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NPower 2020 Empowerment Programme Application Process Guides for Applicants to Win (Registration, Requirements)

by Omale Philip
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N-Power Empowering Nigerian Youths for Prosperity. Npower 2020 Empowerment programme is a youth recruitment scheme initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria for reduce the challenge of youth unemployment. It’s not strange to see why youths clamour to register for the NPower recruitment programme.

Going to submit an application for NPower 2020 Empowerment Programme. You will need this guide as an applicant to stand the chance of winning and be selected for the NPower empowerment and recruitment programme for Nigeria youth who are graduate and undergraduate students.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s important to consider one of the most important aspects of the Npower 2020 empowerment-your application.

Careful submission of application is very much needed- so we have teamed with NPower successful candidates whose application worked to come up with this registration and requirement guide to help you effectively apply and win NPower 2020 Empowerment programme as a graduate.

Do you seek to be selected in the NPower 2020 empowerment programme? are you interested in how to make your application stand out and be a selected candidate? If you’re planning to register for NPower empowerment programme 2020 because you heard about it then you have just found the right page in your search or certainly a friend shared because it contains beneficial information.

About Npower 2020 Empowerment Programme

Npower scheme aim is to reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria as socio economic initiative by the Federal Government of Nigeria through providing relevant recruitment, skill acquisition, training and development to prepare young Nigerians for knowledge to become innovators and changemakers.

NPower 2020 Recruitment

Also, the Npower 2020 empowerment programme involves the deployment of trained graduates who will assist to complement, improve the inadequacies in the nation’s public civil services in health, education, agriculture and several areas.

NPower Empowerment Programme Application Process that Worked for Successful Candidates

Victor Ighedi Kparobo is a successful applicants from Delta state who is currently a beneficiary of Npower Nigeria Youth Empowerment programme. We asked him how he applied and was among selected successful applicants for Npower Teach Programme.

“I am a graduate from PTI Effurun didn’t know anyone in government for support on NPower Youth Empowering programme. However, since i got my NYSC call up posting me to Rivers state during application period, based on that i registered for the programme.”

Another beneficiary, Atinuke Abiola when asked gave responses to be God Almighty. However, she was thankful for the opportunity to be offered NPower Teach Programme in Ogun State. She never indicated full interest because she had doubt in becoming a selected applicant and didn’t know anyone in Government.

Npower 2020 Empowerment Programme

These are the Npower programme designed for Nigeria youths. You may have to select the programme that best suite your interest or you’re best qualified.

N-Power Tax Empowerment 2020

Eligibility Criteria: Must be age 18 to 35 years. Be a Nigeria Citizen.

Duration: 2 years programme

NPower Tax

NPower Tax Programme


The N-Power Tax programme will provide all successful candidates whose application are selected the opportunity in the FIRS. Successful applicants will be trained by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and deployed to several locations within Nigeria where they can help facilitate the voluntary asset declaration move initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

N-Power Teach Empowerment 2020

Eligible Criteria: Applicants hold’s BSc, HND, OND, NCE degree and other essential qualification. Must be of age 18 to 35 years, Be a Nigeria Citizen.

Graduates from all subjects/courses available to teach in schools.

NPower Teach

NPower Teach Programme

Npower Teach programme is to assist the inadequacies in Nigeria’s basic education by engaging trained young Nigeria graduates no above 35 years.

Consider the empowerment programme, NPower as a national recruitment and social investment initiative scheme of the Nigeria Government

Successfully, selected qualified candidates for Npower Teach empowerment programme will be deployed to the various government primary and secondary schools as teachers. But serving as assistant teacher with assigned role of teaching a subject, assisting school management and any other responsibilities that might be assigned. Apply for Npower Teach programme here. But before that read further for requirements and registration process

N-Power Agro Empowerment 2020

Eligibility Criteria: Must be of age 18 to 35 years, Be a Nigeria Citizen.

