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How You Can Get Student Discount on Flights in 2020

by Omale Philip
Student Discount on Flights
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Do you want a student discount in your flight travel? The student discount is a reduction in fees for your student travel, so you get a cheap travel for your flight when you are travelling, to enable you travel to the best places for your study.

Finding student airfare can be a complex deal if you are a student traveller looking for the best deal that is also cheap, don’t worry as we have it covered on how you can get student discount on flights.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information on how to easily get student discount on flight. We will also give you details on where to book cheap student flight travel and the time to book flight. There is a whole lot we will covering here, so read further.

Why You Need a Student Discount on Flight Travel

Paying a huge airfare to travel is a great challenge for students are get offer for study in a selected country, students who want to explore places or travel home for holidays but can’t afford the cost to travel because a large amount is charged on flight travel, and as a student the finance may be challenging because you can’t afford the student airfare.

For a student who can afford the airfare, may not need a student discount on flight. But for students who may not be able to afford it, you will need student discount on airfare inorder to travel to your desire location.

This gives you a cheap student flight and makes the payable fees for flight travel less. It help’s you save some cash for other expenses

If you want to travel by flight as student to places or countries then the student discount for flight fares should interest you and is the best way to get cheap student flight.

Can i Get Student Discount Flight?

Finding a flight that’s cost friendly to your student budget is not a complicated taks, the only challenge is that there are so many airlines and travel companies to choose from. Yes you can, all you need do is first read the guides to get information.

So If you need a cheap student flight or student discount on airfares and you’re simply unsure if offer exist, where to find and choose discount flight fare for students, we advice you watch for sales start looking early, watch for sales and you need to follow this guide to know how to get student discount.

Having said all that now lets take a look on how to easily get students discount airfare for flight travels.

How can Students Travel Cheap?

You want to travel abroad or around the world by flight, but your bank account has barely enough money for you to travel.

If you’re a student, you do not have to pay full price for flights.
especially your want to get cheap student flights to Europe, Asia, and America.

There are travel agencies that offers student discount on flight, meaning students can get cheap student airfare and travel cheap to these countries. You can grab the flight discount for student travel and satisfy your much desired and dream vacation or holiday. Keep scrolling for even more tips for finding cheap student flights.

Where to Travel Cheap as College Student

There are so many facinating places you can travel to, among the places that interest students to travel using the student discount on airfares are these countries

Tamarindo in Costa Rica, renowned for its beautiful beaches.

Bali in Indonesia for its majestic landscape. known among the least costly holiday destinations so you can choose a flight to Bali.

There is Kathmandu in Nepal where you can travel to and have an unforgetable memory and also view Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

Majestic Lake Como in Italy.

How to Get Student Discount on Flight Fare

A flight travel arrangement can be a rigorous activity if you don’t know where to start and if you have financial need on flight travel because there are so many travel agencies and websites claiming to offer discounted airfare for students but really only provide a similar fare to those of top travel agencies and sites. This is it, here is how you can get student discount on flights travel.

Start looking early: The early bird sometimes really does get the worm-when it comes to cheap student international flights, start looking for your flights ealry and book with the best agency few months in advance and if you’re not ready to book yet, you can start getting an idea of the cost of your airfares.

Be a student and choose student flight: Being a student is one way you get student discount on

Promo Codes and Sales: Student promo codes can secure further discounts on flights, promo codes every month, so keep your eyes peeled for one that fits your flight.

Book with Student Agency: Many recieve student discounts on food, movies, skiing and more. You can also get student discounts on flight travel, as many agencies works directly with airlines to get exclusive discounts for college students, usually up to 30% off your flight. Even better?

Mainly student travel agencies are resources for all kinds of travel—hotels and tours. Plus, StudentUniverse always has sales and extra discounts around the times of year when you need flights: back to school, study abroad, spring break and more.

Additional Information: getting a discount on flight fares to enable cheap flights travel for students often means providing additional information on the booking page after you complete your search with agencies or websites.

Watch Prices and Their Destination: don’t be rigid in dream destination, it’s easy to have your heart set on a destination that interest you but be flexible to places because you’re more likely to find cheap college student flights if you’re flexible on your destination.

