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8 Best Aviation Schools in Durban| Location & Flight Courses

List of Top Aviation Schools in Durban for Flight Training

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Aviation Schools In Durban
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Looking for flight school near you to attend, These Top Aviation Schools in Durban offering flight training are strongly recommended for an individual who want to fly a plane or become a commercial pilot.

Choosing a flight school can be challenging and difficult. But since you will be spending some huge amount of money to study, you need to carry out research and careful organize the flight schools that interest you before deciding on the one to attend.

The flight schools in South Africa are among the well selected aviation schools with recognized pilot training. Today the country has a large number of aviation schools and selected among popular pilot training destination for both domestic and international students.

Some flight school do offer major flight programs where one can get training for a wide range of courses. Other do the basically private pilot license (PPL), commercial pilot license (CPL) allowing you to transfer to another flight school in Durban to complete all the courses.

One major question many South Africans seek answer to is –what are the aviation schools in Durban, South Africa? So we have search and carried out surveys and organized the best aviation schools in Durban you can attend for your next flight training, do read further for more details.

How to Find a Good Aviation School That Will Interest You

To find the top aviation schools in Durban, you need to follow some guides and approaches/steps to make your search successful.

You can search here-best flight schools in Durban for a pilot training. The recommended aviation schools are well recognized in South Africa and offer pilot training for individuals who also want to become a commercial pilot.

However, if you do need step by step guides in finding the aviation schools in Durban, you have to follow our guides below.

Plan And Decide on Your Pilot Training Program

If you want to become a pilot as a long term goal, there are varieties of trainings you will have to undertake, commercial pilot license, private pilot license e.tc. There are critical questions you need to ask yourself, which are the top flight school with national and international recognition and airlines usually hire from? what are the training programs available that i need to undertake?

Fees For Flight Training

Once you have determine how much you can afford, do research for the fees for the flight course in selected flight school. Different school have varying fees as result of the facilities, aircraft type, location), do find out their fees and if you can afford the fees. You might opt-in for part-time program or ask for financial aids.

Equipment And Facilities

It is important you know the equipment and facilities including the aircraft type use by the flight school. The aircraft maintenance and strong safety approaches is strongly recommended. Do they have sufficient number of aircraft for students?

There are pros and cons training at a quite airfield and at controlled busy airport, as beginner a quite airfield can be a good training environment for you to maximize your flight time and train at a calm environment. However, if you do wish to be a commercial pilot, the controlled airport can be the perfect definition of environment as you will be exposed to such environment and gain practical skills talking with the controllers on radio.

Do ask or inquire about the aircraft type, maintenance of the aircraft, it’s is important from training but more important from a safety aspect.

Tour List of Organized and Selected Flight Schools

To finally decide on the choice of flight school, visit the list of selected schools, speak to the instructors, make inquiries from the students to know about their opinion of the flight school and also learn about the training.

You may further want to meet the management team to learn of the safety practices, training and all necessary information you need.

Why Aviation School in Durban

Since you have decided or planning on becoming a pilot, you will need to attend an aviation schools in Durban or around South Africa where you will be trained to be a pilot after taking exam and received license to fly a plane.

In South Africa, there are large number of aviation schools and the flight schools in Durban are among the best flight schools in the country.

On completion of your flight training, students can fly aircrafts as commercial pilots or fly as private pilot with no remuneration. Aviation is one of the prestigious career today for young individuals who attend a flight schools and complete a training from any of the aviation schools in Durban

You get the chances of meeting a different people and their culture as you fly aircraft and travel from destination to destination.


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How Much Does Flight School Cost in Durban, South Africa?

It’s typically base on the type of training the individual will undertake in a flight school. For a commercial pilot, the duration take around 2 years and the fee is around $50, 000 to get a Commercial Pilot License in South Africa.

Further training and license-night rating, instructor rating will take another fee.


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How To Become a Pilot in Durban

Many individuals who became a pilot started with their eyes usually turned up to the sky and dream of flying those big aircraft. When considering a pilot as your dream career, one factor that comes into the mind is the huge pay.

To become a pilot in Durban, South Africa, you need to attend an aviation school where you will receive the hands-on skill training to be a pilot. In South Africa there are over 7 cities with more than 5 aviation schools.

So don’t simply make pilot the choice of career because they receive huge money as a pilot. You will start earning large salary when you are a commercial pilot with years of experience. But as a private pilot, you can fly for fun and carry passenger without receiving a pay.

