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15 Best Film Schools in London 2024 To Attend

by College Reporters Staff
Film Schools in London
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Do you seek to know the best film schools in London and their film degree program as you plan to enroll in a film school? these reputable and top film schools in London are the perfect choices of schools recommended by professionals in the film industry.

If you are planning to go to a film school to pursue your career in the film industry, the list of top film schools you will find here is the perfect choice of London film schools to attend

London is home to many top film schools in the UK, as it’s the largest city and capital of the United Kingdom. The country is the preferred and selected country for film schools as it has many leading prestigious schools.

There are many film school options, but choosing the best film schools in London is a good decision when you are looking for a fun way to pursue your career in the film industry.

And also, attending the best film schools in London offering promising film degree programs for students at affordable cost is a good start to making your film career dream come to accomplishment.

Most importantly you will build a network of professionals and have the opportunity to land in a leading film company.

Have you always wanted to go to film school? but, find it challenging to select the best film school in London and programs that suit you?

We at College Reporters have taken the responsibility to help you find the best film schools in London to help you begin your career journey. Read on!

About Film Schools

Film school is an established institution – schools and universities where you learn about the various film programs such as cinematography, screenwriting, editing, acting, directing, and many other aspects of the film industry.

Film schools are bringing out the potential in many students studying a film program. The London film schools are not only providing film degree programs but also connecting students to industries and other professionals.

Why Attend The Best Film Schools in London

Attending a top film school in London is a good decision because of the benefits that do come from studying in the very prestigious schools.

So, the decision of going to the best film schools in London to study a film course and become a filmmaker, and screenwriter can certainly help achieve your dream but depending on your aims.

The best film schools often focus solely on training students in filmmaking training, so they tend to be highly specialised, with strong connections to the UK film industry.

Not just the certificate received when graduating, the film schools offer high-quality facilities and specialist tutors who train you to possess the necessary competitive set skills in filmmaking and help build your connection with other film professionals including actors and actresses, directors etc.

Attending one of these film schools can help you to build a portfolio while earning a degree in filmmaking. This is crucial for those hoping to become professional filmmakers.

Are Film Schools in London Worth It?

It can be honestly said that the price for becoming a filmmaker is attending a film school.

Yes, without a doubt, finding your way to the top industries requires you have gotten a degree in filmmaking. So, therefore, film schools in London are considered important to gain the right knowledge and build a network with professionals in the industry.

How to Find And Select The Best Film Schools in London

Finding and selecting the film school in London that suits you can be challenging with the many options – even when you have a list of the filmmaking schools before you.

But the search can be organized and narrowed to the most reputable and affordable film schools with cheaper fees, if you follow the guide to selecting film schools.

But here is a quick way and approach for you to find and select the most reputable film school in London including the UK.

Film Degree Program
If you’re thinking about studying in any of the film schools in London, then it’s certain you already know what type of film degree program and course you want to pursue.

Film schools have some degree programs and a wide range of film courses, do find your choice of film degree and course and note the film schools providing the program.

Tuition Fees

It is known that studying in film schools comes with expensive fees for study, but a little inquiry will help you find the top film schools in London with budget-friendly tuition fees.

Search for the cost of the film schools you desire to study in and organize your search result to the film schools you can afford to pay the fees.

There are many options, but this process helps you select your perfect choice of film schools in London based on their fees and your budget.


If you have a good understanding of your selected choice of film course you want to study and the required tools and facilities to aid ease of learning,

You might want to check with the film school to know the filmmaking facilities available in the school.

Film schools in London with standard state-of-the-art facilities for filmmaking and production are a good choice of school to be on the lookout list.

Having the standard facilities as a film school give students the technical knowledge and thorough understanding of all aspects of filmmaking from preproduction through postproduction.

Do well to check with the school, tour the campus and ask students or speak to friends and graduates of the film school to know the facilities provided by the film school.


Best Film Schools in the UK To Attend

Film Careers Available to Practice

There are various opportunities in the film industry, but knowing the different specializations in film can help you in your film career pursuit.