Example If you want to head to New Zealand for the adventure, you can consider Costa Rica, another huge adventure place that interest people. Also if finding flights to Paris is expensive, see if you can find a good deal into another airport, maybe fly into London and then take the train to Paris. Leading airlines offer special discount fares to students and young travelers

Airline Policies: checking airline and airline alliance policies allows student travelers to make the best decision before booking tickets to their chosen destination.

How to Find Flights that Work for your Student Budget

Book Early
Never you postpone booking your ticket, If you’re sure when and where you want to travel. There is hike of flight fares by Airlines when the date of depature is closer.

Discover which day is the most affordable for jetting off.                                                                                              Anecdotally, Tuesday is the best day for booking your flight ticket.
Skyscanner the flight comparison site says you get the cheapest fares available when you fly on Sunday. But there is need checking out the available choices yourself as there are lots of factors.

Search for flights secret
There’s a doubt that flight sites use your cookie data to track your interest and raise prices after they know you’re keen, although there’s little proof for this. However, you can turn on incognito mode or private browsing in your browser to avoid even the risk of this.

Flexibility is required
Be flexible! sometimes it’s a much better deal to travel from an airport in another city rather than your own. Broaden your choices for departure and enjoy even cheaper flights.

Watch for a sale
When you’re looking for cheap student flights to Asia, a sale can save you literally hundreds of dollars. If you have Chinese social media accounts, like WeChat or Weibo, follow StudentUniverse for weekly fare alerts and deals. Or sign up for emails with your favorite airlines and travel companies to get alerted about current sales and promo codes.

When to Get Cheap Student Flight Around the World

If you are looking for more travel deals and the best time to book cheap flight you can check skyscanner, but here are details of best ideal time to buy ticket and get discount on flight fares

Cheap Flights Fare to Europe

If you’re looking to head to Europe in the summer, when is the best time to book flights to Europe? It best you try to buy your tickets by March, as flight fares usually tend to increase in late March/early April.

Another good times to head to Europe is Winter break-off peak season for Europe, so you get cheap student flight as prices tend to be cheaper.

Consider flying a discount airline to secure cheap student flights to Europe. If you don’t have much luggage and don’t need a lot of frills, discount airlines can sometimes have amazing deals.

At the same time, be flexible with your airline, and be sure to check several. Never count out larger airlines, they can run bigger sales, so you can often score a cheap flight to Europe during a sale period, too.

It’s often cheaper to fly into popular cities in Europe that have more flights and routes

Cheap student flights to Australia

When is the best time to get cheap student flights to Australia? If you are interested in travelling to Australia for study 3-6 months in advance tends to be a good rule if you’re coming from the US.

Do know that the seasons are reverse in Australia than in the US or Europe, so winter is peak season travel for “summer” trips to Australia (more expensive). If you’re studying abroad flights to Australia are usually much cheaper from the West Coast than the East Coast.

If students can get into a major west coast airport, like LAX or SFO, you can often score a super-cheap flight to the South Pacific directly from there.

Cheap Student Flights to Asia

Buy your tickets at least 2-3 months in advance, when it comes to Asia if you’re traveling in the summer or over winter break. do ensure to start looking before the period even if you’re not quite sure about your travel dates yet.

If possible, try traveling during off-season to score a cheaper student flight.

Places to Book Cheap Student Flight Travel

When you have located the route you wish to book, consider which airline offers the ideal flight and then check if a further student discount is available. If you are looking for where to book your flight before you travel consider these places for discount fare or cheap flight.

Delta Student Discount Flights

when booking for international travel, Delta student discount flights are particularly useful. Student discount flights can make international travel substantially cheaper.

Delta student discount flights can be linked with flights from Virgin Atlantic. This combined schedule offers more opportunities to secure cheap flights between the United States and London via London, Edinburgh or Manchester.

Delta flights can also be combined with Air France-KLM and Alitalia to offer access to the world’s largest transatlantic network.
There are up to 40 roundtrip flights between North America and the United Kingdom each day with Delta and Virgin.

Student Discount Flights With American Airlines

You must be a student at one of the participating universities listed on the American Airlines website to be eligible for a student discount.

Flights may be eligible for a student discount when booked with American Airlines. Before being eligible for student discount additional information including the name of your school and your student ID will be required.

