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13 Best Christian Boarding Schools 2021 Ranking

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Best Christian Boarding Schools
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Recently boarding schools are more like the constant places parents find solace in to let their children study. The best Christian boarding schools is what many parents search since they desire a good level of discipline for their wards/children when they are at work or not around them.

As much as parents who are from Christian home want to enroll their wards in boarding schools to create a level of discipline in them, they are also concerned about what happens in the school when they are not there.

So, the Christian families put these core factors when searching for the best boarding schools to enroll their children/wards. Today we took it as a responsibility to research on the best Christian boarding schools that are top ranked if you are a parent/guardian planning searching for boarding schools to enroll your children.

Why Christian Boarding Schools

Christian boarding schools typically originated as result of the strong local or regional culture and belief. As result many boarding schools were built to facilitate study for students who lived in remote locations and need to learn to acquire knowledge. Additionally, the Christian boarding schools are selected by families who frequently relocate or work in busy organizations and will not have lots of time at home with their children.

The best Christian boarding schools are selected in the country and is among the preference in school search based on the following factors

  • Standards of academic excellence/College counseling and preparation
  • Activities/Programs for spiritual growth
  • Engagement in extra-curricular activities
  • School diversity (geographic, demographic, and theological)

Here are 13 Best Christian Boarding Schools 2021- Ranking

Going to attend Christian boarding school? Explore the list of the top Christian boarding schools in America. Click on any school to get complete overview information.

S/N Boarding Schools Location in U.S
1. Brook Hill School Bentley, Perth
2. Evangel Christian Academy Shreveport, Louisiana
3. Academy of the Sacred Heart Grand Coteau, Louisiana
4. ‘Iolani School Sydney
5. Gem State Adventist Academy Caldwell, Idaho
6. Oakdale Christian Academy Jackson, Kentucky
7. Pine Tree Academy Freeport, Maine
8. The King’s Academy Seymour, Tennessee
9. Kent School Kent, Connecticut
10. St. George’s School Newport, Rhode Island
11. Church Farm School Exton, Pennsylvania
12. Christchurch School Christchurch, Virginia
13. St. Andrew’s School Middletown, Delaware

1. Brook Hill School

Located 280 acres just south of Tyler, Texas. The boarding school is an independent Christian school for day and boarding students

Brook Hill School is accredited through the Association of Christian Schools (SACS) and is affiliated with the College Board, Christian Schools International, and the National and Texas Associations of College Admission Counselors.

If you’re looking for Christian boarding schools which teaches pre-kindergarten children all the way up through grade 12 graduation. Brook Hill School can be among your selected schools for your ward.

Brook Hill School takes in both day and boarding students. Instead of dormitory or apartment-style housing, the Christain boarding school houses all boarding students in home-like residential structures that are complete with kitchens, game rooms, private bathrooms, etc

Each house has full-time parent with their private lodging who supervise the academic progress of students as well as their tutoring if need, overall character development. The students are engage in extra-activities, compete in sports and not excluding visual arts, string orchestra, drama, choir, and drum line.

The students are mixed with international students as they are educated in a global environment with a Christian worldview. The Bible classes are a mandatory part of the curriculum, however

2. Evangel Christian Academy Boarding School

The Christian boarding school provides a solid teaching and educational background for grades 7-12. Evangel Christain Academy is accredited by the State of the Louisiana, Southern Association of Schools and Colleges and is associated with the Assemblies of God.

The Christian boarding school offers a variety of sports activities as well as pleasure and academic clubs and competitions of its own if you looking for the best boarding school with extra-activities, Shreveport Community Church (SCC) provides young student and church activities in which boarding students have the option to participate and attend services at SCC on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Their student athletic teams are some of the best in the state and even in the country as they continue to excell in drama, dance, and science.
More to consider, the tuition cost at this Christian boarding school is way below the national average and is quite affordable making it among the best Christian boarding school if you are organizing school search.

3. Academy of the Sacred Heart

Academy of the Sacred Heart is all girls’ boarding school that teaches several types of students including international students.

Sacred Heart day schools offers boarding but has day students that live nearby the school. The Christian boarding school educates grade seven through twelve, holds a weekly Sunday Mass and gives its students time for personal prayer and spiritual reflection every night before bedtime.

The Christian boarding school day-students that live nearby stays five-days for residential students that spend the weekends at home, But seven-days residential program for students who cannot go home on the weekends.

