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Guide to Write MIT Application Essay Prompts 2022 that Worked

by Omale Philip
Guides to Write MIT Application Essay Prompts
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The Ivy League Universities are quite interesting, prestigious and competitive schools. To increase your chance of offer into MIT. So in this article, you will be learning the best approach to answer MIT Essay Prompts because a unique set of five short prompts or question are attached to the MIT application

MIT Application Essay Prompts are provided to candidates who apply to MIT. The university cares so much about applicants writing such that they have provided some required Essay Prompts which offers you the opportunity to stand out from other competitive student. You will learn how to write Massachusetts Institute of Technology Essay Questions and Prompt – a guide that worked.

Do carefully read the guides to write MIT Supplemental Essay Prompt that worked if your ward is planning to study in the institution. Learning how to answer the MIT Essay Prompts will go along way to help you or your child chances of admission offer.

About Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology popularly called MIT is a well renowned university in the world. Graduates of Massachusetts are employed and receive a more salary earning compared to graduates of other universities for reason the university is
perceived as one of the top universities in the US and among ranked world’s most prestigious research universities with wide range of top programs and course major including STEM.

MIT is just located outskirt of Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT also provides students the opportunity to explore their intellectual and extra-curricular passions in a thriving and blooming urban region.

Guides to Write MIT Application Essay Prompts

One thing to bear in mind is how to best answer them because the MIT application consists of several short essays prompts rather than requesting you write some lengthy application essays. The MIT essay questions are tailored to help get to understand you as a student.

An opportunity for your voice to be heard, what short-term or long-term goal drives you, what are your priorities. Your responses to the MIT essay prompts need to be authentic, unified and focused with goals/plans. Having said all that let’s hit straight begin the journey, sure you will love the guides to help you with the Supplemental Essay Prompt that work

MIT Supplemental Essay Prompts

Question 1: We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something you do simply for the pleasure of it. (100 words or fewer)

Don’t worry about telling to impress the admission committee with a descriptive details of science contest, projects and exhibitions you participated at your high school.

The MIT essay prompt speaks to identify who you are as an introduction of yourself. MIT does ask you to explicitly stay away from your resume. It’s about your loved extracurricular activities and not structured activities and your abilities. Put this question in another way, the essay prompts from MIT is asking about what you do that gives you a good feeling and makes you smile and happy.

Sample Answer: I am naturally a writer, love writing novels and storytelling. The joy and feeling i receive when i am flowing in my novel writing makes me to often times ignore meals. I do take my computer majorly to write or often make drafts on my little jotter. currently have written the “Drowned Village” as my first completed novel. I do set timer to actually keep myself organized and timed when writing to avoid taken entire time on one event or activities.

I do get my ideas from environments i visit then pick the title carefully to help me stay focused in the novel writing to be able to capture the readers mind through some imaginative scences focused to be real happening.

Do you find that you enjoy neighborhood walk and listening to musics, making painting and drawings in your free time or play a certain music instrument, then you can talk about it. All you need do is to be sincere in whatever you find interesting and fascinating. Be real and authentic while providing some details about yourself.

This guides to MIT supplemental essays that worked assist you on how to answer this kind of Essay Prompt. So let’s move to the next application questions.

Question 2: Tell us about the most significant challenge you’ve faced or something important that didn’t go according to plan. How did you manage the situation? (200-250 words)

An essay prompt like this is asking about your top challenge faced in life and how you solved it. i.e the success. The response given to the difficult challenge in your life can increase your score in MIT admission application.

Sample Answer: If told i will be successful and come third place in the nation science contest, i will not believe.I never have the boldness to attempt questions or solve test even when i do know i naturally can solve to problem under some given time.

As it came as a shock to me when my science teacher nominated me to represent the school in a science content program. At first i had made plans to turn down the appointment by going to meet my science teacher and the school headteacher after closure of school. I ended up discouraged to meet my teacher because they do have staff meeting which couldn’t permit me to see her and let her know the plan.

So i therefore accepted the nomination and took to science practice tests on hardcover notes and online practice test. The practice were timed to help me organize myself and be able to know the number of practice exam questions i could answer within the allocated time. Through this, i was able to take the challenge with boldness to give the contest a try.

After rounds of the contest, i was able to be at the semi round and came third place. This is one great experience and challenge i find hard to forget.

Question 3: Describe the world you come from; for example, your family, clubs, school, community, city, or town. How has that world shaped your dreams and aspirations? (200-250 words)

This is an open-ended question in the series of five prompts MIT has provided for you. Reflect on your dreams and plans, how you want to become the next engineer experterate in robotics engineering, write the best great US novel to be read, become a graduate PhD.

The MIT supplemental essay prompts has provided you the opportunity to give a voice to about community. The one that matters to you, possibly your family. This time the MIT essay question is asking how your community been able to influence you, unlike the earlier prompts that asked about your contribution and impact to your community.

Once you are through reflecting, put the question before yourself: How has your life impacted or influenced up till the very moment starting from your childhood.

What or how has the community: church, family relatives (extended family) and any group you belong or find yourself to be a member.