In case you have less clue of the film careers that can be practiced. Let’s have a recount of some of the leading film careers you should know.

  • Director
  • Assistant director
  • Production manager
  • Sound Engineer
  • Cameraman
  • Editor
  • Animator
  • Screenwriter
  • Actor/Actress
  • Cinematographer

How to Apply and Get Into Film Schools in London

Admission into the top film schools in London is very difficult and can be competitive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gain admission.

That’s why you must know the requirements for getting into a film school especially the film schools in London and UK.

It’s highly competitive, such that just a few students out of thousands of applicants can get an offer.

Our advice to any student who wants to get into a film school in London is not far from what many filmmakers have to say.

But here are a few tips for any individual who wants to study in any of the top film schools.

Build Up Experiences

Give yourself the experiences needed to gain attention and come through in your application. This is part of what makes you stand out from other competing students.

Not necessarily being a pro – that’s the major reason you will need to go to a film school.

It adds to the chunk of the admission essay you will write. Those little short films you participated in can tell the school admission representatives and agents how well-rounded you are as an applicant.

Effective Communication
You will need to express yourself effectively from regular communication language to technical film language.

You don’t need all the expert language to communicate, as you will get to learn them in the film school.

The admission representatives will want to know how much you can express yourself by communicating – oral and written.

Display Academic Performance
Beyond your talent in filmmaking, many prestigious film schools need the applicant to exhibit some excellent performance in academics.

An excellent academic performance does play a determining role in the final applicants’ selection.

Do combine your film talent with your academics to demonstrate you are a well-rounded applicant.

Select and Embrace a Course
After you have decided on the film school you want to attend, you should also choose a film course you want to study, that matches your film career interest.

It is important to select the right course because some courses may be too difficult for beginners.

In addition, you need to ensure that the film course and program are accredited and that the school have updated equipment.

You can speak with current school students to know the recent updates and how the selected course will suit your study.

Apply to School
Once you have selected the right course, decide on the film school you need to apply to for admission.

This usually involves submitting documents such as personal statement, admission essay, resume, portfolio, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

If you are still wondering how to stand out and be selected, do read more about getting into film school – what makes your application stand out?

Now you have known how to get into a film school, let’s look at the top film schools in London you should attend.


Best Film Schools in the UK To Attend

Best Film Schools in Los Angeles Recommended By Film Experts

Here Are The Best Film Schools in London to Attend

Here is the list of best film schools in London including experts’ recommendations. Click on your preferred choice of film school for a complete overview of information.

S/N Best Film Schools In London
1. London Film School
2. Met Film School
3. Central Film School
4. National Film and Television School
5. London Film Academy
6. GoldSmiths the Screen School
7. Raindance
8. University of Westminster
9. City Academy Film School
10. Leeds Beckett University, Northern Film School
11. Screen And Film School
12. University of West London
13. Ravensbourne University of London
14. University of Warwick Film and Television Studies
15. Oxford Royal Studies

1. London Film School

London film school (LFS) is one of the accredited and best film schools in London where you get trained, explore and discover your skill, and potential and connect with industry professionals.

Founded in 1956, The film school is located in Shelton, London and does offer filmmaking training behind the camera professionals for some selected film courses.

London Film School is the oldest established film school in the UK aside from being a leading film school in London

The filmmaking school boast of an extensive film library, access to the London Metropolitan University Library, a hothouse environment for intense creative work and a large student body.

Having a tagline “tradition of innovation” it offers a 21st-century filmmaking professional programme.

Unlike other competing film schools, The London Film School offers an immersive and intensive MA and PhD Film programmes such as MA in Filmmaking, MA in Screenwriting, MA International Film Business, and other part-time short professional development film courses including summer programmes.

The MA in filmmaking at London Film School is for 2 years, students are trained to a professional level in a full range of filmmaking skills and graduate with directing, cinematography, editing, producing, production design and sound credits skillset.

Many students have confirmed selecting London Film School to horn their skills and technical knowledge in filmmaking over other leading film schools in London because of the professional staff, MA film programmes and huge success from film festivals with the selection of many students’ works.

