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10 Best Boarding Schools For Girls In Pretoria, South Africa 2024

by Omale Philip
Boarding Schools for Girls in Pretoria
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Can a girl child academic performance in school be excellent than boys? These best boarding schools for girls in Pretoria can educate your child to have an excellent education, self-discipline with morals.

Have you planned to send your child to the best boarding schools for girls? If you searched for good boarding schools near you, discover the top boarding schools in Pretoria accepting girls.

Boarding school for girls are schools that provide learning and residence only for female. The boarding school accepts enrollment of only girls and houses them in the provided dormitories, unlike boarding high schools that are co-educational (accept both boys and girls) or boys only.

A boarding school for girls is usually chosen by parents who have a female child and want to send the child to schools that is specifically structured to educate only girls-taught same subjects, participate in same kind of programs and activities provided by co-educational boarding school or boarding schools for boys.

Why Attend Boarding Schools For Girls

Boarding schools for girls function as a learning community, specifically for the girl child. Within the education system, they act as essential education environment helping to improve learners academics and moral behaviour.

The best boarding schools for girls in Pretoria offers sound learning, extra-activities that help the child learn with comfort, to be better people in the society. The schools have facilities to board students who want to stay in the dormitories.

Additionally, boarding schools for girls are known to efficiently help groom girls, as many don’t perform well in mixed group.

But basically, boarding school for girls in Pretoria accept learners who are female, educate them on the basis of academics, morals, self-confidence, discipline to face the real world of mixed genders.

Are you planning to send your girl child to one of Pretoria’s best boarding schools for girls? then, read more for complete information.

How Much Does a Boarding School for Girls Cost in Pretoria?

Are boarding schools for Girls in Pretoria expensive? First, you might want to know the types of boarding schools available, this will guide in the choice of boarding school to select and how their fees vary.

So, to answer the question, the boarding schools in Pretoria have their fees vary. Each school fee is different from another, this is as result of programs and activities – subjects, dormitory facilities, sports and art cultures provided.

Basically, the boarding schools are affordable, parents don’t need to break their piggy bank. However, you may need to check on the school for their current school fees and boarding fees.

How to Choose the Best Boarding School in Pretoria

If planning to send your child to a boarding school, or perhaps you already sent your child to a boarding school, change schools severally but dissatisfied with performance in the current school and want to change to a notable boarding school with quality learning, moral training.

We at College Reporters did take the responsibility, researched and wrote this article on best boarding schools for girls in Pretoria. Do read further for more information.

When choosing the best boarding schools for girls in Pretoria, we did look for a prestigious and notable boarding school for our girl child from grade 8 – 12, within the province – we enrolled her in a recommended boarding school for girls.

Amazingly, her performance became better, hence we plan to take opportunity by sending her siblings to the boarding school

That’s a worthwhile testimony from a parent with a girl child who was about entering grade 8.

Do you find it challenging to select a good boarding school, there is just one problem to finding the kind of desired school-it’s certain there are just too many boarding schools choices. And the learning activities the boarding schools claimed aren’t helping your child improve in academic, bring out the hidden talents.

Finding best boarding schools can be easy. There’s just one problem – there are too many choices, and the infrastructure built as school with poor learning system certainly doesn’t help things. What are the best boarding schools? should you choose public boarding schools or private? are co-educational boarding schools better for my child?

Some of these questions may seem daunting if you haven’t particularly taken the time to dive in and understand how the boarding schools for girls provide learning, so it may seem like choosing boarding school for your child is going to be a tough task, but it doesn’t need to be so.

After reading this article to the end, you should feel you just made the right choice of boarding school, when next you want to pick and fill that application form with a boarding school.

  • Size of Student in School
  • School & Boarding Fees
  • Facilities & Programs
  • Extra-Activities

Find more information on choosing the best boarding school. A worthwhile information for parents before picking a boarding school application form.

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Here Are The Best Boarding Schools for Girls in Pretoria: Prestigious Schools to Attend

Here is list of the best boarding schools in Pretoria for your girl child. Click on your preferred school for complete overview information.

