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University of Derby (MSc) Events Management Programme (Requirements Cost, Duration)

by Omale Philip
MSc Events Management University of Derby
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Going to study Event Management (MSc) at University of Derby? If you really want to progress in this discipline then you will need to study at universities that are leading providers of events management courses.

Event management is a growing field that involves the planning of large-scale events such as festivals, trade shows and product launches. A course in event management teaches students how to plan all aspects of events that cater to large crowds and gives them an idea of what challenges to expect.

MSc Events management will prepare you for a rewarding leadership and management career in the events and creative sector. So taking a Master’s course from accredited higher education institutions can help you study flexible full time or part-time.

Today we going to provide you with full information about the Master’s Events Management at University of Derby. If you going to attend the school or planning to enroll for Events management course at Derby.

Why Study Events Management

There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing your hard work has paid off. The events industry is big money, Whether it’s hosting corporate meetings for Fortune 500 companies or running an international dance festival, being an events manager can be just exciting while you give yourself as many experiences while doing the job

Reasons to Study an MSc Events Management Course

While many people may think a MSc degree in events management or hospitality management means you’ll have to spend your entire life as a wedding, event planner,

You can find lots of more benefits in studying events management and there are a lot more places this kind of course can take you. The events industry is huge and diverse, and here are just seven reasons why events management is a great course to study.

  • MSc events management degree open yourself up to opportunities
  • MSc events management assist to develop skills you never knew you had
  • MSc events management degree will open doors to real job in events industry
  • Get Professional qualifications in events management

Careers for MSc Events Management Graduate

The events industry in recent year offers great opportunities for graduates holding master degree in events management.

To answer the big ” what job can i get with a MSc degree in events management?” questions. In the UK, the events and experience industry is worth over £40 billion, and the top 10 event management companies combined turnover is around £3.5 billion. That’s huge. And that’s just in the UK.

So expect to work as graduates with master’s degree in creative event management in the following event careers

Wedding Planner: The wedding planners, experts know the ins and outs of every wedding topic from dresses and cakes to sound systems and marriage certificates. Their services are required during the wedding planning phase.

Venue Manager: You can be sales and marketing managers for spaces, helping to bring in new events and promote upcoming shows. Venue manager play the responsibilities of an event planners or help the event planner in charge execute the perfect event.

Public Relation Experts: This specialist creates and maintains a favorable public image by planning and directing public relations programs, raise funds for their clients or organizations.

Social Media Managers: There responsibilities is to promote events on social media to gain attendees and exposure for the event and the venue. They may create unique hashtags, do live feeds, design digital ad campaigns, and more.

MSc Events Management Programme at University of Derby

The events management master’s degree offered at University of Derby is highly respected course ideal for any students looking to develop management and leadership skills in the events industry.

Master of Science (MSc) in events management will prepare you for event management career at both entry and senior level.

The MSc events management course at the university also offers you access to academic and research positions. You will also gain PGCert and PGDip awards in this course.

Events management MSc program offered at the University of Derby will develop your understanding of events operations, planning, risk management, marketing, finance and strategy; and you will have the opportunity to apply this understanding to conferences, exhibitions, festivals, product launches, trade shows and sporting events.

University of Derby is a member of the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA), so you can be assured of the firm structured MSc events management course providing you opportunity to network with their strong reputation within the industry.

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MSc Events Management Course offered at University of Derby

Whether you are studying the MSc Events Management full or part-time, the teaching and learning methods we use include lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, practical fieldwork exercises and online learning materials.

Also, the MSc Events Managemen are flexibly delivered, however, the pattern of the course and modules are subject to change base on the regular review of the course in order to make changes where necessary to improve your experiences and graduate prospects.

If planning to pursue the MSc Events Management course offered, you will study course modules such as

  • Event Operations and Risk Management (20 credits)
  • Integrated Business Management (40 credits)
  • Strategic Directions (20 credits)
  • Ethnographies of Festival Consumption (20 credits)
  • Research Methodologies (20 credits)
  • Independent Scholarship (60 credits)

To be awarded the MSc events management qualification certificate, you’ll need to gain a total of 180 credits in the Master of Science events management course, meaning students will need 60 Credits Postgraduate Certificate and 120 Credits postgraduate diploma making a total of 180 credits.

MSc Events Management at University of Derby – Requirements

Basically, all applicants will have to be in possession of a UK 2.2 (or above) Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualification from a recognized British or overseas Institutions.

English language requirement scores of 6.0 as overall score. This is required as international students will need to be able to show they have a good standard of English

TOEFL (including TOEFL online): 83 (with minimum levels of 18 reading, 19 listening, 23 writing and 19 speaking)

All subjects are considered, but possession of degrees or relevant experience in related subjects will be advantageous or a significant portfolio of work at appropriate level or relevant professional qualifications.

MSc Events Management at University of Derby – Cost

Fees and funding for MSc Events management at University of Derby requires applicants who want to study Full-Time postgraduate MSc events management course to pay

Applicant Study Mode Fees and Funding
UK/EU Students Full-time £7,875 for full programme
Part-time £875 per 20 credit
International Students Full-time £14,700 for the full programme
Part-time N/A

MSc Events Management at University of Derby – Duration

You will study the MSc events management for duration of 12 months (1 year) full-time study and 2 to 3 years for part-time at the University of Derby.

How to Study Events Management (MSc) at University of Derby

Planning to study Master of Science (MSc) events management you can apply as international students or UK/EU applicants

You are provided with the option to apply for postgraduate study at the University of Derby in either full-time and part-time taught courses or research.

Basically, you will need to apply directly as UK/EU applicants in order to pursue a postgraduate course at the University of Derby.

International/Overseas applicants will need to apply for postgraduate taught (PGT) or postgraduate research (PGR) study at the University of Derby using direct application or country representative. Do check further the qualification for entry into postgraduate for more information on as international students from your home country.

What Does Special Event Manager Mean?

The role of special events managers allow them to manage businesses that host events for customers, potential customers, and employees. They are most commonly found in companies whose business involves public performances or other public events.

Is Event Management a Good Career Choice?

A career in event management may be the perfect career for you, as the industry is growing large and events industry is big money. Event Managers spend their lives planning memorable events for their clients, and ensuring that these special functions run perfectly on the day. It can be an incredibly exciting, busy and fast-paced career.

Basically, a good career option today is one that can drive you through the passion of learning and exploring the event sector. Also, Event Management is one career which will ensure you develop your self through everyday growth and exposure. However, not every day in the field is the same.


Choosing to obtain a higher events management qualification is a good decision, whether you are looking to enhance your management prospects or a current industry practitioner wanting to further your studies and obtain an advanced, highly specialized qualification.

MSc events management programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills in demand by the event industries and recruiters which is necessary to work in the sector at senior or management level both in your home country and abroad.


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