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12 Unique Ways Your College Applications Can Stand Out

by Omale Philip
ways college applications satnd out
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Admissions has become competitive as college applications has increased. How can your college applications stand out in a unique way when you apply to schools?.

Make your college applications to impress the admission officer and stand out in the midst of students applying for admission. College application is important when entering higher institutions – universities and colleges. So it’s important you break apart and stand out uniquely as there are number of ways to do this effectively.

Remember your written college applications is received by the admission office and they review the submitted applications. It’s very needful your college application stand out by revealing your background, skills, and what it takes to study in the college and how you would fit into their campus. The way your college applications are written can enhance your chances of admission because your current profile is shared with the school.

We understand entering college can be challenging so we have put together ways your college applications can stand out to make you succeed and go into a school.

Ways College Applications Can Stand Out

1. Write an Overall Narrative

Exceptional college applications are separated from others by strong narratives. Taking your time to write an impressive, captivating, and enlightening narration about who you are can be crucial to the success of your application.

Doing this gives you the opportunity to be picked without them knowing you supplied the needed information to the admissions officers inorder words they key aspects of your personality was the central focus throughout. From the letters of recommendation to the essays themselves, keep this theme central to all of its components.

but rather weave it into every aspect of the application. From the letters of recommendation to the essays themselves, keep this theme central to all of its components.

2. Check College Admission Regularly

Always track admission and college applications. Many schools check out how many students make contact with the college either calling the admission office, visit the campus or attend college fairs. This works and is an added advantage in your favour because the admission officer may get acquainted with you because you make your presence around the admission office.

The best advice we give to 9th – 12th Grade students is to check and follow college admissions yearly of their desired school. Students with college applications deadline dates for their desired higher institutions will likely prepare better when applying to college. They do want to have all the requirements and documents ready for application and won’t want to submit late applications.

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3. Know and Understand the College

A good knowledge of the college vision and mission, values, schools and departments, some professors who are heads is a plus to stand out. Make relationships with people in the college and campus even before you apply. Reach out to faculty you want to make research with and interested -especially faculty head and memebers in advance. They sure will be of help and give great information you need to stand out and enter the schools.

4. Get Recommendation

Recommendation is good but exceptional recommendation that provides the college information about you is better. Your college applications will be more considered when you submit letter of reference from at least two references.

International students are required to submit recommendation letter from professor to support their application to higher institutions abroad. If you already have previous degree with certification then you need to also submit your certificates alongside the college applications. Doing this helps your submitted application to stand out.

5. Attach Transcript

Details of the subjects taken and grades scores sent to the schools alongside the application is a unique way to stand out. Go to your previous school and request for a transcript sent to the colleges you submitted applications.

Or get the transcript and attached them to the college applications before submitting. Your school may require you pay some fees to get the transcript- so check with your school to know what are the steps to get academic transcript.

6. Relay Genuine Interest

A disgenerous aspect of application can be spotted by an admissions officers. They can tell when a student just want to look better. A good reason why you want to apply to the college is very important in order for you to stand out. If your reasons and thought of the college is “it is a very prestigious school” or “attending here will increase my odds of future success”, you do need some more time to explore how this schools could fit your goals, and interests.

If you have the right and important reasons for the school – your college applications will be extremely unique and the school should be a good fit for you. So put up these reasons in your applications. If after evaluating you cannot find something, it may be wise to not apply there altogether. Ultimately, it is better to attend a school for the right reasons rather than for only prestige.

7. Test Scores

Have you written SAT/ACT? What is your test scores? Having a good or perfect test scores boost your chances of entering college. A perfect SAT/ACT score sent with college applications will sure make your application stand unique. see how to better improve your SAT/ACT scores 

International students taking English language proficiency test – IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and other tests are required to have better test scores in the proficiency test. Scoring above the required scores and meeting the least band score for each section makes it a unique way your application is considered by the school.

8. Attach Hobbies and Interest

It awesome and can make your college applications stand out when admission office knows your hobbies in your applications and how beneficial it can be or contribute to the college. What are your hobbies and which are you best at doing? If you are a good team player and your hobbies is playing a particular sport game that will support the college team to a very good extend, you are sure going to stand out if you make it known in your college applicaions.

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9. Send Supplementary Materials

A supplementary materials sent to the admission office along with your college application is sure a unique stant out way. Before sending, make sure the college admissions office accepts other materials or request you send other materials. As some college policies don’t consider other materials.

10. Visit College Or Reach Student Leaders

Visitation to the college or trip to the campus is a way to stand out. Find clubs or organization in the college that you are excited about and interest you. Reach to the student leaders or sport captain.

If you can’t visit it’s recommended you do some research and reaching out so you can stand out.to “have that interest come through with details and great color.”

11. Pay Attention And Submit Details

Admissions officers will learn about you, but more importantly, discover how and why you are a perfect fit for their school when you submit detailed information. A very good detail is everything especially with college applications and make sure it speaks loudly throughout every aspect of your application.

Also, do ensure there are spelling error free and grammatical checked so that your college applications is the best it can be and stand out. Do check your entire application, and even have a friend or teacher, family members take time in looking to find errors or to provide insights you had not thought and considered. Many good eyes that can spot and heads that think are better than one. In all proofread and get others to do the same for your applications before submitting.

12. Network with Admission Reps

There are representatives who covers each area in a state and there are agents who help in college applications. Buddy up with these kinds of people and let them be part of your network cycle and social media friends. Introduce yourself and keep in touch with them so when there are admission they could assist in pulling out your application file and get you accepted.

And if your scores weren’t high enough they know what assistance or advice to give before the next admission in order to get you in the school.

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These are the ways your college application get a stand out among other applications recieved by admissions office. If there are other ways application do stand out and you like it added do let us know using the comment box. Sure we will add them to better help students who are seeking to enter college.

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