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12 Best High Schools in Roodepoort, South Africa

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Best High Schools in Roodepoort
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If you live in the Roodepoort area and you’re looking for the best high schools in Roodepoort to send your child, these top and prestigious high schools in Roodepoort offer excellent education, wide range of extra-activities for learners.

Like every other town in Gauteng province, Roodepoort has many choice of high schools, but finding the best high school in Roodepoort can be challenging due to the many options, especially as a parent who is searching for notable high schools recognized for sound education

So, we at College Reporters have researched and written this article to help you find and make your choice of a prestigious high school in Roodepoort to attend. Read on for more information.

Why Attend The Best High Schools in Roodepoort

There are many reasons why parents choose to send their children to the prestigious and best high schools in Roodepoort.

If you are planning, and interested in attending or sending your child to the best high schools in Roodepoort, then here are some reasons why the top high schools are a good fit for you.

Roodepoort is an attractive city for many reasons: its location close to major cities in South Africa – Pretoria and Johannesburg, it is home to some good high schools, both private and public schools.

The top prestigious high schools in Roodepoort are many families choice of school because they offer quality education, excellent facilities and they also strive to ensure that students achieve their goals.

Learners can have a good quality start in education as they progress in pursuing their dream career. The long time spent in the best high school are good and unforgettable memories, where learners will be proud to associate with their alma mater.

Are The Best High Schools in Roodepoort Worth It?

High school phase is one of the most important stages in a student’s education, as it determines and guides their future and career path.

Choosing the best high school can be considered a worthy decision, as there are many high schools in town offering a lower education standard for your money.

The better the high school, the more the wide range of subjects and extra activities offered in the school. Parents who want to see their children develop their skills and potential take to the best high schools.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a High Schools in Roodepoort

If you’re looking for a reputable high school for your child, then you should consider these factors when choosing a high school in Roodepoort.

These 5 most important factors are to be considered when choosing a high school.

  • Fees

Fees are one of the biggest expenses when choosing a high school. This includes tuition fees, annual school fees, books, uniform.

When choosing a high school in Roodepoort, it’s very important that you compare the cost of the school with other schools – public and private high schools.

It’s also important to remember that public high schools charge less than private high schools.

  • Curriculum

The curriculum offered by a school is another factor that determines whether or not a school is right for your child. The curriculum offered by a school usually consists of three main things:

– The core subjects – These are the subjects that all students must study. These include English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education (PE), etc.

– Electives – These are optional subjects that students can choose to study. Students can choose between different elective subjects including PE, Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, and Technology.

– Special interest classes – These are special classes that students can join to learn something specific. For example, some schools offer an IT class where students learn computer programming.

  • Facilities

Facilities are another important factor that determine whether or not your child will enjoy attending a particular school. Some facilities that you want to check include:

– Classrooms – Are the classrooms big enough? Do they have computers in every classroom? Is there a library available?

– Sports facilities – Do these facilities have a gymnasium, swimming pool, soccer field, basketball court, tennis courts, squash courts, etc.?

– Cafeteria – Does the cafeteria serve healthy food? Can you bring snacks from home?

  • Location

Location is one of the most important factors that determine whether or not a high school will be a good fit for your child.

If you live near a school, it’s much easier to drive there, pick up your child, and drop them off at school.

This means that if you live close to a high school, you can actually visit it before making a decision.

Also, the location of a high school also determines what subjects they offer. Schools located in rural areas often only offer basic subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science.

However, schools located in urban areas tend to offer more advanced courses such as Business Studies and Computer Programming.

  • Teachers

If there are no teachers there won’t be students, teachers play a huge role in the education of students and in determining whether or not a high school offers a quality education.

They are responsible for teaching the students, giving them assignments, and grading their work.

Teachers who have the necessary educational qualification are really important, because they have the technical knowledge in the education field and know what they’re doing.

Top high schools providing quality and focus on standard academic never hire a teacher who doesn’t seem to know what he/she is doing. A teacher with many years experience is likely to know what works best for students.

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How Much is School Fees for High Schools in Roodepoort?

There are a number of high schools in Roodepoort, but each comes with different school fees – base on programs offered and extracurricular activities, sports inclusive.

The average annual school fees at high schools – precisely the best high school, typically is between R35,000 to R60,000 per year and can reach as much as R83,000, excludes boarding and other fees.


6 Best Private High Schools in Roodepoort, South Africa

12 Best Private High Schools in Durban, South Africa

Here are The Best High Schools in Roodepoort, South Africa

Find the best high schools in Roodepoort, there are both private and public high schools. Click on your desired choice of school for complete overview.