Since you do want to become a pilot, let your passion control you. It’s best you have multiply career path since becoming a pilot requires huge amount of money and this fees can it challenging for an average family.

Decide and plan your finance if you have concluded in going to an aviation schools near you to be a pilot. Know how much it would cost you, as the fees are high and it going to take you some years before you become a commercial pilot.

Choose an accredited aviation school in Durban with approval of Federal Aviation Association (FAA). Once you are enrolled in one of the best flight schools in Durban, begin your training and successfully complete each training.

It take about a whole lot of years to complete a flight training, so some individuals take the course one at a time to complete, this can slow your pursuit and cause long time to successfully

Is It Difficult to Get into an Aviation School?

Attending a flight school can be hard or easy depending on your skills, requirements met, efforts and training.

So, flight school can be very easy and not as hard as you think, you will need to meet the requirements to get into one and take the desired flight training.

It will be a whole lot of experiences with unforgettable memories once you get in and commence your training while receiving lessons from your instructor.

Requirements For Aviation Schools In Durban

These following requirements must be met to get a pilot license

  • Must be at least 17 years old.
  • Valid Student Pilot License.
  • Hold a restricted or general radiotelephony certificate.
  • Completed 8 online PPL exams.
  • Accumulate 45 hours total flight time by the end of the course, the 45 hours must include:
    ≥ 25 dual hours with an instructor.
    ≥ 15 solo hours as PIC.
    ≥ 5 hours cross country PIC.

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Here Are the Best Aviation/Flight Schools in Durban and Their Flight Courses That Will Interest You

These are the list of best flight schools in Durban you can select for a flight training. Click on each school for a complete overview information.

S/N Aviation Schools in Durban Location
1. Virginia Flight School – Click to View Beachwood, Durban North
2. Starlite Aviation Training Academy – Click to View Virginia Airport, Durban North
3. Durban Aviation Academy – Click to View Virginia Airport Durban North
4. AAA 4 Pilots – Click to View
Virginia Airport, Durban North,
5. Skyy Aviation Academy – Click to View
Virginia Airport, Beachwood, Durban
6. Legend Aviation – Click to View
Beachwood, Durban
7. Focus Air Flight School – Click to View
Virginia Airport, Durban North

Virginia Flight School

Virginia Flight School is the flight training school you will love to attend for these reasons. The aviation academy is a fixed-wing flight training centre with professionals to get you the hands-on practice experience you need.

You will get training on Private Pilot License, Night Rating, Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating. other ratings courses such as the Multi-Engine Rating or the Instructor Rating.

These Aviation school in South Africa is authorized to provide training and they offer personal training to help develops each student into a Professional Pilot who has the necessary skills to meet the growing demands of the aviation industry.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Night Rating, Instrument Rating (IR), Flight Instructor – Instrument, Tailwheel G1000, CT, and Ground School Classes

Contact Details

Address: Virginia Airport 220 Fairway
Durban North, 4051 South Africa

Website: www.vfs.co.za

Phone Number: +27 (0)31 563 2080

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Starlite Aviation Training Academy

Starlite Aviation is one of the multi-faced flight company offering wide range of training-beginning from introductory flight to commercial pilot license.

The aviation school is one trusted and has been operating in more that 30 countries including South Africa while it’s head office is in Ireland.

This is one of the best aviation schools in Durban as ensure quality and safety during training, employ experienced, highly skilled air and ground crew personnel who are disciplined and possess the finest decision making abilities.

Among the top flight schools in Durban to select from Starlite Aviation training academy can become your preferred choice of aviation school as they utilized superior aircraft and high maintenance culture.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Flight Instructor Rating, Night Rating, Instrument Rating (IR), Multi-Engine Class Rating, Radio Telephony, Dangerous Goods, English Language Proficiency Test, Crew Resource Management, Turbine Rating, Simulator Rating, Sling Rating,

Contact Details

Address: Hanger 1, Virginia Airport, Durban North

Website: https://www.starliteaviation.com/training/

Phone Number: +27 31 571 6600

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Durban Aviation Academy

The Durban Aviation School is one of the academy for training to become a pilot. If flying a plane is your interest and you need to be a pilot, the choice of Durban Aviation Academy as a flight school in Durban is a good decision for any individual.

This aviation school in Durban offers wide range of training and provide one-on-one flight training tailored to your personal progress and availability at the flight school.

Contact Details

Address: Hanger 6, Virginia Airport, Durban

Website: https://durbanaviationacademy.co.za/flight-training/

Phone Number: +27 (0)837295617

AAA 4 Pilots

AA 4 PILOTS has a focus to produce professional pilots if you do always see yourself flying airplanes and you have strong interest.

