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Freshman in College Dos and Don’ts You Never Considered

by Omale Philip
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Being a freshman in college is exciting as activities, events and facilities in the college will thrill and expose you to college life. 

everything around you is new, new lecturers/professor, new friends and classmate, new environment and culture, new meals. aside 

been excited with new scenes and activities, college freshman from high school usually encounter some challenges in college, ranging from difficulty in campus navigation, varieties in meals and adaptation to environment etc.

List of College Freshman Dos and Don’ts

There are several dos and don’ts as a college freshman and need to be followed and noted if entering a college or already a freshman in a college

College Freshman Dos

  • Resume College Early

Freshman in a college need to resume college at the given date  for students. so before resuming ensure you fully packed up for college.some colleges require students to carry out some documentation on their first day or take a roll call. Several students resume on first day in college, new students and resuming students are present on this day and a good opportunity to find a a good fellow, acquaintance or friend be part of this and you going to love it.

  • Attend College Orientation

First time freshman in a college are given orientations, go to orientations organised for you and  other new student. Meet students from your freshman orientation; they will probably be your first friends in college. Also at orientation you get a first hand information on college history, lectures/classes, available student financial supports,college scholarships, grade ranking and grade calculations/performance (gpa and cgpa). first friends in college.

  • Know your Academic Advisor

Yes your “Academic advisor” get to know you academic advisor, he/she is inchrge and responsible for your grade presentation, academic advise, course performance advise etc. Now you know why you need to know him.

  • Be a Volunteer/Take Internships

Volunteering to activities that will support the community adds to your profile and same with internships. Awards are received for volunteering, stand a chance of college nomination. Internships boost your profiles and resumes, when seeking for student jobs.

  • Make College Friends 

College friends are majorly the lasting friend than basics or high school and will tend to support you more. Make friends with the students who are sitting next to you in class. They will make your classroom experience so much better, and you can borrow class notes from them if you get sick.

  • Attend Activities/Events for Freshman

College events and activities specifically for freshmen, need to be attended. Always ensure you go along with the arranged programs for you, you will meet classmates and make friends.
A good opportunity to  get a good  and best college friends. remember this” show me your your and i will …) and great friends comes great success.

  • Join a Sport Club/Attend Sport Events

In each semester attend at least one sporting event, or be part of a sport/club. It shouldn’t be your favorite events or hobbies, it best be an event or hobbies you you have interest and like to improve on.

College Freshman Don’ts

  • Do Not Borrow Money 

Never borrow more money than you actually need in college loans. The interest will make it so that when you pay it back, it would be at least twice as much of what you spend.

  • Do Not Dislike/Hate Professors

Learn to say hello to your professors! like them and their courses. Know how important professors’are? you need to know how professors office hours are for a student academic life. You get job connections, career, internship opportunities and get recommendation letters by showing to your professor that you are actually interested in their class. Chances are you will have them again later on in your college career. Even if you are in a class with over 100 students, if they already know who you are and know you by name, meeting them during office hours will be so much easier.

  • Never Walk Alone 

As a freshman  walk with a friend or in group, this provides you with security from bullies and aslso from been robbed, raped and provide you with information.

  • Don’t Stay in Dorm or Apartment Alone

Ensure to stay with partners in dorm or have room mates in apartment, this help in relay of information, proper information of your where about if any disaster, crisis, riots and other importance. 

Know what you need to do to be successful in college, as this list is not comprehensive . Avail yourself of every opportunity, it certain each college and university offers different opportunities for their students, so make sure you take time to check out what your school has to offer.  Listen to yourself and while doing that  have some fun.

Need to add to the list, Your  comments is welcomed leave it in the comment below!

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