S/N Best High Schools in Roodepoort Location
1. Allen Glen High School Allensnek, Roodepoort
2. Florida Park High School Florida, Roodepoort
3. Hoërskool Roodepoort Horison, Roodepoort
4. Princess High School Princess, Roodepoort
5. West Ridge High School Horizon, Roodepoort
6. Hoërskool Florida Florida, Roodepoort
7. Charter College International High School Honeydew, Roodepoort
8. Daybridge International High School Florida, Roodepoort
9. La Salle College Discovery, Roodepoort
10. Eagle House Poortview, Roodepoort
11. Queens Park School Edward STR, Roodeport
12. Victory House Private School Poortview, Roodepoort
13. Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel High School Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort

Allen Glen High School

Allan Glen High School is a public high school located in Allensnek, Roodepoort. It serves grades 8 -12 and focuses on high quality education alongside cultural activities and sports.

Allen Glen is one of best private high schools in Roodepoort with good facilities and teachers. The school has small class size and a unique and innovative curriculum that is tailored to meet the needs of each student.

Many learners who go to the school are found to have a good teacher student relationship, because the dedicated teachers create a friendly learning environment and their arms are always open to welcome students who enroll into the school.

It is no doubt the high school is many students choice of high school in Roodepoort because of the wide subject choices, sports and the staff are committed in helping each individual student.

So, for parents looking for notable high school in Roodepoort with affordable school fees, Allen Glen High School can be your perfect school choice

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 475 4971
Email: info@allenglen.co.za
Address: 1028 Landhuis Street Allensnek, Roodepoort

Florida Park High School

Florida Park High School is a public, co-educational high school located in Petunia Street, Florida Park, Roodepoort. It serves grades 8 – 12 and focuses on high quality academics alongside cultural activities and sports programs.

The school was established around 1954 and offers a range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Art, Music, Design Technology, Information Communication Technology, Home Economics, Humanities, Visual Arts etc.

For many parents looking for a good high school in Roodepoort, Florida Park High School is very recommended as one of the best high schools in the town with affordable school fees for parents who are average income earners.

The school has a great reputation as it is known to offer a well-rounded curriculum that will prepare its students for college or university.

Florida Park High School is known to provide a safe environment where all learners feel comfortable, which makes them more motivated to learn.

The school has an outstanding background history, and many graduates of the school are always excited to be associated with the high school.

For those interested in this school, Florida Park High School enrollment is never challenging to process as application forms are readily available and can be collected directly from the school,

The administrative office will provide you with an application form and guide you through the support documents that should be attached for an enrolment.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 472 1247
Email: Nil
Address: 25 The Hwy, Florida, Roodepoort


Hoërskool Roodepoort

Hoerskool Roodepoort is a highly regarded high school in Roodepoort, and many parents choose to send their children here because of the excellent facilities, friendly teachers, and supportive environment.

Hoerskool Roodepoort is a co-educational, public high school, also one of the leading best high schools in Roodepoort. It serves learners in grade 8 to 12

As a public high school, it focuses on high quality academic programmes alongside cultural activities and sports – gives learners the opportunity to pursue their interest by participating in different art and cultural activities.

The high school can be your option for public high schools in Roodepoort, if you considering notable public schools in the town.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 763 5831
Email: hoof@roodie.co.za
Address: 2 Konig Ave, Horison, Roodepoort


Princess High School

Princess High School is a renowned high school in Roodepoort for it’s exceptional sound academics, extra-curricular activities and student support services.

Not just a high school, but a quintile 5 public high school in situated in Princess, Roodepoort, Gauteng Province.

Princess High School is a fee-paying school that caters for learners in grade 8 to 12. The school has an excellent academic record with about 95% matric pass rate

For parents looking for a school with quality teachers and a sound academic curriculum, the high school can be a choice of best high schools in Roodepoort that will suit your child.

Many parents consider it to be an excellent alternative to government schools that are not budget friendly.

The school has a great reputation, and is known for affordable school fees, its vibrant student life and caring teachers. And are competitive with other government high schools.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 81 439 24
Email: Nil
Address: 5 Sadie Rd, Princess, Roodepoort


West Ridge High School

A well-recognized public high school that is many learners preferred choice of learning community.

West Ridge High School is co-educational, public school categorize under quintile 5 schools in South Africa – a fee paying high school catering for learners in grade 8 -12.

The school provides a good education and is considered to be one of the best high schools in Roodepoort. West Ridge has a student population of approximately 1,000 students and offers a wide range of subjects and extra activities that cater for learners who come to study in the school.

Also, West Ridge is particularly popular with many families. The school boasts of excellent facilities – library, computer labs and classrooms. The teaching staff are approachable and helpful while maintaining very high academic standards.

With over 1200 enrolled students who come from various different backgrounds. The public high school is many learners’ preferred choice with support from their parents.

