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Fashion Schools in Canada: Best List

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Canada is one of the top leading interest place chosen by students for study. Also the educational institutions including fashion schools in Canada are among top ranked and well recognized.

Canada has many vocational training centres including best fashion schools that have global recognition.

If you are passionate about fashion, and may be asking what are the best schools for fashion degree. Then you are not here by mistake, today we will be sharing and discussing bes fashion schools in Canada offering fashion degree certificates

Why Study Fashion in Canda?

Fashion today has taken the centre stage of events and entertainment, also everyone want to look great in good looking clothings

Europe countries – London, New York, and Paris are the well renowned places for fashion in the world. The fashion industry and history are traced to these places with long fashion history and leading industry. Having said all that lets look at the best fashion schools in Canada.

List of the Best Fashion Schools in Canada

Planning to pursue a fashion design degree, if it’s your decision to study in a fashion design school– college or university in Canada, here are the list of schools you should consider;

Ryerson University School of Fashion

Fashion Program: Fashion (MA), Bachelor of Design (BDes)Fashion Communication

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Ryerson University, school of fashion is the leading fashion school in Canada. The school offers wide range of programs – two bachelor’s and one Master’s degree program in Fashion.

The fashion schoool at Ryerson University provide opportunity for students to meet top class global fashion experts and designers from around the world.

The fashion design program in the school is standard and the cost is affordable. Ryerson’s fashion programs enables you to transform fabrics, finishes and patterns into elegant clothing.

George Brown college

Fashion Program: Fashion management, Fashion design, Jewelry

George Brown College is situated in Toronto, Ontario state, Canada. This fashion institute is your hub of fashion education in Canada.

They offer different range of fashion programs and It ranked among best fashion schools in the world. George Brown College offers fashion related programs – fashion management, jewelry including diploma programs, postgraduate programs, and other fashion programs leading to certificate.

Lasalle College

Fashion Program: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Technical Clothing designer, Interior Design, and Fashion Styling

Lasalle College is another fashion powerhouse located in Montreal, Canada. It’s School of Fashion, Arts, and Design, Montreal houses lots of top diploma programs (DEC, AEC, and DEP), and is ranking as one of the best fashion schools in Canada.

The school aside ranking as one of the best fashion school in Canada have built international partnership with top fashion companies and fashion brands worldwide.

If planning to attend a fashion school then the Lasalle college is one best school offering fashion design program. The shcool provide chances for students to make garments of various designs for their leading partner brand and companies.

Humber College

Fashion program: Fashion Management, Cosmetic Management, and Fashion Arts

Humber College is located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. This business school in Canada offers different fashion degree program – Fashion management.
The wide range of programs offered at Humber college ranks it as one of Canada’s best fashion schools.

At Humber, you can acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Management. This degree combines classical training with hands-on experience to produce students who are skillful in the business path of fashion.

Interested in attending a fashion school, the choice of school should include Humber college. The degree programs offered are bachelor, and graduate.

Students can register of rdiploma undergraduate or postgraduate courses at the fashion school. Basically the bachelor programs takes a durationof 4 years and postgraduate have a durationof 1 year to complete.

You will be equipped wiht not just theory but practical skills on how to lead and be a top fashion desiner.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU)

Fashion Program: Fashion Design & Technology, Fashion Marketing

KPU is located in Surrey, Canada. The school is another fashion university in Canada to consider if you are planning a depth-dive into fashion designing.

This fashion school offers one of the best bachelor’s program in fashion (Fashion Design & Technology) as well as a diploma program (Fashion Marketing) through Wilson School of Design.

At Kwantlen, these programs are designed for artists and fashion enthusiast who are ready to turn their talent for design into a successful career.

University of Alberta Fashion

Fashion Program: Fashion management

The University of Alberta is one of the fashion schools in Canada that is considered leading fashion University despite it wide range of program as it is also a comprehensive research university in the nation.

Planning to undertake fashion degree – the offered program in the school prepares you for a management career in the ever-growing fashion industry.

The bachelor degree have a durationof 4 years, the joint courses to be taken from two faculties- Life & Environmental Sciences and Agricultural, will give you an advanced theoretical, practical, and ethical understanding of the processes involved in textile and clothing design, production, distribution, and consumption.

Students studying at University of Alberta Fashion will be able to participate in the ALES Internship Program or the School of Business Co-op Program also with Canada’s leading collection of fashion and textiles – Anne Lambert Clothing and Textile Collection.

Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy

Fashion Program: Professional sewing, pattern making, fashion sketching, and lingerie

A must go to place for fashion in Canada is Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy for lovers of fashion, students pursuing fashion program and highly interested in the career of fashion designing.

The academy is best fashion designing schools having accreditation for full-time program if looking for Canada fashion designing school.

Students can continue program – couturier for an additional year to become a more qualified professional fashion designer. Every kind of design in both male and female fashion will be taught.

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Fanshawe College

Fashion Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management (Diploma).

The Canadian fashion school offers a variety of higher programs including Fashion course programs.

The school is another popular best fashion design schools in Canada if your seek to attend a fashion college as the school offer affordable fashion programs that cheap.

École Holt Couture; School of Sewing and Design

École Holt Couture – School of Sewing and Design is a private comprehensive school and is top sewing school in Canada that teaches the best haute couture sewing.

The fashion school program is impacting and strive in producing skillful fashionists who can sew highly specialized luxury couture fashion.

Seneca College

Fashion Program: Fashion Arts and Fashion Business Management

Seneca College is among the the leading best fashion schools and best art college in Canada.

The school offers wide range of art programs and art specialization. Seneca’s School of Fashion & Esthetics offers a certificate for fashion program and is not left behind.

Intend and planning to take fashion program then consider Seneca as School for Fashion in Canada.

Sheridan College Fashion

Sheridan College offers one of the best fashion programs in Canada despite that the art college may not be very popular for its fashion programs.

The school is another top Arts college in Canada offerig best quality academic programs that meet international standards.

Planning to undertake fashion programs then Sheridan College Fashion is one to take a look because you’ll be able to achieve lots of skills by working with community partners and utilizing exclusive facilities.


We believe this was helpful, going through our list of best fashion schools and making choice of fashion programs available. There is just no way you won’t enjoy your time at any of these fashion schools – universities and colleges in Canada.

Here is a quick review of list of best fashion schools in Canada offering fashion design programs

  • Ryerson University School of Fashion
  • George Brown college
  • Lasalle College
  • Academy of Design
  • Humber College
  • Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy
  • Fanshawe College
  • Olds College Fashion
  • École Holt Couture; School of Sewing and Design
  • Seneca College
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Sheridan College Fashion
  • University of Alberta Fashion

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