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List of Universities with Free Tuition in Norway 2020 for International Students

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Universities with Free Tuition in Norway
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Find details of Universities with Free Tuition in Norway. We have made available the list of tuition fee free Norwegian Universities 2020 which students can apply to study. So do well to check the institutions below for more information regarding admission and degree programs to study.

Today, we will be sharing with you a list of Universities in Norway with Free Tuition Fee for international students i.e. Universities that are Tuition Fee Free for international students. Norway is among popular selected destination for study by International Students because of the standard of academics provided by Norway Universities and Free Tuition.

Norway has schools that meet world-class standard and are Tuition Free Universities in Norway. However the Norwegan Government require foreign students to provide a litte money to cover the living expense for academic year.

Living expense in Norway compared with other country expense is higher according to the norwegian website StudyinNorway adding the cost of books, study materials. But studyig in Norway may not be expensive as you may imagine. Norway Universities and Colleges as a rule charge Free Tuition Fee for international stuents.

When Comparing Norway with other country, you will need to pay for your study materials, books and teaching at a cost of NOK 300-600 ($50-100) fees per semester, varies with schools semester. Norway living estimate by the State Educational Loan Fund, the average expenditure for students to be about NOK 9000 a month (approx. EURO 1 000).

Norway provides students with unique experiences while studying, as Norwegian Universities offer students free tuition  and welcome applications sent by qualified international students from all over the world.

Cost of Studying in Norway Universities as International Student

Norway Public Universities don’t charge tuition fees for international students. However, if planning to study in any Norway higher education institute you can find some funded scholarships available for international students as Norwegan Government require student from overseas country to provide a litte money to cover the living expense for their education year.

Can I Get Admission into Tuition Free Universities in Norway?

All international students from any country/region of the world are welcome to study in Norway.  Admission into a Norway university is not difficult or competitive as other European countries such as France, Canada, New Zealand, Poland. You be offered an admission into a universtiy and as international student be charged free tuition. All you need do is check the requirements and how to  apply for admission into the Norway schools.

Tuition Free University Programs in Norway

Public Norwegian universities are divided into universities and university colleges, and these public universities in Norway accepts students coming from EU/EEA countries just like Finland and Germany. The universities support bachelor’s degree including master’s degree and doctorate degree.

List of Tuition-Free Schools-Universities in Norway 2020

Norway has schools – universities and university colleges that you can select to pursue your dream course while you choose where to study the country. International students from any country/region of the world applying to Norway Universities are offered Free Tuition for undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs.
Tuition fee in these schools are offered free to international students. so if you only have to care for your living expense in Norway. Below is the list of tuition-free universities in Norway 2020. You may need to check with universities on English taught programs available for foreign students.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The university is tuition-free, Norwegian University of Science and Technology popularly known as NTNU offers all students a distinct advantage over many other universities. Although students are required to cover their living expenses. 
This Norwegian University is a free tuition higher education institution where international students who are not citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA countries must show proof and document that they have sufficient funds to live in Norway.

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

The Norwegian University of Life Science known as NMBU’s interdisciplinary research and study programs provides innovations in food, health, environmental protection, climate and sustainable use of natural resources.
The Tuition Free Norwegian University is enabling people all over the world to tackle the big, global challenges regarding the environment.

University of Nordland

Formerly Bodø University College, The University of Nordland is among the Norwegian University you can select for your study as international student.
Interantional Students don’t pay tuition fees at the universtiy. However, The Norwegian Government requires that students from outside EU and other overseas countries provide a little minimum money as fee to cover the student living expenses for one academic year in Norway.  University of Nordland fee amount of  NOK 92 500 be treansfered to the university for the academic year.

University of Bergen

The public university in Norway welcome international students from all around the world to come study in Norway. Students at University of Bergen only pay a fee to the Student Welfare Organisation (SiB). The semester fee payable is NOK 480 currently. 
As a public Norway university,  both Norwegian domestic and international students are not charged tuition fees.

University of Agder 

UiA as it’s known is among the Norway university foreign students can apply to study bachelor, master degree pgorams. The University of Agder offers a number of exchange agreements program with other higher education institutions around the world. International Students are most welcome from these institution to apply to take at least one semesters at University of Agder.
The school is among selected university by international students and offer free tuition to foreign students interesting in taking selected degree program.  However, degree seeking students application deadline ends December 1 if you are planning to study in the school.

University of Oslo

UiO as it’s also known, University of Oslo is a state university in the country publicly funded and welcomes all qualified domestic and international students from around the world to apply for degree programs.
The free tuition university in Norway doesn’t accept students paying any tuition fees. However, only a semester registration fee of NOK 550 is to be paid which offers students the benefit of the services of the Foundation for Student Life (SiO). 

University of Stavanger 

The University of Stavanger (UiS) partners in numerous student exchange programs such as NORDPLUS and ERASMUS allowing Norwegian domestic and international students to study in the school. UiS also has established seveeral bilateral exchange agreements with other international country universities and colleges.
As an international student you are welcome to apply as an exchange student and you charge free tuition fee if your home institution has an exchange agreement with the University of Stavanger.

