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University of Witwatersrand Postgraduate Fee

Interested in studying in South Africa? Do you want to know the postgraduate fees for Witwatersrand University WITS? Discover the fees structure for WITS postgraduate programs. The University offers a range of course programme for students who seek to study at the higher institution.

Are you a prospective student seeking for study or already offered admission at the university? Here you will find the University of Witwatersrand WITS Postgraduate fees for 2020/2021 academic year. Find out the fees structure by reading further to see the postgraduate programmes and their fees.

About University of Witwatersrand

The University of Witwatersrand known as WITS was established in 1922 and located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The University is ranked second in the list of Top Universities in Africa.

WITS has five faculties which are all close to each other

  • Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management
  • Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Science

The institution also has five campuses, East Campus, West Campus, WITS Education campus, WITS Medical Campus, and WITS Management Campus.

The East campus houses faculties of science and humanities, West campus is home to the faculty of commerce, engineering and law. While in WITS Education campus is faculty of humanity.

University of Witwatersrand (WITS) Postgraduate Fees

The University of Witwatersrand WITS has a range of programmes for postgraduate study. The fees structure of Wits postgraduate programme 2021/2022 are listed below;

Faculty: Commerce, Law and Management

2020 Postgraduate Fees Structure per Programme

2Masters of Commerce (Coursework and Research Report)R66270-70470
3Master of Economic Science (Coursework and Research Report)R68510
4Master of Laws (Coursework and Research Report)R67130-68180
5Master of ManagementR73420-164450
  Research Programme Per Year of Study
6LLM by research, full-timeR21260
7LLM by research, full-time second termR10770
8LLM by research, part-timeR14180
9LLM by research, part-time, second termR7180
10MCom by research, full-timeR25340-26430
11MCom by research, full-time, second termR12870-13400
12MCom by research, part-timeR16900-17620
13MCom by research, part-time, second termR11270-11750
14MM by research, full-timeR32920
15MM by research, full-time, second termR16460
16MM by research, part-timeR21950
17MM by research, part-time, second termR10980
18PhD by research, full-timeR22950-31200
19PhD by research, full-timeR11480-15600
20PhD by research, full-time, second termR15300-20800
21PhD by research, part-timeR7660-10400


Faculty: Engineering and Built Environment

2020 Postgraduate Fees Structure per Programme

2MNuclear Technology LeadershipR72280
3MArch (Sustainable Energy)R95060-99160
4MEng (Prof)R87900-88220
8MSc(AeroEng (Embry-Riddle)R95020
9MSc Bulk MaterialsR95020
10MSc (EngMan)R95020
11MSc Industrial EngR95020
16Masters by research, full-timeR31580
17Masters by research, full-time, second termR15870
18Masters by research, part-timeR21060
19Masters by research, part-time, second termR10580
20PhD by research, full-timeR30030
21PhD by research, full-time, second termR15110
22PhD by research, part-timeR20020
23PhD by research, part-time, second termR10080


Faculty: Health Sciences

2020 Postgraduate Fee Per Programme

MMed and MDent holders of approved post are entitled to 90% remission of fees

1M Dent (per year of study)R67540-77550
2MMed (per year of study)R61300-92440
3MPharm (by research)R33010
5MHSc (Ed)R78380
8MSc (Epi)R61450
9MSc OT by coursework and research reportR51030
10MSc Physio by coursework and research reportR47820
11Masters by Research, full-timeR33010
12Masters by Research , full-time, second termR16700
13Masters by Research, part-timeR22010
14Masters by Research, part-time, second termR11140
15PhD by Research,  full-timeR28710
16PhD by Research, full-time, second termR14500
17PhD by Research, part-timeR19140
18PhD by Research, part-time, second termR12760


Faculty: Humanities

2020 Postgraduate  Fees Structure per Programme

1African Lang and LingR44130
2African LiteratureR44130
3Applied Drama: Theatre in EducationR44130
5Applied Ethics for ProfessionalsR66770
6Creative WritingR44130
7Contemporary Curatorial PracticeR41840
8Critical Diversity StudiesR44130
9Culture Policy and ManagementR44130
10Demography and Population StudiesR44130
11Development SociologyR44130
12Development StudiesR44130
13Drama TherapyR44190
15Film and TelevisionR44130
16French and Francophone StudiesR44130
17Gender StudiesR44130
18German StudiesR44130
19Global SouthR44130
20Health DemographyR44130
21Health SociologyR44130
23History and Film DocumentaryR44130
24History of ArtR44130
25ICT Policy and RegulationR56000
26Interactive Media DesignR44230
27International RelationsR44130
28Italian StudiesR44130
29Journalism and Media StudiesR44130
30Labour and Economic SociologyR44130
32Literary Theory and Crit PracR44130
33Migration and DisplacementR44130
34Modern and Contemporary LiteratureR44130
35Organisational and Institutional StudiesR44130
36Organisational PsychologyR54350
38Political StudiesR44130
39Politics and GenderR44130
41Publishing StudiesR44130
42Social DevelopmentR50400
44Social and Psyc ResearchR54570
45Theatre and PerformanceR44130
46Transnational Lit & Cultural StudsR44130
48MA(Clin Psych)(two years of study)R70670
49MA(Comm-based Counselling Psych)(two years of study)R70670
50MA(Fine Arts)R55830
54MA(Social Work)R49460
55MA(Speech Pathology)R38400
56MEd by coursework and research report (General)R33950
57Med (Ed Psychology)R60310


Faculty: Sciences

2020 Postgraduate Fees per Programme

1MSc by coursework and research reportR36750-66900
2MSc by research, full-timeR23910-26560
3MSc by research, full-time, second termR12190-13490
4MSc by research, part-timeR15940-17710
5MSc by research, part-time, second termR8130-9000
6PhD by research, full-timeR22740-25470
7PhD by research, full-time, second termR11370-12735
8PhD by research, part-timeR15160-16980
9PhD by research, part-time, second termR7580-8490

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