Academy of the Sacred Heart being a Christian boarding school provide girls who decide to board at the academy with excellent living conditions. Many fantastic opportunities to learn and grow physically, spiritually, and academically while being engaged in extra-activities including after-school and weekend activities are made availalbe to the students, many of which are centered on the equestrian center that is included in part of the curriculum

Academy of the Sacred Heart allow international students to usually board with other American students to promote diversity; exchange programs are available and occur frequently at this school due to the large amount of Sacred Heart schools located throughout the world. Also, the school academy has a wonderful fantastic college preparatory program since all graduates are accepted to many different colleges and universities.

4. ‘Iolani School

‘Iolani grooms well-rounded individuals who are prepared for college with all sense of responsibility and morality.

Founded in 1863, ‘Iolani Christian boarding school is a co-educational preparatory school housing about 2,000 students in grades K-12.

‘Iolani School is among the Christian boarding school having it’s root upon Christian values and belief.

The school is famous for its ability to welcome and accommodate international students as it has achieved a systematic way of inculcating aline of disciplines in the students

The school is one of the best Christian boarding high school to consider in the country if you searching for boarding school to enroll l your child/ward having the tuition fees and funding around $59,255.

5. Gem State Adventist Academy

Gem State Adventist Academy’s spiritual focus is that students demonstrate daily dedication of their beliefs as upcoming Christian leaderss by attending chapel services and Bible study held every single day.

Also, students are mentored to make extra communion with God, strive to serve their fellow men to enhance their spiritual growth.

Students have scheduled modified with traditional core disciplines and elective classes(different from the state’s mandated core curriculum). The elective classes included speech, computer apps, publication, auto mechanics etc.

Furthermore, this Christian boarding school has a philosophy that no student should be sent away because of an inability to pay fees. The students with exception to international students is provided with wide range of opportunity to obtain employment so wages can be earned by the students both on and off-campus

Students may work for 18 hours per week. if needed, wages can easily/automatically be applied to their school funding fees to help accommodate the student with regards to fees payment

6. Oakdale Christian Academy

Oakdale Christian Academy is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church and accredited by Association of Christian Schools and the Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission.

Located in Jackson, Kentucky a small town nearest Lexington. Oakdale Christian Academy is founded by the Free Methodist Church

For the purpose of spiritual growth and emotional maturity among the students, the school frequently holds group fellowships, chapel services within and students attend church on Sunday.

As much as academic program are well structured and organized, one fun aspect at Oakdale Christian is how they involve the student in cleaning and maintaining the campus to have a beautiful school environment.

All students do have assigned role on campus, those who excell and perform effectively are rewarded with coupons which in turn can be redeemed for other fun prizes, meals. phone card.

Amazingly, there are days when students at Oakdale and other boarding students from the U.S gathered to participate in Chapel services, fellowships, and Bible classes.

7. Pine Tree Academy

In an attempt to produce Christian leaders and responsible students, this Seventh-day Adventist school, Pine Tree Academy offers a Christ-centered life and education founded on the Word of God.

The intent of this Christian boarding school considered one of the best is to create a fun environment for students with dorm life full of fantastic activities. Students go camping, and swimming, hiking including community outreach.

Each year, the junior class goes on three days field trip to help gain knowledge of the U.S history and understand the importance. They do have a stop at the JFK Library and Museum during this field trip.

8. The King’s Academy

Located in Seymour, Tennessee. among the best Christian boarding school that seek to ensure that the students grow spiritually.

The King’s Academy is a co-educational boarding school with devotions and prayers held daily and Chapel service planned weekly.

Asides from these, dual enrollment and AP classes are offered in a college preparatory program that is organized.

An outstanding feature of King’s Academy is the Experiential Curriculum for the Outdoor (ECO) with the aim to foster student appreciation for God’s creation through camping, hiking, canoeing, and other activities.

Amazingly, The Tennessee Baptist Convention generously offer financial aids to parents as fee discount allowing them to pay the left percentage of tuition and fees. However, parents can apply to receive more financial support if there is enough funding resources.

9. Kent School

Located in Kent, Connecticut. Kent School as a Christian boarding school was established on the belief that regardless of student’s race or culture, all students should be offered quality education.

However, Kent School is an Episcopalian school that is co-education, with services on Tuesday and Thurday every week. The boarding school promotes diversity, a range of different beliefs allowing students of other faiths (Jewish and Catholic) to attend their preferred churches in town on the weekends.

Aside from academic, the school overall does a excellent role in keeping its students busy by providing lot of opportunities for students to be involved in community service and group. The shool also provides college counseling to help students prepare for college.

