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Ten Best MBA Programs in Singapore for Indian Students

by Omale Philip
Ten Best MBA Programs in Singapore for Indian Students
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Looking for Best MBA programs you can undertake as a student? If you are searching for the Best MBA programs in Singapore consider this article written by our team of staff to help you get the top MBA programs you seek.

What you will find here is the list of ten best MBA programs in Singapore you can undertake in Singapore.

Why MBA Programs in Singapore

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is acknowledged and recognized to be one of the top degree programs worldwide. It is well considered for its curriculum that combines both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

The country Singapore is one of the attractive destination that interest international students including Indian students who come to Singapore for MBA programs.

Singapore as a nation has lots of higher education institutions – universities that provide various range of programmes for both local and foreign student. Singapore universities take students on the basis of academic performance records rather than entrance tests which makes them even more popular among fresh graduates

Singapore as one top selected study destination by Indian students for so many reasons including student visa process to Singapore which is known to be easy and lack complication.

If you want to be sure if choosing Singapore is best for MBA program then consider;

MBA programs at institutions in Singapore – uses various multimedia tools to challenge the students on multiple levels to refine their management skills.

Singapore has one of the best business environments in Asia continent, which serves as a advantage for employment opportunities to the students.

There is an option for Indian students to complete a first level MBA course that agrees with what is offered by other countries like – United Kingdom, Australia and United State.

Singapore educational system provides very affordable educational cost and are almost similar to the Indian universities.

Candidates with an MBA degree from a recognized university like Singapore institutions are able to choose from a variety of career options. Also pursuing a degree in MBA doesn’t only equip students with needed managerial skills but also teaches them to interpret the latest trends in business and successfully implement them for use in the future.

Being a country close to India it allows cheap student flight travel. The country offers low cost of study as higher education institution in the UK, USA and Australia now have satelite campus for study program.

Having so many advantages for study as a country that accepts cultural exchange of international student. Indian student choose Singapore for MBA study Program.

Singapore has non-tolerance policy towards drug abuse and ragging as the Singapore Government makes it one of the safest study destinations for the students.

What are the Requirement for MBA Programs

To be eligible to apply for MBA program, the following are the requirements that mus be possessed for Admisson into MBA study program:

  • Candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree from a reputed University/Institute along with good academic performance and record.
  • Candidate should possess a minimum of 2 years but majorly 3 – 4 years of working experience to before pursuing MBA program in Singapore.
  • A minimum total cumulative grade point of 2.8 CGPA at the graduation level is mandatory.
  • Some of the higher education institutions require scores of English language test – GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS and GRE into consideration.
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores are required for students that English language was not their communication language during undergraduate study.
  • TOEFL: Internet based test requires 85-90 with a minimum of 22-24 in the writing section.
    Paper based test requires a minimum score of 580.
  • Computer based test requires a minimum score of 237.
  • IELTS: score should be 6.5 band overall with a minimum of 6.0 in each of the sub-tests of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Course Duration: The duration of MBA programme differs from university to university. Some B-schools have a course duration of two years (24 months) while others offer a 16-months MBA crash course. If you are applying for MBA diploma, then the duration will be minimum one year.

Documents Required for MBA Program

If you want to undertake MBA in Singapore universities and colleges, the main documents required for the admission process includes:

  • A valid passport
  • Complete application form with passport size photos
  • Loan documents
  • Financial documents
  • Original and authentic transcripts of schools and/or college
  • Statement of Purpose/ Essays as directed by the university
  • Letters of Recommendation and Resume
  • Scholarship Essay, if applicable
  • Other supporting documents as asked by the university

Having said all that now let’s look at the t0p MBA programs in Singapore available to Indian Students.

Ten Best MBA Programs in Singapore for Students

Find Below a List of Ten Top MBA Programs in Singapore for Indian Students and The Institutions Pr0viding Them.

  • NUS Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Professional MBA
  • Global Executive MBA
  • Global Leadership Executive MBA
  • International Executive MBA
  • Singapore Executive MBA
  • MBA (Managerial Accounting)
  • MBA (Human Resource Management)
  • MBA (Marketing)

Institutions Providing The Ten Best MBA Programs in Singapore for Indian Students

Provided below are the institutions that provide the programs and a list of the MBA programs taken in Singapore that are considered best for Indian Students

1. National University of Singapore (NUS) – Business School


NUS offers a wide range of course majors and programmes. If you are seeking for institution in Singapore for your MBA study programs, the university is a leading comprehensive research university offering a global approach to its education and research programs with a focus on professional courses.

