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10 Ways To Better Improve Your SAT/ACT Score

by Omale Philip
10 Ways To Better Your SAT/ACT Score
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You probably have started studying for and taking SAT or ACT, are the big deal for entrance into college. As you study and practice to better improve your SAT or ACT score and increase your chances of entering competitive colleges or qualify for more scholarships. what ways can you better your score- knowing that a perfect score or the better your scores the higher your qualification and chances to go into your desired school.

We at College Reporters have outlined some ways you can better improve your SAT or ACT score. Read through the tips and try them out.

If you’ve taken the SAT or ACT before and didn’t get a score that high as you were aiming or presently getting ready to take SAT/ACT for the first time and there aren’t any score improvement from those test practices. That feeling of been upset and dislike, when nothing is working after trying everything.

We are here to help as we know entering college can be challenging but with ways to improve your score-SAT or ACT should not be difficult to gain more points.

Target A Score Range

Before registering and retaking the SAT or ACT, think of what you can accomplish with your SAT/ACT score. Having a clear goal will help you stay motivated and know much you need to improve as you prepare to take the SAT or ACT.

Having a list of colleges and their required score will help you to prepare – by taking practice test you get the feel of the exam structure and how to improve your score. Therefore target a score range by taking a practice test or several and have create a study plan.

Make A Study Plan

Once you are good to start and have created a good study plan, focus on every topics and section, but tackle those that you are weak in and find difficult or challenging. Create a study plan of the days and hours to use in study-the materials to be utilized and the concept to follow.

While you’re creating some test prep study plan, do ensure to make out some time to practice problems. It’s important to take this steps by applying what you study in answering questions the way you will be given in real SAT/ACT test and no more practice problem.

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Practice, Practice Problems

By taking practice test whether through SAT or ACT study books, College Board. There will still be some variables but you become more confident, attempt, and answer the questions on the test day. The practice test helps you to know what kind of questions you will encounter, where you are doing well and where to improve.

It totally identifies areas, sections that are challenging to you and need to be work upon later as you practice problems to better your score. A good news on this is that you don’t need tutors or SAT/ACT prep classes to better your score. The top official and comprehensive SAT study resource to solve problems is absolutely free and available.

Reports that in 2017 – 2018 academic session, students who use the official SAT practice had better SAT score. This is no difference as you can also do this with discipline and staying organized. Continuous practice makes you a master of a field, keep practicing problems and solve more test problems by using more study materials.

Get More Study Materials

Up to this moment, you may have relied on a material, practice book, an online app or an old study note given to you by a friend for the test. One particular preparatory resource for test may not cover all the concept and type of question the SAT/ACT real test consist.

You may have been using this method, and it’s working to an extend because you understand the material right in front of you. There is need to take other SAT or ACT prep resources or study material and challenge yourself to solve complex problems. Doing this you don’t miss out some key material or questions that will be covered by different resource for the real SAT/ACT test.

Therefore inorder to better your score, you may need to get this study materials and resources, some of this are available to you:

  • SAT/ACT Prep Books
  • SAT/ACT Test Prep Apps
  • Flash Cards

Identify Your Weak Areas

It’s good when you’re answering all the practice problems you can come across, but know this may be inefficient to improve your score. Some better ways to improve your SAT or ACT score is to target your concept reveiw and practice questions towards the ones your identify you’re not good at and struggle with the most.

Identify your weak areas, go through the compiled and completed practice questions and list out the practice problems you got wrong. You will find out more than often, some specific questions or subject areas that account for your missed points.

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Focus, Keep Focus

You have get your study plan and practice problem strategies mapped out- It’s now time to focus and do more focussing. To better your SAT or ACT score means you need to be well organised, study and practice problems. Use the official SAT Practice- this saves you time with a personalized study plan that focuses on the things you need to work on the most.

Remember your reason for being focus is wanting to better your SAT/ACT score. This guide and help you stay undistracted-social media, chat with friends and family ones on phone and computer, or do anything other than studying during your allotted study time, and practicing for the test.

Build And Develop Your Vocabulary

The SAT is large on words, having evidence based reading and writing. some words come through you study more than others. When you have and develop an impressive lexicon for the SAT is needful. The best way to do this is memorizing words-find new words by reading and studying.

Past SAT/ACT test or practice exams- if you notice, some words pop up more often than others. Sometimes the SAT likes to recycle words. Building and developing your vocabulary helps you to understand words used through your college study and break the passages down when studying for SAT or ACT test. When you follow the ways mentioned-you better chances of having more SATor ACT score.

Set Timer While Practice Problems

Don’t waste time while practicing problems, each SAT/ACT section is timed. So learn to manage and use your time by using a timer when answering questions. Each time saved can be used to attempt and solve difficult problems, this also help you on the real test questions.

The SAT/ACT take hours and has multiple sections. You should dedicate some of your practice time just to getting comfortable taking a long exam. Doing this makes your practice times become very important on the actual test time.
Are you using a pencil and paper practice problems then set a time, some students like to take the pencil-and-paper practice tests because the actual SAT will be pencil-and-paper. But if prefer the online option or SAT/ACT prep app -will time you during the test and provide your results immediately. Whichever you want to choose for SAT or ACT practice problem do get a test practice time and get the timer set when practicing test.

Understand The Test

It may be worth spending a few hours to go over the structure of the test, the types of questions that are going to be asked, and overall figuring out how you can use the test to your advantage. Understanding how CollegeBoard and the ACT organization structure and approach their exam, you can create some test-taking strategies that can improve your score because you now understand the test from their perspective.

Take for example;
The SAT questions (with the exception of Critical Reading) are in an order of difficulty structure (ascending). Therefore, you shouldn’t spend much time on the questions at the start rather save your time for the complex questions at the end. This strategy will help you finish the exam and answer every question with the highest possible accuracy.

The ACT, rewards you with one point for a right answer on their multiple choice section, and don’t deduct any points for a wrong answer. Thus, it is beneficial, on the ACT, to answer every single question, regardless of whether you are confident in that answer or not. After all, you have a 25% chance of getting it right.

Register For Or Retake The SAT/ACT

The last part of a delicious meal is always cherished and we wish to continue eating the meal and never for it to finished. Now and final, register for or retake the SAT/ACT test if you didn’t score high in the previous. Decide when to take the test, look at the upcoming SAT/ACT dates.

We recommend, you choose a date that works with your college application timeline and gives you enough time 6-7 weeks to practice before the test.
Once you have chosen and know when you’d like to take the SAT, make registration and pay for your test. To reserve your spot in advance. Test centers fill up early for certain test dates (especially the August SAT).

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