In addition, the school is also a network-building community – since the film school is located at the centre of London’s most entertaining district and produces almost 180 films each year engaging students in the working process.

It’s no doubt the film institute is not just any film school, but one of the best film schools in London providing its students with the opportunity to get recognition in their career pursuit.

Ranked as one of the top film schools, many students who want to take film programmes do select the film school as their perfect choice of the best film schools in London.

However, there is no BA and introduction programme, since the school offer only MA and PhD programs

A report by The Hollywood Reporter ranked the London Film School as one of the top international film schools for students.

The school has a large student body and some notable alumni of the film school are Tak Fujimoto the legendary cinematographer, Michael Mann a film director etc.

From an intensive valued film degree program to a bit of budget-friendly tuition cost. London Film School has an affordable tuition fee of £62,380 for instate (UK students) and international students including EU, EEA pay the fee of £62,580

School Details
Programs: MA Filmmaking, Screenwriting, International film business, PhD
Fees: £62,380 – £62,580 per duration
Location: 24 Shelton St, London


2. Met Film School

The Met Film School was founded in 2003 and is one of the best film schools in London offering a wide range of film programmes and courses.

The film school is located in Ealing, London and serves a wide range of student body who come to study filmmaking.

As a leading film school in London, Met boasts of a film production studio – Ealing studio, which is well recognized as one of the oldest studios with whole lots of filming facilities.

Met film school provides a range of film degree programmes from BA, MA to Short Courses, which makes the Met Film School a better choice of top film schools for many students who want to study a variety of film courses.

The school offers film courses such as production, screenwriting, editing, cinematography, acting, film and production for students who are passionate and have the ambition to succeed in the film industry.

The BA at Met Film School takes a duration of 2 – 3 years, and has many film courses: screen acting, practical filmmaking, and cinematography to help the student develop skillset while other courses take from a few weeks to 1 year.

The MA programme includes courses such as film and television production, directing, producing, screenwriting, postproduction and cinematography. This offers a unique opportunity to engage in industry projects during courses.

The film school takes pride in the quality film production company owned (MET Film Production), professional facilities, unlimited access to Ealing studio and its facilities, and an environment for all-rounded study.

MET Film School has been among the selected top film schools in London by students because it focuses on holistic practical skills and application as a world-class media school.

Some of the school’s notable alumni are popular Leopold Hughes, associate producer of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Filmmakers Megan K Fox, and Giulia Gandini

Finally, Met Film School has an affordable fee, with a BA film programme tuition fee of £55,500 and MA degree programmes ranging from £19,000 to £22,000.

Do check with Met Film School for entry requirements and recent changes in tuition fees.

School Details
Programs: BA Practial Filmaking, MA Directing, Screenwriting, Producing, Cinematography, Postproduction, Film and Television Production, Short Courses
Fees: £19,000 – £62,580
Location: Ealing Studios Ealing Green, London
Email: info@metfilmschool.co.uk


3. Central Film School

Central Film School was founded in 2009, although a modern film school, the institute strives and focuses on intensive practicals in filmmaking, building networks with industry professionals etc.

The film school is located in Wentworth, London and strives to offer world-class practicals in film programme, excellent film industry links for passionate, aspiring film students and filmmaking professionals.

As a film school, Central Films offers a wide range of film degree programs and courses such as BA Practical Filmmaking, BA Screenwriting, MA Screenwriting, and MA Filmmaking as well as short courses and part-time programs to fit in with busy filmmakers.

The BA programme is a 2 years undergraduate degree program in filmmaking and screenwriting.

The MA courses at Central Film School is a 1-year postgraduate degree program and offers the opportunity for real-life practicals that are used in professional film, television and media setting.

Central Film School takes pride in the professional courses, standard facilities and equipment, professional tutors and their small class size for better attention and focus.

It’s no doubt, that Central Film School is one of the best film schools in London. The school programme is accredited by Falmouth University.