To answer this MIT supplemental essay prompt, take a look at an individual who motivates you. Where does the person belong, family, extended family. dance group, college online community or forum of writers. This gives you the hint of the world (community) that shaped your dreams and aspiration. Looking at the essay prompt the term “world” or “community” can be anything or group you are part of.

Sample Answer: I do realize this world is dynamic having lots of community we belong and are members. the community ranges from small scale to larger groups having many activities, events. I always do want to give back to my community. but it did also influenced and shaped my plans and ideas. The group, a community of young engineers helped me to be involved in leading innovations and ideas that is helping the world today and in future. It made me see the need for human support through the help of robotics to ease work and activities as a student whose dream course is mechanical engineering. It was an opportunity i was given, like using a lens to view the world.

As a prospective MIT student i do believe the impact from the young engineers forums can help me to contribute or improve on the robotics world to ease human efforts and activities done.

Question 4: Although you may not yet know what you want to major in, which department or program at MIT appeals to you and why? (100 words or fewer)

This is MIT why essay prompts or supplemental essay is an academic disguise. More than you academic interest which is already on your college application. It is also “why” the choice program or department even if it is one you think will be changed at later period.

Sorry friends there is no way round this, but here is something you head straight and do. Begin research on the programs and departments on MIT website. Focus on building a bridge between your own interests and the resources or research programs by professors available at MIT.

So beyond the department or program list which is general information and knowledge available at MIT website or other helpful education website. Dig up information about the upcoming research by the department of interest. You could talk about the (robotic design or 3D printing development project by mechanical engineering department) at the school.

Pay attention not to provide general knowledge, tie your interest to a progam or departmental research to a long term plan.

Avoid been random in answering them the essay question. Be more triangular patterned to link your interest and the programs or department even if you have a wide array of interest. You goal is to focus on how undergraduate students including you are dedicated to explore the different range of opportunities open to you at MIT, and the ability to easily synthesize together the readily possible chances provided to you.

Question 5: At MIT, we bring people together to better the lives of others. MIT students work to improve their communities in different ways, from tackling the world’s biggest challenges to being a good friend. Describe one way in which you have contributed to your community, whether in your family, the classroom, your neighborhood, etc. (200-250 words)

HINT: Your community can be of any size from your family to your town. We recommend working your path backward through this prompt because the last sentence explained it all.

This is another MIT supplemental essay prompts. You don’t need to lose focus despite been specific on the essay prompt as it provides you with the opportunity to bridge your personal extra-curricular activities or community services. Since you possible already have a specific community service and experience that contribute to the society.

Wait, before answering them do brainstorm on the different extra-curricular you are engaged in and possible go with a less major community service but impactful to the community.

You still can’t tell of strong unique local community service you do. Brainstorm on small contributions and volunteering possible the major community volunteering or activities you do participate will come up. Once you have the experience you do love to share simply begin.

Do ensure to be sincere and authentic, you’ll also want to relates to community volunteering to sustainable development goals or the world’s biggest challenges faced. You may reference a community service group at MIT that catches you attentions and how you do show interest in joining them.

Check among the community volunteering you were or presently involve. Possible the Neighborhood help, community school volunteering, humanitarian work or any other.

Sample Answer: I am currently a volunteer in humanitarian work by GlobalFeed targetting the elderly aged parents and less privileged by assisting to bring vaccines, clothing, food supplies, and basic education in English language. I did travelled twice to Ethiopia country in Africa where i did participated in a three weeks volunteering and helped the Ethiopia children learn English as a second language including provision of support with their basic needs.

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MIT Application Essay That Worked

You will be guided through some MIT application prompts and responses to the different essay prompts that worked. Planning to begin study of your dream course at MIT, going through the essay prompt that worked will go a long way to improve your essay writing. Here are the MIT Essay Prompts that work for students

#1 Essay Prompt

We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something you do simply for the pleasure of it. (Response required in 100 words or fewer)


I love putting on makeup. There is something extraordinarily satisfying about choosing different colors and textures to put on my face exactly how I please.

In addition to daily swoops of eyeliner, I also enjoy technical special effects makeup. For the horror-themed dress up day during homecoming last year, I woke up at 5 a.m. to put on a “creepy doll” makeup look of my own design, created entirely out of liquid latex, toilet paper, eyeshadow, and fake blood.

Whether terrifying or not, makeup is a relaxing and creative way for me to express myself.

#2 Essay Prompt

Tell us about the most significant challenge you’ve faced or something important that didn’t go according to plan. How did you manage the situation? (200-250 words)


Theatergoers watching my high school’s spring musical “Anything Goes” may have noticed one eager and aptly-named Angel Grace smiling from under her blonde 30s wig and tap dancing her way through the entire show. However, they were oblivious to the physical and mental exhaustion this energetic performer endured to achieve that place onstage.

I was born with hyperpronated ankles which causes chronic foot pain. After fruitless physical therapy sessions, my doctors recommended surgery. Not one to miss any school, I elected to have both surgeries the summer before my junior year, only fourteen days apart.

Thus, I spent my entire summer on the couch, nauseous, frustrated, and elevating both ankles above heart level at all times. When school started, I was just starting to use crutches to move around clumsily.

