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12 Best Film Schools In The UK 2024 | Universities You Should Attend

by College Reporters Staff
Best Film Schools In The UK
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Looking for the best film schools in UK  to study filmmaking, screenwriting etc.? These Film Schools and Universities in UK are considered to provide a good state of the art learning environment for students who plan to study in the schools.

Finding the best film schools in the United Kingdom? You will discover the top film and television universities in Lonon, UK you should attend. if that is what you searching, then you are on the right website. If you have chosen to go into the performing arts, playwriting, stage management, sure you made a good decision but the path to this career can be a bit challenging. Already concluded your decision to attend film school, then you will need to go through this well organized top film schools in the country.

What are the best film schools in UK? If you are searching for film universities, we at CollegeReporters have taken it as responsibility to organize the top film schools in the United Kingdom worth applying to study filmmaking and production.

Why Attend Film Schools In the UK

The film schools in UK are considered the best, whether your passion is to be a filmmaker, playwriter, director or producer.

Attending the best film schools is one piece of advice anyone desiring to be in the film-producing industry would gladly consider. Why? Many graduates from film schools gain excellent knowledge and skill to be in the film industry.
UK is among the most selected study locations for study by international students who want to follow the career path.

Going to prestigious film schools in the UK will help you figure out the filmmaking aspect as an international student. You will get hands-on skills from the film school’s staff who are professionals ready to impact the knowledge gained over the years.

Is Film School in the UK Worth It?

The UK is a top-selected study country for filmmaking and production because of it reputable film degree programs offered by prestigious film schools.

If you are planning to pursue your dream career in the film industry by attending the most prestigious film school in the UK, here are few insights into film schools and why film schools in the UK are worth it.

Access to Film Studio

An access to the best production studio make your learning more interesting.  The leading reputable film school own their studio which give student access to film production and engagement in other filmmaking opportunities.

Meet Famous Film Makers

Filmmakers who are alumni of  film school do visit schools to provide support. Many opportunity await you when you attend film schools in the UK. From meeting top film actors and actress to top recognized film producers, screen play writers.

State of the Art Facilities

Many leading filmmaking school focus on providing the state of art facilities to enhance learning in the school. Students who attend the prestigious filmmaking schools in the UK are provided with quality learning – access to best cameras, video editing software etc

How You Can Find Prestigious Film Schools in the UK

Are you ready to take your passion for filmmaking to the next level? If you are searching for the top films schools and finds it challenging to get the best selection.

Here are few insight and factors to consider in selecting and organizing your choice of best film schools in the country.
Tuition Cost
The strength of the best film schools can be known from the programs offered and tuition cost.

High valued programs and courses are provided at high cost because of the hands-on practice and set-up required to train the students

Courses & Programs
The wide range of courses provide students with acces to variety of courses to becoming a filmmaker.
Many film schools focused on professional film production and making offers mainly MA in filmaking than short courses.

Your choice of programs can determine if you will attend the college or university.

Do be on the look for the degree programs and the majors offered by the film school. The best film schools in the UK are ranked by the majors and related filmmaking and screen play major programs.

If you are interested in filmmaking short-courses do well to check with the select film school of your choice for available courses and programs.

Requirements & Acceptance Rate
You can compare and decide the filmmaking schools in the UK that is meet your choice of course study . Do a comparison of the acceptance rate and the requirements. Does the school have a large percent of student acceptance rate or the rate is low? Film schools with large percent of acceptance rate are less competitive to attend.


Best Film Schools in London To Attend

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Here Are The Best Film Schools in the UK You Should Attend

Here is the list of prestigious top film schools in London including experts’ recommendations. Click on a film school for a complete overview of information.

S/N Best Film Schools In UK
1. National Film and Television School
2. MetFilm School
3. London Film School
4. Leeds Beckett University
5. Raindance
6. Goldsmiths, University of London
7. London Film Academy
8. University of the Arts London
9. Arts University Bournemouth
10. Ravensbourne University
11. University of Edinburgh
12. University of Westminster


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1. National Film and Television School

Located in Beaconsfield, UK is this public film school. The National Film and Television School is well recognized not only in the country but worldwide.

This Film School in UK is notable and selected by international students for it’s wide range for film courses. This has made the school receive many accolades such as the “best film school” however acceptance is very competitive.

National Film and Television School MA courses do cost about £14,300 a year for UK students and £30,000 a year for international students. But if you are focus on prestigious schools and the big name then NFTS is the perfect film school to apply.

