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Falmouth University Online Masters Degree in Creative Events Management (Requirements, Cost, Duration).

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Online Masters Degree in Creative Events Management at Falmouth University
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Events play a decisive role across business, culture and sport. Effective managing increasingly discerning audiences, developments in technology and market shifts, demands skills and insight. Masters Creative Events Management at Falmouth University is designed to meet the actual need if planning to purse an events management degree.

Masters Creative Events Management is well structured by Falmouth University to develop your skill, management practice to meet this need by the industry at local or internal level.

Planning to study creative event management? Events are very important as every individual wants to celebrate the events that one has in his or her life starting from personal to corporate events. Therefore every event managers need to focus on making each one unique to avoid event, business from suffering as there would be no value addition for the client. Therefore making creativity a process and not an event, as it holds an important aspect in event planning.

Careers to Pursue with Masters Degree in Creative Event Management

Graduates with master’s degree in creative event management can look forward for the following event careers

Event Expert Planner

They handle from conferences to high-large galas events. Before the big day, planners choose and arrange all the logistics for food, décor, personnel, presenters, and technology to pull off a flawless event.

The master degree in event management will prepare you with the needed multitasking skills to be play the perfect role required as event manager.

Venue Manager

Venue managers know exactly how to execute a great event in their room be it an arena, a concert hall, or a ballroom.

They can be sales and marketing managers for spaces, helping to bring in new events and promote upcoming shows. Also they can play the responsibilities of an event planners or help the event planner in charge execute the perfect event.

Wedding Planner

The huge unforgettable wedding ceremonies, memories can last forever. oh yes forever When couples want to make sure their big day goes off without a hitch.

The wedding planners, experts know the ins and outs of every wedding topic from dresses and cakes to sound systems and marriage certificates. Their services are required during the wedding planning phase.

They help their clients make decisions that fit their expectations and budgets. On the wedding day, they run interference on issues and decisions and help take the pressure on that special day.

Catering Managers

Are you a lover of food and meals? Catering manager might be the right position for you. Whether you need to feed hundreds of people or design the perfect five-course meal for an intimate dinner, your job is important. You’re essential to keeping guests and clients happy.

A great knowledge and background in food preparation along with formal or innate skills in planning and problem-solving is needed as catering managers.

Sponsorship Coordinator

Sponsorship coordinators help solicit funds by throwing lunches, dinners, and other fundraising events. They are also called Donor, often in charge of catering to the needs of important and well-off business personnel and community leaders.

These professionals needs exceptional people skills, tenacity, and the ability to create meaningful relationships with sponsors.

Public Relation Experts

Public relations specialist creates and maintains a favourable public image by planning and directing public relations programs, raise funds for their clients or organizations.

They also charged to craft media releases and develop social media programs to shape public perception of an event program and increase awareness of its goals.

Social Media Managers

Social Media Coordinators work to promote events on social media to gain attendees and exposure for the event and the venue. They may create unique hashtags, do live feeds, design digital ad campaigns, and more.

Social media managers are integral to making the event a success. They’re also just as important during event execution to showcase the event in real-time.

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator can be a tough role, as lot of events rely on volunteer help to succeed. The staff or volunteer coordinator is in charge of all the logistics related to the personnel on site for the event.

One tough challenge is training large sets of workers quickly and encourage productivity. Uncontounless times, volunteers or temporary staff lack the needed knowledge of the event’s inner workings and are unable to take initiative when problems arise.

However, it could be a great role for you if you like to work with lots of new and different people.

Online Masters Degree in Creative Events Management at Falmouth University

Going to study Online masters degree in creative events management? Falmouth University is considered among the best school you can study and acquire MA/PGDip degree in creative events management.

Falmouth University Online Masters Degree in creative events management is developed in consultation with industry professionals by harnessing the expertise of the international event paired with academic rigor.

Master’s degree in creative events management at Falmouth will enable you develop the required skills to be event expert through concise online presentations to introduce key concepts.

The Creative Events Management master program is effective designed and structured to enhance your professional practice, creative perspectives and approaches, while preparing you to meet the trend in event sector and encouraging the critical evaluation of current industry norms.

The online masters creative events management degree allow you to extend your career into event management, possess skills to plan, develop, produce and manage events across the creative organization.

Masters Creative Events Management Courses at Falmouth University

Th creative events managemen programmes offered by the school are courses available to study online and part time.

Falmouth University creative events management master course is available to study Masters (MA) or Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip)

MA creative events management, you will need to complete four 30-credit modules and one 60-credit project (180 credits in total). All modules on the course are compulsory and must be passed in order to complete the award.

The creative events management PGDip degree need you to complete four 30-credit modules (120 credits in total). All modules on the course are compulsory and must be passed in order to complete the award. A dissertation (major project) is not required.

The fees and funding for the courses is USD11,900 for both domestic and international students.

The modules you’ll cover during the course are major research project for masters, principles of event management & research, creative practice in event design, digital futures for events and events marketing, and sustainable practice

On completion for master degree in creative events management at Falmouth university, you gain a Greener Festival Stage 1 Assessor certificates, also as part of the creative sustainable practice course and event module, a certificates in Disability Equality Training for Live Events will be issued.

The Events management master degree online allows you to be assessed through the well tailored evaluation that takes various forms , written courseworks, practical activities, self-evaluation, individual and small group from discussion to presentation, and crits to facilitate interaction and dialogue.

Masters Degree in Creative Events Management at Falmouth University- Entry Requirements

The university of has some requirements for the creative events management master degree program. If you’re seeking for admission offer, you will need to have;

An honours degree or Level 6 equivalent qualification. Proof of proficiency in English (minimum overall score of IELTS 6.5 with at least band score of 6.0 in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening or TOEFL IBT (Internet Based Test) with a minimum of 88 overall and at least 21 in all 4 components).

Equivalent recognised English language qualifications are also accepted if you want to apply to the university and study Event management course.

Master Degree in Creative Events Management at Falmouth University-Duration

Falmouth university offers online study for MA creative events management and PGDip programme which is taken as part time. As a student studying creative event management master program. The duration is 2 years and the PGDip part time is 14 months.

How to Study Masters Creative Events Management at Falmouth University

The creative events management masters degree is designed to accelerate your career, offering professional insight as individuals, corporate managers, graduates, juniors staffs the rapidly expanding events management sector

You may choose to study entirely online or study online and attend optional face-to-face events. If you wish to develop specialist knowledge, be more effective , and enhance your careers. You will be given the opportunity to attend up to two events per academic year.

Application intake opens September and you can submit an online application form. Also, submit a copy of your first degree certificate or Level 6 equivalent qualification and your IELTS/TOEFL certificate if English is not your first language

Is Creative Events Management a Good Career?

Want to know if it’s a good career option, the industry is growing, and events are only getting better. Absolutely Evnet Management is one great career which will ensure your everyday growth and exposure. Isn’t that fantastic? However, for people who feel they have the skills to succeed in the world, event management makes a great career but not every day is the same and so is the nature of the job.


In today’s competitive world, creative events management has found a balance to create the perfect event program you so much desire. Having a Masters Event Management degree is very essential if you want pursue the dream of becoming a creative events manager that is very creative and innovative.

However, you will need the essential needed skills to play the role as it very competitive because clients take notice of the decoration, sweet memories, designs provided for their programs, events, and parties.


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