Like to apply for Npower Teach programme here. Before applying see NPower requirements and registration process

NPower Agro

NPower Agro Programme

The N-Power Agro empowerment offers all successful recruits major skill acquisition. Successful candidates of the Npower N-Agro program will be trained to offer advisory services to farmers across Nigeria. The government is hoping that through this programme, there will be a huge boost in agricultural productivity and activities by disseminating useful information to farmers.

N-Power Health Empowerment 2020

Eligibility Criteria: BSc, HND, OND, JCHEW, SCHEW. Must be of age 18 to 35 years, Be a Nigeria Citizen.

Graduates Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Technology, Health Education, Nursing, Microbiology etc

Like to register for Npower Health programme here. First do go to the web page to see requirements and registration process.

Npoqwe Health Programme

NPower 2020 Health Programme

Npower Health Empowerment programme is created to increase the quality and provide support the health care sector in the country. Selected candidates will be involved in a 2 years skill empowerment training in order to promote the health care services and improve the quality of support to children, aged parents, pregnant women and several other individuals.

Unemployed Nigerian youths who are graduates will be empowered with skill development and provided with a monthly allowance to support individuals will playing a role in the programme.

N-Power Tech Empowerment 2020

Eligibility Criteria: Must be of age 18 to 35 years, Be a Nigeria Citizen.

NPower Tech

NPower Tech Programme

This Npower Tech program is for individuals interested in hardware and software skill development. The program will enlighten and educates selected candidates, exposing them to practical process in fixing gadgets (computer, mobile phones) challenges

It has further branches which are

  • N-Power Tech Hardware
  • N-Power Tech Software

N-Power Build Empowerment 2020

Eligibility Criteria: Unemployed citizen of age 18 to 35 years
Indicating interest in skill development.

NPower Build

NPower Build Programme

Apply now for the Npower Build 2020 Empowerment. The program enables young youth who are both male and female to gain skills in various vocational field such as automobile mechanic, bricklaying, welding, electricity, plumbing, carpentry. The accelerated program is designed to engage and educate majority of unemployed Nigerian youths to build a highly committed and competent hand on job workforce.

Npower 2020 Empowerment Application Process- Guide

Planning to apply for the NPower 2020 youth empowerment? the registration and application guide will help you to effectively apply and complete application.

Meeting Npower Empowerment Programme Requirements

This may seem like the obvious starting point, but it’s easy to simply know if you meet the requirements and be done with the Npower 2020 empowerment programme application. There is a number of thing you may have to check when it come to registering for Npower youth empowerment programme. Not meeting the requirements and going ahead to register and apply for the programme can make you lose the opportunity of been selected applicants

If you’re thinking about registering for the Npower 2020 Empowerment programme. you probably should know the eligibility criteria else check the NPower recruitment empowerment programme eligibility criteria here

Early Registration for Npower Empowerment Programme

If you indicate interest and wants to be selected applicants NPower 2020 youth empowerment programme recommend all young graduates register for the Federal Government of Nigeria empowering scheme.

The empowerment programme provides opportunity for youths in the various programme sectors: Teach, Agro, Health, Tax, Building, Tech. Late application are not considered when it comes to opportunities, and not just any but NPower 2020 Empowerment programme.

You will have to register early enough to stand the chances of becoming a selected applicants

Fancy shares further ” i started my registration day 2 but was unable to complete due to electricity challenge in my area, i then decided to take my gadgets to a local church in my neighbourhood and get them charged which enabled me to complete my registration before evening same day”.

A lot of applicants feel excited about the opportunity and procrastinate in registration thereby losing out in early application. Since the couldn’t apply early may not have be given the consideration that they deserve if they had applied early.

Submit Completed Npower Application Form

Before beginning the application, you may have gotten all the required documents to register for NPower 2020 empowerment programme. But should you need the know the documents required then start your Npower 2020 registration

Joshua Williams tells us his ordeal ” I actually did my registration not the very days and was opportuned to receive the NPower youth empowerment programme. I was careful in the personal details i submitted starting from my names, residents and preferred location area i choose the region i was then residing as my prefered location to avoid any challenge if selected and posted. God’s favour gave me the opportunity, i must add to all these”.