Just like other leading film schools in London, Central Film School trains its students to acquire knowledge and support in the various core film industry courses, including (but not limited to) filmmaking, screenwriting, media production, and special effects.

The tuition fees for students studying in Central Film School are quite cheap compared to other film schools in London. Instate students pay the fee of £22,200 while International students pay a tuition fee of £41,500 per session for the Undergraduate degree program.

The postgraduate film program cost £10,400 and £17,950 per year for home students and international students.

Some notable Alumni of the film school are Austrian filmmaker Kim Strobl, Bollywood filmmaker Zaid Ali Khan etc.

School Details
Programs: BA Practial Filmaking, MA Filmmaking & Screenwriting, Short Courses
Fees: £2,095 – £22,200
Location: Universal House, 88-94 Wentworth St, London
Email: hello@centralfilmschool.com


4. National Film and Television School

National Film and Television School (NFTS) is one of the biggest and largest film schools in London.

The students receive training from film industry professionals in a well-equipped studio with an edit suite, dubbing theatres, and three cinemas.

NFTS was established in 1971, the film school is situated in Beaconsfield and offers a wide range of film programmes.

The film school is a very notable and reputable film school with a wide range of courses, programs, standard facilities and equipment, large student population.

The courses range from full-time, diploma, part-time, short courses and online courses.

In addition, National Film and Television School is one of the best film schools in London selected by students who are interested in film careers at a professional level.

Despite the low acceptance rate and competitiveness – the challenge of getting in, NFTS is still many film students’ choice of prestigious film school in London because of the numerous courses including short courses.

Although the film school claims to offer more than a total of 30 courses including MA, Diploma, short courses and online courses.

The postgraduate programme is a 2-year full-time study with courses like cinematography, directing, editing, digital effects, games design and development, producing, screenwriting, sound design and many more course options

There are also core certificate courses such as filmmaking, screenwriting, character animation, postproduction, production, acting etc

So, it’s no doubt, National Film and Television School is a good choice following the ranking report by the Hollywood Reporters as one of the top international film schools and if the different film courses provided and the state of art-facilities is your reason for preference.

School Details
Programs: BA, MA, Short and Online Courses
Duration: 2 Weeks – 2 years(varies based on course)
Fees: £3,950 – £24,900 per year (base on studentship: UK or International)
Location: Beaconsfield Studios,
Station Road, Beaconsfield, London
Email: info@nfts.co.uk



Best Film Schools in Los Angeles Recommend By Film Experts


5.London Film Academy

Although another modern film school, but among the leading filmmaking schools in London recognized for producing, screenwriting and other courses.

London Film Academy (LFA) was founded in 2001 and focuses on student training behind-the-camera professionals. Located in Walham Grove, Fulham, London.

From a 2 days introductory course to a 2 years MA programme. London Film Academy hold fast to its name and ranking as one of the best film schools in London.

Compared to Met Film School, there are relatively selection of courses: introductory course, workshop certificates, diploma and full-time undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA)

Unlike other competing film schools, LFA focus on specialization to help students take their filmmaking skill to the next level with intensive practicals.

The Postgraduate programmes are MA filmmaking and MA screenwriting with rigorous hands-on training, from industry professionals.

While the 2 years of undergraduate-level, the BA in filmmaking provide the opportunity to be a well-rounded filmmaker who can excel in the industry.

However, the only offering for actors is a five-day workshop. But compared with other film schools in London,
London Film Academy provide different short courses that will immerse you in every aspect of practical filmmaking from the creative to the technical.

In addition, London Film Academy has reasonable fair tuition fees beginning with a two-day (full-time) introductory course, Casting for Screen, which kicks off the table at just £250 to a two-year MA in film-making at £12,000.

School Details
Programs: MA, BA, Diploma, Short Courses
Duration: 3 Weeks – 2 years( Varies based on course)
Fees: £5,000 – £23,000
Location: 52A Walham Grove, Fulham Broadway, London
Email: info@londonfilmacademy.com


6.GoldSmiths the Screen School

Notable for its reputable all-rounded training in filmmaking, the film school operates from a purpose-built television and media facility within the Department of Media and Communication based in New Cross, London.

