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How To Become An Air Hostess in Nigeria 2024 – Everything You Need to Know

by College Reporters Staff
How To Become Air Hostess in Nigeria
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Discover how you can become a professional air hostess in Nigeria within a short time if you love the job of a flight attendant/cabin crew.

Flight attendant also known as Cabin Crew is one of the well-paid careers in the aviation industry. They travel from country to country, city to another city just like the pilot.

If you are planning to become an air hostess in Nigeria and is your choice of career pursuit in the aviation industry – you need to meet certain requirement & training, have needed skills, and possibly attend a flight school. Read on to find out.

In this article, we at College Reporters have taken the responsibility of helping you find out how you can become an air hostess/flight attendant in Nigeria. You will also know the requirements, needed costs/fees, and schools to attend.

First, let’s look at who is an air hostess what are their responsibility in the aviation industry.

Who Is An Air Hostess?

The aviation industry is broad with many career opportunities. Air hostess are professional personnel charged with the responsibilities of customer service for the comfort, safety, and guidance of travelling persons and passengers on flight travel.

An air hostess can also be referred to as a flight attendant or cabin crew and is sometimes called steward/stewardess, and this is one of the many careers in the industry.

The job of a flight attendant is an admirable career for many people, especially the female gender. But it does require some qualifications and training to become an air hostess in Nigeria and other parts of the country.

So next time you hear or think of why becoming an air hostess, never think of only serving food, beverages, and travelling places.

Why Become Air Hostess?

Air hostess is a good choice of career in the aviation industry you can pursue and become, the profession is chosen by many female genders but not a job for only females.

The flight industry needs the air hostess profession because of the need for comfort, safety, and care for individuals taking a flight trip.

The role is an admiring profession that also comes with responsibilities even when you travel to different places.

In addition to the assigned responsibilities of cabin crew, being an air hostess allows you to travel the world – countries, and cities depending if you work with a domestic or international flight company such as Emirate, Virgin, Qatar, and British Airways.

It also offers the opportunity to meet, connect with different individuals and build networks in the profession.

What Are The Responsibilities/Duties of Air Hostess?

become air hostess in nigeria

Flight attendants have several duties that can vary substantially from before, during, and after flight travel. Some key responsibilities to be carried out include;

Overseeing Passenger Comfort: Everybody loves comfort, most especially when travelling. The Cabin Crew provides the needed support to make passengers’ flight travel at best comfort.

They ensure all passengers get the necessary desired and adequate individualized attention.

This ranges from identifying seat position, taking orders, providing meals (food and drinks) to passengers, and assistance to passengers with special needs (children, aged and disabled persons) travelling.

In addition to taking orders from passengers, ensure all necessary supplies are on board and sufficiently stocked.

This role is the same, but some additional responsibilities may be required or assigned when it comes to private planes.

Provide Safety Awareness/Support: Air hostess or Cabin Crew are trained in safety – from first aid to CPR.

Another key responsibility of an air hostess is to provide necessary safety support within the cabin and for a successful flight trip.

The air hostess ensures the safety of passengers and safety in the aircraft cabin.

Some of the supports include – performing pre-flight safety checks and briefing. Provide and ensure adherence to all aviation rules and regulations.

Provide safety and emergency equipment and how to use the equipment (e.g seat belt and oxygen mask).

For cases of emergency and incidents – use of oxygen mask, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and other lifesaving techniques.

Preparing for Flight Take Off & Landing: From the preparation to take off, during actual flight travel, and landing, the flight attendants ensure all passengers for the flight trip and in the aircraft are well managed.

Support includes onboarding and getting offboard (monitor, manage and secure the cabin), and other assistance support for passengers with special needs and with luggage.

Is Air Hostess Career In Nigeria Worth It?

Yes is the simplest and shortest answer, the air hostess job opportunity is among the career that comes with creativity and fun.

From travelling places to meeting different individuals from diverse backgrounds. It also allows you to speak international languages and taste delicacies from other ethnic groups and cultures.

But before you jump on board because of the funs and travelling, the air hostess has responsibilities that may be demanding time and attention. They take you away from family functions and special events with friends and family.