This aviation school in Durban and is among the top leading pilot training academy in South Africa founded to provided hands-on professional training by the very best experienced aviation experts you can find.

AAA 4 Pilots is certified under the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA CAA) to provide student the best quality flight training with the highest standard of excellence in aviation, safety, education, competency, command and to achieve their individual, personal and professional aviation goals.

Flight Training Courses Offered

Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), Flight Instructor (CFI / FI), Flight Instructor Rating – Multi-Engine (MEI) Rating, Night Rating, Instrument Rating (IR), Foreign License Conversion.

Contact Details

Address: Virginia Airport Hanger 8
Durban, 4016 South Africa

Website: www.aaa4pilots.com

Phone Number: +27 (0) 31 837 6939, +27 848 938341

Skyy Aviation Academy

Skyy Aviation Academy is one of South Africa leading flight institute offering cabin crew management and several courses. The flight school is among the best aviation schools situated in Durban and is the first school in Kwazulu Natal to offer cabin crew training with a license from the South Africa Civil Aviation Authority.

Skyy Aviation Academy is also recognized by aviation industry stakeholders and partners to have provided a quality flight training for over 15 years.

If you looking for aviation schools in Durban, Skyy Aviation can be a choice to make, though they majorly offer flight attendant and cargo training to prepare students for cabin crew management. It more of air and ground training, cargo and custom training.

Flight Courses

Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant, Ticketing Agent, Ground Aviation Training, Cargo and Customs Training.

Contact Details

Phone Number:+27(0)32 815 0260

Website: http://www.skyyaviation.co.za/

Address: Hanger 7, Virginia Airport Durban North,

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Focus Air Flight School

Focus Air is recognized among the top flight schools in Durban to offer wide range of training. You can start you aviation career from the best of instructors who are knowledgeable and safe professionals in the field.

The quality of training this flight school in Durban offers is not just for flying plane for fun by help train students who have dream of flying aircraft to experts who have commercial pilot license and can fly multi-engine aircraft.

Focus Air can be the preferred perfect flight schools in Durban for you as they have existed for more than 30 years and operating at the main terminal building of the Virginia Airport and have the highest standard of aircraft maintenance. The aircrafts are own by the school which allow it more accessible for training.

These aviation school knows what it means to get the best training and is committed with professional approach to develop students with set skills to meet the aviation industry.

Flight Courses

Private Pilot License (PPL) Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Airline Transport License (ATPL), Crew Resource Management (CRM), Dangerous Goods (DG), Quality Assurance (QA), Safety Management System (SMS)

Contact Details

Phone Number: +27(0)31 313 9786

Website: http://www.focusair.co.za/

Address: Hanger 7, Virginia Airport Durban North,

Legend Aviation

The Legend Aviation is based at Virginia Airport of Durban. The flight institute is recognized among the best aviation schools in Durban with wide variety of aircrafts both fixed wing and two engine for flight training.

If you considering this aviation school, know that Legend aviation offers both helicopter and fixed wing flight training from private to commercial. The flight school may not be a very large one but offers opportunity to get flight travel and training. Although the training is restricted to the Durban area for best training.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +27 31 563 7226

Website: https://www.legendaviation.co.za/

Address: Hangar 4, Virginia Airport 220 Fairway, Beachwood, Durban

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Is Becoming a Pilot Worth It?

Being a pilot is one of the great career, and for a lot of people that do usually look at the sky for airplanes and dream flying one. You are sure going to get your dream come through.

But don’t simply make the career choice to become a pilot because they receive huge amount of money. You will start earning large salary when you are a commercial pilot with years of experience.

Since pilot do tour the world and travel across countries, today you are in Denmark and the next day already travelling to England. That’s lot of fun for any pilot definitely. Finally you do have the opportunity to meet lots of people.

But it all comes with commitment, sacrifice, time and earning low pay at early stage.

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How Much Do Pilots in South Africa Earn

For an individual working as a pilot in the country, so how much does a pilot in South Africa earn?

The salary ranges from 28, 300ZAR to 90,000ZAR with typical average salary around 57, 000ZAR including transport, housing and other benefits as a pilot.

A pilot salary varies on the factor of experiences, skills and location. Pilots who have experience and skills for 5 years and above earn from 59, 500ZAR per month and those with experience lower than five years earn about 33, 200ZAR to 43, 100ZAR per month.

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