In addition, the students are provided with the opportunity to develop self-discipline and self-confidence through sporting events and cultural performances.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 760 1107
Email: hoof@roodie.co.za
Address: Canary Ave, Horizon View, Roodepoort


Hoërskool Florida

Hoërskol Florida is an Afrikaans medium, public, co-educational high school located in Florida, Roodepoort, Gauteng province. The school caters for learners in grade 8 – 12.

Florida High School strives to be a leading high school in Roodepoort, Gauteng and South Africa by creating the optimum educational and development environment through sound learning and extra-activities.

Florida High School has well-equipped school buildings and sports grounds. Sports fields: rugby, netball, athletics, tennis with a motto “We Serve Faithfull”

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 672 5345/6
Email: navrae@florries.co.za
Address: Corner of Louis Bothary Avenue and Havinga Street.
Florida, Roodepoort


Charter College International High School

Charter College International high school is a private, co-educational high school offering secondary schooling to learners in grades 8–12.

Charter College International high school was established in 2008, the college provides students with a progressive and forward thinking education within a structured environment.

The College offers a broad range of subjects that cover all areas of the National Curriculum. And its learning classrooms are well spaced such that each class has a maximum of 24 learners.

Regarding registration, Charter College is registered as a private school with the South Africa Department of Education. The school offers recognizable qualifications including Cambridge AS & A Levels (Matric), accepted by both local and international universities.

The school also offers an international education – Cambridge syllabus. Students take subjects like Mathematics, English language, Geography, Afrikaans, Information Technology, Design Technology.

Charter College International high school provide a payable school fees – of R104, 500 to R109, 200 per annum, while the monthly fee is charge for R 9, 500 to R10, 900.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 660 7597
Email: admin@chartercollege.co.za
Address: 2 Johan Road, Ambot AH, Honeydew, Roodepoort


Daybridge International High School

Daybridge International high school is a co-educational, independent school serving learners of age 11 to 18. The school is located in Roodepoort, Gauteng Province.

As one of Roodepoort’s leading private high schools, Daybridge International high school places special interest in quality education and offers a multi-cultural curriculum which encourages learners to experience and embrace diversity, tolerance, respect and equality.

Learners are encouraged to participate in a variety of sports, arts and cultural activities – music, drama, soccer, cricket, rugby etc.

Daybridge International high school has two schools: foundational, and the IG and AS level. The latter provides learning from grade 10 to grade 12, while the former caters for learners from grade 8 to 9.

In addition, the school curriculum is aimed at creating well rounded students who are equipped with skills they will need in life.

The school is truly one of the best high schools in Roodepoort and also a top private school with a good parent teacher relationship to foster learners’ improvement.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 672 1036
Email: Nil
Address: 445 Ontdekkers Road Service, Florida Park, Roodepoort


La Salle College

A private school with a sound curriculum and catering for learners between age 5 to 18.

La Salle College is a co-educational, independent school situated in Roodepoort, Gauteng province of South Africa, and provides a good approach to education with the commitment of the school experienced educators.

Las Salle College was established in 1966, and the school is part of the International La Sallian Association – a large global network of Sallians schools and university educating over 1 million students.

At initial beginning, La Salle College began as a boys school. That changed in 2006, as the school management began running it as co-educational school – boys and girls can enroll into the school.

La Salle College ensures each learner is well fit and maintains a physical fitness through variety of extra curricular activities and sports: Swimming, Rugby, Tennis, Netball, Soccer, Chess, Drama etc.

In addition, the high school balanced curriculum mixed with CAPS ensures that learners receive a well-structured, progressive programme of academic activities that prepares them for college and university, but more importantly their future and career path.

As a private high school offering high quality education for a payable fee range between R68, 100 to R73,800. La Salle College is recognized among the top schools with very affordable school fees.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 472 3524
Email: secretary@lasalle.co.za
Address: 1 Slabbert St, Discovery, Roodepoort


Queens Park School

Queens Park School (QPS) is an English medium, co-educational, private school serving day learners from grade R to grade 12.

With a unique history, Queens Park School remains one of the top high schools in Roodepoort and comprises of pre-primary, foundation, intermediate, and senior high school.

Over a decade, Queens Park School had built a reputation on the strength of its pioneering spirit and rigorous educational values.

Today QPS offers a broad and balanced academic program, designed to challenge high school learners intellectually as well as spiritually.

The school also offer courses which give students an excellent grounding in both traditional subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science, as well as courses which encourage them to develop creative ideas and skills in other areas, including Art, Music, Drama, Geography, Computer technology and many others.

The school provides learning in a safe and serene environment as a private school in Roodepoort.

In addition, the school strong community ethos, high expectations, wide range of rigorous academics and extramural activities are the reason why the school is able to attract students from the town

The high school believe that effective, affordable quality education system with additional programs play a vital role in the cognitive, creative ability of learners.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 338 5122
Email: info@queensparkschools.co.za
Address: 4 Edward Street, Roodepoort


Eagle House

This school is worth considering as it focuses on sound learning in a safe and serene environment that enables learners have access to quality education for both development intellectually and behavioural.

