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4 Things Worth Considering When Choosing a Boarding School

by Omale Philip
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Choosing Boarding Schools
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Planning to send your child to a boarding school, or perhaps you have already sent your child to a boarding school, change schools severally but dissatisfied with performance in current school and want to change to a notable boarding school with quality learning, moral training.

It’s very much understood, that feeling you get when it looks like you’re throwing your hard earned money to some school bank account.

It’s certain – there are just too many boarding schools choices, and the infrastructure built as school with poor learning system certainly doesn’t help things.

If you are wondering how to find a good boarding school – that will improve your child’s academic performance, morals, be self-disciplined and it looks like it’s not working.

But rather some questions and thoughts such as: should you choose public boarding schools or private? are co-educational boarding schools better for my child? will modern boarding schools be the best choice?

It’s challenging to search for a good boarding school with some of these daunting questions, if you haven’t taken time to dive deep and understand how the prestigious boarding school are improving learners ability and hidden skills.

It may feel like choosing a prestigious boarding school for your child is going to be a challenging and task, but of a truth is not if you stick to this guide for choosing a reputable boarding school near you.

At the end, you should feel you just made the right choice of boarding school when next you want to pick and fill application form with a boarding school.

Is Boarding School Worth it?

Would you have your child commute every day to school or attend a boarding school that offer sound academics and extra-activities?

There are many reasons – attending a boarding school is a good decision. As any parent knows, paying for prestigious day schools is a huge expense – and it’s especially difficult for those who don’t have extra money to spare.

There are quite a good number of boarding schools to attend – however, it can be challenging making the perfect choice of the school that suits you.

While many of them are affordable and provide a good education, you have to pay close attention, as there are also quite a few that aren’t worth the money.

But, if you have a list of reputable boarding schools near you, making a choice will be easier. Consider all of your options before making a decision.

Here Are Things to Consider When Choosing a Boarding School

Size of Student in School

All things being equal, a boarding school with over 1,000 learners and more than 200 boarder, will give you an indication that it’s a sort after school – has been in existence for a good period, bring out graduates who are notable alumni.

Compared to school with 400 students – assuming that the number of trained staff in the school at each session is propionate to the number of students enrolled.

To answer a question, why is it so? Know this – the reputable boarding school with larger trained staff, has better chance of supervising assigned students, based on the subjects – this can be called staff to student ratio.

Better matching equal to increased student enrolment and better learning chances.

In addition to matching staff to student ratio, a larger trained staff means a larger number of subjects, grade supervision, guarding and counsellors are represented- decreasing the chances that your child will be in school unchecked or provided adequate discipline.

Finally, in case of a boarding school that admit students with high academic performance and innovation, more of these students means better learning, which obviously translate to better learning chances for your child with their peer having high academic records.

School & Boarding Fees

There are many boarding school that provide learning for high fees, learners pay different fees to get the services provided by the school. The most common are aftercare, field trip, development fee, utility fee, field trip etc.

All of them sum up to form a huge amount of fee for a learner in high school. Certainly, you wouldn’t want your child to feel left aside.

As with most matter of money, it pays to do a due inquiry before enrolling your child with a boarding school.

Try and contact a few parents who have their child enrolled in the school, and get a sense of how their encounter with them has been. Is the boarding school able to provide sound education and keep the fees very cheap? Are there big increment in fees? Do they have good payment packages – installment, weekly, monthly.

Standard of Facilities & Programs

As far as an average learner is concerned, the education they receive is either of quality or not worthy. Most parents don’t concern themselves with the education and programs offered – as long as their child is been taught (and are paying the school money).

This could be problematic and hazardous to your child education even if your child accept the teaching and practice them at home.

Let’s say you have young growing children and leave them under the care of a boarding school to get the quality education. The child’s attend the school and things just look great.

Now what if the school are not serving the child with the required education for sound performance? That’s a complete contract failure – that’s not the least of the problem you will face.

Poor quality learning combined with unstructured programs are just bad learning curriculum in general – even if you ignore the effect that will surface as result of sending your child to the school.

Facts remains that even within boarding schools, there are hierarchy, and parents are more likely to select schools with poor education curriculum – leading to the child poor performances.

Extra-Activities for Learning

Other learning program that can have a big impact of learners performance and in this particular scenario; a single program definitely does not go well – programs that challenge a student may not have any impact or groom another.

Boarding schools offer a wide variety of activities such as sports, debates, public speaking, music, basketball, tennis, drama, dance and other foundational activities that are exclusive to them.

If you are not sure which one of the activities is most benefiting for your child, it is good to go with boarding schools that offer wide range of sports and cultural, so that your child can discover the program that they fit in the most.


When it comes to choosing boarding school for your child, there are many choices of boarding school. It’s all base on what you seek.

The boarding school for girls is an excellent choice of school for parents who have girls. Also, if you want a notable school offering quality learning, top notch boarding facilities and extra-activities in a serene environment

For parents looking for affordable and prestigious boarding schools -it’s definitely worth considering the best boarding schools we have listed.

We hope this article helped you to know and select a notable boarding school, their fees and activities offered.

Have any enquiry or additional questions, Share your thought in the comment section below!

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