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How To Become a Flight Attendant in South Africa – Everything You Need To Know

by College Reporters Staff
How To Become Flight Attendant in South Africa
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Discover all it takes to become a professional flight attendant in South Africa today if you seek to be a flight attendant/cabin crew member.

Flight attendant career is a well-paid profession, and you travel around the world, meet different individuals, build networks and taste delicacies from cultures around the world.

Are you planning to be an air hostess with one of the notable domestic or international airlines? If yes, then read on.

In this article, we at College Reporters have taken the responsibility to help you know all it requires to become a flight attendant in South Africa with the top airline companies.

You will learn all the requirements, needed training & courses, duration, and cost to become an air hostess/cabin crew.

In addition to the cost and fees, you will also know the reputable flight schools in South Africa to attend to become an air hostess.

But first, let’s learn – who is a flight attendant and what duties they perform.

Who Is A Flight Attendant

Do you know anyone who is a cabin crew member? what do you think are their duties/responsibilities? a quick answer to these;

A flight attendant is a professional in airline customer service charged with the responsibility to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on an air flight. They are also called cabin crew, stewards, and a female cabin crew member is called air hostess or stewardess.

Knowing who a flight attendant is and the duties they perform will help you know precisely what you should expect in the cause of your duty discharge.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Flight Attendant

The flight attendant has many responsibilities – before, during, and after each flight travel.

A clear job description of a flight attendant is as follows;

  • Perform pre-flight safety checks.
  • Prepare flight reports.
  • Greet passengers, take orders, and provide answers to passenger inquiries about flight information.
  • Assist passengers in locating their seats.
  • Prepare and serve drinks and food to passengers.
  • Respond to any flight emergency situations: administer first aid, AED, and CPR.
  • Provide support with luggage and ensure carry-on baggage is stowed overhead.
  • Ensure beverages, food, safety equipment and other necessary supplies are sufficiently stocked in an airplane.
  • Monitor, manage, keep clean, and secure the cabin.

inclusive of any other duties as assigned. So, always develop yourself and have the right and needed skills, if you want to attract reputable hiring employers.

Is A Flight Attendant Career in South Africa Worth It?

If you planning to become a flight attendant and pursue your dream career, it is a good choice of profession that comes along with many benefits, although you will have less time for family functions & parties, and even miss important celebrations in your family. This is because of the demand and the duties carried out.

However, a flight attendant career in South Africa is a worthy choice and fun. You will travel around cities or countries. Today, you are in Cape Town, few hours later you are in Johannesburg or leaving South Africa. Much opportunities and benefits as a cabin crew member.


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How Long Does It Take To Become A Flight Attendant In South Africa

The minimum expected time to complete flight attendant courses/training programs to become a flight attendant in South Africa is about 2 days to 3 weeks. Some courses take up to 6 weeks for a few selected courses.

It also could take up to 3 years if you are taking a degree program such as aviation and hospitality, travelling and tourism.

What Courses & Training Are Needed To Become Flight Attendant

Competition is constant for a flight attendant job in South Africa. As an aspiring flight attendant, completing a cabin crew courses/training program has many benefits.

Fulfill your dream of becoming an air hostess by taking some of these flight Cabin Crew courses;

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Cabin Crew Ground
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Air Travel Management
  • Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant
  • Airport and Airline Management

Top Flight Attendant Training Schools in South Africa

A few reputable flight schools for flight attendant training in South Africa to attend are;

Start finding a reputable and affordable flight school from the complete list of top aviation schools in South Africa recommended by professional pilots for your flight training.

Requirement To Become A Flight Attendant In South Africa

  • Complete flight attendant training.
  • Possess Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant Certification.
  • Have proven year(s) of experience as a flight attendant.
  • Possess Needed Skill Sets.
  • Pass Medical Exams.

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Here Is How To Become A Flight Attendant In South Africa – Everything You Need To Know

Let’s take a step-by-step guide you need to know when planning to become a professional flight attendant in South Africa.

