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How to Become an Air Hostess in Ghana -What You Need to Know

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Become Air Hostess in Ghana
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Professional flight attendant is a good choice of career and a very lucrative career in the aviation industry which has many benefits if you are passionate about becoming an air hostess.

If you are planning to become a professional air hostess, discover how you can become a flight attendant in Ghana and achieve your dream career.

In this article, we at College Reporters have taken the responsibility to help you find out all it requires to become an air hostess with reputable airlines both locally and international. Read on!

Who is an Air Hostess

An air hostess is a female cabin crew/flight attendant whose primarily responsibilities is to ensure the safety of crews and passengers onboard during flight, and prior to a flight they receive a briefing, schedules and check all cabin equipment to make sure that the aircraft is carrying sufficient supplies.

Is Air Hostess Career in Ghana Worth It

The air hostess is a very lucrative career in the aviation industry which has many benefits if you are passionate about flight attendants. Airlines are in need of professional air hostess services for the comfort, safety passengers on board and many young Ghanaians who are today flight attendants work with reputable airlines and get a buck pay.

So, it’s simply a yes, air hostess career is worth pursuing if you love flying on aircraft and travelling from cities to cities and from one country to another.

However, becoming an air hostess can be a demanding career before, during and after air flight and the career is mostly sought after by females.

Responsibilities of an Air Hostess

Airline flight attendants are primarily onboard a flight and hold the responsibility for ensuring all onboard passengers and crews safety during a flight, schedules and check all cabin equipment to make sure that the aircraft is carrying sufficient supplies and prior to a flight they receive a briefing.


air hostess in ghana

As a cabin crew, before take-off you greet the passengers, direct them to their seats, ensuring that luggages are safely stored and also gives safety demonstrations showing what to do in case of emergency strikes.

During the flight, the air hostess serves meals, drinks and sell duty free goods. In an emergency they stay calm, making sure that the pilots instructions are followed, they also check whether safety equipment are being used correctly. If a passenger becomes sick during a flight, all cabin crew/flight attendants are trained to administer first aid.

Cabin crew/flight attendants are required to complete a paper work before the end of each flight, including customs and immigration documents, account for a duty free goods sold as well as drinks ordered by passengers.


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Top Air Hostess Schools in Ghana to Attend

To become an air hostess in Ghana, It can be challenging to select your preferred choice of school – with the many training schools in the country. However, you will have to enroll and attend the reputable air hostess schools.

And here are a few of the most prestigious and top air hostess schools in Ghana to attend;

Buckman Aviation

Aptech Aviation & Hospitality Management

Global Institute of Aviation

Primo College of Aviation


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Here Are Requirements to Become an Air Hostess in Ghana – What You Need to Know

Be at Least 18 Year Above

You have to be at least 18 years to enroll into an air hostess school in the country. Your path to becoming an air hostess requires you meet the age criteria.

Basically, you need to be 18 years above to qualify and enroll into any of the training schools to get trained and get your certification after graduation. Do check with your preferred and selected choice of flight attendant schools for other requirement beside the age limit.

Attend Air Hostess Training Schools

There are air hostess training schools in Ghana you will need to attend for you to get both the classroom training and hands-on practice to become an air hostess.

Not just attending any school – but enrolling into the most reputable flight attendant schools in Ghana will provide and equip you with skillsets to help you be a good fit for airlines cabin crews.

The air hostess training duration is for a short period – about 2 months training period.

Complete Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant Training

Students need to complete cabin crew training program offered by the flight attendant schools. You’ll undertake a comprehensive training program, covering topics including but not limited to; customer service, aviation medicine, grooming, comportment and deportment, aircraft type training and safety and emergency procedures.

air hostess

Passion Airline Hostess

You must take all the training courses and meet the training requirement, including attendance and pass the courses. Successful completion of training program will lead you to take a flight attendant examination to earn a license.

Take and Pass Flight Attendant Exams

Meet medical fitness and take the cabin crew course examination. Upon pass in the flight attendant examination, you will be offered your license to practice as a flight attendant/cabin crew.

With your certification, you are a good fit for airlines recruitment and advance training.

Get a License/Certification

After graduation and passing cabin crew examination, you will be offered a cabin crew certification as a flight attendant. Air hostess training has other courses and certification you can also acquire.

Getting this certification help polish you and make you a good competitor over others in airline recruitments.

Get Job Placement

After graduation, apply for air hostess job opportunities with the position of cabin crew or flight attendant.

Some training schools offer job placement assistance as they have partnership or corporate relationship with recruiting airlines and agency


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Age Limit for Flight Attendant

They should be within the age limit of 18 – 26 years. Female candidates should have at least 155 cm in height while male candidates should have a minimum height of 163 cm – collegedunia. The weight of the candidates should be proportionate to that of height and also as per the airline company that they get hired for.

What Are The Top Airlines Recruiting Air Hostess in Ghana

There are so many options for airlines today in the country – both domestic and international airlines that accept flight attendants yearly.

However, here are some of the airlines recruiting for flight attendant in Ghana and offers quality staff benefits.

  • Passion Air
  • Gianair
  • Africa World Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airline
  • Air Peace
  • Air Ghana
  • Kenya Airways
  • British Airway
  • KLM
  • Turkish Airline

How Much Are Air Hostess Paid in Ghana

Typically, air hostess salary in Ghana ranges between GHS 3,360 to GHS 4,210 per month.

Experienced air hostess earn around GHS 39,420 per year, and this can range from the lowest average salary of about GHS 21,400 to the highest average salary of GHS 63,380 for highest pay.

How Long Does it Take to Become Air Hostess in Ghana

Air hostess training program duration is between 6 to 8 weeks i.e approximately 2months.

And within the period you will be equipped with both classroom knowledge and hands-on training to become an air hostess.

How Much Does Air Hostess Training Cost in Ghana

Typically, the air hostess training cost ranges between GHS 277 and GHS 356 and this depend on the selected cabin crew course and the selected flight attendant school in Ghana you pick for your enrollment.


Now you know the steps and requirement to become a air hostess popular known as flight attendant or cabin crew And with the many training schools established, it is critical to attend the top prestigious schools.

By following these steps mentioned, you will improve your chances to become a professional airline flight attendant in no time.

Are you a flight attendant or planning to become one? share your thoughts below in the comments!

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I am a male and wished to be a flight attendant. Can it be so and I am a Ghanaian….

College Reporters Staff April 6, 2024 - 11:20 PM

Certainly you can be a Cabin crew,however you may need to meet the requirements height, certificates, body to weight ration and must have had a professional air host training and certification.


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