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11 Best Aviation Schools in Pretoria, South Africa

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Aviation Schools In Pretoria
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Planning to attend an aviation school in the country, These Best Aviation Schools in Pretoria are ones you will love to attend and start your flight courses. If you have searched for the top aviation schools in Pretoria, South Africa, you will find the best aviation schools in South Africa including those in Pretoria here, where you can register for training get your PPL and CPl along side other flight license.

As an aviation student aiming to become a Pilot in the country and fly planes. The flight schools in Pretoria listed here are well structured and has equipped facilities to enhance your learning.

In this article, you will get to know the best aviation schools in Pretoria that you can register for training

Is Aviation Schools In Pretoria, South Africa Worth Attending?

Looking for a good aviation school that you can apply to and begin your flight courses, Here are the aviation schools in Pretoria that can be the perfect choice of flight schools in South Africa. Don’t get caught unaware, because Pretoria is among the places that has good aviation schools for your training.

If you are to choose, These set of organized aviation schools in Pretoria are the top recommended flight schools in the area that are really worth attending in the South Africa.

Aviation Courses Offered in Flight Schools in Pretoria, South Africa

You can start enrollment for the aviation courses offered in the any of the best Aviation Schools In South Africa including flight schools in Cape Town. Find below some courses you can register for in the aviation schools.

  • Aviation Security
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Safety Management System
  • Cabin Crew/Air hostess
  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Night Rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Flight Instructor
  • Multi-Engine Class Rating
  • Radio License

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Here Are The Best Aviation Schools In Pretoria, South Africa That Will Interest You To Attend For Flight Training Courses

S/N Best Aviation Schools in Pretoria
1. Eagle Air Flight School
Blue Chip Flying School
Loutzavia Aviation School
4. A Thompson Aviation
Pretoria Flying School
Flyfofa Aviation Training
Legend Sky Aviation Training
Kershal Aviation Training Centre
Big Sky Cabin Training Academy
Integrated Aerospace Training Centre
Flitecare Aircharters and Training Academy


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Eagle Air Flight School

Eagleair Flight School is one of the most affordable and best aviation schools in South Africa where both locals from the country and students from other developing African countries come to study flight courses in order to enhance their flight skills and gain professional licenses after training at the aviation school.

This aviation school provides excellent professional flight training to students who enroll in the institution. The school pride itself in the wide range of flight courses including cabin crew course offered and makes use of a comprehensive syllabus and structured programs.

The aviation school program meets world class standard and international regulatory bodies such as the UK, India, Malaysia making your issued license valid. The training centre is committed to produce wide range of flight professionals in the aviation field through intensive training from their team of experts.

Eagleair Flight School have claim of strict adherence to flight standards that will enhance students in their hands-on skills to achieve set goals more quickly and cost-effectively.

Training classes at EagleAir Flight School are structured in such a way that student gets the best of learning and training experience. The average duration is 12-16 weeks full time private pilot and 6-9 months part time.

Aviation Courses Offered

Flight Training (Airplane)
Flight Attendant
Private Pilot’s License
Night Rating
Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot’s License
Multi-Engine Rating
Flight Instructors Rating
Airline Transport Pilot’s License
Radio License
Jet Rating
First Aid & Fire Fighting
Dangerous Goods, and Crew Resource Management

Website: www.eagleair.co.za

Phone Number: +27 (0) 12 543 1929

Address: Wonderboom National Airport
Hanger 58 A Pretoria, Gauteng, 0084 South Africa

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Blue Chip Flying School – Pretoria

Blue Chip Flying School is one of the best aviation schools in South Africa having extraordinary team of experts in aviation who are committed, passionate and excellent instructors fully on ground to train you.

Blue chip do offer you a wide range of aviation courses if you are planning to get your license. The school combines all necessary aviation training to produce competent graduate in the aviation industry. Their advanced teaching and learning facilities allow students to engage in in-depth research to understand the recent trends in the flight industry and become the next generation pilots with set skills that will enable them be a good fit in the modern flight industry.

This aviation school can be your perfect choice of flight training school in Pretoria as it has aviation safety policy which are always considered.

