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UCAS Tariff Point -Understanding How it’s Calculated

by Omale Philip
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Colleges and universities in UK use the UCAS Tariff Point to work out the value of your degree qualification to other applicants – a comparison to be precise. You are assigned one figure using a universal scale from calculation.

The essence of UCAS point is measuring all post-16 graduation, including A-level and BTEC in UK.

UCAS Tariff Point -Understanding How it's Calculated

Countries using UCAS Point- UK Universities Uses UCAS Tariff Point

UK is the country using UCAS point to compare applicants qualification. Universities in UK require this for applicants who are submitting application for course study.

Do All UK Universities Use UCAS Tariff Point?

The tariff point system is not use by all universities. Some institution – universities and colleges use the UCAS tariff point system, and are specific about the particular grade to be obtained by applicants. Some courses for example Engineering, A* must be achieved in Mathematics or Physic subject for applicants to be accepted.

Your application to a university will be handled with more flexibility than just assessed on grades only if you have applied to a university or college that accepts UCAS system.

While students are applying to universities, UCAS point allows diversity meaning you can get better grade in one subject and worse in another and still have same number for UCAS points.
For example, having ABC in your A-Level can be more advantage than getting  BBB.

A band value from one(1) to four(4) is allocated, base on the hours spent learning each qualification. Each qualification is also allocated a grade band point from three(3) to fourteen(14)  for example Scottish higher or A-Level.

How Many UCAS Point is Needed

The number of UCAS points needed for the university you are submitting an application could be checked. Find out information on the university or college website also feel free to ask any successful applicants .

Your proposed university offer might require a grade, therefor it’s important you work harder to get possible best grades in each qualification not regarding if the offer received  is determined by grade based or tariff point. 

UCAS Tarrif Point Calculator

Find the UCAS tariff point  calculator below for BTEC and A-Level.

UCAS Tariff Point Calculator Scale For BTECH and A-Levels
UCAS Tariff Point

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