in Matric.

A day at Midrand High School is never wasted as learners are occupied with variety of subjects, extra-activities and sports – rugby, hockey, soccer, dance.

It’s no doubt, the school is many parents choice of high school for their children, specifically parents who are looking for the best high schools in Midrand to enroll their child.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 11 315 0676
Email: admin@midhigh.co.za
Address: Crn 1st & 3rd Road Halfway Garderns, Midrand


PLG School

This is one private school devoted in making education more accessible and affordable in Midrand.

PLG School is a co-educational English medium, private high school in Midrand catering for learners from grade RR to grade 12.

PLG is not just any school, but is an affordable and one of the best high schools in Midrand just the next choice to reputable public high school, that focus on sound academics and provides cultural and sports activities.

Also, the school provides boarding facilities for learners whose parents want them to board in the school residence. There are a wide variety of sports – Soccer, Court Soccer, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Athletics, Cross Country, Tennis, Swimming, Chess.

Enrollment into PLG School has always been a simple application process, Learners who are interested in studying in the school are welcome without discrimination. So, application is open to all students.

It is no doubt, PLG School is a more affordable high school in Midrand, the school fees for learners in grade 7 to 12 range from R2500 to R4500 monthly fee, in any of the school campus – spring and willow view.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 11 678 4406
Email: info@plgschools.co.za
Address: 31R First Road, Bredell, Kempton Park
(closest corner High Street / R23)


Curro Waterfall High School

A leading high school with a creative and safe learning environment for learners to grow in sound academics.

Curro Waterfall High school is a co-educational, comprehensive high school located in the Waterfall Country Village of Midrand. The high school provides high-quality education for learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

Curro Waterfall High school offers a range of subjects including English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Physical Science, Business Studies, Information Technology, Geography etc.

The high school is affiliated with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), and has been providing good structured curriculum over the years to assist students pass their matric.

The school takes pride in its sports facilities, which include two gymnasiums, a swimming pool, a new stadium, running track, football pitch, tennis courts, and squash courts.

At Curro Waterfall High School, there is more to learning – with the school enhanced curriculum, learners are empowered with the right knowledge and skillsets to develop self.

Admission into the school is never challenging when learners meet the entry requirements and pay the school fees – payable school fees for learners in grade 7 to 12 is between R104, 700 to R108, 000.

School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 87 287 9469
Email: info.waterfall@curro.co.za
Address: Waterfall Country Village, Midrand,


Gallagher Combined School

Gallagher Combined School also known as Acts House of Education, is a Christian independent high school established in 2015 and is located in Midrand.

Acts House of Education offers education for grade RR to 12. The high school consists of the Senior Phase (Grade 7 to Grade 9 ) and Further Education an Training or FET (Grade 10 – Grade 12)

Also, Gallagher Combined School provide learning from grade 8 to 12 for a small class size of 24 learners. The school has a committed team of qualified teachers who earnestly invest in both the academic and pastoral nurturing of the students.

At Acts High School there are wide range of extra-activities such as athletics, soccer, cricket, touch-rugby for boys and girls, netball & chess.

School Details
Grade: 7 – 12
Phone Number: +27 10 035 1031
Email: info@actshouse.com
Address: 187 Allan Road, Glen Austin, Midrand


In conclusion, if you are looking for the best high schools in Midrand that offer sound academics, have branded curriculum.

The above top high schools are the our best recommendation of reputable high schools in Midrand for your child.

So, don’t bother looking further, because the high schools offer lots of extra-activities and sports activities that will keep your child challenged and engaged.

Do you have a question about any of the best high schools in Midrand. Do leave it in the comment for answers.

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