GoldSmiths is a public research university founded in 1891 with academic affiliation with the University of London.

However, the screen school is an extension complementing its resources and programmes in addition to the school media and communication department.

GoldSmiths offers more of a professional program, majors in film production, and no acting.

The film school offers a 1 year full-time MA in filmmaking with different courses such as producing, editing, directing fiction, script writing, film, screen documentary, sound recording & design, cinematography & screen studies.

The MA studies in filmmaking are also available as part-time studies for 2 years. It also has additional courses such as MA in Film & Screen Studies, Television Journalism, and Script Writing. There are no BA degrees, diplomas, and short courses

The school’s credibility and assurance of hands-on practice have positioned the school in the ranking list of top film schools in London. As it also attracts high-profile personalities like Stephen Frears, Tim Bevan, and Danny Boyle to its events and debates.

Being a film school, fees are expected to be distant from cheap. But being part of a university, the screen school offers a relatively cheap fee compared with competing schools.

School Details
Programs: MA
Duration: 1 – 2 years
Fees: £5,000 – £23,000
Location: 8 Lewisham Way, New Cross, London
Email: course-info@gold.ac.uk or admission@gold.ac.uk


7. Raindance

Having one of the famous film festival that showcases British filmmaking talents. Raindance is one of the best film schools in London and operates in Los Angeles, New York, Budapest, Toronto, Berlin, Vancouver, and Brussels.

Raindance was founded in 1992 and operates as a film school in London, UK. The school is one of the selected choices of best film schools in London for many lovers of Indie film.

For students who love to kick start a career in filmmaking, the school is a place to go to achieve your dream of film professional.

The range of courses is more narrow, being limited to online and short courses, BA and MA degrees.

There are no fewer than two distinct MA courses: screenwriting and filmmaking. There are also undergraduate programs with HND courses such as filmmaking, acting and filmmaking, film and performing arts, BA in international acting, and international filmmaking.

The London based film school has held fast to its reputation with a wide variety of workshops, seminars, and short courses to give the professional hands-on training (from part-time to full-time).

The Raindance Saturday Film School is one of the top celebrated courses – a one day training to provide an intensive but fun introduction to filmmaking, producing, and directing.

One that shouldn’t be missed while getting prepared to get into film school. Many describe it as “motivational”, “inspirational”

In addition, Raindance makes film learning easy and accessible through its variety of film courses geared toward those that want to take their career in filmmaking to another level.

At a rewarding level, Raindance has a British Independent Film Awards, an annual celebration in December to recognize the best UK independent films.

So, if you looking for one great community to call your place of film study, Raindance is one of the accredited best film schools in London you can select to attend.

School Details
Programs: MA, BA, and HND
Duration: 2 days – 2year (base on courses)
Fees: £7,950 – £14,950
Location: 10a Craven Street, London
Email: info@raindance.co.uk


8. University of Westminster

Offering film and television courses from a purpose-built studio with professional film, video and sound facilities.

The University of Westeminster is one of the reputable institutes to learn filmmaking from professionals in media and television and filmmaking.

Although, the school campus for film, moving images and TV studio is based in Harrow, not in the city of London.

As an institution, the film school have a rich background history. Having some distinctiveness just like other film schools in London – the University of Westminster focuses on most aspects of film and television production and not acting.

The Postgraduate program provides MA in Film, Television and Moving Image as full-time study. While the school offers a three years full-time, BA in film and other courses such as Animation, Television Production, and Contemporary Media.

The film degree program emphasises huge group work and provides well-rounded academic and vocational learning as students are offered work opportunities in a professional setting.

Talking about study fees, the full-time MA in Film, Television and Moving Image costs around £17,000 for international students and in-state students pay £8,500 per session (1 year)

School Details
Programs: MA, BA
Duration:1 – 3year (base on programme)
Fees: £9,250 – £14,400
Location: 309 Regent St, Marylebone, London
Email: course-enquiries@westminster.ac.uk


9. City Academy Film School

City Academy Film School is one of the right choices of film schools in London – if you are interested in a school with both online courses and practical film courses to get started in the filmmaking industry.