The university offers a wide range of disciplines, from science to music, both undergraduate and postgraduate where you can take the following MBA courses include -NUS MBA, NUS Executive MBA, Master of Science in Business and MBA (Finance).

National University of Singapore has a total of 13 undergraduate courses, 11 master’s courses and 3 MBA courses. Currently the institution has 17 faculties and schools on three main campuses: Kent Ridge, Outram and Bukit Timah.

The university transformative education system allows it’s students to transfer between courses, take elective courses from different faculties, study exchange programs abroad, business internships, double degree programs and joint degrees with the best universities in other countries. At the same time, students also have a wide scope to pursue their artistic, sporting and cultural interests.

If you want to begin an MBA program in Singapore, the university is our number one starting point you should select.

Duration of MBA Program at NUS

Interested in the NUS business school, the institution conduct MBA programs for a duration of 15 – 24 months and is based on the selected program by the student.

2. Nanyang Technological University Singapore- Nanyang Business School

The Nanyang Technological University is located in the southwest area of Singapore and was established in 1955.

Nanyang Technological University awards its students and professors who make notable contributions to the university. It also issue Long Service Awards to members who do work with the university for ten years and above.

It is needful to know that the school offers a total of 11 degree programs, 14 masters programs and 5 MBA programs.

The MBA programs available at the university include; Nanyang MBA, Professional MBA, Executive MBA, Nanyang Fellows MBA, MSc Financial Engineering.

In addition, you may also know that there are 2 types of programs offered by the university – courses and research.

The courses offered by coursework are Arts, Design and Media, Humanities, Social Sciences, Electronic Engineering.

And, the research area includes Physical Sciences, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences and humanities as well.

Nanyang Technological University Singapore, has two campuses. The main campus of the university is clean and green located in Yunnan Garden.

The other campus is located in Novena, the medical district of Singapore, which houses many researchers and laboratories.

The university has more than 15,000 local and international students. It is home to approximately 5,000 faculties and research staff.

Duration of MBA Program at Nanyang Business School

The duration varies from 12 – 24 months requiring work experiences between 4 to 6 months. These are based on the chosen program at Nanyang Technological University.

3. James Cook University (JCU) Singapore

Listing the top MBA universities in Singapore, James Cook University provides you with best MBA programs. JCU was established in April 2003 and issue degree certificates on behalf of the parent university – James Cook University, Australia.

The school offers a total of 10 bachelor’s degree programs, 8 master’s degree programs, and 4 MBA programs.

The MBA programs offered by this institution that are listed among the best MBA programs in Singapore are:

Full time: Master of Business Administration (MBA), MBA (Managerial Accounting), MBA (Human Resource Management), MBA (Marketing).

Others are MBA programs offered by James Cook University are
MBA/Master of International Tourism and Hospitality, MBA/Master of Professional Accounting, MBA/Master of Information Technology.

Duration of MBA Programs at JCU

The program duration is between 12 – 16 months. the major MBA program has study duration of 16 months.

4. Singapore Management University (SMU)

SMU was established in the year 2000 and is located in the Downtown area of Singapore. SMU offers wide range of programmes and courses – a total of 7 bachelor’s degree programs, 15 master’s degree programs, and 9 MBA programs.

Singapore Management University MBA programs available to student for study are Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive Masters of Business (EMBA) Programme

Others are Master of IT in Business (Analytics), Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Science in Wealth Management, Master of Science in CFO Leadership, Master of Science in Innovation, Master of IT in Business (Financial Services Analytics), Executive MBA, Master of IT in Business (Analytics)

SMU has a total of about 10,000 both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and is made up of six schools offering undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs in the following fields – business administration, business analytics, financial services, accountancy, economics, information systems management, law, and the social sciences.

Duration of MBA Programs at Singapore Management University

The MBA programs offered at SMU has a duration between 12 – 18 months which is based on the particular MBA program student is undertaking at the university.

