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How to Gain Funded International Scholarships To Study Abroad

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International Scholarships to Study Abroad

How do students gain international scholarships 0r awards for degree program to study abroad?

Can you Gain Funded International Scholarship for a degree program abroad? Yes you can. International students do seek for scholarships to get into colleges abroad and commence a degree study. And the number of scholars interested in gaining scholarships as foreign student is increasing on yearly basis. Some students need scholarships for bachelor, masters, PhD or research program in universities abroad.

Now, how do you gain international scholarships as a student to study abroad. You may be seeking for fully funded scholarships for a particular degree or programme. Know that students find studying abroad interesting, and there are available funding awards to go abroad, it allows them to study in top ranked universities, get world recognised certificate, access to good facilities and research centres e.t.c. There are literally thousands of international study scholarships and awards out there for students and foreign students are not left out of these study abroad opportunites.
Mean while, know that it may not  just take a single application to gain international scholarship, you may have to submit series of application or apply for different scholarships. A common known conception about studying abroad in colleges or universities is that they are expensive and the fees are not easy to afford. But know that there are ways to get fees paid and cost of study abroad reduced.

How, you can find funded international scholarships for your study progrmme abroad if you are seeking for grants and awards to sponsor your study in a university abroad. 
When finding scholarship, what type of study abroad awards do you seek after and how do you search for those funded scholarship? if you are seeking for scholarships in country overseas, this article will help on how you can find and gain international scholarships for study abroad – read further for details.

Importance of Finding a Scholarship to Study
When a student go study abroad, many fees are available over there to pay. They don’t only fund education study, there are living expenses, accommodation, transportation, books and lots more. The plan used by students is to find and gain international scholarship that will cover the above areas when they are studying abroad.

Finding Funded Scholarships 
When you are seeking for international scholarships fund to pay the cost of your study? what do you consider? there are certain informations you need to have access to, the scholarship value, the amount of money that will be issued, fees scholarship will cover, areas of study the scholarship will cover. Having these information tells if scholarship is partial or full funded scholarship.

There are funded international scholarships that covers your study, living fees and other cost of study abroad. If you want to be awarded funded scholarship then scholarships search can be a contineous activity until you gain a scholarship. The more scholarship you apply, the higher your chances to be awarded a scholarship. The search and application can be a non stop activity except you know where to find international study scholarship and how to process and submit documentation for best application. There are many funded scholarship to gain offer for study abroad and you can explore on these:

Funded International Scholarships for Students
#1. University – Funded College Study Scholarship
Many universities and colleges provide international scholarships or grants to students on a merit-base, to be generally applied by any students looking to study abroad. However, don’t just research financial support provided by your home university. Do search for funding and aids available to any students and provided by higher education institute overseas to international students. Many universities abroad provide international students study scholarships or grants for undergraduates, masters or PhD degree program

However, the university scholarships for study abroad are available and offered to students for different course program or degree. Check the university student scholarship as some scholarship awards are for new students enrolling to start study or students taking a particular degree and course program at the university.

Note: If you seeking for funded scholarships from universities, some university study scholarship are applied and offered as discount or fee reduction for your first year only or scholarship award are issued for tuition fee and not allowance or stipens. Also university international scholarships are offered full funded i.e cover full tution fee only or tuition fee and other need fees. So when next you are searching, do check the scholarship value and how it will be awarded and applied for your study. Further More a university interantional student scholarship may require seperate forms while some require you enroll only for study and the scholarship will be automatically awarded or you may be considered for the grant based on your enrollment or application ID  by the university scholarship board.

#2. Country or Region Based Funded Scholarships
These international scholarships or grants are offered and targetted to encourage students study abroad from some specific countries or region. The specific purpose of such scholarship grants is to foster international relations through the exchange of students study. You might find these scholarships provided by a university, the government of a country you plan study in or even government of your own home country, organisations and foundations.

International student from the countries or region listed are those that can apply and  be given consideration  for the funded international scholarships and grants.
e.g A country or region scholarships that fund students study abroad may target student from Europe (EU) or  Non (EU) students who are not from Europe countries, these scholarships also target students from regions such as Asia, Africa,  and America. Other funded international scholarships for study abroad may choose students from UK, countries form 

Quick Note: if the scholarships states the eligibility criteria and your region or country is listed then you are eligible as international student to apply for the funded scholarships. Terms like “national, country or region” may be used to detail the targeted international students from the countries that the scholarship are offered to.