Founded in 2006, City Academy is based in Rosebery Avenue, London with about 40 locations across London.

From directing, production, and editing to acting, the film school courses are taught by professionals with vast years of filmmaking experience.

That is not all, the school provides a wide range of 5 days film courses such as film production, film directing, and filmmaking. There are also short courses and an intensive filmmaking foundation course offered by the school.

From the film courses offered, City Academy Film School does not offer a postgraduate program with MA in Filmmaking. This gives a setback for many professionals who seek to pursue MA filmmaking courses.

City Academy Film School in a more enlightened description is ideal for individuals looking for intensive studies or figuring out where to begin in film production.

School Details
Programs: Foundation, Introductory & Short Courses
Fees: £1,199 (Varies for courses)
Location: 38 Rosebery Avenue, London
Email: info@city-academy.com


10. Leeds Beckett University, Northern Film School

Named by The Hollywood Reporters as one of the world’s film schools in 2014, Northern Film School (NFS) is a practical training film school based in Leeds, London.

The film school offers both BA, MA, and PhD in filmmaking and many of its alumni have received BAFTAs and OSCARs awards.

The state-of-art facilities – an animation studio, edit suite, and two well-sized studios for film play offer students the opportunity to create a good film set.

Leeds Beckett University Northern Film School claims to offer a grounding knowledge in the craft and experience of filmmaking, also students will have the technical skillset required for an imaginative and expert filmmaker.

Offering a full-time study, and 3 years of BA in film, many students choose to attend NFS to develop creative and technical filmmaking skills in drama and film production. Plus the tuition fees are significantly cheap to afford than other film schools.

Northern Film School is ranked among the leading film schools in London that pushes to bring your idea to the screen in professional facilities.

The school offers film courses such as BA in filmmaking, MA in documentary filmmaking, film curation and exhibition and screenwriting.

School Details
Programs: BA, MA – Filmmaking
Fees: £8,000 – £9,250 per year (Base on Courses)
Location: Woodhouse Lane.
Woodhouse Leeds
Email: admissionsenquiries@leedsbeckett.ac.uk


11. Screen And Film School

Grow your career in filmmaking with Screen and Film School colleges located in Birmingham, Manchester, and Brighton.

Having a purpose-built film studio with state-of-art facilities for training young filmmakers, Screen and Film School has connections and links with professional organizations such as Arri, Panavision, Panalux.

The film school focuses on delivering practical courses and trains the next generation of filmmakers who are serious about film and the industry.

As a film school in London, Screen and Film Schools offers different programmes such as short courses, diploma, bachelor and master. The courses range from cinematography, directing, producing, editing, screenwriting, sound, post-production, filmmaking etc.

Offering a BA Hons, 3 years full-time degree for those who want to scale their career journey to another level.

Unfortunately, the film school has more courses for an undergraduate degree and short courses than postgraduate, which makes it challenging if you want to advance your film study. Only have the two MA courses for the postgraduate program.

Comparing course fees, Screen and Film School has a relatively cheap fees than other film schools in London.

School Details
Programs: BA, MA, Diploma & Short Courses – Filmmaking
Fees: £9,250 – £10,950 per annum (base on course)
Location: Brighton and Birmingham
Email: admissions@screenfilmschool.ac.uk or info@screenfilmschool.ac.uk


12. University of West London

The University of West London boasts a range of film degrees and related courses to provide you with well-rounded filmmaking skills to improve your film career goal.

While other leading film schools teach and train you for filmmaking, the University of West London provides an undergraduate program.

The school offers more BA courses in film and screen business, content, media and film production, and English and film course.

The programme duration is 3 years, students at the University of West London learn from an expert, as the school teaches filmmaking from both a business mindset, practical approach and literary approach.

As a school offering film courses, students learn from the very best professionals to meet the requirement for their careers and the film industry.

