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How Online Learning is as Good as Campus Face-to-Face Learning

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How Online Learning is as Good as Campus Face-to-Face Learning
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Today we will take a look on how online learning weighs up against campus face-to-face learning. Large number of persons are enrolling for online degree program in recent years. Currently there is a rise in the online learning and it’s importance.

But having the question “is online learning as good as face-to-face learning?” has taken us to research on how online learning can be as good as campus face-to-face learning the usual traditional learning most students know.

We all may know that there are new and advanced technology combined with the pandemic underway forcing school campuses to shutdown in all or most countries around the world making distance learning more beneficial.

Read further to find out how you can take advantage of online learning to have awesome learning experiences and acquire a degree online.

What is Online Learning

Online Learning is an electronically supported education that takes place over the internet. It’s often called distance learning or e-learning, where you don’t need face-to-face meeting.

Is Online Learning having any Disadvantage?

There are pros and cons for what we found interesting in our society so there may be some challenges with online learning. However the disadvantage of online learning are not large as you may think but are as a result of certain factors.

Is Online Learning More Effective?

Comparing online learning and traditional face-to-face learning, IBM have found that individuals who participate in this learning are five times fast with online materials and courses using their gadgets than in traditional face to face materials and courses.
The reason is because they are able to go through given areas of the course they more understand and feel comfortable, but slower through those course areas that they need some more time to understand.

How Online Learning is as Good as Classroom Face to Face Learning

Since the past years which online learning emerged as another method of education. Online learning is just as good as classroom learning. all individual and age groups do benefit from it. There is now rise in the rate of student’s involvement in the online learning program. But can online learning be more effective? Is convenient, cheaper and more engaging way to learn compared to traditional learning? Let’s take a look at some top reasons how online learning is as good as campus face-to-face learning

Learning At Your Own Pace

Unlike on campus learning, Online degree programmes and certificates are readily available and typically aimed for those individuals and professionals who are occupied with work.

Since busy schedules and work activities offer limited free time, online learning allows you to have total control over your learning at your own pace. Individuals can re-read the course modules, go through materials and resources such as audiobooks, videos tutorials. This flexibility to learn at your own convenience and capacity is what a large number of individuals desire.

While commuting, you can fully watch video lecturers especially if they are compactable with the mobile phone. You also have more time to process new materials, answer class assignments at your own pace unlike face-to-face learning.

Get Degree Online

The aim of studying a particular degree course is to get certificates. Would you believe it, online learning can still grant you same degree certificate or diploma that are given to people who take traditional class. Yes, that’s true. Students can even use the certificates gotten just like that given to people who take face-to-face traditional learning.

You will be amazed to know that top ivy league schools-universities and colleges offer distance learning, so you can take an online learning course with certificates from these universities and on completion of course a degree certificate is issued to you.

Improve Self Discipline Skills

Younger high school students are used to having academic modules in classroom learning environment as they are easily distracted because they have little focus, not organized when left with the quick swipe devices, gadget, and computer. But online learning is well known with adults in colleges and universities and older people because they have developed self-discipline skills.

You can see that online learning improves, self-motivation, self-organization, ability to focus on details, and self-discipline skills as the more you get engaged, the quicker you learn and develop them, the better you with polished profile and resume to outshine when you enter the real work environment.

Don’t say you don’t need it because in the real world, you are normally required to have efficient time management, attention to details, self-organization and self-motivation to complete assigned responsibilities or undertake new projects.

Having this few top reasons, you will begin to agree that online learning is as good as campus face-to-face learning. let’s continue and see more on how online learning can weigh up against campus learning.

Reduce Fees and Saves Time

Online learning doesn’t allow you to spend money commuting from place to place. Not only are online learning courses cheaper but several courses have flexible schedule where you can complete a particular module within a given period of time.

We all know how students spend money and precious time on transportation, flight to their study destination which is one major challenge most students encounter in face-to-face learning. But online learning allows you study from home saving you some cash by not paying several bills.

If you have a goal and you are a quick learner you can complete your courses within the allocated time frame and not when others will finish their course, unlike face-to-face learning environment where everyone is on the same course schedule.

Online learning is as good as face-to-face learning because of the interactions, response time that you receive from an actual professor or class instructor during the online learning.

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Improve Social Relationships and Interaction

Everyone, every business now strive for an online presence and not just physical presence but to enable good social relationships using virtual and social media platforms. The social interaction in campus environment can be be challenging to some individuals, particularly introverts. You do agree every individual have a role to play in the society although some personality roles may be higher.

However, some individuals love to get it gradual from online before face-to-face meeting. The point to not down here is a good number or better said large number of persons still want it quite, absolute concentration with less pressure to get involved since they love and are best at expressing themselves through writing than verbal.

Shouldn’t these persons be involved in learning? Don’t you think they need to be carried along in education since they could take time to construct a good thought, beneficial ideas and share it for other students consumptions without public attention.


So far we do know now how online learning can be good or better than campus face-to-face learning and it’s no more surprising news that online learning in some circumstances is outperforming classroom face-to-face learning. If you are well organized, have access to internet with some computer, lots of motivations and prefer study online at a time that suits you while working or taking other activities, then online learning can just be the perfect learning. So consider online education to be certainly as good as face-to-face learning, if not better in some situation.


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