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What Are the Requirements for Air Hostess?

To become an air hostess can some sort have a few formal requirements. Learn a few requirements to become a flight attendant in Nigeria.

The flight company you may work with does have its requirements and qualifications. Either an international or local fight company air hostess, and meeting the requirement offers the opportunity to work as cabin crew in an aircraft.

However, here are a few general requirements for an air hostess;

Requirement To Become An Air Hostess

Age: Be at least 18 years of age and have completed air hostess training and courses.

Have Needed Set Skills: good communication and customer service support are key skills required of you as an air hostess.

A good flight attendant needs to have reporting skills to prepare flight reports. Have knowledge of applicable airline safety, security regulations, and guidelines.

Inclusive to the flight reports and safety guide, an air hostess need possess a calm demeanor and give clear instructions or manage unrully and disruptive passengers.

Speak Multi-languages: be fluent in at least two international languages.

Cabin crews working with international airlines need to learn and speak fluently other international languages. It is because you will be travelling around the world or from one country to country with different spoken languages.


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Hold at least a diploma degree or equivalent, BSc degree. To gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a flight attendant, you may need to enroll for a cabin crew training program in a flight attendant school.

Courses in cabin crew will give you the technical knowledge and skill set to become an air hostess. The program and courses will train you in hospitality, tourism, customer service, safety, and communication.

Possess Medical Health Fitness:
Mental and physical health is required to become an air hostess. You will need health fitness report details to indicate you a fit to carry out the duties.

You need to pass a few selection tests and pass an aviation medical examination

Since you involve in travelling countries, and necessary standing when needed.

Possess International Passport Visa:
Since you will be involved in travelling to different countries, and different continents on an international airline.

There is need to have an international passport, except it be a local airline in Nigeria. However, since you consider the air hostess profession as a career, owning an international passport is a good choice.

If you do seek to grow in the profession and work with commercial international airlines and private planes travelling to different countries.

Then you need to have an international passport as part of your documentation.

Courses For Air Hostess in Nigeria

Courses for flight attendant can vary – some courses need renewal within a year or two. The course can take a duration ranging from days to weeks.

A few courses available for air hostess are:

  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Stewardess/Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Ground Stewardess
  • First Aid: CPR and AED
  • Air Travel Management
  • Aviation and Hospitality

What Is The Duration For Air Hostess Training In Nigeria?

Some of the cabin crew courses available at the aviation schools in Nigeria have duration ranges from 2 days to about 2 weeks. Being able to take more courses and have a certificate gives you an added advantage in your career pursuit over other candidates.

However, a BSc degree program for courses like travelling and tourism may take 2 – 4 years in higher institutions.


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Here Is How To Become An Air Hostess/Flight Attendant in Nigeria – See All Requirements.

1. Attend a Flight Attendant School

The majority of air hostess have at least a diploma degree and must acquire the necessary training in travel and hospitality or get trained and earn a certification from a flight attendant school offering programs in air hostess/cabin crew.

Take one or a few air hostess courses while in flight school to gain the training/certification needed to be a flight attendant.

Not only will you learn, get trained, and be provided with hands-on practice, but you will also make connections with others who are interested in the career of air hostess while studying in the school.

2. Gain Air Hostess Training/Certification

Develop yourself and improve your skills for the job. Air hostess have varied training such as good communication and customer service.

Other trainings include travel management and hospitality and tourism.

A few certifications include safety: CPR and AED. Possessing a diploma degree and necessary certification gives you an edge over other applicants for the air hostess jobs.

3. Have Experience/Develop Self

To achieve the dream of being an air hostess – requires you to have a few level of experience on the job and develop necessary skill sets while undergoing your training.

Look for job opportunities in the industry and work in a variety of roles or related positions to help build your experience and deepen your understanding of how flight attendant functions.

As you work from one flight company to the other, you gain more experience from the different organizations.

Use it to scale up and increase your understanding and prepare for a fully professional experience as an air hostess.

4. Apply For Air Hostess Jobs in Nigeria

After graduation, apply to air hostess jobs with the position of a flight attendant.