School Details
Programs: BA
Fees: £9,250 – £13,250
Location: St Mary’s Road, Ealing, London
Email: courses@uwl.ac.uk



Best Film Schools in the UK To Attend

13. Ravensbourne University of London

The BA in Digital Film Production offers aspiring filmmakers and producers who wish to gain needed insight and exposure to the film industry the knowledge and hands-on practical for the filmmaking journey.

Based in London, Ravensbourne University of London is a place to go to enhance your film production, editing and directing skills.

Students are engaged in professional shoots, connect with industries and are taught by an expert in the industry. The BA (Hons) in Digital Film Production is a 3 years full-time study with a focus on Cinematography, Directing, Production, Green Screen and VFX

The fee for a home student is £9,250 and international students pay £16,500. A cheap tuition fee unlike other universities offering filmmaking courses in undergraduate study.

School Details
Programs: BA
Fees: £9,250 – £16,500
Location: 6 Penrose Way
Greenwich Peninsula
Email: admissions@rave.ac.uk


14. University of Warwick Film and Television Studies

Just like other film schools in London, the University of Warwick offers a range of film courses from its state-of-art facilities.

Warwick is the school you can get the desired learning for your film career although the school offers an undergraduate programme with BA in film studies film and literature studies, there is no MA.

The BA in Film Studies focuses entirely on Film and Television Studies, where you will study everything from Cinema to the foundation of film and television.

University of Warwick Film Studies degree covers the foundation of film and television for a duration of 3years.

The course is a full-time study and provides a well-rounded background for your filmmaking journey.

School Details
Programs: BA
Fees: £9,250 & £28,410 (UK and International Students)
Location: University of Warwick
Email: filmstudies@warwick.ac.uk


15. Oxford Royal Studies

Based in the prestigious University of Oxford, the film school trains you to edit, produce, and network with film industry professionals.

As a film school in London, the university is a good choice of school for improving your filmmaking skills and knowledge as a professional or as a hobby.

The Oxford Royal Academy Film summer school is taught by elite ORA Academy faculty. With a duration of 2 weeks, the course is more of a foundation to strengthen your creativity, film production and digital editing for students of age 13 to 18 years.

The course provides you with specific skills needed to start your perfect filmmaking as a director, producer, or editor.

The school claims you will learn with filmmaking equipment and post-production software like Final Cut Pro, produce and edit a short film to screen at Oxford.

School Details
Programs: BA
Fees: £5,495
Location: The Punt House St Catherine’s College Manor Road, Oxford
Email: admin@oxford-royale.co.uk


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Film Schools Cost in London?

The cost of film schools varies for the different schools, selected courses and your studentship.

Students pay tuition fees between £9,250 to £16,550 per annum as UK students while many international students pay the fee of £13,250 to £26,650.

There is a higher cost charged to attend film schools, film schools in London charge much higher fees than universities and colleges offering film courses.

What Is The Age Required To Enter Film School?

You will find students of age 20 or above during your study for a BA in filmmaking.

However, the age requirement – 18 to 20 years is set by many film schools for students who want to enrol in the school. For the postgraduate program, students between the ages of 25 – 45 are seen in the classes.

Should I Go To Film Schools To Become an Actor/Actress?

When it comes to learning from the best to be an actor, gaining some training can be a good consideration.

Many actors do attend film schools to equip themselves with skills in acting and learning the role. Especially auditioning, the angry feeling of not making an audition.

Therefore choosing to go to a film school to become an actor is a good decision in pursuing your acting career.

Are There Online Film Schools In London?

There are few schools – colleges and universities with online programs.

However, these film schools – National Film and Television School and London Film Academy offer online film programs and courses to individuals who want to scale up their skills in filmmaking.

Do check with the film schools for the list of their offered online courses.


If you are going to attend a film school in London, the film schools listed here are the prestigious schools to attend.

They offer hands-on practice in filmmaking and have large professional bodies and networks in the industries.

Do you have any questions about the film schools in London? Please do leave it in the comment.

Source: College Reporters

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