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15 Best Robotics Engineering Schools in the World 2021

by Omale Philip
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The proof that we live in the future is the presence of machines(robots) as a result of engineering, technology and advanced technology. Students interested in the profession of robotics engineering and potential opportunities may find the best robotics engineering schools in the world to help pursue some robotics degree.

Robots are automated machines that can help people to carry out assembling process and other complex activities through structural mechanical devices. So if planning to take degree program, joining the robotics field is a great decision because it has been undergoing rapid development.

About Robotics

Robotics is the field which involves designing, constructing and operating robots. It also defined as learning about the computer systems which control them and are important for their information processing and sensory feedback.

It has subfields which includes android science, artificial intelligence, nano-robotics, robot surgery while robotics is identified with other science fields like software engineering, character animation, machine structure, cognitive science, bio-mechanics.

Why Study Robotics

The world and it’s future is now becoming more automated with computer systems (robots) now carrying most activities and works performed by humans.

Looking at the trend on the supports by robots and the need for humans who specialise in robotics to effectively utilize computer systems to make human works and other activities very easy and as well faster.

The earliest research robotics programs began setup in few colleges about 50 years ago. However, the 21st century has witnessed a growth in robotics and the field is gaining popularity.

Now research programs in robotics have largely increased, students and graduates preparing for the field or have a background in engineering, computer science can attend schools offering robotics engineering.

Finally having this degree, students are well prepared and having the knowledge and skills to work in the profession.

Opportunities for Robotics Graduates

Looking for opportunities available for graduate student of robotics who have acquired either bachelors or masters degree in the field, here are some opportunities and job positions which includes;

Robotics programmer
Robotics systems controller
Robotics engineer
Automotive robotics engineer
Industrial robotics engineer
Aerospace robotics engineer

Methodoly used for Ranking

In determinig the best robotics engineering schools in the world, we will specifically looked at colleges using certain key factors below;

We looked at the degree program offered by the schools, a a master degree in robotics is fared better than master in computer science, focused teacing and learning in robotics is also considered better than computer science with no concentration in robotics.

Research Program
Strong concentration in robotics research program by schools, graduate students – specifically PhD students. Measure of strength for robotics research, looking at the number of school faculty conducting work in robotics or related subject and major labs basically with inclusion of other under robotics. Note, some flexibility was used for this last

This metric is also very important, a school may be either expensive or cheap and there aren’t any quality program. Accreditation is considered for better degree certificate issued by the school.

Combining all these factors, you’ll notice that a few of these schools offering robotics engineering are quite expensive, and truly we don’t expect less from the colleges that host some of the most well-equipped, well-funded, high-tech laboratories for robotics in the world.

List of Top 15 Best Robotics Engineering Schools and Colleges

Here is a list of top schools that offer robotics engineering program, after exploring some of the best robotics schools – universities and colleges.

1. Carnegie-Mellon University

M.S. in Robotic Systems Development, Masters in Robotics

Canegie Mellon University robotics institute is the world largest – affiliated research group in robotics. The robotics system development program at Carnegie Mellon prepares student for a better interface and isn’t your normal science, mechanical, electrical, robotics engineering. An advanced program for advanced graduates – any such thing exist?

A private university in pittsburgh, best robotics school in the country. The university offers multiple range of program – engineering and computer science. Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute provide many academic programs in Robotics like Masters in Robotics, Robotics Additional Major, Master of Science – Robotic Systems Development (MRSD) and PhD in robotics.

The Masters in Robotic Systems Development (MSRD) program put together technical skills and engineering coursework with a focus on business and project management. Having said that, it is best for students who seek to work in the business sector, where engineers are bound to work in teams and dabble with various aspects of the organization – inclusive product development and marketing.

2. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Masters and PhD Program in Robotics

Established in 1817, University of Michigan is a public university located in Ann Arbor Michigan. Having undeniable robotics engineering degrees and amazing research programs for students, University of Michigan truly is a persuading robotics college to add to choice of school.

The University of Michigan even allows first year graduate students to get hands-on experience immediately by taking a a course – Robotics System Laboratory. The rest educational modules is split between three center areas: Sensing, Reasoning, and Acting.

U of M Institute of Robotics offers a master and doctorate degree with aim to create robotic applications through the integration of knowledge.

3. Georgia Institute of Technology

M.S. in Computer Science: Computational Perception & Robotics

The Georgia Institute of Technology was established in 1885 and is a public university popularly called Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing, is considered a good choice for students who are seeking for a robotics engineering degree having an imaginative aim to reclassify the human experience of computing.

Inside the department, graduate students can adopt a specialization in masters in computer science: computational perception and robotics, knowing this specialization will guide them through cool but complex coursework in Robots Intelligence: Planning, Machine Learning, and Computational Photography, among others.

4. University of Pennsylvania (Penn)

Master’s Degree in Robotics (ROBO)

Penn was Established in 1740, University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia and fourth oldest university in the country.

General robotics, automation, sensing, and perception (GRASP) is one of the most advanced robotics labs in the world. Term “GRASP” perfectly describes Penn robotics engineering which attracts a multitalented group of people who share one common trait. Universityof Pernsylvania robotics engineering program offers Master’s Degree in Robotics (ROBO).

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence Research Area

MIT was established in 1861 as a private research university, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA.

At MIT, there are so large numbers of laboratories, institutes, and research groups that it tend to be a challenge to keep track. The University of Massachusetts largest research center is Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).