#3. Degree Based International Scholarships/Awards
Scholarships for degree study may fund a particular degree program – BSc, MSc or PhD. A degree program at a university abroad may support international students with fund to study course chosen. Master scholarship fund cost of students study for master degree. International bachelor scholarship covers the cost of students taking a bachelor degree while PhD scholarship supports and fund student for a PhD program.

The international scholarships you are interested in applying should be supporting and available to fund the degree you are pursuing or about taking in a university.
Successful students undertaking a degree course specified by an international scholarship will be funded and the value of scholarship will be applied based on condition and terms of the scholarship. 

#4. Subject or Course Funded Scholarship 
There are subject funded international scholarships for students, such scholarship offers grant or award for students studying or interested in studying a particular course. A university, organisation, foundation may provide and offer fund for the subject study. Do check the funding scholarships if they will fund the course you choose or intend to study. international scholarships fund study of courses including: chemistry, renewable energy, physics, marine engineering, chemical engineering etc.

International students enrolling for the program specified by a scholarship are given consideration for the awards or funding

#5. Government-Funded International Scholarship
There are a number of government funded grants or scholarships that encourage students to study abroad. International student can work abroad also aside studying abroad with funded scholarship. Good examples of this include the Fulbright Program, or Chevening UK Government Scholarships and Fellowships, which are funded by the UK government specifically for international student leaders looking to study in the UK. Government of other countries provide scholarship for foreign students e.g Australia government, China government e.t.c

How to Gain International Scholarship
#1. Search and Ask for Fund, Don’t Stop
How can you find and have something without searching, scholarships information are gotten by searching and asking. You can ask you college admin officer for scholarships relating to you or your course of study. Surfing scholarship webpage or forum is one good start place for international student scholarships to study abroad. Your quest for scholarship is complete when you gain scholarship for your degree course and go overseas for study.

College Reporters scholarship is one place you can find international scholarships to study abroad. The scholarships there are published early enough befor application deadline with much details need to apply.

#2. Submit Application for Scholarship
Submitting an application gives a chance to gain international scholarship, without a complete and submitted application  there is no way you can be offered scholarship for your study. Application for scholarships can be done electronically, via email or at scholarship website, if the scholarship you interested in and want to apply need you to register on the scholarship application website (online application system) and submission of application then you have to follow the procedure given to you.

Most scholarship application makes use of forms, if you have interest in a scholarship award, the scholarship application form must be completely filled with all required details and submitted.

#3. Scholarship Deadline
Having the deadline date of a scholarship is very important in your quest to gain funded international scholarship and the deadline for awards that you are interested in applying should be remembered. You should ensure to submit the application before the international scholarship deadline, applying early enough saves you the rush in scholarship application. 

#4. Good Grade and Academic Performance
International scholarships funding a student to study abroad can be merit base and excellence academic performance. Scholarship sponsors do require international students applying for scholarship award to have good academic background. The funded scholarships are mostly competitive and are awarded on criterias and selection process, having a good grade in high school  or degree study is a chance to be above other competing applicants and increase chances to gain scholarship award.

Scholars with good academic background and records can survive competitive international scholarships requiring excellence academic performance and leadership skill. There are scholarships award that fund students with such abilities, do ensure you meet the requirements on academic performance if the scholarship you are interested in applying is excellent scholarship.

#5. Attach Supporting Documents
Never leave any required supporting documents unsubmitted, ensure to attach documents required by scholarship sponsors to scholarship application form. By doing this you stand a better chance of consideration than other competitors seeking to gain the same scholarship you applied and didn’t attach the required scholarship documentations.
What documentation do i need to submit? scholarship documents to be submitted depend on the sponsor requirements, but most funded international scholarship typically require an essay or purpose of statement, previous degree certificates or transcripts, referees, a recommendation letter, leadership skills, good academic performance.

To apply for scholarship and gain award to study abroad, you will need to check for the following;

  • Scholarship Essay or Purpose of Statement
  • Degree Certificate and Transcript
  • English Language Test (IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, ACT)
  • Reference 

Ensure you have a standing and readily access referee (2 or 3 to provide a letter of referee when required. 

Apply Now; International scholarships  to study abroad

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