NFTS offers wide range of short courses, diploma and masters degree. The school yearly attract professionals to come teach students.

The UK film School offers training to students to meet international demand and the students also develop film skills during the hand-on practical conducted by industry professionals who are staff at the school. Visit School.

2. MetFilm School, London

Available program: MA in Filmmaking, BA in Film production, and Introductory Short Film Courses

Located in the London city of the nation and founded in 2003 is the modern film school housed by the Ealing Studios. The film school is ranked and one of the best film school in the country

Theses film school in the UK is very sought after by many international students as it offers wide range of courses: ranging from days introductory courses through diplomas, BA and MA in filmmaking.

The Met film School BA in Screen Acting is training many promising students on story, character and performance including behind the camera skills like screen business, other voiceover, motion capture etc.

The Film School has an excellent professional environment for learning filmmaking, screenwriting, cinematography, producing and other enviable selected courses that are chosen by students who want to pursue a career path in the film industries.

This UK film school has one of the well-structured state of the art with access to the Ealing Studios facilities and equipment. The school also have it own film production company where it release theatrical films. Visit School.

3. London Film School

Available program: MA in Filmmaking, Short Film Courses

Located in London, of the nation and established in 1956. London Film School is among the early recognized schools.

The Film School in UK offers wide range of programs including short courses and training. Know to have a good international reputation that’s why selected by many students who want to have direct hands-on training from the professionals in filmmaking.

London Film School programs offered are MA in filmmaking and PhD for students who seek to be professional in the film industry. The school also have extensive film library for students to access the knowledge hidden in written book by film producers and scriptwriters of the ancient and modern.

The film School in UK is highly regarded in the international film circle as school allows it’s students to get connected and be seeked after by the country and international film industries through the school film festival that is organized.

London Film School notable alumni include Vera Drake, Mike Leigh, Michael Mann and several others. Visit School.

4. Goldsmiths, the Screen School

Available program: MA in Filmmaking (Full time 1 year)

Located in Arty New Cross, east London and established in 1891 is the public research university. Goldsmiths, the Screen School has a great recognition as part of University of London since its establishment.

The film school in UK is challenging bigger schools to be considered among the best film schools for students. Goldsmiths being part of University of London is noted for the arts and social sciences schools, the screen school is a fantastic extension of the University of London.

The film school focus is on film production that operated within the school department of media and communication as it offers some MA courses for full time and part time: Film & Screen studies, Sound recording and Design, Cinematography, Screen Documentary, Directing Fiction, and producing.

Goldsmiths does not offer short courses or any BA degree program. The school network with professional directors not excluding Stephen Frears, Danny Boyle, Alan Parker to mention a few.

The film school in UK creates an enabling and friendly environment for both foreign and domestic students to work closely with film team to produce their school final projects.

There is student accommodation in the university and the accommodations are among the relatively cheap student accommodation in London as a result of the university link in the city.

5. London Film Academy

Available Program: Diploma in Film (1 year), MA in Filmmaking (2 years)

Located in Fulham, London and established in 2002. The London Film Academy has a base foundation to train behind the camera and offer ideal film courses

The film school in UK is regarded in the film and TV industries for training alumni who are successful in production, script developing and taken roles as assistant directors.

The London Film Academy today is among the recognized innovative film schools that have graduated multi-skilled professionals who are world filmmakers.

The film school in UK allow you to develop your knowledge and gain skills to become world-class filmmakers through several hands-on trainings to enable you be a professional filmmaker to meet the demand of the new generation film industries. Visit School.


Best Film Schools in London To Attend

6. Leeds Beckett University

Located in Leeds is the film school by the name Leeds Beckett University.

The UK film School is among the best schools to be considered. Leeds Beckett University school of film, music and performing arts has foster a unique culture of creation and participation.

The film professional in the school nurtures the future film professional who will not only impact the country but the entire world film industry.

This best film school in the UK prides itself in the film culture which is solidly maintained by the team of experienced film professionals and academicians who not only produce but earn awards for producing winning films of international repute. Visit School

7. Raindance

Available Program: Short Film Courses, MA in Filmmaking (1 year Full time and 2 years Part time)

Located in London, UK is the non-profit school. Founded in 1992 is the famous film school.

This best film school in UK is another selected school by students. Raindance is committed to promote independent film from around the globe.

The film school situated in UK organizes film festival and training course. The famous festival of independent film is focus at showcasing film making talent.

The UK film school offers a wide range of variety of training course and seminars such as pitching, marketing, character and creation.