S/N Boarding Schools for Girls in Pretoria Grade Location
1. Pretoria High School for Girls 8 – 12 Arcadia, Pretoria
2. St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls 5 – 12 Hillcrest, Pretoria
3. Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls 8 – 12 Arcadia, Pretoria
4. Cornwall Hill College 8 – 12 Brooklyn, Pretoria
5. Reddford House The Hills 7 – 11 Pretoria East
6. Cornerstone College 7 – 12 Silverton, Pretoria
7. MenloPark High School 8 – 12 Menlo Park, Pretoria
8. Pro Arte Alphen Park 8 – 12 Alphen Park, Pretoria
9. Willowridge High School 8 – 12 The Willows, Pretoria
10. The Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill 1- 9 Irene, Pretoria

Pretoria High School for Girls

Pretoria High School for Girls is just a perfect choice of best boarding school for girls, whether you are enrolling for grade 8 or changing into the school to start grade 10, Pretoria High School accepts girls from around the country.

Established in 1902, Pretoria High School for Girls is a public-school providing education for students, just as Pretoria Boys High School.

The school is situated in Hatfield, Pretoria and provide learners with sound education, boarding facility, and has trained staff to give your child the self-confidence and training required.

Pretoria High School for Girls is an affordable boarding school, low-income parents can send their child.

The school is notable for their boarding facilities, participation in competitions, cheap school fees to help parents who are average income earners.

Learners can connect with other students from around Pretoria and neighbouring cities, which can significantly increase their learning.

The school learning environment makes it easy for both new and returning students to feel at home. And the boarding school provides students with a wide range of subjects and activities to bring out their skill and dormant potentials.

The school admission is open for learners going into grade 8 to 11. However, the application for grade 8 must be carried out when the child is at grade 7.

Pretoria High School for Girls has a school fee of R48 650 and R43 500 for students in grade 8 and grade 9 – 12 respectively.

Read our article on most affordable boarding schools in Pretoria, if you plan to enroll your child in a boarding school with cheap fees.
School Details
Grade: 8 – 12
Address: 949 Park Street, Arcadia, Pretoria
Phone Number: +27 12 430 7341
Email: info@phsg.org.za

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St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls is one of the best boarding schools in Pretoria providing sound education for girls. Established in 1879, The school is a private high school located in Hillcrest Pretoria.

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls is also called St. Mary’s DSG, the boarding school provide residence for grade 5 to 12 and also have temporary boarding for day scholars whose parent are away for a few days.

In addition, the boarding school offers safe, caring atmosphere ideal for the development of intellectual and emotional behavior of the child.

The grade 8 to 9 students pay an annual school fee of R133, 250, while the grade 10 to 12 students pay the fee of R144, 900. this makes the boarding school an option of best boarding school for girls. However, the high school fees is not budget friendly, placing the school on the list of expensive boarding schools.
School Details
Grade: 5 – 12
Address: Duxbury Rd, Hillcrest, Pretoria
Phone Number: +27 12 366 0500
Email: admissions@stmarys.pta.school.za

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy For Girls

Oprah Windfrey Leadership Academy is called the best leadership boarding school for girls in Pretoria. However, the school also provide academic learning, programs and activities that help groom the girls.

Established in 2007, Oprah Windfrey Leadership Academy is an independent school providing boarding for grade 8 to 12. The boarding school pride itself as a world class educational platform for girls, and nurtures a new generation of dynamic leaders.

The school has a wide range of academic departments – mathematics, sciences, humanities, languages, and arts.

Oprah Windfrey Leadership Academy for Girls is not much of large school, but of standard learning both in academics and other areas. The school takes pride in a 10, 000 volume library, a 600-seat theater, and modern dorms to create an environment the girls can call a home.

School Details
Address: Wargrave South Henley
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 16 336 9008
Email: info@owlag.co.za

Other Boarding Schools For Girls in Pretoria to Consider

These boarding schools are worth sending your girl child. They are co-educational boarding schools you should consider and worth the money to educate any girl.

Cornwall Hill College

Cornwall Hill College is a private, co-educational school providing education for boys and girls in Pretoria.

Established in 2008, Cornwall Hill College is one of the boarding schools for girls from grade 8 to 12. The school aims to provide an environment that develop the social, emotional, intellectual and physical potential of learners.

Parents who want to have their child in a boarding school, consider the school a good choice of boarding schools for girls.

Th school students are divided into family groups, each learner under the care of a family head. Cornwall Hill College provides an exciting and vibrant community for learners- residence to call a home.

Cornwall Hill College has top notch boarding facilities under a clean environment. The school is providing a balance program for learners, academic and extra-curricular programs to bring out the best in every student.

The school has two boarding residence, Tintagel house accommodates the girls, while boys are provided accommodate in Hill house. Their learning environment is designed to develop individual potential – recognising and respecting learners differences.