The school you may be studying may help connect you to recruiting airlines if you have good performance and skill sets.

It is certain that as you apply and maintain the job opportunity in the industry, you develop a sound understanding of how flight attendant function and what is required of them.

What Are The Top Recruiting Airlines For Air Hostess in Nigeria

Today, there are many options – domestic and international airline recruiters for flight attendants. Many of these airlines propose recruitment every year.

However, you need to watch out for the air hostess recruitment job opportunity.

Here are the top domestic airlines in Nigeria that offer quality staff benefits for their air hostess.

  • Air Peace
  • Arik Air
  • Dana Air
  • United Nigeria Airlines
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Aero
  • Allied Air

Air Hostess Schools in Nigeria With Cheap Fees To Attend

Pursue your dream of becoming an air hostess, If you are planning to become a flight attendant. These flight attendant schools are the best and most affordable for air hostess training.

Nigeria College of Aviation Technology Zaria – Zaria, Kaduna

Eagleair Flight Training Center – Minna, Niger

International Aviation School – Illorin, Kwara

YMS Aviation School – Lagos

Universal School of Aviation – Lagos

Anis International School of Aviation & Transportation Studies – Lagos

Dhaewood Aviation School – Lagos

Find out the best reputable air hostess training center in Nigeria with cheap fees

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Air Hostess Training Cost In Nigeria?

The training cost for flight attendant/cabin crew program can cost as little as NGN70,000 and varies based on the aviation school you choose to get your training.
In addition to the choice of air hostess school, the cost for air hostess training is dependent on the course(s) chosen, duration, and what is covered. Courses with short duration of days are cheap and completed in no time than those with duration of weeks.

What Are The Qualification To Become An Air Hostess?

As a cabin crew, you can work for a domestic flight or international flight. Whichever airline you work with, you will need some qualifications and requirement

  • Must be of age 18 years and above.
  • Earn a degree: at least a national diploma or equivalence, preferably a BSc degree
  • Have an air hostess/flight attendant training & certification
  • Pass an aviation medical examination.
  • Have some professional experience as an air hostess
  • Possess a Passport or International Visa

How Much Does Air Hostess Earn In Nigeria?

The salary varies based on the airline you work with. An air hostess’s typical salary or earnings in Nigeria ranges from around N180,000 to N240,000 per month.

However, flight attendants working with commercial and private international airlines earnings are higher and comes with other benefits.

How To Apply For Air Hostess Job in Nigeria

Do you feel ready to start your career as a cabin crew? There are vacancies and airlines are recruiting for flight attendants.

Simply locate and walk into their organization to submit your application or apply through their website.

Do ensure your documentation is available and updated to match the job position and wait for selection and interview.


You can become a flight attendant in Nigeria if are planning to become one.

Simply follow the proven steps and meet the requirements and you may land yourself a job in one of the airlines.

Have any questions about how you can become a flight attendant? Let us know in the comment.

Wishing you the best in your career pursuit as a flight attendant.

Source: College Reporters


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Benjamin September 18, 2023 - 6:10 PM

How many years do I have to study the course?

Omale Philip September 18, 2023 - 6:27 PM

Cabin Crew Training Program has a duration of few months and depending on the selected cabin Crew course.

Check with your selected school for the duration of the choice of training program

Farounbi Olanike Hannah September 22, 2023 - 5:05 PM

I would love to but I cannot afford this ????

College Reporters Staff March 10, 2024 - 3:07 PM

So sad about the sponsorship challenge for a cabin crew certification training.Don’t give up in your pursuit on your dreams

College Reporters Staff March 10, 2024 - 3:08 PM

The cabin crew/flight attendant certification training are short courses with duration of about some months

Sanusi Latifat November 10, 2023 - 9:41 PM

Is it possible for me to get the postion of an air hostess by submitting my Cv at any airline in Nigeria without having an ATO or any working experience with an airline?

College Reporters Staff March 10, 2024 - 3:05 PM

Hi Laifat, glad you want to pursue a cabin crew career, Kindly note that you will require some knowledge about cabin crew and certification to enable you be a goof fit for the airline and to withstand the comptetiveness in the application for cabin crews.


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