The film school has one of the most enrolled film courses for a day, designed to be an enjoyable basics to producing, directing, filmmaking and writing although intensive and rigorous as described by attendees.

This Film School in UK today is among the selected schools both international students and domestic students attend to obtain a filmmaking degree. Visit School.

8. University of Westminster

Available program: BA in Film (3 years full-time), BA Animation (3 years), BA contemporary Media practice and television production (3 years), (MA Part-time).

Located in Harrow and was founded as university in the year 1992. The non-for-profit film school first started as polytechnic in the UK in the year 1838 before gaining the university status.

The Film school teaches and focus more on film and TV production rather than the acting which is recognized today as one of the best film courses in the nation and the world.

The University of Westminster Film campus is about 4 campuses, having about 22,000 students and a leaning towards arts and technology with a 2 soundstages, a set construction workshop, TV studio, and mastering suite,

The University of Westminster has its BA courses at pretty reasonable and affordable fees. A three-year BA course costs £12,250 ($18,620)/ year, while a one-year MA is £14,000 ($21,300). Visit School.

9. University of Edinburgh

Available Program: BA Film and Television (4 years fulltime)

The University of Edinburgh encourages you to find individual approaches through directing work in documentary, drama or experimental film.

The film school provides practical experience in directing, camerawork, sound and editing is gained in order to explore how every aspect of film can be a means of creative expression.

The school is mixed with professional staff enabling a learning environment which will help you find your own creative identities, and perfect skills which will help you get accepted in the film industry on graduation.

The school has a firm belief that you will learn the creativity necessary to enter the film and television industries with a fresh approach to changing technologies and the cinematic ideas that they embrace. Visit School.


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10. University of the Arts London

Available Program: BA (Hons) Film and Television, BA (Hons) Film Practice, BA (Hons) Film and Screen Studies

You can become the future generation of the film and television industries by attending this UK film school.

University of Arts London has enough space for students whether your talents lie in directing, producing, screenwriting or post-production, our diverse range of film and television courses will equip you with the essential skills needed to thrive in these rapidly-growing industries.

These Film school in UK combines intensive hands-on practice in a range of genres, forms and formats from experimental film-making to mainstream TV. As student going to study film and television, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding and demanded skills of the key movements, makers and theories that have shaped the 21st film and television industry. Visit School.

11. Arts University Bournemouth

Available Programs: BA Acting (3 years full time), BA Film Production, BA Costume and Performance Design and BA Makeup.

The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is a non-profit university located Bournemouth outside of London, UK and established for more than 52 years ago.

The Arts University Bournemouth has a structured program for film production and other fantastic courses including Acting, Costume and Performance Design, and Makeup which provide students with access to the workspaces on the university campus.

This Film School outside of London allows her student to really organize and form their own production team featuring some fellows who are professional in Screenwriting and other different areas not limited to acting.

If you are considering a film school in UK but not located in the centre of the city of London, then Arts University of Bournemouth is a good decision to make to enable you study a film degree program because the film school has built well talented graduates and has great reputation which make it less difficult to be considered among the best film schools in the United Kingdom. Visit School.

12. Ravensbourne University

Available Programs: BA in Digital Film Production, BA in Digital TV production

Located in Greenwich, The Ravensbourne University is among the film school you can apply for in the country.

This Film school has a well-organized BA program in Digital Film Production, Digital TV Production, and Editing and Postproduction and has strong external links to film and creative industries allowing the university students to start working on professional shoots beginning from their first year in the school.

If you looking for a school with focus on digital work, Ravensbourne University is passionately interested in digital works and has it’s priority to produce graduate students who are good fit for the film production industries and both present and future film jobs in the real world of profession.

However, the film school has it’s requirements of allowing students aspiring and applying to the school to have background or interest in creative, arts and design and show a work that is self produced Visit School

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Tuition Fee in Film Schools in the UK

The tuition costs for film schools in the UK vary depending on the selected institution -colleges and universities and the program. Typically, tuition fees range between £10,000 to £22,000 per annum for BA in Filmmaking and MA in Filmmaking cost £11,000 to £31,000 per year.

How Long is Film School in the UK?

Film school programme duration varies based on the selected degree programme and course.

Typically, a Filmmaking programme duration is between a few months to 4 years. BA in filmmaking programmes has a duration of about 4 years and MA in filmmaking has programme duration of about 2 years.


The path to a successful lies in the right choice and decision to gain the best knowledge by attending the best film school will greatly shaping your path and give a clear direction in becoming the director, producer, script writer you seek to be.


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