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5 Industries With the Most Opportunities for Tech Entrepreneurs and Startups

by Omale Philip
Industries With the Most Opportunities for Tech Startup Entrepreneurs
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Tech Entrepreneurs and Startups seeking to have their own business face challenges in choosing the best ideas and opportunities that will become successful. The process of starting, launching and growing a technology industry is not an easily achieved responsibilities because the number of machines now performing the role of humans in increasing yearly.

So what are the business industries with most opportunities available to young tech entrepreneurs and startups if you are a technology fanatics seeking for areas to strive with excellence, here are 5 business industries offering best opportunities for technology entrepreneurs and startups.

About Tech Entrepreneurs and Startups

Technology(Tech) entrepreneurs and startups are individuals who use technology in the cause of their of ideas and business. Basically, the technology that is primary used by entrepreneurs are mobile phones, computer/laptop, tablets and internet.

Today top leading Tech entrepreneurs with success story are Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Henry Ford – founder of Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Ford Motors and many other tech business individuals who have impacted positively their world with ideas that are innovating.

Many entrepreneurs may already have the knowledge and understanding of these tech-related industries and what the business bring to their table, others do haven’t. (A question – What exactly does the term “tech industry or business” means, anyway)?

Get the idea from the following Top 5 industries offering best Opportunities for Tech entrepreneurs

Top Industries with Most Opportunities for Tech Entrepreneurs & Startup

There are so many businesses existing out there and many opportunities are offered by the wide range of industries for tech startups to get an extension and build best business and career. It’s time to let the cat out of the bag, so we’ll list the industry section tech startups or entrepreneurs can focus to build  and improve their own entrepreneurship empire


This is one area to build your own castle and become a lord Ever heard of digital skills: web analytics, digital marketing and advertisement, mobile apps, Search optimisation services, mobile app design and development, cloud based services, IT equipment sales and services, e-library, online teaching and school, digital book writing, technical writing services, computer training services, 3D printing, music and video content streaming services.

These are trending and leading niche opportunities over time that you can begin to mine your gold with less stress.


Explained as any technological innovation in financial services. A growing sector that have made new technologies to disrupt the ordinary financial markets.

These terms must have cross your path, entrepreneur or not
words like blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, payment infrastructure, financial cybersecurity, processing and issuance, stock trading apps, Insurtech, money transfer and remittances, mortgage lending, Robo investment advisors, credit reporting, infrastructure and software to power financial applications.


These maybe well known to you, areas include artificial intelligence, Development of drugs, prediction of prescribing patients’ needs, drug testing, and many others are open to young tech entrepreneurs.

Today, there are tons of business opportunities available for entrepreneurs to break through inefficient traditional healthcare molds that will better impact nations and be beneficial to every generation.

So with the help of technology and innovative new ideas. You are not alone as independent entrepreneurs in your desire to bloom in this industry because there are access to funds and financial aids.


The media sector is one interesting sector many tech startups clamour after e.g web design and development, blogging, Blog consulting, IT support, computer repair and maintenance, computer training, data entry, internet research, social media consulting, photography and cinemas, graphic making and animation, video production and several others.

Real Estate and Accommodation

This is a rapid growing industry than many think and it has existed for over some time because it is tech-friendly.

Great structures are seen and the money making and profits are hidden to many people but foreseen and unhidden to majorly house agents, property managers, property rentals and other individuals and organizations that provide such services.

Example includes Hotels and lodging, restaurant, bars, catering, event management, night clubs, health and sports.

What are the Competitive Advantages of these Industries

The ability strive and outperform another existing industry is what we looking forward in a business. A competitive advantage may be difficult to be seen but not impossible for a startup or entrepreneurs with the eagle eye. So let’s take a quick look at the competitive advantges for these industries with the most opportunities.

Fintech: Greatly improving the abilities of investors, business owners, lenders including borrowers to participate in the market using cryptocurrencies. it promotes efficient allocation of resources within short time and reduces risk loss for entrepreneurs with positive customer satisfaction.

This is why consumers of their product buy in the ideas and recommend Fintech over local banks.

Technology: so currently what age are we, jet, information communication and technology, or manufacturing? The results and values packed in the technological activities is beyond this generation because the benefits will be for decades.

Accommodation: Providing the right current tech in buildings and structures do make consumers spend their money and still beg to get the services. This in returns generates more income to keep operation and running cost while creating other branch of business service.

Healthcare: Quality service birth more customers and in return offer more income. Healthcare products and services can be offered good quality while cost is low and affordable from other competitors products or services.

Do you remember some healthcare products that are now in extinsion because other improved and better products are up at low cost. We do know and agree that technology is a leading cause for the changes.

Can you reproduce the labels and logo of some products, oh yes because there are leading and successful with easy to remember logo designed for healthcare products.

Media: Media personnel with the use of technology and internet have become succesful using programme softwares to acquire cash. What version of programme are you using as tech entrepreneurs. What top softwares do you use to produce effects that are new and trending in this generation and possible that to come.

This can be the lead manual to for the selected industry to excell without frictions leaving rough patches.

Other Industries for Tech Startups and Entrepreneurs

Logistic and Transportation

Industries in this field have developed and able to establish a cross border relationship throughout the world nations. So you can now access by receiving or sending goods in any part of the world within short space of time, truely this a technology based innovation and development that is welcomed.

Have you hear of the solar vehicles produced, after the development and manufacture of electric and driverless vehicles to ease the transportation sector and reduce cost.

Entrepreneurs are working to change this sector with the help of technology, so other startups can leap in and make the process most streamlined and seamless.


You can rocket yourself to sky and planets to analyze data globally and engage in other activities because business activities are now leaving the earth to other world planet and bodies” new space” as it is called.

Operation through cameras and radio signals by the help of satellite, a technology that is reliable for communication between planetry bodies


Some say oil and gas will go extinct but still it remains a business sector many business owners take a dive and don’t want to come out from the business pool.

The energy industry has recorded tremendous growth in the past few years. Sustainable and renewable energy are the major areas that could boast of a rapid increase in demand and support as a result of some factors; policy making, population growth and quite others.


You should not turn your back as tech entrepreneur or startup who is looking for the industry that offer the most opportunities because there are many areas to dwell and make your income. Also there are opportunities to get support and funds on a business including development and mentorship.

To boldly stand out among competitors in your career, you need to come up with great ideas that have high value and cost. Do use your knowledge and professional experience to your advantage and be able to take calculated risk with the tenacity mind.

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