The information you provide in the application to Npower scheme will be used for selection. The details should be clear, well spelt, complete especially your account details and other personal information.

So remember to fill all information required in the form and do a check for errors/mistakes before submitting the completed application forms.

Answer and Write the Interview Test

Joshua Williams went on to tell us “The online test questions are simply basic questions anyone can answer so long you give the right answers. So just do well to best answer the interview prompts within the allocated time. Plan and take the test when the date is scheduled.”

A lot of applicants missed out because the didn’t get to take the interview prompts. Either didn’t follow up on the empowerment programme updates or lack access to internet at the date to take the scheduled test.

Npower 2020 Requirements for Application

The first important information you need to know about the Npower Empowerment programme is that it targets Nigeria youths who are of age 18 – 35 years. Npower aspires to provide the opportunity platform for most Nigerians to have access to skills acquisition and development and you will need to meet the Npower 2020 requirements.

Any individual interested in applying for NPower 2020 empowerment programme should note down that they must express genuine and sincere interest during the registration.

Candidates will apply online, how to apply for Npower 2020 programme. Candidates indicating interest must have completed an accredited course in any Nigeria tertiary institutions in no order of preference ( College of Educations, Polytechnics, Universities) and have acquired a minimum degree qualification of

  • Ordinary National Diploma (OND)
  • Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE)
  • Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • Bachelor Degree

In addition to the above-mentioned requirements for NPower 2020 Empowerment, applicants must provide the following information and documents

1. Full Personal Details

  • Full name (Middle name if any)
  • Date of birth
  • Place of Birth

2. Contact Details

  • Email address
  • Current mobile phone number
  • Residential address (including State and LGA)

3. Bank Account Details

  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Bank account number
  • Bank name

4. Identity Details

  • Proof of Nationality (Valid Id card; voters card. driving license)
  • Passport
  • A degree certificate

Npower 2020 Registration Process

Here is the NPower 2020 registration steps and process

  • Application for the Npower 2020 Empowerment programme is an online application
  • Applicants are to visit the website click apply.npower.gov.ng or copy and paste in new tab
  • When on the portal click apply now button on the right side of the webpage.
  • Do ensure to indicate by selecting the Npower programme that best suite you.
  • Fill the registration process with your valid/current email address. an email notification will be sent to you email awaiting your confirmation. visit you email and click the verification link to open the portal again.
  • Fill all needed information, cross check for any mistake on details. proceed to submit.
  • Wait for selection and pray to your God

Need to Apply?

Click Here or Visit the page https://www.npower.gov.ng/

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Omolara June 28, 2020 - 2:00 PM

Please am still waiting for my ond certificate,pls can I still apply for nteach

Omale Philip July 7, 2020 - 11:39 PM

Yes you sure can apply. However, you will apply as undergraduate category and use your SSCE certificates since you dont have your OND certificate to be upload

Amakor Nnamdi August 9, 2020 - 5:53 PM

Plz I want to apply for empowerment, I want to enroll/register/fill form under Building ( electrical )..
Pls I want to know if the portal is still open or not..

Omale Philip August 11, 2020 - 8:10 PM

Hello Nnamdi Application for the Npower 2020 recruitment is still ongoing, a closing date has not been provided. Hope you found the article useful to help your resgister for Npower 2020

Adesina bukola November 6, 2020 - 7:29 PM

Evening sir/ ma,
I registered my empower form on the portal, but I don’t hear anything about it, please sir/ma what day do empower list come out.

Omale Philip November 7, 2020 - 12:17 AM

Hi Bukola
We are glad you did apply for the Npower 2020 Recruitment. Kindly do note once the list of successful candidates are released and published by the organization we will gladly update it here.


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