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Call For Submission: Generation Equality Film Festival 2021 For Filmmakers & Storytellers (Prize $1,000)

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Generation Equality Film Festival 2021

Are you a filmmaker passionate creative storyteller, then apply for the Generation Equality Film Festival 2021. Start application for this year Generation Equality Film Festival Program organized by UN Women.

If you do believe in gender equality and of age 18-30 with passion for creative storytelling to visualize your belief in women’s rights and activism. Then this is the right opportunity to demonstrate your skills, show the world your true self and earn up to 1,000 USD.

Why Generation Equality Film Festival

Be part of the film festival that will take place at Mexico city on March 29, 2021 as UN Women, the governments of Mexico and France, with the partnership of civil society put together Generation Equality Film Festival.

The Generation Equality Forum will secure a set of transformative commitments for gender equality through the Generation Equality Film Festival.

Start Application For 2021 Generation Equality Film Festival Organized By UN Women

A chance to win cash prize of $1,000 USD, The Generation Equality Film Festival 2021 will take place during the Generation Equality Forum, a global gathering for gender equality, convened by UN Women and co-hosted by the governments of Mexico and France, with the partnership of civil society. Kicking off in Mexico City on 29–31 March 2021, and culminating in Paris in June 2021, the Forum will secure a set of transformative commitments for gender equality.

Closing Date: The deadline for the Generation Equality Film Festival is March 12, 2021.

Location: Kicking off in Mexico city and culminating in Paris

Opportunity Type: Contest


The winner of each category will receive a cash prize of 1,000 USD.

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements

Be to-the-point: Your films must not exceed 3 minutes of running time, including credits.

Be original: Film must be original works that have not been presented to other festivals.

Be under 30: Open to professional and non-professional filmmakers and storytellers of all genders ages 18-30 years old are invited to submit works.

Be action-oriented: Your films should capture stories about taking action to change realities, hearts and minds, for a gender-equal generation.

Be creative and diverse: any film type is accepted, fiction, nonfiction or documentary, experimental videos, animation, and more. We encourage a creative spirit that reflects youth activism – diverse, inclusive, original.

Technical requirements:

– Videos submitted must be a final, edited product; sound-mixed, color-graded and optimized for online streaming. Rough cuts are not accepted.

– Films can be submitted in any language. However, all non-English dialogue must include English subtitles, and all titles and/or motion graphics must also be in English, or have an English translation on-screen, at the time of submission.

– A transcript of the dialogue in English must accompany the project. Transcripts will be used by the Festival for captioning in other languages in case the film is shortlisted. The Festival will be responsible for translating into other languages.

– Submissions must be send in full HD

Video Categories For Submission

Stories can be narrated in all genres: fiction, nonfiction or documentary, experimental videos, and animation.

Films must demonstrate how change is being made or can possibly be made, showcasing the stories of those who are taking action to change realities, hearts and minds, for a more equal world.

The winner of each category will receive a cash prize of 1,000 USD.

The following are the categories available for the Generation Equality Film Festival 2021, all filmmakers must choose one category from the listed video type.

Category 1 – Feminist movements and leadership:
Feminist Movements and
Leadership promotes the resourcing, investing, strengthening, and enabling of feminist leadership, women’s rights, and feminist movements in their diversity, to
scale and sustain collective action for gender equality, social justice, and human rights. It accelerates transformative feminist leadership that is inclusive in all aspects of decision-making, creates spaces for new, emerging feminist movements, and enables young feminists as drivers of inclusive change.

Category 2- Economic Justice and Rights:

Economic justice and rights refers to how
economic and political systems are designed, how their benefits or costs are distributed, and how institutions are held accountable for the economic outcomes they generate. This theme encompasses the full spectrum of paid and unpaid labor, including informal labor, and encompasses sub-themes such as time poverty, social
protection, financial inclusion, and wage inequity.

Category 3- Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action:

Women’s participation is vital for effective efforts towards prevention, crisis response, recovery, conflict resolution and sustainable peace. Commitments on protecting
women’s rights and making women’s participation in peace, security and humanitarian action meaningful and sustained remain unfulfilled. As the world continues to be mired in conflict and humanitarian needs caused by violence,
climate change, natural disasters and pandemics, among others, there is urgency for transformative action to ensure full implementation of the women, peace and security agenda and humanitarian action commitments.

Documentation Required For Generation Equality Film Festival 2021

One Film/Video with maximum duration 3mins.

Please Note: You can submit one video only to the film festival for consideration online through the website (link is given below)

Selection Process For Generation Equality Film Festival 2021

Each of the three categories will have a cash prize of 1,000 USD. The prizes are non-transferrable.

– A jury composed of members of the film and storytelling industries as well as the feminist movement will review a short list of 9 films and select three winners.

– The decisions of the jury are final and binding. Criteria’s assessed are: relevance to the theme; technique; composition.

– Winners will be informed confidentially late March, prior to a public announcement and before the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico (29-31

-All winners will be notified by e-mail after the judging is complete. If you receive a
notification e-mail from UN Women, you must respond to the notification e-mail to accept your prize. If UN Women does not receive a response from you within seven days of the notification, UN Women reservesthe right to reallocate the prize to another applicant.

-UN Women reserve the right to cancel, modify, suspend or delay the Competition in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond their reasonable control. UN
Women reserves the right to change, amend, delete or add to these Terms and Conditions at any time.

-UN Women and their officials and agents shall not be responsible or liable for any claims, demands, losses and liability of any kind or nature arising out of or in
connection with your participation in this Competition or your acceptance or use of the prizes awarded.

How To Apply For Generation Equality Film Festival 2021

Please Note: The period for submissions is from 12 February 2021 through 12 March 2021 at midnight EST.

Filmmakers must choose a category: Feminist movement Leadership. Economic Justics and Rights, or Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action.

Submissions may be made by individuals 18- 30 years old.. You must use your legal name and provide valid contact details. You must provide your date of birth in the
entry form.

– Every application must name the individual (or group of individuals), as the author(s) of the video and include the age. In case of a group of authors, all names and ages of all authors must be listed and will be considered as a single applicant in the copyright rules described below, as well as for the grant/ prize for winners.

– Every applicant or group can submit only one video.

– Applicants cannot be the staff of (or the family members of such staff) any United Nations system organization.

All submission must be sent through the website below

Need To Apply?

Do you want to apply for Generation Equality Film Festival 2021 Click Here For More Details or Send Application through Website.

References: https://www.unwomen.orghttps://www.opportunitiesforyouth.orghttps://filmfreeway.com/

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