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8 Ultimate Steps to Improve Your SAT Scores

by Omale Philip
Ultimate Steps to Improve Your SAT Scores
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Do you want to raise your SAT Score? What are the steps to Improve your SAT Scores?

If you are concerned about improving your SAT Score and what you need to better your scores at the SAT because your SAT scores aren’t what you had hoped for, don’t panic if you are not happy with your test scores or you are worried because you are getting ready to take the SAT for the first time.

We have outlined 8 ultimate steps to Improve your SAT Scores, if you are searching to better your SAT score. Read on because this post is for you.

Step 1: Target Score Range

Having a clear goal will help you know how much you need to improve. A good way to go is to set a target scores, most importantly, stay focused and motivated as you prepare to take the SAT again.

Before taking the SAT again, do take time to think about what you can accomplish with your SAT score. The chances of entering your dream college or university because you earned a certain score.

This is a good focus to improve SAT scores, so no matter how low your score is there is enough space for improvement. All you need take into consideration is where to begin from.

When setting a target score search and check for colleges you intend enrolling for programme, the minimum accepted score by the schools for entrance.

Step 2: Note Questions

Conduct notes after you end test. Note questions that confused you and what you could not really solve at the test. Write down as much as possible all you remembered from the test and the questions that were challenging and you could not provide answers to them or you pick an answer but not so sure if they were correct answers.

Noting the section that was challenging or difficult can help you know where to begin your next study and improve your SAT score.

Step 3: Conduct Drills and Practice Test

You can improve your SAT score without paying for SAT prep classes or getting private tutor. There are study resource and apps which are completely free. Students who use the official SAT practice do improve their scores by 1oo to 2oo points. It’s about smart working and dedication to SAT practice test.

So set up a practice schedule, and this the way to go about it. Sign up for SAT practice with Khan academy and do some account linking with college board so the academy can use your past score to organize a personalize study plan for you

Step 4: Do Content Review

Did you miss questions because you had no idea how to answer? If so, you need to focus on a content review. which content areas are most in need of improvement, the way to find out is to through practice test.

Taking a practice test and evaluating its results carefully will reveal the specific errors. But if practice test reveals your performance on practice test is perfect then your real low SAT score must have been a result of test anxiety. That one reason you need to take SAT again because the more you take SAT the less the anxiety, as they will fade away.

If the basic knowledge or skills to understand the questions at hand is lacked, then you need content review because the score report grades score according to subject and you can easily figure out the section that need review.

Step 5: Work on Pacing

You couldn’t answer all of the questions in the time allocated, these is pacing error and need to be worked upon. If you missed questions because you you were on a timer and ran out of time or when you know that you are unable to provide answers to all questions in the time allowed. What you need to improve is to work on pacing.

Your score can be lower than expected due to this challenge. so when taking SAT practice get a timer and set a time if you are using paper study materials. Some practice app come with full length practice test and timer to help you work on pacing .

Step 6: Practice Full-Length Test

Take a full-length practice test once you have scheduled practice test. Full-length practice tests are one of the best ways to prepare for test day, this can be best done at weekend once you have start taking your official SAT practice since you will require more time- about three hours to take full-length test. These practices can help in improving your SAT scores and help avoid the following

  1. Careless mistakes when you review questions and as result of rushing through questions within the allowed time.
  2. Pacing errors due to inability to correctly answer all the questions given in the allocated time.
  3. Lack of knowledge on contents, but when you take full-length practice test you most likely to come across the full content type and get to know and understand most questions at hand.

Step 7: Find Study Materials

No matter how much content knowledge you study, there are free study materials that you can find to help with SAT study and preparation. Take this advantage to better improve your SAT scores.

If you know where to search for high-quality materials and find study materials that include SAT tips and specific strategies will be important to improve your scores.

You will find many free study guides and tips online and we at CollegeReporters provide the needed guides and tips for SAT and ACT.

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Step 8: Join Study Group or Practice Class

Join a study group is no secret a great step to achieve the goal, improving your SAT score. Regular, consistent study and practice class
with classmates or group of SAT intakes go a long way to get your firm enough to improve your SAT score when next you take SAT.

Your neighborhood might have some study group you could check out or see if your high school does hold special classes for SAT. All you need do is to enroll and be part of the group or class.

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