Cornwall Hill College believe that cultural activities play an important role as sports and academics, and this advances the school holistic approach for well-rounded learning.

The school entry application is online, application forms are to be completed and necessary documents attached.

Make payment of non-refundable application fee- R500 per child, then successfully submit the online application form for a consideration.

Successfully selected applicants could take a placement test/interview, still part of the application process.

Cornwall Hill College students in grade 8 to 9 pay a school fee of R75, 500, and the grade 10 – 12 learners pay R85, 050. The school boarding fee is R64 320, these given fees are annual charges.

School Details
Address: Silverton, Pretoria
Phone Number: +27 12 667 1360
Email: admin@corncol.co.za

Reddford House The Hills

Reddford House The Hills is a boarding school for girls in Pretoria with an interesting, learning environment to explore. Learners receive encouragement for innovation and self-discovery.

Established in 2015, Reddford House The Hills is a co-educational, private school located at Mooikloof Glen, Pretoria. Learners get a full premium boarding facilities and are immersed in the vibrant campus life to get the best education.

Reddford House The Hills board learners from grade 8 to 12, the boarding school takes pride in premium boarding facilities, well-rounded learning curriculum, trained staff – who actively encourage and help students to discover their unique talents, gifts and abilities.

The school provides wide range of activities including sports, art and cultures. Also, students can participate in the various games – soccer, golf, swimming, hockey, tennis, chess, rugby, choir, drama, public speaking to get the fun of learning.

Reddford House The Hills offers an integrated curriculum that encourages innovative thinking. Their learning curriculum ensures that learners get the quality attention in academics for excellent performances.

Reddford House The Hills school fee for learners in grade 8 – 12 is between R98, 214 to R103, 583. While learners who board pay the boarding fee of R85, 386.

The school admission process is easy, parents collect application form from the school, completely fill and submit to the school admissions department.

School Details
Address: Garsfontein Rd, Pretoria East
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 10 060 0757
Email: info@thehills.reddford.co.za

Cornerstone College

Learners leaving grade 7 to high school select Cornerstone College as their choice of boarding school – If student is entering grade 8 to 12.

Established in 1991, Cornerstone College is a private, co-educational school providing boarding facilities for learners in grade 7 to 12. The boarding school is located in Silverton, Pretoria.

If you want a mixed school for your child, Cornerstone is a good choice of boarding school for girls who want more of academics and extra-activities. The school created a secured and disciplined Christian environment in which the best possible education is provided.

Parents planning to change their child’s school because low academic peformance, it’s worth enrolling the child in Cornerstone College.

The boarding school strives to give over 1400 students a strong educational foundation, while about 200 students are offered housing.

The Cornerstone College provides a unique learning environment with boarding facilities at low expense. Students are engaged in wide variety of sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, cricket, soccer, etc. There is also huge variety of extra-activities ranging from speech festival, choir, art club, gunboot dancing bible study, and first aid club.

Admission into the school is processed thorough application form with a non-refundable fee of R400 to R500 base on the grade.

Students in grade 7 and grade 8 to 12 pay annual school fee of R28 200 and R34 080 respectively. But, fees payment are available in other options- monthly and biannual.

The school hostel fee cost R48 000, considered a very cheap fee for a boarding school. It makes the school are perfect choice of boarding school for girls in Pretoria.

School Details
Address: Silverton, Pretoria
Grade: 7 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 804 8350
Email: admin@corncol.co.za

MenloPark High School

MenloPark High School is a notable school with contemporary traditions. The school is open to boys and girls from the neighbourhood.

Established in 1963, Die Hoerskool Menlopark called Menlopark is a public, co-educational school serving learners resident in Pretoria. Learners are allowed to grow and develop skills to become the best version of themselves.

Menlo Park is one prestigious boarding school for girls to attend. The school boarding offers opportunity for learners to interact and reach their potentials.

The school residence is situated at the heart of the school to support, provide learners who want to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities the school offers.

Menlo residence house a large number of students, support the school’s pursuit of excellence in all areas. Proudly rooted in the Menlo values of integrity, loyalty, respect, and zeal.

School Details
Address: Menlo Park, Pretoria
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 361 7738
Email: info@menlopark.co.za

Pro Arte Alphen Park

Pro Arte Alphen Park offers interesting art specialization programs. Pro Arte Alphen Park is one of the boarding schools for girls in Pretoria who display interest in arts and music – alongside other programs.

Pro Arte Alphen Park was established in 1994 – the school is a private, co-educational school and is located in Pretoria East.