Eagle House is an independent co-educational school in Roodepoort, Gauteng province, offering enhanced education with GDE curriculum for learners from grade 7 to grade 12.

Established in 2004, from what was a tuition center, Eagle House grew to become a registered independent school. Now the school has over 600 enrolled students from grade 7 – 12.

The high school is proudly registered with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), and known for its high educational standards and outstanding commitment to quality assessment.

Learners at Eagle House receive one of the highest sound education from the GDE curriculum used the school, and support from qualified and experienced teachers.

At Eagle House, Learners who demonstrate good academic performances are awarded merit scholarship to ease off school fee payment.

Parents who are looking for a medium school with excellent learning concept, enhanced curriculum, modern facility, Eagle House is the private co-educational secondary school that will suit your child.

The school is one of the high schools in Roodepoort whose school fees come at affordable rates – learners pay a tuition fee between R 58 800 and R69 600 per annum. There is an monthly fee payment option, fees range between R4 900 to R5 800.

Admission into Eagle House is open to all learners. However, the enrollment process do require an applicant to attend an interview at the school admission office.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 660 7597
Email: info@eaglehouse.co.za
Address: 73 Lawrence Road, Poortview, Roodepoort


Victory House Private School

Victory House School is a private, co-ed Christian school providing quality education, based on Christian principles to learners from grade RR to grade 12 at affordable fee.

Victory house Private School offers a safe, disciplined and nurturing environment which accepts learners from all ethnic background and religion – not a denominational school.

The school started as a primary school and after an increase in enrollment over decades, expanded to serve grade 0 to 12. having over 800 enrolled students in the school.

The school provides a small class size – the number of learners in each class is an average of 25 learners and appointing qualified educators to ensure each learner receives attention as they develop academically, socially and artistically.

As a result, the high school places a balance on 3 key players associated with the school – the educators, parents, and learners. With regards to curriculum, learning is based on GDE criteria with a focus on 100% matric pass rate with a 95% acceptance level into universities for the Grade 12 learners.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 672 5402
Email: info@victoryhouse.co.za
Address: 23 Golf Club Terrace, Florida, Roodepoort


Lantern Schools

A remedial school for learners with learning barriers from grade 1 to grade 12, before the child is placed back on mainstream school.

Lantern school was established in 1985, as a remedial school which caters for learners of age 6 to 18 and is situated in Roodepoort in Gauteng province of South Africa. The school is many parents’ perfect choice of high schools in Roodepoort as it offers the mainstream GDE and CAPS curriculum.

At Lantern School, learners with confirmed satisfactory progress can be allowed into the mainstream school. As the school is not for learners with serious behavioural challenges.

The school has a medium class size with a maximum of 24 learners in a class. provide learning support, speech and occupational therapy in the primary school.

For parents who need to enroll their child in a school with sound learning system, wide range of activities and a school transport service. Lantern School can certainly be the best option to enroll your child.

The school provides learners with the opportunity to take part in various sports activities such as rugby, netball, cricket, soccer, athletics, tennis and chess.

In addition, an extensive transport system is provided to help students commute to and from their homes in the various towns and suburbs – such as Randfontein, Randburg, Krugersdorp and Brixton.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 11 760 1096/7
Email: lanternschool@LanternSchool.co.za
Address: CR South Road & Albertina Sisulu Road, Lindhaven


Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel High School

Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel High School is an independent school that strives to ensure the learners have academic excellence in all subjects concerned through a unique and adopted style of education.

Curro Academy Wilgeheuwel High School is not just any secondary school, but one of Roodepoort’s notable private schools that keep applying a world-class education system to educate learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12. The school is one of the established Curro schools.

Also, being one of the leading private schools in Roodepoort, Curro academy offers learners an excellent educational experience and facilities where learners flourish in a caring atmosphere.

In addition to sound academic programs, the school aims to provide the most affordable school fees possible without compromising it’s academic standards.

Also, Learners are engaged in a wide range of academic programme to help them develop soft skills, reasoning skills, vocabulary skills including 21st-century skills. The school supports the use of educational tablets in class rather than textbooks.

School Details
Grade: 8-12
Phone Number: +27 87 087 0083
Email: Nil
Address: Vintage Road, Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort



The best high schools in Roodepoort can be tricky to choose from, as there are so many high schools to pick from and each school has unique qualities that set it apart from the rest high schools.

If you are looking for the best high schools in Roodepoort, don’t bother looking further, because the top high schools listed in the article are the prestigious high schools in Roodepoort, they offer lots of extra-activities and sports activities that will keep your child challenged and engaged.

Do you have a question about any of the best high schools in Midrand. Do leave it in the comment for answers.

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