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What Business Schools Look For in Undergraduate Applicants

by Omale Philip
what Business Schools look for in Undergraduate applicants
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Going to apply to a business school? so what information do the business schools look for in international undergraduate students? One of the top prefered program by prospective college student seeking to pursue undergraduate degree is business program. Evaluation of grades is sure among the several things schools are on the look but beyond test scores what type of information should undergraduate applicants provide

If you are not sure what really do business schools look for, here are few other things that can help you as an applicant stand out from the rest.

What Business Schools Look For in Undergraduate Applicants

So we have written some insightful to note down things business school look for in you as undergraduate applicants preparing for a business bachelor degree program.

All Round Completed Application

You do know that incomplete application to business schools will not be given consideration. Unlike graduate level program, the essential requirements for a business undergraduate application are motivation letter, statement of purpose, copies of high school academic results, any extra-curricular activities and if need a proof of your English language proficiency IELTS scores, TOEFL, GRE.

Do apply early once you have a complete application documents compiled to enable you submit an application early for chances of receiving consideration.

Any more business school requirements for prospective applicants of undergraduate program? Yes, next on the list is

Leadership Role and Other Soft Skills

Business schools believe very much in leading roles and skills. Business Schools are on the look for applicants who are applying for undergraduate study programs to have good organization, persistence, resilience, self motivation, analytical skills. These soft skills combined with extra-curricular activities can really help you as undergraduate applicant seeking to study in business schools.

Commitment to Extra-Curricular Activities and Contribute to School

Demonstrate you do have other activities that interest you outside of the classroom. how well you volunter and help on weekly community sanitation, singing groups, music groups and sports activities, that may not be business-related

Indicating you do volunteer work can help you as business undergraduate applicants outshine other competing prospective students. Be sure to add it to your application to business schools as it can help your applicattion to be considered.

This doesn’t mean you have to get involved in almost every extra-curricular activities, because you will no more have time for other events. Select the one that interest you and have good core value to the society. It’s a great privilege to be a group leader or class presidents but that doesn’t mean you should run for these positions because you want to attend a business school.

Being an active member of a club or society who carefully observe great business related activities and achievements or contribute to the club can help build your skills-team spirit, attention to details, analytical, self-motivation and enhance chances of studying business.

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Passion and Interest in Business School and Programs

You can’t really excel at what you dislike and don’t demonstrate interest. Applicants with passion to attend business schools and have interest in the programs can be able to write good statements, motivation letter why they choose business or apply to the school.

Let them know why you are passionate about attending that particular business school. Beyond everything if you know a bachelor of business administration degree and you want to be successful applicant, make sure you have done some research on the school and program.

Academic Background and Abilities

If going to study in business school, prospective undergraduate students first need strong grade point and practice GRE. By learning how to earn high test scores will go along way to make you stand out.

Scoring highly on GRE can help make up for poorer academic performance, as the importance of test scores, however, cannot be overstated. Even though schools say they take a holistic approach that includes college grades, essays, work experience and recommendation letters.

Standardized test score carries great weight and applicants should take this test seriously. So take every available opportunity to perform well on GRE, IELTS.

Avoid Poorly Written Essay Application

Double-check your written essay application to avoid a poorly written application. Make drafts of your response and review the prompt answers.

Do ensure to do the above in your application. Proofread to check for grammatical errors and punctuation and let someone do it for you. a second view can help eliminate or reduce uncheck errors.

Learn to Answer Given Essay Prompts and Interview

Learn to shine through in the interview, you have come this far, so now is the time to let your voice be heard and make the best case of your personality known to the school and for the program.

In the interview, take the advantage to expand on your application by learning how to answer given essay interview questions to enable you be a successful applicant in business.

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Planning to study in business schools, consider these tips to be a goood undergraduate applicant for bachelor in business. School do lookout for this and rate applicants

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