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Documents Required For Scholarship Application

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What are the required documents for scholarship application? what documents do i need to submit  to scholarship providers when applying for scholarship? Are there a particular document needed in scholarship application? this post will guide you on the documents required for scholarship application.

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In scholarship application you will need to submit some documents, for your application to be reviewed and accepted.  There are many scholarship providers offering scholarship to students- scholarship providers may be schools; university, colleges, foundations, government or private agencies and organisations.

Every year students apply for the scholarships provided by these organisation. There are requirements for scholarship application before they are awarded, and the requirements must be met by scholarship applicants. Scholarships are awarded to students for study programs in universities and colleges, 

Study Programs Scholarship do Support

In a university or college, there are various study programs for students to choose for study, students are allowed to make their choice from programs and subject available in the university or provided by scholarship body.
Graduate Student

Bachelor Program

Many scholarship providers fund study of bachelor programs at the university, allowing students who seek study of this program to get support.
The scholarship support may be full fun or partial i.e  scholarship awarded may cover your total cost of study or  some of the cost e.g reduction in tuition fee, provision of accommodation. books etc.

Bachelor program is an undergraduate study program that on successful completion leads to award of a bachelor degree. And with a bachelor degree, you can take the next study program -Master Program

Master Program

Scholarships also support and fund master program. Mostly universities, organisation and government provide scholarships for students to take this program. This opportunity may be competitive for students who need the scholarship to take a master study program, reason because they may be limited opportunity, requirements given by scholarship providers for application etc
International students seek this opportunity after gaining bachelor degree at a school in their local country.

What Documents are Required

Scholarship application requires applicants to submit some required documents, this documents are attached to application and enable the team in charge of selection make the best selection from the piled applications submitted. Also a well completed application that is submitted can get your application an edge over other competitors scholarship application.

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The main documents required for most scholarship application are stated in all scholarships, so if you are applying any scholarship reasd the criteria and requirements to know the documents needed by the provider of the scholarship. They are clearly stated out, but here are some of the documents but other documents may be required by your prospect scholarship provider.

Letter of Recommendation

This is mostly required for all scholarship application. A letter of recommendation is a document obtain from a referee about you and your character, performance, how much they have related with you i.e the quality of relationship they share. This document is so important, a good letter of recommendation from your teacher  will convince the team in charge of selection.

Letter of Recommendation
who can give you a letter of recommendation?  read how to get letter of recommendation . get a letter of recommendation for scholarship application early, if you need to apply. This document should be properly and clearly written by a teacher who knows a lot about you, wishes you success and not just any teacher. A properly written should be printed on a letter head paper of your previous school, if obtained from a school you previously studied.

Most scholarship application requires applicants to provide two to three referee. Students who had bachelor degree may be required to submit letter of recommendation from professors in the school they had their degree or who supervised their projects.

Academic Transcript

An academic transcript details your academic performance during your study. All subjects taken and the grades obtained. A good academic record set you outstanding before the scholarship provider board, as every details will be on the transcript. It is required of you to provide your academic transcript to the school or organisation when applying for scholarship, so kindly check the list of documents required base on the scholarship you applying for and the school re

A Degree Certificate

Scholarship application may require your degree certificate if you seeking a study in master program, applicants for scholarship are required to submit their bachelor degree certificate, indicating that they have acquired a degree in their previous study program. This document can be submitted electronically on scholarship application website, mail.

Proof of National and Residence

International student applying for scholarship is requires to provide proof of national or residence, this is to know or  proof that applicant is from a country or the country required to him/her to come from.

Other Documents or Details Required

  • Personal Statement
  • Essay 
  • English Language Test Score
  • Passport
NOTE: please ensure to check list of documents required on the scholarship application details for the scholarship you applying.

Scholarship Application-How to Apply

The scholarship application process is full of potential multiple section with details to fill, there are various deadlines and a host of specific requirements that need careful attention, read how to gain international scholarship
One certain thing most students do is not just filling out one application, but several different ones. It is important that all the steps are completed in a timely and professional manner.

Scholarship application are carried out electronically on mail or websites and can be submitted at offices. The mode of application varies for scholarship application, the provider gives detail of where the scholarship application can be done. Some scholarship may require you download the scholarship application form and fill it, then you submit it to the email provided. other scholarship requires applicants  to register online on a website, fill all the details required and upload  your documents.

whatever method of application given to you, ensure to follow it duely with all documents properly submitted – guides to apply and gain scholarship. Submission of scholarship application are better done days to deadline, but do submit your application before deadline or closing  date of scholarship.

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