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2020 Ultimate List of STEM Scholarships For Women To Apply

by Omale Philip
List of STEM Scholarships For Women
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Women are now given consideration when it comes to scholarships. STEM scholarships is no difference in the list of scholarships offered to students. So have written the list of STEM scholarships you can apply for the year 2020.

It’s now becoming a focus to get women into the STEM field. This also mean more opportunities for female students seeking for scholarships as STEM scholarships is offered to women.

STEM scholarships are awarded annually and some require membership in an organization. So if you’re not a member try become a member of a certain organization to be eligible, then you can apply online for the scholarships by filling scholarship application form.

We have listed STEM scholarships for women seeking scholarships. If you are a female student searching for scholarships consider these scholarships for women.

Finding STEM Scholarships For Female Students

Begin your scholarship search here, a portal for scholarships. but also you can check search engines for STEM scholarships as well -new scholarships are offered to students all the time and you can go online to search.

Scholarships that are focus toward all STEM students may mean that it’a competitive, as more people are competing for the same prize, but as a woman, your underrepresented status in the field makes you a more appealing candidate to scholarship committees.

Most scholarships are offered annually. If you’re interested in gaining one but the deadline has already passed, make a note in your calendar and plan towards next year application date.

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Strategies in Winning STEM scholarships

STEM scholarships for women are everywhere for female students to apply. So how do you win a scholarship, certainly the way to go is standing out among other competitors, go deep and find a way to make yourself unique. STEM scholarships focus on sciences, technologies, engineering, mathematics if you are good at these then you can win a STEM scholarship as a female student.

Since a lot of STEM students tend to be better at math than English language. If you are confident and feel essay writing is the best area you function. Then turn this ability of yours and keep an eye out for STEM scholarship opportunities that require essays.

Apply, apply, apply more than anything, make sure you apply for scholarships. Deadlines come and go and it can be easy to prioritize
So ensure to create out the time to apply to as many scholarships as you can.

More importantly, apply before the scholarship deadline and If a deadline has passed, mark your calendar to apply next year. Many scholarships are offered annually.

STEM Scholarships For Women

1. VOLT Lighting STEM Scholarship Competition

Scholarship value worth – $500. Students studying in a STEM field or whose parent(s) are workers in mechanical or construction industries are encouraged to apply for these STEM scholarships. Applicants must write an essay. Get more details.

2. BluePay STEM Scholarship

STEM students willing to write an essay on one of three topics could win a $1,000 scholarship or one of two $250 textbook scholarships. Unlike many other scholarships, this one has a late-summer deadline. Learn More.

3. Women in STEM Scholarships

Scholarships value – $2,000. PayScale a human resources company sponsors a STEM scholarship for female high school seniors. consider this scholarship for female students and start application.

Female graduate students can also apply for STEM scholarships. If you are pursuing furtherance of your degree- masters or PhD in a STEM field .

Don’t let the number of scholarships for freshmen dissuade you; if you’re pursuing your master’s degree or PhD in a STEM field you also have lots of options available to help foot the tuition bill.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled not only for scholarships targeted specifically at graduate students, but also any student within higher education. Read More.

4. SimpliSafe STEM Scholarships

Are you about taking or currently undertaking a bachelor or master degree? The scholarships is for students in STEM fields who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree (master’s or PhD).

5. Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

This STEM scholarships has a value worth upto $15,000. Women in engineering should also consider applying for the scholarships through the Society of Women Engineers or SWE (and join your campus chapter, while you’re at it!). The organization awards dozens of scholarships each year to women in engineering, engineering technology and computer science for up to $15,000. Learn more about SWE.

6. Science Ambassador Scholarship

This STEM scholarship is awarded to the female STEM student who creates a winning three minute YouTube video on the STEM subject of her choosing. Offered by the makers of Cards Against Humanity, the scholarship covers a full ride at the winner’s chosen college or university. Additional partial scholarships are also offered.

7. Women Techmakers Scholars Program

This scholarship is awarded to female students enrolled in an accredited STEM program in the U.S. or Canada. Founded by Google, in honor of tech pioneer Dr. Anita Borg.

Applicants must demonstrate strong academics and leadership in computer science. The Women Techmakers Scholars Program has a value of $10,000.  Read More.

8. Women in Technology

Female students pursuing an undergraduate or masters degree in STEM are encouraged to apply for the scholarships. Grant is about $700 worth. Recipients will be invited to Palantir HQ for a workshop and internship opportunity.

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9. Women In Aviation Engineering Scholarships

Are you a women hoping to pursue a career in aeronautical, electrical, or mechanical engineering within the airline industry. You are welcome to apply for this STEM award. Applicants must be members of Women in Aviation to qualify. Check here for more info.

10. Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship

Applicants must be women pursuing degrees in any of these STEM field; computer science, engineering or technical studies. Ten winners are selected for awards through the Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship. See details.

11. BHW Scholarship

A STEM scholarships with an essay requirement. BHW Group located in Austin, Texas. The BHW Scholarship offers $3,000 to the winning student who write an essay about their favorite app.

12. A.T Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Learn more about Anderson Memorial Scholarships for women. Graduate students pursuing any STEM-related degrees such as mathematics, medical sciences, physical science, technology, science, engineering, or natural resources are eligible to apply. Female Must have a 3.0 GPA.

13. Scholarship America’s Dream Award – $5,000-$15,000

The Scholarships are available specifically for STEM students in addition to general scholarship funds.This program offers renewable scholarships to sophomores, juniors and seniors who demonstrate financial need. Read more for details.

STEM Scholarships For Female High School Students

One of the best period for scholarship application is when you are in high school preparing for college.
There are many scholarships for students in higher education, some for a particular field at certain year and others for students who are pursuing a certain degree.

Alot more are targeted specifically at incoming college freshmen. Yes, there are lots of financial options scholarships, grants, awards, and students loan. But if you’re hoping and seeking for scholarships to help pay for college fee during freshman year, applying in high school or when applying for college admission will give you the greatest odds of success. But here are STEM scholarships for female students in high school.

14. The $500 Virtix IT STEM Studies Scholarship

Female high school seniors can consider applying for this STEM scholarship for women. For high school seniors demonstrating academic achievement, financial need, and interest in STEM will be awarded $500. Learn more .

15. $4,000 Olin E. Teague Scholarship

Interested in Aerospace and want to pursue a career in this field. This scholarship is for female high school students who intend to pursue a career in aerospace. Considering applying for the scholarship.  Read more.

16. Girl Scout Scholarships

A multiple awards for Girl Scouts. Are you a girl scout then you are eligible for a whole host of scout-specific scholarships, majority are targeted at STEM students and many for students in any major. More details.

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