Be at Least Age 16

Flight attendant schools have a preferred age limit. But generally, candidates need to be of age 16 and above. To land a good air hostess/cabin crew job, the best chances are before you turn 21 years.

A few reasons for this age preference are – smartness, energetic, and young. Know that the age requirement depends on the airline policy – this varies from airline to airline.

So, if you fulfil the least age requirement, you must possess a certain level of experience to do an air hostess job.

Possess Flight Attendant Experience

It’s true that airline indeed seeks for professionals with experience as airline cabin crew member.

Candidates who have few experiences as flight attendants are selected and the most chosen for the job of cabin crew member.

You need to have some experience alongside technical knowledge and training.

Complete Flight Crew Training

When you attend flight schools offering training for cabin crew, it gives a lot of advantages over other competing candidates in the flight crew job opportunity.

To be a good fit for the flight attendant job opportunity. Some level of training as cabin crew is needed.

And there is professional cabin crew training available with flight schools for a short duration. The courses are quite affordable to start your training.

If you possess a degree in travel and tourism, this certification is quite helpful alongside.

Be Fluent & Speak Multi-Languages

Ability to speak fluently other international languages is a big plus. This help in good communication.

This is not a must if you will work with domestic airlines. However, a flight attendant working with an international flight company will require your knowledge of an additional language(s).

Attend Flight Attendant Schools

Successful completion of flight attendant training programs or courses is beneficial in your journey to becoming a cabin crew/air hostess and not a must to attend a flight school.

But how can you take an air hostess program and courses with certification without getting trained by a flight school?

Graduating from a flight school with a certification in cabin crew program indicates you have acquired the necessary knowledge and needed skillsets to function as a flight attendant.

The training and certification acquired from the flight attendant school is another advantage to polish your profile and make you fit for a cabin crew role.

Find and learn more about the reputable and best flight schools in South Africa to begin their offered cabin crew courses.

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Possess Valid International Passport

You will need a valid international passport to work as a cabin crew member with an international commercial or private plane.

You need a valid international passport/visa to travel to many foreign countries to travel on an international airline. Possession of an international visa will make it easier when you apply to an international airline for a flight attendant job opportunity.

Apply For flight Attendant Job

Applying to available job opportunities for a flight attendant is necessary in addition to the degree acquired, age, and training.

You must apply to the recruiting airline companies to get selected. This will enable you to practice as a cabin crew.

If you meet the selection criteria and shortlisted. A medical examination will be conducted.

Pass Medical Examination & Meet Fitness Test

A flight attendant must be deemed medically fit for the rigorous demands of airline travel.

You need to pass the flight attendant medical exams to obtain a medical certificate. The exams are essential and prove how fit you are to meet issues that may arise in the cause of flight travel.

How To Apply For Flight Attendant Jobs in South Africa

Finding a job opportunity for a flight attendant in South Africa is not much challenge because of the many airlines recruiting.

If you are looking for a recruitment opportunity by either the domestic or international airlines. Then one first place to check is the recruitment agencies.

However, many airlines support recruitment on their career portal. Simply check the airline website for an available job vacancy and apply. Once selected you will be contacted for an interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Flight Attendant

The training cost to become a flight attendant varies and is based on the selected course.

The initial cost of flight attendant training in South Africa is conducted around R16,000. Training includes training materials and manuals e.t.c.

How Much Does A Flight Attendant Earn in South Africa

The salary/earnings of a flight attendant in South Africa per month is around 23,000 ZAR to 36,000 ZAR.

This monthly salary includes other benefits such as housing, transport e.t.c – safacts.co.za


For any individual interested in becoming a professional cabin crew/flight attendant in South Africa. You will need to meet the requirements listed before applying for a flight attendant job opportunity.

Do you have any questions on how to become a flight attendant/air hostess in South Africa? Please leave it in the comment.

Wishing you the best in your flight attendant career pursuit.

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