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5 Documents for College Admission International Students Need to Submit.

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Documents for College Admission International Students Need to Submit
Applying to college can be challenging as an international student who need to study in a school abroad. Students need to submit some documents to the admission or registrar’s office while registering for a study program. It’s known that admission requirements can vary between institutions and some documents are needed while submitting application. 

The Documents for College Admission that are required to be submitted as international students who want to study in institutions abroad are not just basic but they are mandatory documents. Students will need to submit copies of them to the college admission office when applying as foreign students. The documentations are needed to process your admission application for an offer into the institution. What are these needed documents to submit for college admission as international students? These guide will help you to get your self prepared if you seek to begin your study abroad.

While registration and admission requirements can vary between institutions, you will certainly need some documents as international students applying to colleges. Here are required documents universities or colleges abroad expect from you during the application process:

#1. Identify  Yourself
Universities and colleges both private and public do receive a large application from students during admission session, therefore verifying students’ identities is vital. Colleges accept official forms of identification. For example, National or Government issued ID. Some other forms of ID needed to be attached for college admission application are birth certificate and social security card.

#2. English Language Test Score
The language test is one college admission requirements to meet and English language test scores to be submitted to the school. Standardized test scores such as the IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, ACT, and GMAT are the most common ones associated with college registration and admission requirements for undergraduate and graduate international students. Schools do have a test score and the mimimum band score for each section you need to meet for consideration of admission into college.

Documents Internation Students Need to Submit For College Admission
#3. Education Transcripts and Degree Certificates
If you are an international student applying for admission,  transcript and degree certificates is required if you had a previous degree qualification from any college or  university. But the requirement by college admission for first-year freshman who have never before attended college is a high school or secondary school transcript, which is a complete record of your grade point average (GPA) courses taken and the grades. While degree certificates carry details of the institution attended, grade and the qualification

For college admission as foreign students transferring from institution to the other school, you will generally need to submit copies of your previous college’s study certificates and transcript. The school may not request during application registration process but certainly, the documentation will need to be submitted before college offers admission which you will need to accept. Most colleges require official academic transcripts that are sent directly from your previous home university presented in the school’s official sealed envelope.

#4. References
Students will need to provide references to the college, and international  students are required to provide at least two refrence letter from  professional in academics. It’s best you choose professors who can attest about your academics background, abilities and other needed information on the reference lettere to be submitte to the college.  Also if you have worked in an establishment or company and you applying for graduate program, professionals who are your superior in an organisation where the work responsibiities relates to the chosen course program can write you a reference letter. For such  you will need a letter reflecting your skills on the field related to the program and  your abilities t0 successfully complete the program in their college. Do see how to get reference letter for college admission– letter that will appeal admission officer to distinct you to get an offer. 

When choosing a referee for recommendation do ensure to carefully select who you need to write you a referee letter. A written letter can affect your chances of gaining admission, but with a good reference you may stand out among other students applying for admission into college.
Lastly, on these document, do ensure you ask for the reference letters well in advance so that they reach the university on time.

#5. Statement of Purpose or Motivational Letter
The requirement of including a state of purpose should not get you confused in the application procedure. Many students are confused about the college requirement of including a statement of purpose, or motivation letter in their admission application. The both documentations are very similar, but they are not the same thing and the documents to be submitted should be focused on your background and reasons for applying for a particular degree. 

The two documents should be clearly structured and well-written, but not very long maximum of 2 pages (don’t tell the university your life story). A little details of what colleges expect you to write in your motivation letter and statement of purpose.

Why choosing to undertake the specified degree and course program at their university.

What makes the program the best choice taken and why interest on the course program.
What career path are you aiming for after graduation from college and how the degree or course programs aligns with your plan.

Now,  final distinction between statement of purpose and motivation letter

On statement of purpose, colleges expect you to discuss about yourself, what has really influenced and inspired your academic and professional journey to this point, your interests and your professional goals. In another way, it is a much more personal document and your chance to shine in your application.

While on motivation letter, colleges expect you to detail and discuss how their program relates to your background and your professional plans. They might also want you to state which is the course or specialization you want to focus on during your chosen degree program as international student.

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