5. SP Jain School of Global Management

SP Jain School of Global Management is a leading business school providing practical global business education.

The school has campuses in dynamic business hubs such as Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney.

For issuing Global MBA program, the institution has been ranked by Forbes, Financial Times and The Economist year after year.

These MBA programs are offered at SP Jain School of Global Management for study: Executive MBA, Master of global business, and global master of business administration.

Graduates of SP Jain Global school are empowered with the skills and confidence to drive decisions and take on the global challenges of the 21st century.

6. Kaplan Singapore

Kaplan is one of the largest and provides the most diverse education across the world.

The institution provides about 500 academics program for higher learning and professional certification courses.

The various programs range from undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certification provided by the institution and courses – Accounting, Banking, and Finance; Business and Management, Communication and Media, Engineering, Language and Criminology, Law and many others.

You will find these MBA programs – Executive MBA, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Business with Marketing Management, Master of Science in Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Master of Science in Business with Financial Management provided by Kaplan Singapore

Duration of MBA Program at Kaplan Singapore

The MBA programs that are offered at Kaplan have a duration between 12 – 16 months based on the selected MBA program.

7. INSEAD Singapore- Asia Campus

A French business school ranking for business management – ranked 3rd by QS World University ranking and has the largest graduate business school.

The school has two connected campuses in Singapore (Asia) and France (Europe). The MBA Program runs in parallel on the two campuses and provide Executive MBA and Global Executive MBA.

Students are offered the opportunity to visit the school campus in Abu Dhabi to undertake elective course, and as well take advantage of INSEAD’s alliance with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Duration of MBA Program at INSEAD Singapore

The MBA program has a duration of 10 to 18 months for students who want to undertake the program.

8. ESSEC Business School – Asia Pacific

The institution’s development strategy focus on offering quality business education programs, developing influential research. and building up ties with academic and corporate partners in the region through research, executive education and customized talent development programs.

Established in the year 2005, the institution has welcomed over 500 students and managers.

The school provide the following MBA programs; ESSEC Executive MBA, ESSEC Masters in Science, Master in Finance, Global MBA, ESSEC Master in Strategic & Management of International Business. Master in Data Science and Business Analytics

Duration of MBA Programs in ESSEC

The program duration take from 12 – 15 months base on the MBA program selected and has work experience requirement of 6 years.

9. Manchester Business School

The Manchester Business School is recognized for its Business Programme and has an interesting feature of it’s MBA that provide a Global Careers Service and lets you accelerate your current career path with MBS’s help or find career opportunities worldwide.

10. Singapore Institute of Management

The school was established in 1964 as a private institution, widen your perspectives on global business and management while tailoring the program to match your needs and interest with electives.

SIM wide range of academic programmes, executive development courses networking sessions as well as membership events offer continuing learning opportunities that develop the lifelong achiever in you.

The believe at SIM is to offer holistic development that moulds character and competence, builds networks and fosters collaboration, and equips leaders for the fast changing global world.

Evaluate and critique global business practices to determine better practices for real business application
Discover opportunities and trends for innovation
Devise and implement appropriate strategies for organisations

What is the Fees for MBA Programs in Singapore?

The average tuition fees for MBA in Singapore is about S$30000. Depending on the college/university, the lowest an MBA degree costs is S$15000. A latest survey conducted by Singapore Business Review shows that an MBA degree can cost you anywhere between S$15000 to over S$100,000.

Note: The MBA tuition fee does not determine the quality of the program. A low tuition fee can be for a really good program or course and vice versa. Depending on the quality of the college/university and the duration of the program, the tuition fee is determined.

How to Apply for MBA Program in Singapore Institutions

Applicants interested in applying for an MBA program at any of the higher education institution can make through:

Online application forms are available on the college websites.

An applicant applying online has to submit around 3-4 essays about himself, educational qualifications, work experience etc. which will help the institution to evaluate his thought process and language skills.

Applicant must submit all the supporting documents along with the application fees, which can be paid via cheque or Visa/MasterCard.

After submission of the completed application, an applicant will wait for an offer or check his/her admission status online.

In conclusion if you looking for a country in Asia for MBA program, you should consider Singapore because there are best MBA programs in Singapore to help you achieve the professionalism in business you seek after and many international students do choose to undertake their MBA programs in Singapore.


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