University of Tromsø

Internatioanl students come from around the world to study here the Norway university and is free tuition. The University offers degree programs that are English taught particularly master degree programmes.
University of Tromsø is a Norwegian state university providing undergraduae and graduate level programmes taught in English language. Need to select a university in Norway the school is one to add to your list of international university to study with free tuition.

Tuition Free – Norway University College 

 As earlier told, Norway as a country have university colleges for students to study their degree dream course. The University Colleges in Norway also offer free tuition for Norwegian and international students. So here is the list of tuition fee free university colleges in Norway

Bergen University College

The public Norway university college is among the school to select for a study program overseas as international students. The free tuition universtiy provides internatioanl students who choose to study in Norway and made the university college their prefered school a wide range of courses and programs.
Also the Bergen University College will provide an accommodation guarantee at student accommodation if you submit application within 1st of May and 1st of November and given an offer to your chosen course programme for study start at the beginning of the semester.

Narvik University College

The Narvik Univerity College also called NUC is a Norway university college allowing Norwegian and international students to study their dream course while taking their study in the school.
Studenta are allow to pay a fee of NOK 92 500 into a Norwegian bank account, for a student entry permit from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration by June 1 as most prefered.
All international students are to meet the admission requirements as the paid fee is supposed to cover students living expenses in Norway for one year. All requirements must be met by  July 1. 

Volda University College

Choosing the universtiy college is a good decision, there are wide range of courses and degree programs for any international students choosing Volda University College. However, if you love to be taught Norwegian language in the school then the school is certainly a good choice because the college does not offer any complete English taught degree programmes.
The Norway school also offer free tuition to international students applying to the college, so you don’t have to worry if these university college is tuition fee free for foreing students.

Østfold University College

Østfold University College has a few numbers of exchange partnership programme with institutions abroad. Students from partnership institutions are welcome to apply for admission to Østfold University College for the courses thas are English taught.

Tuition Free – Specialized Norway Universities

Finally, since we are limited to provide you with all the universities and university colleges that are tuition free. However we have  provided you with the full complete list on a webpage link below.

Norwegian School of Veterinary Science

The Norway school is a specialized university with free tuition fee. But, the School of Veterinary Science only offers foreign students and accept qualified students for international exchange program from partner universities making students to apply through their home university.

Norwegian School of Economics

The school offers specialization in economics degree program. The Norwegian School of Economics also known as NHH does not charge students application, admission and tuition fee for the MSc program as a member of the Norwegian Council for Higher Education Council.
But students applying to the school are required to pay a fee of NOK 700 each semester to the students association. The students are to pay the  fee before students register for their classes.

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

NIH only accept international exchange students from partner universities. You must apply through your home university.

Norwegian Academy of Music

The Norwegian Academy of Music has no tuition fees to be paid. International students from outside the European Union/European Economic Area (EEA) must document and prove to have a certain amount of money to cover living expenses in order to be granted a student residence permit.

How to Apply for Admission to Free Tuition Norway Universities

Applying for admission into Norway Universities offering Free Tuition is different unlike universities in Germany. The application method varies and so we do love to show you how to apply to the Universities with Free Tuition in Norway.

Free Tuition Bachelor Admission in Norway Universities

The admission to undergraduate level program in Norway universities are cordinated by the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS), including admission into colleges and other private or specialized schools. All students with foreign secondary education, holding a permanent or renewable residence permit for Norway, must submit application for admission through NUCAS.
The online application closes March 1 for foreign applicants, while student need meet all requirements by July 1.

Free Tuition Master Level Admission in Norway Universities

The Norwegian Universities and Colleges also offer English taught programs for graduate level programs if you don’t speak the and understand the Norwegian language. Simply search the English language taught courses at postgraduate study program for list of available degree courses.
Note down that you may/may not be asked to authenticate your documentations and acquired certificates before sending them to the schools you are applying to study.
For you to get the necessary school application forms and make any inquiries about the application deadlines, you will have to personally contact each schools – university or college.In that case, all you need do is click the given link above to the desired university or university college and find more details.

Requirements for Admission to Free Tuition Norway  Universities

The degree level program you choose to study do have some requirements that you must meet. All students applying to study Abroad in Norway will be required to provide some documents to enable the students study in any Norway Universities. For the school admission requirements you need to check with you selected school for the eligible criteria and documents you must submit.  But generally you need to provide an English language test score, Health Insurance, and students visa permit.

Requirements to get a Norwegian Student Visa/Permit

You will be required to provide all original documentations to the Norwegian Embassey at your home country for student visa processing. After receiving an offer by a university or college.

  • An offer of admission received from the admission officer.
  • Two recent passport-sized photos with a white background.
  • A passport (i.e valid international travel document)
  • A completed application form.
  • Receipt details of the paid application fee NOK 5,300 (i.e about US$650)

You may like to see the full list of Universities offering Free Tuition to International Students


This article is a guide to Tuition Free Universities for International students seeking to study in Norway.  Students who are considering the country for their undergraduate or graduate level study program are to check with the listed Norway university admission office for the available  support offered to international students coming to the school for study.

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