A few weeks after the beginning of school, our choreographer started weekly after-school tap workshops in preparation for “Anything Goes” in the spring. Immediately, I made up my mind to go. While everyone clicked out their time steps and shuffle off to buffaloes, I sat in a chair in my ace bandages and orthopedic shoes, frustrated, humiliated, and trying to mimic their movements. I was a complete novice, but slowly, slowly, I learned how to tap.

After an entire semester of hard work, the “Anything Goes” cast list was posted, and I received a featured tap role. Throughout the show, Angel Grace’s heels clicked the stage with well-practiced precision, her upturned face glowing with elation and triumph.

#3 Essay Prompt

At MIT, we seek to develop in each member of our community the ability and passion to work collaboratively for the betterment of humankind. How have you improved the lives of others in your community? (This could be one person or many, at school or at home, in your neighborhood or your state, etc.) (200-250 words)


Matsuyo wrapped her aged hands around mine. She had been uncommunicative and unable to feed herself for some time. Slowly, she began mouthing along as I sang “Aki-no-yuuhi,” a traditional Japanese melody. This simple song about foliage in the setting sun had finally broken through the fog of her dementia.

The care managers told me that, from then on, Matsuyo became more alert and began feeding herself again. I am so thankful that I could break down this barrier with my Japanese and music abilities.

Matsuyo is one of the residents living at Sunrise Senior Living: I have spent over 400 hours volunteering there. My responsibilities at Sunrise include spending one-on-one time with residents and leading group activities such as exercise, current events, meditation, flower arrangement, sing-alongs, baking, and gardening. I also began a weekly “Summer Arts and Crafts with Grace” activity and taught crocheting, sculpting, painting, and jewelry making. I sometimes give violin concerts as well. The residents and staff at Sunrise got to know me so well that Sunrise offered me a job (which I unfortunately could not take), and one of the residents, Mama T, refers to me as her granddaughter.

Volunteering has made me appreciate that members of my community are indeed my family, and family members look out for and support each other. Not only was I given the opportunity to enrich these residents’ lives, but they also in turn greatly enriched mine, in the infinitely rewarding moments involving something as simple as a Japanese melody.

How to Make Your MIT Application Stand Out

Learn more about getting into MIT by making your MIT application stand out from other competitive students. Acceptance rate into MIT remains very low. But you will find MIT Admission rich informations to assist you study your recommended courses.

Skyrocket in Your Interview

All applicants into MIT are recommended to have an MIT alumni interview for reasons – Admission officer care what is students interview has to say. Applicants must prepare in advance by anticipating possible interview questions, spend good time contemplating possible athuentic and thoughtful questions and make all effort to attend the interview. Do endure to reflect how you respond to them the questions you are likely to be ask.

Don’t Rely on Early Action

Most schools – universities and colleges acceptance rates for Early Action are higher than overall acceptance rates. Early Action applicants at MIT don’t get this privelege. MIT acceptance rate was 6.9% for 9,557 Early Action applicants.

The hint remains that MIT student acceptance rate is very low and students can gain admission offer through tansfer. MIT does accept application from transfer students who have completed between 1 to 2 and half years of college coursework. So you should find another school you love to pursue your dream course and later review the admission and accteptance after about 2 years. We do advice you should not bank on the possibility.

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MIT Admission Requirements

Undoubtful the MIT admission is very competitive, students who receive offer and accepted into MIT generally boast strong standardized test scores. Provide below are the MIT requirements for admission.

  • ACT or SAT test scores, with or without writing. MIT accept SAT/ACT perfect or high scores a consideration is given for your highest scores in each section across multiple exams.
  • One SAT Subject Test in Math (Level I or Level II)
  • One SAT Subject Test in Science (Physics, Chemistry, or Biology)
  • Teacher evaluation from a STEM teacher (e.g., Math, Biology, Computer Science)
  • Teacher evaluation from a humanities/social science/language teacher (e.g., English, history, Spanish, government)
  • A letter of recommendation (provided by the school guidance counselor)

MIT Accepted ACT/SAT Score

More precisley, MIT accepts SAT and ACT and the range of competitive test scores for MIT admission is exceptionally narrow. SAT Math scores of 780 or above, Math ACT scored 34 or above was accepted from students in last years

An all round approach to admissions is checked, as MIT Admission to doesn’t only view your test scores and other statistics.

The following MIT admissions qualities are listed on admission webpage in now specific order:

  1. Alignment with MIT’s Mission
  2. Collaborative and Cooperative Spirit
  3. Initiative
  4. Risk-Taking
  5. Hands-on Creativity
  6. Intensity, Curiosity, and Excitement
  7. Character of the MIT Community
  8. Ability to Prioritize Balance

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MIT is simply trying to get to know you better, by asking you about your interests or your personal experiences in the application essay prompts. So For each of these essay prompts, remember to be original and sincere and ask yourself: what information and life experiences should i share with MIT? What do i want MIT to know about me?

Remember, Never try to write something you think the admissions officer do hear from lots of applicants because it can be detected when you are more yourself and honest. Also, do show and don’t tell by outlining the reasons you think you might be a great fit for MIT.





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