You also get an American Airline discount if you do group booking. If you can arrange the flights of a group of 10 or more people, American Airlines gives you a student discount, guaranteed airfare and let you block seats up to 11 months in advance.The AAdvantage scheme offers special deals for student travelers.

Lufthansa Student Discount

The German carrier Lufthansa is a popular and reliable carrier when traveling internationally or considering flights to multiple locations. They provide student discount program that allows students and people aged 12 to 25 years enrolled in a US college or university to travel to more than 470 destinations worldwide for discounted airfares.

Often the discount would be comparable or cheaper to that offered by StudentUniverse and other student fare websites.

Southwest Airlines Student Discounts

Southwest Airlines no longer offer student discount fares but the low cost carrier still provides great value for money. With a large selection of domestic routes serving many of the United States’ colleges, Southwest flights are often the best option when traveling home at the end of a semester.

Compare different departure dates to find the best airfare deal when traveling during Spring Break and other popular vacation times.

If you are traveling as a group of 10 or more, Southwest doesn’t charge for booking, ticketing or change fees. Search for Southwest flight deals with Skyscanner and check if your preferred travel package is eligible for student discount.

United Airlines Student Discount

Book cheap United Airlines flights to domestic or international destinations and you may be able to make further savings with a student discount. United Airlines offers domestic and international routes that may provide the cheapest flight fare option for students considering their next trip. Flights can be compared using Skyscanner’s search tool.

There is a GroupsPlus program offered by United Airlines which discounts tickets for 10 or more passengers. United operates out of nine airline hubs located in Chicago, Denver, Guam, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, Tokyo and Washington, DC.

Where to Search and Book Cheap Student Flight

Student Flight with STA Travel

If you are traveling on budget and want to stay flexible, STA has a BlueTicket flight option tailored to your needs!
STA is known for offering students, young people and explorers flexible so-called “BlueTickets”. When you aren’t certain about your plan but eager to commence your once-in-a-lifetime experience, STA is there to help you!

Flights with world’s leading airlines
Possibility to change your flight date an unlimited amount of times with a MultiFLEX pass
24/7 support is available

Student Discount Flight on Skyscanner

This leading global comparison site will find you the lowest prices on student flights, accommodation and car hire.
Get inspired for your next trip with Skyscanner. Plan it now and enjoy cheap tickets, last minute flights and much more.

Works directly with more than 1,200 airlines and online travel agencies
Allows you to search for up to six legs with one search
No hidden charges and no added fees

Student Discount Flight on Expedia

One of the world’s most popular travel planning sites, Expedia finds you deals on everything from flights and insurance to activities and cruises.
No matter your destination or budget, Expedia has plenty of flight options to suit your fancy. And when you bundle your flight and hotel or rental car, you save even more.


Price match guarantee ensures the lowest prices
Scans thousands of flights and hotels to bring you the lowest deals
Bundle and save

Student Discount Flight on Jet2

Book a cheap flight to your dream destination with the amazing prices offered by Jet2.com.
Search for affordable flights to European destinations and beyond. Jet2 offers low fares from 9 UK airports to over 50 sun, ski and city destinations.

No credit card fees
Convenient flight times
Allocated seats

Student Discount Flight on ebookers.com

Check out ebookers.com and find exactly what you can get for your student budget.
ebookers brings together the world’s biggest choice of flights, all on one website. Compare different carriers, routes, dates and times and get an even better deal than you ever bargained for!

Amazing flight deals under £75
Tips on how to find flights that work for you
Save even more with BONUS+ rewards programme

Student Discount Flight on Lastminute.com

Explore the world with the best deals and offers from the leading UK travel company lastminute.com.
Whether you’re looking to book a flight, holiday package, car hire or hotel, lastminute.com will have you covered. Don’t wait for the very last minute though, plan your trip in advance with amazing deals on thousands of destinations.

Book flights and accommodation across the globe.
Choose from more than 400 airlines worldwide.
Easy comparison.

We hope this article helped you learn how to get student discount on flight travel and also if you were looking for how and where to get cheap student flight. You may also want to see our tips on how to increase your blog traffic, or our step by step guide on how to create an email newsletter.


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