10. St. George’s School

St. George’s School was established in 1896, the Episcopal high school is a member of the Independent School League providing education for grade nine through grade 12.

At St. George’s, older students are often encouraged and asked to hold religious meetings (prayers and bible study) with their peers and juniors all through the week.

Students who wish to worship at a church of-campus are provided with transportation to the church at town.

Each year, students who are not confirmed members of the Episcopalian church a program is held for students and those wishing to join.

11. Church Farm School

Searching for best Christian boarding school with best learning programs? Church Farm School is one to consider.

Located on 150 acres in beautiful Exton, Pennsylvania, Church Farm School is all boys school which educates young men from grades eight through 12.

Among the top Christian boarding high school, offers college preparatory program for the students while emphasizing character and spiritual development.

As Episcopalian-based Christian boarding school, students including foreign students of all different faiths are welcome and respected at the school. The application process is the same for students who speak fluent English, here or abroad.

Church Farm School has a program termed “C.O.R.E” which stand for “Challenge of Required Experience”. The program provide the students with opportunity to engage in community service programs. They must complete five hours of community service per year, and it is hoped that they voluntarily go beyond the minimum requirement.

Also the boarding school has formal college guidance office to help students find and organize the best college that is right for them. Juniors and seniors school students will have the advantage of this Church Farm school guidance office.

12. Christchurch School

The boarding school is among the best Christian boarding schools that is co-educational.

Counselors are available to meet with students to help them prepare for college. Through these combined efforts, Christchurch graduates are regularly accepted to top colleges and universities (Boston University, Clemson, and UVA) every year.

As an Episcopalian school, with only 60 percent of Christchurch is made up of boarding students. The school is included on this list of best Christian boarding schools due to their commendable academic standards allowing students and staff meet to worship every Wednesday morning and place great emphasis on honing their spiritual development.

The Christchurch School boarding students are engaged in many athletic and social activities such as swimming, drama, yearbook, fencing, outdoor sports (including sailing and crew) including music.

13. St. Andrew’s School

Located in Middletown, Delaware. St. Andrew’s is an Episcopalian school with mixed students from practically every protestant denomination catholic, and Jewish on campus.

This Christian boarding school display quality Christian faith with chapel service holding twice a week

The academic activities allow students get engage in quality education. A meriment wide square dance which student express apprehension about it because it unknown to them serves as a bond creating activities among the students all through the school year.

St. Andrew’s seeks to have a culturally and economically diverse student body, students raise funds to assist their sister school in South Africa, help the physically challenged students, taking trips accross the U.S. Also, students can opt to take weekend at home if they don’t choose to stay despite the family atmospere that created at St.Andrew.

What Age is Best for Children to Attend Boarding School?

Attending a Christian Boarding School is helpful, However best age for going to a boarding school-Psychologists and child specialists recommend age when children attain a maturity level to interpret their parents’ plans for them positively without any hard feelings. Best 12 and above to be the most suitable age for Christians, Jewish and others going to attend boarding.

Can I Find Co-educational Christian Boarding Schools?

There are many Christian boarding school that are co-educational for you to attend or send your child for study. Also there are wide range of all boys and all girls boarding that are particular in gender schooling.

Is Christian Boarding School Good for a Child?

Christian Boarding schools help students create valorization, grow their faith and recognize their self worth. As they participate in a chapel service, fellowship, prayers, and community service in which they are seen as equals (as opposed to just the children being taken care of), they recognize what they can contribute and how they affect people around them.

Do Boarding School Help Develop Children?

“Boarding schools help students build valorization and recognize their self worth. As they participate in a community in which they are seen as equals (as opposed to just the children being taken care of), they recognize what they can contribute and how they affect people around them.

What Comparison Is Boarding to Day School?

Focus and Fewer Distractions

Boarding school allows students to focus better on their studies because television, video games, phones and other distractors are limited. The young scholars in boarding usually perform better academically because they are trained basically to learn, be self confident in an environment that is conducive to learning.


Having your children attend the best Christian high school will enable them attain a good spiritual growth and develop maturity to be a future leader who believe the Christian faith.

As no parent would want to educate a child who will not exercise good discipline in character, morals and allow such student grow to pose as danger and threaten live of fellow humans or destroy properties. This is certainly not the kind of child/ward you want to groom.

So take your time to organise your school search from the list of best Christian boarding school that are mentioned above to give room for best and affordable Christian boarding school to enroll your child/children.





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