For an aviation school of this kind, you won’t find much challenges in getting your training complete as the aviation school has an accredited test centre which makes the writing of Private Pilot License (PPL) exam alot easier and the fees for training much cheaper.

Aviation Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL)
Commercial Pilot (CPL)
Flight Instructor (CFI / FI)
Instrument Rating (IR)

Website: https://bluechipflightschool.co.za/

Phone Number: +27 12 543 3050

Address: 109 Linvelt Rd, Onderstepoort, Pretoria, 0110, South Africa

Loutzavia Aviation School

Loutzavia is one flight school that will amaze you as they are constantly focused on giving students the best training during your stay at the school. This flight school was established in 2003 and is located at Wonderboom Airport Pretoria.

Loutzavia operates a fleet of 21 training aircraft ranging from the multi-engine King air and Piper Cheyenne to the single engine 4 seaters. The flight training are well structured with a good syllabus to assist you get your license.

Student who take to Loutzavia Aviation School have strong testimonies of amazing experience gained during thier training. Their professional team are committed to give the best training and they have well maintained fleet of aircrafts, if you thinking of Safety standard they do provided a very good safety to help you achieve your goal.

Aviation Courses Offered

Private Pilot License

Night Rating

Commercial Pilot License

Flight Instructor Rating

Website: Nil

Phone Number: +27 12 567 6775

Address: Hanger, 70A Airport Rd, Wonderboom, Pretoria, 0110, South Africa


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A Thompson Aviation

A Thompson State of Art will definitely amaze you and give you the best of training. You will find this aviation school a more friendly but strict learning centre with the highest regulated standards that has safety as their primary goal.

At Thompson Aviation, the school is devoted to producing pilots that are “marketable” in the aviation industry. The flight school has groom many student to pursue their career as pilots and are in many aviation industry including domestic aviation community. They also offer assistance to place devoted well trained pilots after completion of their training.

Their professional team of instructors know the definition of expert and are ready to put you in the field with all needed assistance to ensure your training in worth while with memorable experience.

Pilot Courses Offered

Private Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License

Night Rating

Instrument Rating

Multi Engine Rating

Instructors Rating

Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

Website: https://thompsonaviation.co.za/

Phone Number: +27 12 753 5580

Address: Hangar S1, Wonderboom National Airport, Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria Flying School

The Pretoria Flying School gives you the exact feeling at home of flight training centre. Located in the wonderboom airport, Pretoria. This aviation school produced many pilots through organized and strict training with high standard of safety.

The team of staffs and professional instructor ensures that the student are taught and trained with the needed skills to fly and meet the demand of most recruiting top aviation firms. Pretoria Flying School choose and provide the students with team instructors not only for their exceptional abilities but their long professional experience and knowledge acquired over a long period of flying to ensure one on one training which give you a good learning.

Flight Courses Offered

Private Pilot License (PPL)
Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
Night Rating
Instrument Rating (IR)
Flight Instructor-Instrument
Multi Engine Class Rating

Website: www.pfs.co.za/about.html

Phone Number: +27 012 567 5124

Address: Lintvelt St, Wonderboom, Pretoria, 0182, South Africa

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Flyfofa Aviation Training

FLYFOFA is a South Africa based flight training centre committed to offer excellent and reliable services in the aviation industry. This Aviation school offers training, aeromedical, cargo and charter.

This aviation school prides itself to be committed and uphold the regulations governing all aspect of aviation both local and international.

This aviation school can be your choice of training school if you are considering the cost of taking your next flight training course.

Aviation Courses Offered

Private Plane License

Commercial Pilot License

Night Rating

Instrument Rating

Multi-Engine Aircraft

Flight Instructor Rating

Turbo jet and Turbo Prop Engine Aircraft

General Radio License

Restricted Radio License

Crew Resource Management Course And Dangerous Goods

Website: http://www.flyfofa.co.za/

Phone Number: 012 566 3019

Address: Hangar 71, Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria, South Africa,

Legend Sky Aviation Training

Legend Sky is among the aviation training school located in Pretoria. The school believe that aviation training offered to students should meet the international standard, safe and be affordable.