MIT is perhaps the most wide and research-intensive of all the considerable numbers of schools discussed on robotics engineering degree ranking.

The university offers graduate program in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science if you are looking to get degree at this prestigious institution.

6. Johns Hopkins University

Robotics MSE

Johns Hopkins University through its Computer and Robotics Detection Laboratory (LCSR) offers robotics as a master’s degree.

Undoubtedly Johns Hopkins University is one of the top schools in the United States. However, it is best known for its stellar medical programs – does this in way have to do with robotics or robotics engineering cause we talking about robotics here. A lot, apparently! you’ll see exactly why by taking a look at the school’s Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics research wegpage.

Alot of the work going on in the university robotics – including research in image-guided surgical systems and computer-aided diagnostics all have their immediate applications to the medical field.

Unamazing, robotics engineering degree students at Johns Hopkins university can along select a “Medical Robotics and Computer Integrated Surgical Systems”

Above all, graduate students taking the master’s program can specialized any of the followig; automation science and engineering, bio-robotics, control and dynamics systems, perceptual and cognitive systems, general robotics and medical robotics, and computer-integrated surgical systems.

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7. University of Southern California

M.S. in Intelligent Robotics

The university is one best colleges for robotics if you need to pursue robotics engineering. University of Southern California robotics research lab encourages undergraudate students to undertake practical skill by taking directed research credits from the faculty. USC has large number of robots and a constantly growing collections.

With an MS degree in intelligent robotics, the university is one of the main schools in the nation to really offer and undeniable mechanics robotic engineering degree.

8. Washington University

Master of Engineering in Robotics

The school is a private not-profit making research university in St. Louis offering graduate program – Master of Engineering in Robotics.

The degree program is open to students who have acquired a bachelor in engineering or physical sciences degree from an accredited college. The program is designed for duration of a year and a half, a part-time study program option is also available.

9. Columbia University

Students interested in new research and networks in the field of robotics can connect with the Robotics Group of Columbia University. The large projects described on the Columbia University’s Robotics Group are undoubtly impressive.

Autonomous vehicles for navigating urban environments, system for facilitate aspects of surgery-by-robot, 3-D simulation tools to teach robots how to interact with the real world. and several areas of research in progress, particularly the brain-computer multimodal interface for human-robot interaction, monitoring of surgical tools.

10. Oregon State University

Graduate Program: MSc and PhD in Robotics.

Oregon State University offers graduate program in robotics – MSc and Doctorate degree in robotics.

At Oregon State University, the college of engineeering takes a direct academic learning approach as there are no specialization.

This is no evidence that the streamlined program system lacks variety in robotics as the school is considered for robotics degree program in the nation. Oregon State University research program takes pride in robot operation system.

11. University of Maryland

M.S. in Systems Engineering: Robotics

University of Maryland combines several wide ranges of interest, and students have the privilage adavantage to learn. Planning to undertake a graduate research, UMD offers M.S. in Systems Engineering Robotics at the Maryland Robotics Center.

The University of Maryland perhaps offer one of the most balanced program of all the degrees featured in this schools offering robotics engineering.

At the school student’ll find above 30 faculty members exploring everything from miniature robots for nanomanipulation to unmanned robots for space exploration.

12. Colorado School of Mines

Graduate Degree Programs in Mechanical Engineering: Robotics, Automation, & Design.

Colorado School of Mines majority programs are focused on innovative STEM programs.Colorado School offers graduate degree programs in Mechanical Engineering: Robotics, Automation, and Design. The School of Mines is known basically as one of the top public schools for engineering and applied science.

Graduate students of the school majorly benefit from award by attending such a high-tech college; academic areas include Biomechanics, Solid Mechanics and Materials, Thermal-Fluid Systems, and most importantly, Robotics. Also the university has developed the Biomechatronics Research Lab.

13. Stanford University

Established in 1962, Stanford’s School Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has been facilitating robotics learning for about 52 years.

Planning to pursue graduate program at the university, the research facilities in the school include stanford artificial intelligence laboratory and standford robotics laboratory

Members and student of the artificial intelligence research group gather and contribute to areas such as computer vision, knowledge systems, decision theory, and bio information.

14. Florida A&M University

Graduate Program at CISCOR

Florida A&M University unlike some other robotics engineering schools, fosters a uniquely targeted curriculum. The interdisciplinary nature allow graduate students gain exposure to people and program through direct work under the faculty members in the Center for Intelligent Systems, Control, and Robotics.

All of the most relevant school degree programs and courses in robotics have been handpicked from majors throughout the College of Engineering unlike other university which only offer a small number of courses directly related to the field.

These result in a rich set of classes that include Robot Kinematics and Dynamics, Artificial Neural Networks, and Applied Machine Learning.

15. Cornell University

M.Eng in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering: Dynamics, Controls, & Robotics

At Cornell University, there is an option for engineering students to earn a Ph.D, an M.S, or an M.Eng degree. The programs are more research-focused while others are designed for professional engineers having just 1 year duration of accelerated coursework.

M.Eng students at Cornell don’t complete years of research, they can take advantage of numerous concentration areas and with unique hands-on projects. To strengthen and broaden their knowledge, students can explore fluid dynamics, nonlinear vibrations, and solids mechanics in addition to mechatronics and autonomous Mobile Robots classes.


Now that you have explore the list of 15 best schools – universities and colleges for robotics engineering, you can add by writing down the universities that you consider to pursue robotics degree program

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