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Thought for Food (TFF)Ambassador Program 2020 for Young Changemakers

by Omale Philip
Thought for Food Ambassador Program 2020
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Apply for the Thought for Food (TFF) Ambassador Program 2020 If you are a young change maker passionate about advocating for food security system, global nutrition, agriculture through innovation, biotechnology or entrepreneurship collaboration.

The Thought for Food  Ambassador program has created fantastic and uncountable connection and real experiences for young changemakers, also it has taken the food movement to new incredible heights as the ambassador role is a volunteer position for 1 year with the option of renewing.

About Thought for Food Ambassador Program

Young Changemakers who are passionate about advocating for food system justice, global nutrition, agricultural innovation will connect to lots of experience created by The Thought for Food (TFF) Ambassador Program.

Thought For Food is the world’s entrepreneurial innovation engine for food and agriculture. They work with more than 20,000 next-generation leaders from over 175 countries, empowering them to generate and scale breakthrough business ventures that build sustainable, inclusive, and resilient food systems.

Thought for Food is geared towards embracing the next generation into the workforce and approaching their ideas and methods with an open mind.

Application Deadline

Application for the Thought for Foood Ambassador Program closes by August 1, 2020.

Responsibilities of Thought for Food Ambassadors

The TFF Ambassador role is a volunteer position set for one year with the option to renew and entails the following responsibilities:

Host meetups, events and other impactful activities focused on raising awareness about food and agriculture and the opportunities to innovate in this space.

Play a role in regional, national, and international partnerships.

  • Improve your entrepreneurial skills, build a strong network of fellow change-makers and create an impact at the local, regional and global levels.
  • Gain access to exclusive resources, training, and tools that are going to supercharge your leadership skills and your ability to develop a community within your city.
  • Deepen your professional experiences, expand your network and boost your credentials.
  • Depending on your performance in this mission-critical role, you can also earn travel opportunities to attend TFF regional or global events.

Activities Though for Food Ambassadors Organize

  • The Thought for Food Ambassador organize the following activities
  • Events, meetups and activities of any sort! Here are some examples:
  • Community development: meetups, farm visits, etc.
  • Capacity and skill-building: boot camps, pitch training, etc.
  • Collaborative innovation: hackathons, webinars, etc.

Selection Criteria for the Though for Food Ambassador program

Applications are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. How committed are you?
  2. How good are your communication skills?
  3. How collaborative are you?
  4. How innovation-driven are you?

How to Apply for Thought for Food Ambassador Program

Interested to be an advocate for food security, innovation, and Thought for Food Ambassador? Apply online on the official website link (given below)

Need to Apply?

Click Here to Apply for the Thought for Food Ambassador Program 2020

Need More Information?

Get further details here on TFF Ambassador

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