Legend Sky is based at wonderboom airport in Pretoria and Rhino park airfield in Pretoria East. The school do operate a a fleet of composite aircraft including Jabiru J120, J430 and the latest 170D variant of the jabiru range.

Aviation Courses Offered

National Pilot License

Private Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License

Night Rating

Instrument Rating

Instructor Rating

Website Address: https://legendsky.co.za/#

Phone Number: +27 (0) 83 860 5225

Address: Hanger 37, Wonderboom Airport Lintvelt Road, Doornpoort, Pretoria, 0110, South Africa

Flitecare Aircharters and Training Academy

The Flitecare Aircharters and Training Academy offers a standard training that is in demand by the flight industries. Located in Wonderboom airport Pretoria, the aviation school claim to have state of art and exceptional maintained aircraft.

Flitecare offers training in PPL to airline transport pilot and professional air charter service in the South Africa. They do have sling for PPL training and provide advanced training with wide variety of aircraft such as Cessna Caravan, Quest Kodiak (With Garmin 1000), Cessna 402, Piper Saratoga, Cessna 182

Aviation Courses Offered

Private Pilot License
Commercial Pilot License

Website: http://www.flitecare.co.za/training-academy.html

Phone Number: +27 (0) 12 543 1415

Address: 122 Linvelt Rd, Onderstepoort, Pretoria, 0110, South Africa

Kershal Aviation

If you are looking for more of online trainer, Kershal Aviation is certified online aviation training platform that offers training on both ATO, flight crew, aviation.

There is much going on behind the web details, such as management and deployment technology, and online training.

Aviation Courses and Online Training Offered

Crew Resource Management

Safety and Emergency Technique Procedure Training

GNSS/RNAV Regional Navigation

Aviation Security etc

Website: https://kershal.co.za/

Phone Number: +27114627899

Address:Block 2, Unit F, Fancourt Office Park,, Airport Rd, Pretoria, 2068, South Africa

Big Sky Cabin Training Academy

The Big Sky Cabin Training Academy is listed on the flight schools you can attend in Pretoria. Located at Linvelt road, Onderstepoort Pretoria in South Africa. Many students have attended the school for their training program and successfully completed pilot training courses at affordable price. Popular training include Airline Cabin Crew course to enable you become a good flight attendant/cabin crew manager.

Local guides have suggested Big Sky Cabin Training Academy for flight training courses and compared them with other top ranked aviation schools in the area.

Aviation Courses Offered

Private Pilot License
Commercial Pilot License
Cabin Crew

Website: http://www.flitecare.co.za/training-academy.html

Phone Number: +27 (0) 12 543 1415

Address: 85 Linvelt Rd, Onderstepoort, Pretoria, 0110, South Africa

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Requirements For Aviation Schools

Before you start flying an aircraft, you will need to complete your flight training and get a Pilot license. You will require to get necessary documentation alongside to be accepted for a pilot training program.

Below are the requirements for aviation school you have to meet before starting.

Be at least 17 years of age: Student who want to enroll into the flight school have to be of age 17 above.

Complete high school/secondary school: Students must have finish their grade 12 and obtain a certificate of completion.

Have a science background or be a science student.

Possess a minimum of 5 Credits in your high school final examination in the subjects-Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Geography, and Chemistry.

Possess a student Pilot License ( provided by the aviation school you are enrolled)

Which Aviation Careers Are Available In Pretoria, South Africa?

The choice of pursuing a career in Aviation is a good decision to make, if you are really ready for the role that awaits you. You are sure to find some interesting aviation career that you will love, some are very tasking and are on high demand in the country.

Airline Private and Commercial Pilots

Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics/Technicians

Aerospace Engineering And Operation Technicians

Flight attendants

Now you know the demanding career that are on demand by aviation companies in South Africa.


Having known the aviation schools in Pretoria best for you to attend, Narrowing down the list to make your choice base on the preferred aviation school should be more easier. So do ensure to carefully organize the schools and apply to one.

Attending the best aviation Schools are very important. but more important is gaining the hands-on skills required to make you go far in your career pursuit.

will enable you have firm training and equip you for very high challenges encountered by pilots while flying.

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