Parents who want to develop their child in art professions, choose Pro Arte Alphen Park. The school is a recognised school, providing specialization in art and related areas – music, dance, culinary, hospitality/enterprise management.

Pro Arte Alphen Park has school facilities built to accommodate the different specialization areas – also for comfort, focus and unique learning experience.

The boarding school takes prides in competent staff eager to assist and provide sound learning for students. And their specialization art programs helping to develop students skill and potentials in the art professions.

For learners who want more to academics, it’s worth attending Pro Arte Alphen Park – a good choice of notable boarding school for girls in Pretoria. The high school has about 1,000 learners from Pretoria and neighbouring suburb towns.

The school boarding house accommodate about 100 girls, only two girls reside in a room.

The school admission enrolment is through application form and audition, learners indicate the area they are most interested. Application forms are available in the school financial office

Pro Arte Alphen Park school fees paid by learners in grade 8 -11 and grade 12 are R32, 120. The school offers two boarding option – 7days and 5 days.

The annual payable boarding fee for 7 days option is R61, 732, while the 5days option is R45, 276. Pro Arte Alphen Park can be a good choice of boarding school for girls, if you love arts and music industry.

School Details
Address: Alphen Park, Pretoria
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 460 6221
Email: info@proarte.co.za

Willowridge High School

Willowridge High School is one of the boarding schools for girls in Pretoria, the school focuses on academics and talent development through multi-cultural activities.

Established in 1987, Willowridge is a public, co-educational school striving to provide conducive environment, be the most sought after boarding schools in Pretoria.

The students are engaged in wide variety of academics and extra-activities – arts and design, music, choir, and heritage. A day in the school is never boring, learners are occupied with activities that will be memorable.

Willowridge school fees for grade 8 – 12 learners ranges from R26, 150 to R31, 000 per annum – excluding the boarding fees.

The school admission application is online for grade 8 learners, parents are to register online at the school website and the GDE admission website.

School Details
Address: Verkenner Avenue, Die Wilgers
Grade: 8 – 12
Phone Number: +27 12 807 3423
Email: headmaster@willowridge.co.za or sjones@willowridge.co.za

The Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill

Boarding Schools in Pretoria-Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill
Looking for a boarding school for your child of grade 1 to 9. The Waldorf School at Rosemary Hil is the perfect choice of best boarding schools in Pretoria that provide a boarding facilities catering for both boys and girls from the neighbourhood.

Established in 1972, The Waldorf School is a private, co-educational school with dedicated and passionate educators who are always ready to prepare grade 1 to 9 learners for life’s challenges by gaining the perspective of an inclusive world view.

At Waldorf School, learners have the boarding option of weekly and full boarding and lots of access to extra-activities in the serene farm environment giving access to nature. The children are roomed in age-appropriate groups, with separate facilities for girls and boys.

School and boarding fees at The Waldorf School are very affordable, leaving parents with the fee range of R65, 340 to R74, 640, and annual boarding fees of R65, 340 to R98, 340 for weekly full boarding.

Application are open to parents who are interested in sending their child to the school and as boarders. a tour in the school will be a good conviction to select the school as your choice of boarding schools in Pretoria for your growing child.

School Details
Grade: 1 – 9
Phone Number: +27 12 802 1175
Email: info@thewaldorfschool.co.za
Address: Plot 147 & 148, Mooiplaats, Pretoria East

Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Different Types of Boarding Schools Available?

Just to keep you informed when choosing a boarding school for girls in Pretoria. Below are some of the types of boarding schools girls can attend.

Public Boarding Schools: This type of boarding school in Pretoria are owned by government and open to all learners for a lesser fee.

Private Boarding Schools: They are independently owned schools providing education to the general public at some regulated fees

Boarding School for Girls: This type of boarding school focuses on a girl learner for the purpose of optimum performance with peers and opposite gender.

Co-educational Boarding School: They typically allow both the girls and boys to learn together. This type of boarding school is often times called mixed boarding school and the school fees are less expensive to afford.


Boarding school gives students access to better learning, social skills development, self-confidence, discipline etc. It’s an excellent choice of school for many learners whose parent support them to attend boarding school.

However, when it comes to selecting a boarding school – there are many choices of school to decide which to attend

Parents who expect excellent academic performance and self-reliance can send their child to boarding school. If you have the fund to pay for extra fees without breaking your piggy bank.

We hope this article helped you understand how to choose the best boarding school near you. If you have any enquiry or additional questions, leave them in the comment section below for answers.

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